Seeking the Truth

A voicemail has been left. There's no telling if she'll actually follow-up on her words or not. By this point it's rather obvious how he feels, and that fact alone has the huntress rather upset. Not that she ever shows such emotion. Perhaps her line of work really ought to change, as she's considered. There must be a way to still hold onto it yet keep it different, and she's been spending all day considering her options. Something in her life needs to change, and obviously soon. Now that she's opened up to at least two people and embraced a new coven, there are many factors for her to consider.

The proper decision has been reached, or at least what she /should/ do, but there's no telling if she honestly will or not. After a long day of pretty much sulking, Quinn finally decides to leave her office. Of course, with the luck she's had, it's started to rain. With a deep sigh she continues on her way, most of her traveling done by foot or public transportation today.

It's a last minute decision, one that she attempts to talk herself out of. Still, even if it is raining, even if she is wearing more business appropriate clothing, Quinn Niveus finds herself approaching Skylar's place of business. At least this way she'll be able to write him out of her life forever.

A voicemail has been recieved. Well, all of them have, actually. The cellphone was picked up a dozen times during the workday, and almost dialed… and then not. Skylar himself worked himself to the bone today - coming well before the other employees of Sky Blades had arrived, and didn't even contemplate closing up until a couple hours after they had left.

But now he does. Sadly, Sky didn't even realize it was going to rain, so his umbrella is at home. After setting the alarm to the shop, he quickly comes outside, locks up, and moves quickly towards where is car is parked. Well, he had planned to take a shower anyway.

An umbrella is for the weak. She's out in the rain, her hair now down due to the second shower she's received during her commute. Certainly she's appeared better and more dignified yet Quinn honestly doesn't care at this moment. Her mind is already focused on how she'll get to the shop at this hour and no one will be around, so she can just go home and pretend like he doesn't exist.

Yet on her way towards the door he begins to leave. It's an unexpected event that causes her to pause in her tracks to attempt to decide what to do. This may seem like an ambush to him and that would not be fair. So Quinn turns around, trying to force herself to walk away. Although she doesn't actually start walking. He seems to have an issue with people doing that.

It takes a moment, but Skylar spots the figure in the rain. It certainly deserves a few glances, since the woman is just standing there, near his place of work - in the rain. He can't make out her face at first, but just her presence is enough to draw his curiosity, and concern. Even as he moves towards her, he begins to ask, "Excuse me, miss, are you alri…?"

The last word is trailed off as Sky catches a glimpse of her profile, and stands still himself. His expression is one of indecision, a healthy mix of gladness and uncertainty. "Quinn?" he eventually asks, forcing the name out of his mouth, the name of the friend he was trying to force himself to let go of.

The hope that he'll continue on his way is shattered the moment that he begins to speak. She should have known that he's far too much of a good guy to just let things go, especially since her face is not exposed to him. So as soon as he speaks she cringes, her body immediately tensing.

"Just go home, Smallville," she finally responds, her voice unusually soft for her. At least, for the woman that he first met in the park. "I shouldn't be here. You wanted space and I'm not playing nice." Not once does Quinn turn to face Sky, but she doesn't walk away from him, though. The point is not to make him angry or to make him give chase. "I don't even know why I came. I can go."

"No." The word is out of Skylar's mouth before he even realizes it. What he should have said is 'You are right, Quinn. You were right all along. This is my fault. Go home and forget about me.' But he can't - nor does he want to. He stands like that for a moment, before letting out a frustrated sigh, and jerking his head to the car. "Come on, Quinn, get in the car. Let me give you a ride." His stance and tone is like someone who is fighting a losing battle - but in that comment, at least, he is firm. He's not about to let someone walk home in the rain, no matter their personal issues.

Even if she admires strength in others, she does so hate when people say no to her. So immediately she turns her head to him, to face him directly, as if he's somehow broken some sort of ancient code. No one says no to Quinn without an attitude. "Your car will get wet." It's obvious, but it's her only real argument to not accept his offer. "I didn't do this to make you talk to me." At least, she didn't do it intentionally. Perhaps, subconsciously, she did plan it. "Besides, I don't know if I'm going home." A bar sounds good, at least it does to her.

"My car will get wet anyways, yes you did, and I said I would give you a ride, not a ride home, so I will take you anywhere you want," Skylar replies, pointing out the holes in each of Quinn's arguement without much effort. Which is just as well, since he still appears preoccupied. "Come on," he says again, turning off the car alarm and moving to the passanger side of his car, and opening the door - and standing like that until Quinn gets into the car.

