Lifetime Special

Cornett Residence

This house has been sectioned off into two living spaces, separated by floor as opposed to wall throughout the middle. The first floor has been reserved for a renter while the second floor has been claimed by the owner of the duplex. The living space is large and spacious, perfect for a summer's day when the windows are open. Much the bachelor pad, it is sparsely decorated. All the basics that are required are there but rarely used and so the area is immaculate. A large living area and kitchen lead to a hallway which contains the doors for the bathroom, master bedroom and guest bedroom. The only difference between the two bedrooms is that the master room contains a computer desk and laptop.

Grave news has been passed his way. Many things have been discussed and an agreement has been made. While one Robert Cornett ventures out for the day, only to end up at work, someone else appears at the door of the Cornett residence. He stands outside with a hand behind his back and rings the doorbell. Dressed down in his most comfortable work clothes, Zane Wright waits to see if anyone answers the door. He did promise that he'd check in on Hope, especially since he's partially to blame for it all.

That's just foolish thinking. The only one to blame for it all is Hope, who invited the creature of darkness into her home unawares. When the doorbell rings, she gets up off the couch. Then she makes her way to to door and peers through the peep hole. It's daylight, but it's still safe to check. There's a puzzled expression on her face as she opens the door, "Mr. Wright, what are you doing here?"

Then, as a precaution, she's peering out past him to make sure there's no one hiding in the bushes with a camera. Stupid tabloid people.

At this particular moment he is alone, completely alone. It could be that his current wardrobe is one way to escape those who are after him. The hand remains behind his back as he stands before her. "I'm sorry." Zane is apologizing, even if he isn't claiming to feel guilt over what has happened. "I just heard what happened, and I know that you're going to be alone for a while. I wasn't sure if you might want some company or not." The way he sounds there are absolutely no hidden agendas in this visit at all.

Hope would never in a million years ever think that he was here for nefarious reasons. That's not even her naivety. That's just her belief in Zane Wright as an upstanding man. "Oh…" Immediately, feeling very conscious of the bite, she slams her hand over the wound which has been covered with a decorative pink scarf. "Please… don't apologize. It was my own stupidity." There's another moment before she says anything. Like she's scared to invite someone into the house.

"Come in though, please. Would you like tea or coffee? I wasn't expecting company, so I don't have any prepared but I can make some."

"Uh-no. Thank you, Hope, but I'm fine. I just came from a meal so don't worry about me." When he's offered in, and only then, will Zane even dare step into a home that he never planned to visit. His plans are not evil but they are guided by his passion, and he does feel for what he's caused for the young woman. "I don't mean to put you on the spot, Hope. I figure that you weren't at church for a reason, and I'm pretty much going against that, but don't feel ashamed or anything. You don't have to hide it. I know what happened and I'm not judging you." He isn't the type, but he also knows this has more to do with things than just her being foolish. His arm is then moved before him, showing a small bouquet of pink and white daisies. "I just wanted to see how you were doing."

The visit was enough, but the bouquet? It sets her off again. Waterworks, silent ones as she takes the flowers quietly and moves into the kitchen. Her little vase is taken down and filled with water so that she can arrange the flowers just like Hana taught her. "They're…" SNIFFLE. "… very pretty. Thank you." Once the flowers are arranged, she wipes her eyes and sets them down on the counter. Staring at them. "You're… not putting me on the spot. I told Bobby to tell you what happened. And I am ashamed. Me. The poster girl for the church, and I couldn't even tell he was a vampire." Thus, she's a failure in her mind.

Tears? This isn't something he's used to dealing with, not in this context. The man steps towards her for a moment but allows her to go off on her own. "It was the best that I could get on short notice." Without being detected. This time he's flying under the radar to be here. "I doubt you told him to encourage me to visit, but I had to. Because I know you, even though we've only run into each other a couple of times. I know you're going to assume that this is somehow your fault and you shouldn't. There was absolutely no way for you to know. None. And you're stronger than to allow someone who fooled you to ruin you." Perhaps his words are harsh but his tone is far from that. He's trying to be encouraging. "At the same time, while I know that everyone will understand, I also know that you need your time to be upset. These creatures have a way of causing trouble."

