The Return of The Least Prodigal Son

Bean Scene Cafe

Bean Scene is a small coffee shop and cafe that caters primarily to a younger crowd. The cafe has always been at least a year late in joining any given fad, and in the past it's been done in western-style, set up as a beatnik hangout, a go-go disco, a fern bar, and once even attempted to cash in on breakdancing. A plaque has recently been placed above the door, and says, "No fad is dead until it appears to Bean Scene".
Case in point, the cafe has a grungy feel to it.A grey brick facade has been placed over the walls, the flooring looking more like a worn down metal grid, complete with old sewer grates every few feet. Tables and chairs set about the cafe are quite casual in appearance, made of metal meant to look rusty and splattered with multi-colored paints. Metal street signs hang from the wall amid images of garage bands. Behind the counter is a black chalkboard displaying the available items and costs.

Another late night of work and Abbey finds herself stopping in the coffee shop for a quick pick me up. At the moment she is sitting in a booth sipping at a cup of coffee while just relaxing. Her hand lifts and she rubs her fingers across her eyes a few times. A nap would be rather nice, or perhaps she should just go on home and get to bed. Now there is an idea..

Being that it's so late, the place isn't as crowded as it is normally. It's not hard to spot Mischa wandering in. He's gotten quite tan over the past few weeks, adding to his slightly European facial features. The man looks around briefly — despite the fact that it's such a ginormous city, he can scarcely go somewhere without running into someone he knows.
And there he spots Abbey. He forgoes the coffee entirely and smiles at her, stepping over to her booth. "Hello, stranger. I'm glad that I happened to see you. I sent you a voicemail before I left for vacation but I think my phone may have malfunctioned…"

Abbey peers up slightly at the voice and ohs offering Mischa a smile. "Hey.. That's alright, don't worry about it." She offers while nodding to the other side of the booth. "Your welcome to have a seat if you like."

Mischa takes the seat that Abbey has offered and tucks his shirt in a bit, deciding that he looks like a slouch on the spur of the moment. "What have you been up to? Not much has changed… I guess I assumed that when I got back we'd have flying cars or something." Or perhaps that Chloe might have called him… that thought is pushed from his mind as he forces himself to focus on Abbey.

Abbey doesn't seem to mind how he looks, she's thinking about sleeping to much to care at the moment! "Naw.. Not to much has changed really." She offers with a slight smile before a chuckle escapes her. "If we did have flying cars I would be in a mess of work or trouble that's for damn sure."

He can't help but laugh at her joke about the flying cars, winking at her. "I'm sure that you'd do just fine. Now, if all cars become solar powered? Maybe then you're in trouble." He reaches up to scratch at the top of his head before smiling at Abbey. "Well, I'm glad everything alright then. No news is good news, I suppose." At least that's what he can keep telling himself.

Abbey nods slightly and smiles. "Ya.. I keep saying that myself. So did you have a good trip to where ever you may have went?" She questions before sipping at her cup.

Mischa nods to her. "I went to Hawaii! I did a lot of swimming and sight-seeing. It was very therapeutic. The water is so clear. I have a lot of pictures and souvenirs. In fact, I thought of you while I was there and I brought you back a little something!" Mischa says. "I don't have it with me though. I'll have to bring it by the garage soon."

Abbey blinks and chuckles as she offers him a grin. "My.. I bet that was fun." She offers while nodding. "I'd love to see some pictures actually." There's a pause and she blinks. "You didn't have to get me anything Mischa.."

"Ah, I just saw this thing and I thought of you. It's not a big deal." Mischa says, and he seems to genuinely mean it. "I got back earlier this morning and found a message on my answering machine from the real estate agent. She's found me a house that's in a nice part of town and is affordable. A little small, but has a big kitchen — still bigger than the apartment. I could use some help painting if you're up for it one of these weekends, after everything is finalized."

Abbey smiles and nods. "Well.. Thank you. I appreciate it." She offers softly. A oh escapes her and she grins. "Well that's great news. I know you've been looking for a long time for a place." She nods. "Sure.. I wouldn't mind helping you at all. Just let me know when and were and I'll bring the booze." This said with a joking tone.

Mischa can't help but laugh, biting his lip. "The booze? I don't want to make the paint peel, but sure." He winks before leaning back in the booth. "I actually kind of forgot why I came in here now. I think it was something caffeine-related… but to be honest, I'm so jet lagged that I think I might just go home and go to bed. You look a little tired too. Busy week at the shop?" Mischa asks with interest, though his lids are starting to look heavy.

Abbey chuckles and nods a moment. "Just joking." She offers with an amused tone. "An I can understand how that is, haven't been on a plane in a while but it was still heck to deal with." A faint eh escapes her. "Just been working a bit more then I had planned on. A few of the guys have called in sick or something over the week."

"That's too bad. You've been heading up all the work yourself?" Mischa asks with a frown. "I still have a few days off on my vacation leave. If I could help you out, I would, but I know absolutely nothing about cars. At all." He lets out a very quiet laugh before he starts to stand up from the booth. "I was glad that it was your face I was seeing upon getting back into town. There are tons of people I could have run into that I don't really want to. You try to take it easy, and I'll stop in later this week, okay?"

Abbey shakes her head a moment. "Naw.. Its alright. I'm taking a few days off during the week. Going to let Sam take over everything." She says with an amused tone. A warm smile is offered and she nods to Mischa. "Alright.. Sure stop by when ever you might like okay?"

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