It isn't an easy argument for him to win, and she very nearly walks away from him at that point. Yet the car is tempting, considering the current weather and her situation. "Jerk." It's unknown to her if he'll hear what she says but it's there all the same. And eventually Quinn walks to the car, soggy dress shoes and all, and lowers herself into the passenger seat. This is all said without a word but she doesn't have the expression of someone who is grateful. Her face, actually, is almost unreadable.

Skylar doesn't respond to the jerk comment - and, indeed, once he is in the car himself, he doesn't say anything at all. He just starts driving, without even asking where to go. He figures she'll tell him if and when she wants, and in the meantime? He's got plenty on his mind. Like what to say to her, for one. So, to make up for the awkward silence (at least on his end), Sky turns on the radio, beginning to flip through the channels.

His behavior isn't helping anything at all. When he continues to ignore her, to fidget with the radio, Quinn looks to the side. The area outside of the window becomes her focal point as she watches the rain coat the city. It's a rather fitting weather pattern, considering her mood. "I thought maybe one of them got you," she finally says, making sure to keep from looking at him. "I was worried." Though that's all she's going to say.

Having cycled through the entire selection of stations twice (rather quickly), and not finding anything that he can stand in his current mood, Skylar turns off the radio once more. He listens to Quinn, his grip tightening on the wheel briefly. He's silent for another long moment, before he finally speaks. His tone of voice is one that is forced to be free of emotion. "I'm sorry, I have been really busy this past week and haven't had…" Before he can finish the sentance, however, he trails off. Stopping the car in front of a red light, Sky glances briefly towards Quinn - taking in her profile, the rain battering against the window, everything. "No, that's not true," he finally says, this time in a quieter voice. He looks ahead once more, quiet again. "I…" He trails off yet again, however, unsure how to proceed.

As soon as he begins to speak she leans back against the seat. The words are familiar as she's spoken them before. As a master of avoidance she knows a brushoff when she hears one. So Quinn keeps her eyes dedicated to the outdoors, to something that won't actually remind her of how much of a screw-up she's been. Skylar does surprise her, however, when he begins to actually speak the truth. So slowly the woman turns to look at him, to see what exactly he has to say. Unlike many other times, she isn't glaring at him. She's just watching him. "I got too close," she finally says, finishing his sentence for him without his permission.

Skylar keeps his eyes on the road - partly because the light is now green and he starts driving again, and partly because it is easier. He does, however, not his head mutely. He continues to remain silent for another moment, before saying, "It's just… it's too easy to let you in. And I enjoy having you around, so…" He shakes his head, letting out another sigh. It's really hard to explain - and, by doing so, he's revealing more of himself then he intended. "I am sorry, though. I never meant to make you worry. I didn't realize what you would assume. I am sorry."

As soon as he confirms her words she turns away from him, her attention moving back out to the window. "Hiding from everyone that even gets close isn't exactly the answer. Running away because someone actually tries to be your friend?" Quinn of all people should not be lecturing him on this and she realizes it. It causes her to fall silent for a while before she closes her eyes. "You know, yeah, whatever. Take a look in the mirror and all that. But I actually tried. I'm just glad that you finally told the truth, though." It really all was for nothing. She's exposed so much of her life and now she's at risk. "You can let me off anywhere, really. I can call a cab."

"I know, Quinn. I get that this is my fault. I was the one who pushed our being friends." And he was. Skylar was fine getting to know her - but he didn't count on her getting so close, and certainly not so fast. His tone is frustrated, as is his expression. If only he could just make a decision and stick to it - but this is unfamiliar territory. He does sound certain about one thing, however: "No." He's really good at saying that word to her tonight. "I told you I would drive you, and I meant it."

She doesn't deal well with indecisions. Life is black and white, and he needs to know this. Only, it's not true; she just hopes that it is. "You are driving me. You're driving me to a cab so I can get out of your life, since that's what you want so badly." The words are sharp but they come out more hurt than anything. "Do you know how difficult this was for me? All of it? I told you things that I shouldn't. I was /nice/ to you." Yes, Quinn's complaining now. "But I get it. And I respect you enough to deal with it. I just needed to make sure you were okay, to confirm this is what you want and not that something had happened."

Frustration and indecision have been in Skylar since Quinn shown up. It's only natural that these emotions, combined with Quinn's talent for stating things bluntly would eventually spark some anger in him. Not as much as the first and only other time Quinn has seen Sky get angry - but it is there, however briefly. "I don't want this! You were the one who said you were trying to ignore me, you are the one who finally gave in and got close. It is only a matter of time before you leave anyways, so I'm just trying…" And Sky immediately closes his mouth. At a rather unforunate time, as well, having stopped before another red light. But he doesn't look at Quinn, not yet, just tries to stare forward.