"Oh, no! They're really pretty. I love them, Mr. Wright. They're… perfect. They brighten the day so much already." A day that was going to be spent wallowing again over her stupidity. The problem is, that's exactly what's happened. Her strength has been put into doubt. She doesn't believe in herself anymore. Continuing to play with the flowers, Hope sighs. "This means a lot more to me because of what you've been through. I know… it has to be hard for you to be here, to try to make me feel better when you've lost so much."

The last thing he expects is for her to bring his family into things. Zane actually looks for anything to look at, focusing on the furniture as opposed to trying to look at her. "This isn't the same. It's nothing." Only, it is something, it's always something in his life. It took him so long to not live each day in misery that it's difficult to admit to his pain now. "Although, I always envisioned that she'd grow up to be like you. Perhaps that's why I'm here, but if so it's only a small reason of why I am." With the conversation going south, quickly, he attempts to change the subject. "Did you happen to see the new campaign posters yet?"

Hope is no stranger to uncomfortable conversations. So when the conversation heads in that southward direction, she reaches for his hand. A friendly, comforting gesture. "You're right, it is. It's made me more determined to help you win though. Otherwise, it'd be like letting terrorists get the better of me." A bright smile is given to the man as she lets go of his hand. "I'm truly honored that you believe that, Mr. Wright. With you as a father she would have grown up to be a formidable woman." Then just like that the conversation passes onto something happier. "Oh! Yes! Sheila from the campaign office brought over a few for me. I'm going to put them up around the campus when I'm feeling like venturing out. They're perfect. You look absolutely All American in the portrait portion, and the star looks like it's casting a glow on you."

He doesn't actually look to her until she reaches for his hand, and only then it's as temporary as he can make it. The slightest hint of tears actually come to the man, yes, this man, before he forces a smile. The wounds caused by the death of his family will never heal, no matter what he says. "I think you've looked at them closer than I have," he admits, taking the lighter conversation. "I have a hard time looking at them because I'm not used to seeing my face everywhere. I like them, though. Hopefully it will help with the polls. I haven't heard anything from McNaab's office yet, though, so this could be a nice, clean fight." Zane Wright is ever the optimist.

"Unless it was McNaab's office that had those awful tabloid people write such utter tripe." Hope frowns, then starts to play with the flowers again. Pink daisies are just so pretty. "I… ahh…" Oh, yeah, she's blushing at that. "… of course I've looked at them closely," she says trying to nicely recover. "I was checking for typos and making sure everything was the way you wanted it when the order was placed. It would've been bad for them to go out with something spelled incorrectly, right?"

"I suppose it would be bad if they spelled my name incorrectly. I've seen it happen, and I'm hoping that doesn't happen with my campaign." If he disbelieves her reasoning there is not one hint of it anywhere. In fact, Zane is just grateful to have the conversation be away from his family. "I choose to believe that his office had nothing to do with it. The tabloids are always looking for a story and I hope that he's a more dignified man that that." The high road, as always.

"Mayor McNaab might be, but please don't underestimate his public relations people." Mainly Ivan. "Still, the posters are great and they just bring such a voice to your campaign. To your platform. They're going to do you a really great justice. Whoever designed them for you probably needs a bit of a raise, they did a really good job." She's gushing. She knows she's gushing. But she really can't help it. She's got to try to lighten the heart of her mentor.

Her words are taken into consideration with a steep nod. "I'll look into it, certainly. I never thought so much could be said with just a poster." The hometown boy is coming out in Zane at this moment. "You seem to have an eye for these things, though. Have you ever considered working with these things? I wouldn't mind you behind all of this." It may be more work, but in his mind she might want something to take her mind off of things.

