The Morning After

The sun has risen and has shone on Dallas for a good few hours before movement happens in the upstairs room in Quinn's Old Warehouse. Skylar shifts in the bed, covers only half covering his half-naked form as he moves to cuddle closer to the woman next to him. One arm is already under her head, the other across her waist, and both arms work to shift her against his form. His eyes are not yet open, nor is he yet fully conscious - however, a large smile has spread across his features, and he seems truly contented.

Morning is the time where she normally crawls into bed, weary and worn, yet the excitement and alcohol from the evening prior allowed her to sleep well enough. During the night her hair has dried as has her bitter mood. This is a time where she's truly at peace, feeling no need to be anyone but herself. Slowly she shifts, moving with him to actually be closer to him. The feeling is not one she's used to, but the still sleeping Quinn doesn't notice. Right away. Eventually, though, her eyes spring open, wide open. This likely isn't going to end well.

Skylar's own eyes don't spring open so much as drift open. His hands carress her skin idly, sleepily, his head turning instinctively towards hers, possibly ending up very close to hers - still with that big, contented smile on his lips. Which allows him to see just who it is he is cuddling up to - and fully wake up in an instant as his and Quinn's eyes lock.

The only reason she hasn't pushed him away from her, off of the bed even, is due to that stupid grin. Okay, so maybe that's not the only reason but it sounds good. Quinn just watches him wake, then stares into his eyes. They obviously didn't do anything the night before, yet how they wound up like this she has no idea. No words are spoken as she waits to see how he reacts. Her reactions he can likely guess so it's only fair for him to go first.

Is reaction? Is to stay still for a moment as his emotions run a gauntlet - a sense of rightness, fear of that rightness, and definately surprise that she hasn't headbutted him across the room yet. His smile quiets, but doesn't fade completely. Finally, his first tangible reaction is to greet the woman in his arms. "Good morning, Quinn." And then? He shifts upwards in bed a little so that he's propped against the pillows, disengaging from Quinn. "I, uh… sorry. Hope you slept good at least?" he asks, covering his embaressment as he fully takes in their situation from his new position.

Oh, she has a reaction now. She watches him move away from her and almost looks disappointed. Even with that, she just watches him, not actually getting violent just yet. "Mornings suck." There's the Quinn that everyone knows and hates. The witch rubs at her eyes slightly but refuses to look at the time just yet. "I don't usually sleep through the night." That means that she's slept quite well. Suddenly the realization, the big picture, strikes her. "I…" Her eyes widen slightly before she finally grins. "I think I kidnapped you last night."

"Well, you said you were giving up the night life. Better get used to it." She did say that, right? Skylar's mind is more then a little fuzzy right now. At least he seem hung over - just a little slow. "Uh… yes, it seems that way, doesn't it?" he asks, bemused as he looks around her room. And when he looks back to Quinn? He can't help but smile something similiar to the expression he had on his face when he first look up, if only because… "It's nice to see you smile more." Then, he pauses, as a thought comes to him, and uncertainty takes over. "Did we…?" He doesn't think he did. He's pretty sure he'd remember, but…

He's already using that against her. "Well, mostly, maybe. It's not exactly safe, and I have reasons to be safe now." The mostly may sound bad, she realizes, so she continues. "I'll go out if I'm needed for something, or to just kind of watch. I won't go picking any fights." This is at least what she's thought about, especially since she's officially shared a bed with him. Sex happens, but this sort of thing is like commitment of friendship. "I can smile a lot, you know. You sound like Scar." With this said, Quinn rolls to her back and stares at the ceiling. "We slept together, but no, we didn't have sex. I promised not to take advantage, remember?" Of course, this is said in jest.

"Right, I think I remember the taking advantage part. And… something about you thinking I have sexy legs?" Skylar says, thinking hard, but saying the last with a cheeky grin. However, he becomes a little serious, saying, "Look, just… be safe, Quinn. I worry about you, same as you worry about me. I know you're tough, but that doesn't mean you should take risks." He smiles, then adds, "I think I need to meet this Scar… he or she?" He's still waking up, after all, the memories still a bit jumbled in his head.