His snapping at her is likely in reaction to her words but she doesn't deal with it well. "A matter of time until I left? What were you trying, Skylar? What? Because the way it looks to me? You got me to see things that I was denying and now you're basically rubbing the fact that you have a relatively normal life right in my face. I /tried/ for you. I didn't walk away, not even when I wanted to. I /tried/ and I still came to visit when you asked. Does that mean nothing?" Quinn's hand finds the handle for the door. "Seriously, I'll grab a cab. I don't want to make things harder on you."

Skylar turns, finally, looking at Quinn. Perhaps it is her hand on the door, perhaps her use of his given name, perhaps her honest words. Perhaps all of it. He reaches out, but stops himself from actually touching her. "Look, just… let's go get a drink, alright? I could really use one right now." It's not an explanation, not yet - but though Sky's not usually one for liquid courage, it could certainly go a long way right now.

Her hand remains on the door as she watches him, as if calling him out further. The fact that he even is trying is the only thing causing her to stay. "I should go," Quinn points out. She's never been bashful about doing so. "If you're just going to get me to a bar to get me drinking so you can tell me you never want to talk to me again, honestly, you don't have to go to the point. But fine." She's giving in? "Just drive. I can call a cab from there after." Perhaps it is a good thing she's not driving after all, because she likely will be drinking.

Skylar doesn't answer. He just responds when Quinn tells him to - he steps on the gas (the light having turned green when he wasn't looking anyways), and he drives. The rest of the way to the bar, he doesn't speak unless prompted - but nor does he fiddle with the radio.

Silence it is, then. She's done with this, with all of it, and clutches her hand to her purse. As soon as they get out she's going to call for a cab. It's just going to happen because she'd rather leave with dignity than she would be to leave upset. Being upset alone, in private is the best way for Quinn. For the rest of the ride she looks back out of the window.

"Hopefully this will do. Haven't been here before," Skylar says, finally breaking the silence as he pulls up near the Grisly. At this point, he does glance to Quinn, saying, "And I'm buying. If we're going to talk about this, I'd rather not do it sober." Not really explaining what this is, he just gets out of the car, waiting for Quinn to do so before turning on the alarm and moving towards the bar.

The Grisly. How appropriate. "It's close to home so I won't need to get a cab." For now her phone stays stowed away in her purse, but she's not afraid to call Scarlett, either. "Not too far from Scar, either, if I need someone to come." Yes, Quinn's expecting it to be a rough conversation. "Fine. Have it your way. I can't promise that I'll stay." With that, the huntress exits the vehicle and immediately heads into the bar. She's not exactly playing nice at the moment but in her eyes she's justified.

"Scar?" Sky asks, pausing on his way to the door to the bar, looking back at Quinn. He might have assumed Scar was some biker that Quinn was dating… but Quinn isn't exactly the dating type. At least as far as he knows. He then sighs at her following words. "Well, I knew you would end up leaving eventually. Either way, I'd rather not be sober." And so, he makes his way inside, taking the first available booth that he spots."

If only she knew his thoughts, she would relay them to Scar. "Yes, Scar. Scarlett. Apparently the one friend that I actually have." A bad dig, but he's not exactly playing nice. While he gets a booth, Quinn walks right up to the bar. The tender immediately grabs a mug and begins to pour before she signals for him to pour two. Before long she joins Skylar and places both on the table. It's unclear if they are both for her or not. "You know? I think I've stuck with you longer than I have my own damn family. I'm sorry if that proves to you that I'm just going to be like some ex or whatever your issue is."

Sky accepts the first dig without comment. The second, however… well, once Quinn has sat down, and the mug put in front of him, Sky grips the handle tightly, his jaw clenching. But he's too frustrated to do the proper thing and shut up. It certainly doesn't help that she hit the proverbial nail on the head - and the wince he made when she made that comment likely confirms it. "Excuse me for having a past. You know, I get that your whole 'thing' is limited to being a crass and having a bitchy hard shell, but I've been nothing but patient with your issues. The least you could do is allow me to have my own, even if you don't care about them." And with that? He begins to drink.

If it wasn't for the fact that this is a full beer, he'd be wearing it. All of it. The woman just glares at him but doesn't actually drink any of hers. "Yes, because me going out of my comfort zone to make sure that you're okay, multiple times, shows just how little I actually care." The word asshole is so close to being added to it but she bites her tongue for now. As far as Quinn is concerned she /is/ playing nice. "You know, I've /tried/ to get you to talk about it. You seem to hate it when people walk out on you but you do nothing but walk out on everyone else when they try to care. So how am I the bad guy in this? For /caring/?" Men suck.