"I… well I guess it's just because I've had to help make the posters for pom-squad, and approve a lot of the posters they use at the Fellowship. Since they're using my image and all." Hope has always been astonished and happy by that fact. "I'd be honored to help you with that sort of stuff, Mr. Wright. I'm not a design forte, but I can help them put together nice posters if you want." Really, she's very flattered at the moment.

Flattery is a good thing since it may keep her mind off of more pressing issues. "Then that's it. I'll make a few calls and let everyone know. I want all images passed by you before they're official. I trust your eye on things." In truth, Zane does trust her. It makes it easy for him since he's not lying. "So I was wondering, since your husband to be is gone for the evening, if you wouldn't mind some company for dinner? I can get the most horrible take-out ever and we can watch those bad made for TV movies that are always on."

His offer gets a look. Partially astounded. Partially of the 'I'm onto you' variety. "Bobby told you he didn't want me alone, didn't he? In case he… it comes back." Elliott no longer exists. Elliott is a vampire. He's dead to Hope, otherwise she'll feel it necessary to kill him. "Even if that's the only reason for the offer, I'd really like that. Bad television movies are a good way to keep my mind off of things certainly."

Busted, only not quite. "That's not exactly what happened. I offered to come over whenever I found out that you'd be alone." He offered because he feels that it is his fault. That's why he's here. He's looking out for her in case something comes back. Robert had little to do in convincing Zane of any of this. "Although I admit that I'm not good company for long periods of time. I couldn't think of anything to actually do while here, so that's the best plan that I have." A sheepish grin is actually directed towards the younger woman. "Is it going to be one of those Lifetime specials?"

"Probably," Hope quips with a laugh. "Either that or reruns of Little House on the Prairie… or a 7th Heaven Marathon." Finally she stops fussing with the daisies and then smiles. "I think Bobby has board games around here. At least pieces of board games. I really wouldn't make you watch anything you didn't want to, Mr. Wright." Then again, she was probably going to spend her evening getting the wedding invitations ready so it's not like she'd have been the best company either.

He would have helped with the wedding invitations if she wanted, but it might not be the best idea. "Honestly? I don't really care what we do, as long as food is involved at some point. I feel like I haven't eaten in forever." Even though he just came from a meal. Zane is a man, in all honesty. "Although, well, no. I think there is a limit on what I will do. But I'll be okay with a nice, relaxing evening for once." Staying sober is also a positive.

Hope doesn't really drink anyhow, so staying sober is definitely on the agenda. "Didn't you just come from a meal? No matter. What do you feel like having? Thai? Indian? Barbecue? They've got everything in this area, honestly." It being the university and college district. There's pretty much any type of food one can think of. "I'll get it ordered and you can just go make yourself acquainted with my…" Hope was going to say living room, but Serenity comes bolting out of the bedroom then, reminding her that the dog needs to go outside. "I'll just put her out in the back, and then order."

A dog. He'd heard about a dog. The little critter gets his attention before he nods. "You know what? I'll take the liberty of ordering for us. I'm sure that I'll find something that you'll like." In doing so, there will be pizza, Thai food and barbeque. Zane is starved. "And I did, but you don't really eat at those types of meals. You talk. As much as I'm getting used to it, I'm going to start packing a sack lunch in my car for afterwards."

"That's probably a good idea," Hope says in regards to the sack lunch. Then she's calling to Serenity who's starting to prepare to jump on the man. "No, Serenity. No jumping. That's bad! Come on, we'll go outside then you can have some food too." Not human food, but definitely a nice refill on her dog food. "Thanks, Mr. Wright. I appreciate that." Now she'll just have to hope that the delivery boys don't talk.

The delivery boys won't talk because he will be sure to tip very well. This is why he's ordering. The man with a plan, that's Zane Wright. He just smiles as he watches Hope fuss with Serenity before he pulls out his cell and begins to make a call. Then another, then another. It is, after all, going to be a long night. He may as well make sure they're both well fed.

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