Several blinks and a stone cold stare at him before Quinn busts out in laughter. "Okay, so I might have admitted to that. Don't let it get to your head, Smallville." Speaking of Scarlett, this is one situation she honestly doesn't know how to explain to the woman. "Scar. Scarlett. She's the head of my co she's my friend." At least, Quinn thinks that they're friends. "And you know what? Being in Dallas is a chance to start over, even if I'm not changing much. I just don't see the point in continuing if I actually have people around that care. Don't worry about me. You should worry about letting strange women take you home and get you in bed."

Sky grins more to see Quinn laughing. "I'll do my best not to let it, but I make no promises. Just don't be surprised if I show up in short shorts more often." He chuckles to himself, then nods. "Scarlett? Ah, right, I remember you talking about her last night." At least he remembers the important, self-revealing stuff she told him. "Head of your co? What do you mean?" he asks curiously. "And, well, you've a point there. But I seem to remember you stealing my keys, so I hardly had a choice, now did I?"

It's all she can do to keep from snorting. So elegant, truthfully. "Head of my coven. But that's not important right now." He needs to be introduced to things slowly, if at all. Quinn's already told him far too much. Once more the woman rolls, back to her side so she can face him. A hand presses lightly to his chest, if he'll allow it, more to tease him than anything. "Just be more careful with where you drink, or who you actually trust your keys to. Because I'm half tempted to keep them." A well-rested Quinn makes for a happy Quinn. Which is odd.

"You're… ah. Right." The witch thing. It's still new to Skylar, so he doesn't press the issue. Just stores it away for processing later. Instead, he watches Quinn as she rolls towards him, and watches as her hand comes up to rest on his chest - he watches it all with a vague appearance of fascination, as if this is a completely new experience for him. And it's with that same expression that he watches his own hand rise to cover Quinn's, his fingers trailing along the back of her hand, lightly and gently. "I'll keep that advice in mind," he says, looking away from their hands and at the witch herself, after a moment. "And you're not keeping my keys," he adds, with his customary crooked grin.

Yes, her witch thing. Something that she's not going to expose him to again, not anytime soon. At least, not her style of magic. "I can let Scar know that you'd like to meet her, though. But she's probably going to tease you more than I do." That is how she is, at least, that's how Quinn figures that she is. Her eyes move down to her hand, to their hands before she just closes them. This is such a new experience for her and she knows that she shouldn't be having it. "You're just going to have to take them, then," she announces as she reopens her eyes. "I've become rather fond of them. They're nice keys."

"I would. Since we're you're two best friends, we should meet and plot your destruction," Skylar announces with a grin. It may be a tease… but it might be true too. Friends are evil that way, clearly. For a moment, he just smiles like that, watching her, his hand stroking hers. But then Quinn announces her challenge, and his grin becomes cheeky once more. "Ah. I see. Well, then I will need to reclaim them, before you can hide them." And with that? He springs out of bed in a playful manner, boxers and all, and moves towards where he thinks she left her purse, on the hunt.

Oh, that's not good. "No destruction, thank you very much. Though she probably would go along with that. Since I'm evil, and whatnot." That's something that may never fully drop between the women, but at least Quinn doesn't seem outwardly upset about their current status. Just as she's getting comfortable, perhaps just enough to drift back to sleep, he's away from her and out of bed faster than she'd like to think possible. "Ha. You just try." Quinn slips out of the bed as well, for the moment forgetting how she's actually dressed. "You wouldn't go digging in a woman's purse, would you? That's sacred ground."

"I'm pretty sure the people plotting the destruction are the evil ones," Skylar says with a grin as he looks around, then spots it on the other side of the bed… And between him and it? Is a Quinn in underwear. Sky would probably normally be bashful - but perhaps there is a small smidgen of alcohol in his system lowering his inhibitions, or perhaps he's just in a different kind of mood. Either way? Skylar attempts to pass Quinn, and will indeed rifle through Quinn's purse given half a chance. "Normally, no. But in a hostage situation? All bets are off."