"You care about the physical. You say you're going out of your comfort zone, but while that may be true, it's less true then you think," Skylar says, after a particularly long swig. Maybe he is trying to get a beer bath? Or he's just super upset. "It's easier for you to concieve of threats to my physical safety then recognize the problems I have because of emotions and past relationships - and I get that this is because you haven't had any, but that doesn't make it any easier when you simply disregard mine." He lets out a sigh, not even looking at her so much as glancing at her occassionally and glaring at his beer mug. "You say you have tried to know, but would you care if you found out? Would you understand? And the worse part is, if you did understand, that would be worse still." At least in his mind, this last statement makes sense.

He doesn't get it. "Physical is the last thing that I worry about. Physical is something that is just that; physical. Not that I expect you to believe that." The beer bath is likely to come, which is why her mug is untouched as of yet. Still Quinn allows him to speak, unlike Skylar keeping her eyes dedicated to him. "I've tried to talk about it, you brush it off. Are you finally ready to talk about it? Because if you're not, isn't this a big waste of time?" It isn't as if she hasn't pieced together some of it based on their previous conversations. Quinn is antisocial, not dumb. "I detach myself for a reason, but that's just as emotionally difficult. But by all means, explain away. Though not if you're afraid that my actually caring is some sort of death threat."

"It has nothing to do with death or safety, Quinn. I would gladly risk my life for you. But that is the problem!" Skylar pauses after this statement, draining a large portion of his mug before continuing. "Look - I'm alone. I'm a lonely guy. It's hard, and I try to make friends, try to stay social. But growing up… I used to have alot of people I was close to. And losing that, it tore me apart. I've done my best to get by… but if I have that again, and I lose it, I'm not sure I can take it. If you decide you don't like who I am, or that my usefulness is over - or even leave out of some misguided attempt to protect me? Once I've let my guard down, how am I supposed to protect myself?"

Her mug of beer? She doesn't even look at it. A hand reaches for it but instead of throwing it at him, she slides it over to him. He's the one that wanted to get good and drunk, after all. "When was the last time I asked you for something? Anything at all? I'm not trying to use you, damn it. I wanted to. I tried. And I stopped. I can't do it." She's really at the end of her rope and it's all Quinn can do to stay where she is. He should realize this, but she's not going to make any demands. "You do realize that the quantity of friends you have is irrelevant? It's the quantity. I'd take one solid friendship over a thousand people who would leave me any day. /You/ inspired me to examine my life and let people in. /You/ got me to stop going out at night like I was, because, I don't know, I actually am /concerned/ with what happens to those who are linked to me. What is it about you that all of a sudden is going to make me slam the door on you for good? I had to go to /you/, or have you forgotten." This all said as her hair begins to drip into small pools on the table. "What is it, Sky, that you're so afraid of?"

"You're right - but I had good, quality friends, family. A whole town of them. And because of one time…" Sky trails off, shaking his head. He accepts Quinn's beer, takes a few sips, but then sets it down. He looks up at her, really looking, then sighs. And he tries to answer he question as honestly as he can - which means it takes him a moment before it actually leaves his lips. "I'm afraid of not being in control anymore. With my life, my emotions…" Which explains his fear of the blackouts, at least to himself, since Quinn doesn't yet know that - at least not fully. "When we were just casual friends, just sparring partners… If you left and never came back, I could tell myself I would be ok. But if I let you in… then you can hurt me. And I'm so tired of being hurt Quinn. I get that what happened was five years ago, and I should get over it… but that doesn't make it any easier." He sighs again, shaking his head once more as he picks up the beer mug - but just stares at it, instead of drinking it. "And what makes this so hard is I want to let you in. I want you as my friend. It seems so… natural."

He just doesn't get it. "Yet they still left. I'm sorry, argue with what you will, but where are they right now? Did they give you a second chance? And if not, I seriously have to call that into question." Quinn's approaching dangerous conversation, she realizes, but she's not backing down. He's drinking, he can deal with it. "And over what? An honest mistake? Something that you had no control over, at all?" The witch shakes her head. "Sometimes, Skylar, I wonder if you really grasp the full meaning of life. To make a very long and complicated story short, a good deal of my family was killed off when I was just young. The man behind is it is Scarlett's grandfather, this much I know. How much of a grudge do you think I have about /that/? My anger towards life? For a reason. But hell if I'm not somewhat friends with the woman. A woman related to the worst man I can think of. Life happens. You learn to take it as it comes, or you can dwell. If she's good for anything, Chloe taught me that. If I'm not walking away from her, why would I walk away from you?"

"Enough, Quinn. You don't know the whole story." Which is Sky's own fault, but that's beside the point. "Whatever our relationship now, I still love them - each and every one. And I won't let you talk about them like that. In fact, let's drop the subject." He takes a few more sips of beer, then sets it down again. "And good, I'm glad. You shouldn't hate someone for just being related to a bad person." Which is why he tries so hard not to hate vampires. He sighs, however, letting some of the frustration ebb. "Look… I'm sorry. For your family, for the way I'm acting. This is not easy for me, Quinn. And I get that it isn't easy for you either… but that doesn't make it less hard."

No, it's not enough. "Then help me understand. What happened to make you such a bad person? Because I don't see it. I won't see it." At least she's asking for more, trying to listen to him. At this point she's not even raising her voice or speaking in harsh tones. Quinn is talking, and not understanding at all. "Don't be sorry for me. I'm not. I'm angry. I've lived with this anger my entire life. Nothing can be done to make it go away. But you know what? I'm actually trying. For the first time in my life I've stopped going after those I hate the most because I'm worried that /someone/ might get hurt." Yes, she looks directly at Skylar to accent her point. "I honestly wonder if you really want to be my friend. You talk, but nothing really about yourself. You shut yourself off from me. Why can't you just talk to me?"

She's got a point. And that apparently frustrates Sky to no end. But, at the same time, it doesn't raise any anger in him like earlier. Instead, he just spreads his hands out in surrender. "Fine. I'm not going to fight with you. What do you want to know?"

This is unexpected. She honestly expects him to just get up and walk out, though she won't let that happen just yet. "First of all, do you want another beer? And can I have your keys?" This is said as Quinn holds her hands out for the keys. Even through her anger, she's been looking out for him. A point that she's been trying to get across to him. "And I want to know anything, everything. What it is that you supposedly done that I apparently won't be able to look past? Because so far all I want to do is make sure you get home safe." The witch is still irritated with him, in a major way, but they have to start somewhere.

"I don't know, just… Look, I'll let you make your own decision." Which is concession enough, as far as Skylar is concerned. He hands Quinn his keys, as asked, and begins to speak. "I had a group of friends since childhood, we all came from the same town, which is about 30 minutes from Dallas. We did everything together. But when I was a sixteen, I spent a weekend alone, staying with a relative of a friend, in Dallas for a craft convention so I could learn some smithing techniques. While I was here, I met a woman. Chris, well, Christabel. Anyways, she was older, sexy, and… well, you get the picture. We had a thing, and after the weekend, we parted ways. And every year, around the same time, we would meet up together in Dallas."

Apparently this isn't going to be the short version of the story. Well, either way, Skylar continues to tell it. "Thing is, aside from that one long weekend a year, I never saw her. I had other relationships. And when I went to college, one of my childhood friends, Jill, came with me. We had had a past… and we developed feelings again. We took it slow, and eventually we became exclusive. And when we did, I didn't go to my usual meeting with Chris. For awhile, I thought I'd never see her again. Then, around the time I was thinking of proposing to Jill… Chris found me again." Sky pauses at this point to drink alot more beer. Apparently reliving one's past is thirsty work.

Perhaps not what he's expecting, but Quinn promptly stands up and walks away. Only she doesn't walk towards the door. She walks to the bar, gets another drink and then returns. When she does? Quinn tries to sit on the same bench as he is, not too close to him but just close enough. There's no real reason why, in her mind, but she knows that doesn't want him to feel like he's alone. The beer is placed on the table for him but not forced his way. "That name sounds ancient," Quinn states, as if she immediately knows what to pick out. "And that's what caused it all?"

"Well, I'm still working out everything, with what you and I recently discovered," Skylar says, nodding. He makes room for Quinn at the bench, perhaps a bit taken by surprise, but too caught up with thoughts of the past to really pay too much attention to it. "And also, the Great Revelation hadn't happened yet, so I didn't make the connection with all the other signs. We only met at night, she was always gone in the morning. The ro… other things. I just thought she was an eccentric woman. But know, I'm fairly convinced she is a vampire, and one who thought I was hers. She'd probably figured out my resistance to her powers, and up until that point I intrigued her, perhaps? But when I told her I loved someone else, and that I wouldn't be with her anymore… well, that's when the real bad headaches first happened. And the next thing I knew, I was kissing her, and Jillian was standing in the doorway." Need he say more?

He need not say more. "Vampires don't want everything easy. They like to be challenged to a point. Entertained. The moment that they're bored, they'd kill you." The way she speaks is almost text book, as if she knows more about the creatures than she should. It does make sense, with everything he knows about her. Quinn tries to place a hand on his, just to be comforting. "So this vampire used her powers on you and put you in a position that you shouldn't be. I'm sorry that you lost so much over it, but it wasn't your fault. You couldn't do anything about it, Skylar. That doesn't mean that I'm going to walk away from you."