A-ha! "Then you /are/ evil! I knew it. All that goody two-shoes stuff was an act." If he believes that he's going to get to her purse all that easily at first, he has another thing coming. The woman moves along with him, keeping her body far enough away that he can't reach around it to get the purse. "All belts are off? You're not wearing a belt." Yes, she's trying to tease him. "Oh, bets. And here I thought you were trying to strip for me. Again." The fact that he's in his boxers doesn't go unnoticed, but her very pride is keeping her focused on the game of keep-away.

"Not an act. A cleverly calculated diversion," Sky replies with a grin. Meanwhile, he tries a few times to get around her, but that's not working. "Don't say I didn't warn you," he says. And with that? He shows off one of the advantages to being a blacksmith - he places his hands around her waist, and will attempt to more or less lift and shift her to the bed, out of the way, using those excellent muscles of his.

Excellent muscles, indeed. She actually gasps as he /dare/ do such a thing to her. It's fairly easy to move her anyway, as she's not trying to fight against it all that much. A bit of a sound of surprise is given before she laughs. No, Quinn's not trying to punch him in the face or kick him in the boxers. "You cheat," the witch announces, announcing the obvious. "I never thought I'd see that. Good job." She has half a mind to torment him more, but if he's gone to this level? He can have her purse. For now.

Skylar glances at Quinn searchingly, obviously suspicious that she's given up so easily. But not one to miss an oppurtunity, he reaches for her purse, grabs it up, and begins digging in it. "Like I said, all bets are off," he adds with a small smirk, before pulling his keys from her purse, and placing it back where he found it. He dangles the keys in front of Quinn in a victorious manner, and just to add insult to injury? Does something that Quinn may well have never experienced before. He reaches out with his other hand, and tickles her side. "That's for kidnapping my keys."

It isn't that she's caving easily. Unlike sparring, this is new to her. This is playful and actually quite fun. "Hey! I could have some really important things in there. Like things you shouldn't see!" The only things she has in her purse that seems odd are a flashlight and a pocket knife. There's not even a stake in there, this time. A hand reaches out for the keys, to attempt to snag them from him. "I think I liked you easier as a pushover," she comments, before she actually squirms away from him. Apparently she's extremely ticklish, something she might not even fully know since few would try such a thing. Quinn's attempts to back away actually cause her to fall back onto the bed. She looks up at him with a broad grin. "You will pay for that."

"I grew up in a house full of Southern-born, Irish-blooded women. Trust me, you've got nothing in there I haven't seen before. I'm actually dissapointed, I was half-expecting to find a bear trap or something," Skylar announces with a large grin - which only grows larger when he sees how ticklish Quinn is. He pulls the keys away when Quinn reaches for them, and then holds them over her as she falls back. And the fact that Quinn is now on the bed? Means he has excellent access to one of the most ticklish parts of any woman he's ever known - behind her knee. "Bring it," is all the challenge he offers.

"I grew up in a house full of Southern-born, Irish-blooded women. Trust me, you've got nothing in there I haven't seen before. I'm actually dissapointed, I was half-expecting to find a bear trap or something," Skylar announces with a large grin - which only grows larger when he sees how ticklish Quinn is. He pulls the keys away when Quinn reaches for them, and then holds them over her as she falls back. And the fact that Quinn is now on the bed? Means he has excellent access to one of the most ticklish parts of any woman he's ever known - behind her knee. Which of course he takes advantage of. "You know," he drawls with his lopsided grin. "You're all bark, no bite. Like a littly, yappy dog." Not unlike the one that tried to mount her when they first met! He doesn't really mean it, that's clear by his smile. He's just pushing her buttons, since he's so good at it.

A bear trap? She clearly needs a bigger purse, though it is an excellent idea. "I'll bait that trap with your damn keys." Not the best comeback but she's really trying here. The best comebacks, to her, are the ones where she's actually out to hurt feelings. This entire experience practically has her feeling as if she's a child all over again, which might actually be for a first time since she never really acted like a child. An actual comeback is about to surface whenever he goes in for the kill, so to speak. Quinn tries to get away without hurting him, which is more difficult than some might realize since she's trained to fight back. To kick him would be so easy, but she resists. Up until he brings up /that/ miserable experience. "You suck," she finally says, then trying to use her legs to push him away. "Don't make me hurt you. I won't actually feel bad this time."