"That's the thing… now that I know everything that I do? I blame myself more," Skylar says, looking down at Quinn's hand in his, but his expression is odd, of one looking at another time, another place; maybe even another hand. "That wasn't the only time she came back. Even after Jill left, after my friends thought I had betrayed her and them… Chris came back. Again and again. And I didn't always give in." That's also when the blackouts happened, but he'd rather not relive that just now. "I could have resisted more. I should have. I did afterwards, to the point where Chris eventually let me be. Whether powers were involved or not, I should have done better. Everything I wanted traded for one kiss? How pitiful is that." He laughs mirthlessly. "And the kicker is, powers or no, there was a part of me that did want to kiss her. Not at the cost of losing Jill, but the desire was still there." And that's just as bad, in his book.

Immediately she shakes her head. "No. The desire you have to question. They can make you feel that desire, even though you really don't. She used you. She hurt you. If you had resisted more, you could have gotten really hurt, if not killed. Then what would that prove?" Being calm, the voice of reason, is not something that Quinn is used to. It may sound odd coming from her, yet she's in the same mode she was in when he got the headache around her. "Five years ago? Do you know how young you were then? And you couldn't have known what you know now. Most people don't know what you know now. I just happen to have more information than most. You can't blame yourself for this, Sky." There's a pause there as she looks to the beer mugs on the table. "I should give you her things back. Having others wear them won't make it better. You have to be ready to let go."

"Logic doesn't always work against guilt or regret, Quinn," Sky points out, somewhat wryly. He looks up at her for a moment, then down at her hand, seeming to see it for the first time. But he doesn't move it. "And no. I want you to keep it. You really do look good in that dress. And besides… that's the one thing I've done right lately. However it might seem, I am trying to move on, at least a little. Trying to clear out the stuff of hers I had around the house."

This is suddenly extremely awkward for her. The bartender will never let her live this down, which means she'll likely not return. This is not the Quinn that frequents this local. "But by giving her things out to someone you might see on a regular basis, is that really getting rid of them?" She's just hurt and upset mostly, still, but she's trying to be logical. "You know what? You'll never forget what happened, nor should you. You should remember it for future dealings with those evil creatures, since you seem to attract them. So you know the warning signs, so you can be safe." At least the professor isn't trying to talk him out of his dealings this time. "And maybe it's just me, but it's important to remember what you've lost." This is said as she pulls her hand away and looks straight ahead, away from him. "So you know how valuable what you've found is."

"Maybe not," Skylar allows, at Quinn's words. "And I won't force you to keep it if you don't want it. But for what it's worth… while I'll always see the hands that made the dress, I still think it was made for you." He shrugs, then listens to her next words, falling silent for a long moment. Really thinking about it. When she pulls her hand away, he lets her, but he doesn't stop looking at her. Indeed, after a moment, a lopsided grin appears on his face. "Is that your way of telling me how lucky I am to have you in my life, and to shut up and accept it? Because I would have expected a threat to follow it." That's right, he is teasing her. Perhaps some of the tension is finally escaping him.

She shifts uncomfortably at the talk about the dress. She knew it belonged to his ex, but now she knows a bit more of the story. She now knows how close they were. "I'll reassess the situation as it comes up. Perhaps, by the next time I look at it, my feelings will have changed." She won't get rid of it, at least. Quinn did promise at once time to take good care of it. When he begins to tease her, she glares at him. "No, but I damn well should have said that. You know, you should be lucky I sat here at all, Smallville." Looks like she's willing to move on from things at all. "The threats will come later. Remember." The keys are shown to him. "Your life is in my hands."

"Now that is a threat," Sky says, grinning lightly. "Though, if you're not going to drink with me, I'm probably gonna stop here. It's no fun to drink alone," he points out. A pause, then he speaks genuinely. "Quinn… thank you. For everything. And I'm sorry for everything I said."

"Drinking wouldn't get you to someplace to stay in one piece, Smallville. You can crash at my place if you'd like, since its right down the road. I promise I might actually let you sleep instead of torture you all night." Inviting someone into her home on a friendly basis is not a practice that Quinn is up to date on, but it does show that she's not walking out on him. "Whatever. Words need to be spoken at times. Words can be overlooked and forgotten. But if you keep avoiding me, next time I'll let you drive under the influence."

"Well, if that's the case, then we can both drink, because we can walk to your place," Skylar points out with a grin - which becomes more wry at her torture comment. "So kind of you." However, his smile becomes once more smaller yet sincere at her further words. "Alright. It was hard enough to do it this time around… I probably won't be able to do it in the future anyways. I give up. But," he adds, waving a finger at her, "The same goes for you. No ignoring me anymore either."

Is he really daring her to drink? He doesn't realize what happens to her when she drinks. Still, she did buy that beer and he's not touched it yet. "Fine. But good luck getting your keys back." At this point she very well may be serious. Either way, Quinn begins to drink from the fresh mug, no stranger to the taste of beer. "Oh, trust me. At this rate? You'll be prying me away from you." In fact, to make sure things continue on the good track that they're on, Quinn moves back to her original side of the table.

Which is just as well, since Sky rises from his seat, goes to the bar, and gets a new beer for himself. Sitting back down across from Quinn, he offers her a grin. "Well, I'll just make sure to keep a pry bar with me at all times," he says to her, holding out his mug in toast to her. "To friends - finally on even ground." More or less.

On even ground? If she's to be honest, then, she might as well do it now. "Oh, and now that you've agreed to stay with me? I only have one bed." This is said as she raises her beer to his. "King sized, so don't worry about anything. I'll make sure not to take advantage of you." Quinn says this with a wink before drinking more. The poor guy has no idea what he's gotten himself into.

"Oh, well I can sleep on the fl…" Skylar begins to offer, before Quinn continues to speak. And then he raises his eyebrows. "Ok, I get that I'm the emotional one in this relationship. And that you've made me wear a dress. But I'm gonna have to draw the line at you being able to take advantage of me." Or at least he would like to think so. And just to prove his point that he isn't afraid of such, he drinks his beer.

A challenge it is, then, at least this is what it feels like to her. The woman sitting at a table, attempting to outdrink or at least outwit a man? Now this is what the bartender is used to seeing. So he is already aware to look for her cue and soon enough another beer is delivered to her. The first goes down quickly, as if she's no longer holding restraint just for him. The second she drinks nearly half of before allowing it to sit. "I just said that I wouldn't take advantage. There has to be trust here somewhere, right? But yeah, you won't have to wear a dress again, either. I'm past that point, though I still can't believe that you did it."

Well, this is technically Sky's third beer, so he should be fairly comfortable as far as their 'competition' goes. But he still works to match her drink for drink, staying ahead of the curve. Experience sparring with Quinn tells him this woman may well be able to beat him if he lets his guard down. However, it's a friendly competition, and Sky grin broadly as he waits for his next beer to arrive, having asked for another one when Quinn's next arrives. "Well, it wasn't that different from wearing a kilt. Less manly… but I looked pretty awesome in it, so."

The woman makes a face as she sips at her beer, doing well to make it last. This likely will be her final one, as she is concerned about getting him back to her place in one piece. "Only you really didn't. You may have nice legs, but that doesn't mean that you need to wear a woman's garment. You should leave that for women." Not that Quinn wears dresses ever. "You should feel lucky, though. While I'm no stranger to the concept of sharing a bed, even if for a few hours, no one has shared mine before. That's just too personal."

"Don't worry, I don't snore," Skylar says, grinning lightly at Quinn's comment about sharing her bed. He'd probably protest it more if he were more sober, but between their talk and the alcohol, it doesn't seem like a bad idea. "And I have nice legs, do I?" he asks teasingly. When his next beer arrives, Sky follows suit with Quinn, taking his slow - though it might be more from being full on beer then any conscious choice.

"Don't make me regret this." Her jest is made before the rest of her beer is drained. It's too much beer, too soon, she knows this. This is why Quinn taps out while she can still mostly walk. "I'll not comment further on the condition of your legs." She does glance at her watch, however, as she tries to gauge how dark is must be. "When you're done, we should go." As this is said, the witch leaves several bills on the table. "Staying out too late in this neighborhood while drinking is a bad thing."

"You know what I've noticed? When we're fighting, you're less bossy. I should probably remember that." Skylar winks at Quinn, but nods at what she says, doing his best to quickly finish off the rest of his beer. Four mugs in a fairly short time? Clearly, he started on an empty stomach - and that and the quantity means that he better have a good tolerance, or Quinn may regret not driving him to her place. "Let's go, then."

That causes her to glare at him. "You want to see bossy? I'll show you bossy. Now move your ass." This is said jokingly but it looks to others as if she may be threatening him. With her purse in hand, complete with his keys, she's careful to stand slowly. At least she'll be able to make it home before it fully hits her. "It's not far from here," Quinn points out as she tries to guide him out of the bar. She's not even going to tell him what this bar is known for.

"I'm not totally inebriated, you know." Yet. But at least Skylar can say inebriated. "I do remember where you live." Mostly. But, muttering or not, Skylar stands, very very carefully, and makes his way out after Quinn, more or less in a straight line. Clearly he is doing his best to hold the effects at bay, though by his movements that's starting to become a little bit harder.

She's in a bit better shape so she's right by his side as needed, even if that means keeping him from walking into things. Or people. "Next time you decide to talk to me, try not to need to get so drunk first." This is mumbled only because she doesn't actually wish to be sober. True to her word, however, Quinn manages to steer him into her home in a very short period of time. Most of the lights are allowed to remain off as she guides his way with a flashlight and the dim lighting from the second floor. "And you need to get up there, too." This said by using the flashlight to indicate the stairs up.

"Well, you're fairly intimate…intimidating," Skylar teases, messing up the last word and correcting himself. Then he glances up the stairs, his face waxing resigned. "If I fall, you're nursing me back to health," he says, almost like a threat - which it might be, since he's already proven that he likes watching the Princess Bride and other like movies when he is sick or injured. And with that? He does his best to get up the stairs very, very slowly, and very, very carefully.

Yeah, wrong words there. "I can be intimate, but no, I haven't been with you." She doesn't shy away from the fact that sex is sex. That's not how Quinn operates. "Deal. You fall, I'll baby you until you're well enough that I can kick your ass." She'll even wait to make sure that he gets up before following suit, just in case there are any accidents. Silly man.

"That wasn't what I meant," Sky says over his shoulder - which probably isn't a good thing, as it causes him to nearly trip near the top of the stairs. But, thankfully, he catches himself, preventing himself from taking a tumble. "And I somehow find it hard to believe that your version of intimate and everyone else's are in synch." Clearly, he's hoping her promise against torture will hold. "Or your definition of baby, for that matter. I think I'll try to stay healthy." However, he says all this with a wide grin, pausing at the top landing, waiting for Quinn to come up - not going into her room first lest she have it booby trapped. He wouldn't put it past her.

Booby traps are a good idea. She'll have to invest in more. "I don't know. It depends on the circumstances. How liquored up I am and how into the guy I am." Considering the fact that she's not really a big fan of relationships she's obviously not been too into any guy. "And I know what baby means. I can pamper people, if I want to." She rarely does. Quinn easily climbs to the second floor as she is practiced by now. Her bedroom door is opened, revealing a room painted various shades of purple. There is a large walk-in closet, a computer area, a relatively nice flat panel television and a gigantic bed. The silk sheets covering it are also a shade of purple. It is a stark contrast to the sparring area below. "Make yourself comfortable," she says as she walks in and removes her suit jacket. And her top, but she has a camisole underneath so it isn't as if she's revealing anything. Much.

Revealing or not, Skylar still acts the gentleman. Drunk or not, there are some things that are just instinct. Instead, he takes a moment to gaze about the room. "Not what I'd expect," he admits. "I like it," he adds, just to clarify. "I like seeing your softer side - which is why I was just teasing about your ability to pamper, might I add. You did a pretty good job the last two times we hung out." Which may have contributed to his flight, but at least they've resolved that. So, without further ado, Sky begins to peel off his own wet/damp clothes. At least until he has taken off his shoes, socks, and shirt. Then, bare-chested, he glances down at his wet jeans. He pauses, for a long moment - and then peels them off as well. Thankfully, his boxers are not wet - and nor are they embarressing, thank god. Just plain blue ones.

The boxers don't seem to bother her. Then again, she's relatively comfortable with public nudity, so there's little to be said there. Since he continues to strip down, so does she, down until she's in her underwear. It's not lie they're lacy and all that revealing so it doesn't seem to matter to Quinn. The wet clothes are all collected and taken into the bathroom to hang. "If I need to, I have a washer and dryer I can put them in later." It only then registers that he's commenting on her room. "Yeah, well, don't expect little stuffed animals or anything. I just like purple." As if she worries about someone or something entering, the illusionist then closes the door behind her. Quinn does have a key, after all. "I promise I won't bite. Get comfortable and I'll turn out most the lights. Sleeping would probably be best for you." Even as this is said, the lights are dimmed, so that there is just a soft glow to the room.

Lacy or not, when Sky finally turns around to glance in Quinn's direction, he still stares for a good moment or two. Nevermind that he's mostly naked himself, showing off his blacksmith and fighter muscles to good effect. However, he does catch himself eventually, and moves towards the bed as ordered. "Yes, boss," he drawls with a chuckle, falling into the bed as much as climbing into it. Clearly, the alcohol is starting to take effect. "No stuffed animals?" he then asks. "That's a shame. You're missing out."

Men are so easily predictable. She should have known what his reaction was going to be. In fact, she did. At least she's keeping her top on. "Any stuffed animal that shows up will be sliced. No, wait. Any animal that shows up will be sliced." Quinn then slides into bed herself, the beer taking hold more than she'll admit. "If you need anything, let me know." The situation is considered for a moment, a kiss on the cheek perhaps, but instead she curls up on her side. facing him. "Sleep well, Skylar."

"That's not very nice. Stuffed animals are good for the soul." If he heard the other animal comment, or processed it, he makes no sign. Settling back in the med, Sky turns his head towards Quinn, offering her a smile. "I'll be fine. Sleep well, Quinn. And thank you." And with that? He shuts his eyes, and falls asleep next to a woman for the first time in five years.

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