The grin fades a bit, and Skylar seems to come down a little bit from his playfulness, as soon as he realizes he may have gone too far. "I'm sorry," he offers by way of truce, even as his hand reaches out to hold the leg that pushes at him - it's instinctual, and he doesn't seem to realize he does it, at first. "I shouldn't have said it. I didn't mean it."

This is quite the scene. She glares at him at first, even if there is a bit of a sparkle to her eyes that she just can't hide. "Yeah, well, you better be," Quinn scoffs, her tone not quite as venomous as it's been in the past. It's awkward, considering the positions that they're in, but she tries to sit up just enough. To surprise him just enough. To try and yank him down on the bed. "Calm down, Smallville. It's like you think I'm going to yell at you or something." She might, but it's not really meant to be mean.

Skylar is doubly surprised, then. Because just as he realizes he's holding on to bare leg (quite attractively muscled, feminine bare leg at that), he's pulled forward, and lands on the bed beside Quinn. His expression is likely a sight, vaguely dumbfounded, surprised certainly. However, he smiles, proping his head up with his hand, elbow on the mattress, and looks at Quinn. "Well, I'm used to that. But I'm not used to… this," he says, waving a hand at them. Clearly, he's starting to realize the position they are in as well. "Not for a long time, at least." He truly didn't think he'd feel this comfortable with someone ever again. And it's a little bit scary.

As he lands she chuckles, the delight in the game very much with her. That fades, though, as he begins to sober. The way he begins to look, the things that he begins to say. Their childishness is over, very obviously so. "You should be thankful. I normally sleep naked." That may or may not be the truth. Quinn continues to look at him for a moment before she sits up, happy to have her back to him. "But seriously, I'm sorry. I didn't exactly set out to get you into my bed. If it was about that, I would have just asked you for something like that a long time ago."

"And I would have said no," Skylar replies, quite honestly. As Quinn sits up, Sky watches her for a moment - or more correctly, her back, since she has her face away from him. He reaches out, experimentally, placing a light hand on her back, still not moving from his own laying position. Should she allow it, he runs his fingers down her spine briefly, lightly. "Not that I wouldn't have been tempted, but it would have been too soon. It probably still is. It's been… a long time. And I've never been able to casually sleep with anyone, except…" For Christabel.

She could take this as a mood killer but she really doesn't . Her back may be to him back she doesn't move away. In fact, Quinn allows her eyes to close once more as he touches her. She's scolding herself, but not really complaining. "But you just did," she points out as she slowly turns to look at him. "Well, it was casual, anyway. And you slept. Which was nice." The witch is being serious, and being calm at the same point and time. It can happen. "I guess I can see why other people do it."

"Well, that's not what I meant, and you know it," Skylar points out with a lazy grin, his eyes focused on his fingers as they continue to run over her back. "But you're right, it was nice." A little too nice. It's too easy to be relaxed with her. But he gave his word he wouldn't run. And for right now, at least, he's comfortable with that. "I guess I should thank you," he eventually says. "I half expected you to kick me across the room when we woke up." His eyes leave his hand, and find Quinn's as she looks back at him, watching her - but still touching her as well.

"I do know what you mean. And I also know that if that's what I was after with you, you'd know it." As it stands, she's not once made that sort of move towards him. Though her ability to strip whenever she feels like it should indicate that she's not overly bashful. "I've actually never woken up beside someone like that before. Trust me, I thought about pushing you away, but I liked it too much." Much like Quinn likes the touch on her back, even if she doesn't comment on that. "I think it completely killed my mood to do anything with my day. So you'd better leave if you actually want to do something responsible. Although taking a day off of work never hurt anyone."

"I was actually just thinking about that, actually," Skylar replies with a small grin. "I haven't actually taken a day off work since I last saw you, so I don't I would feel too guilty about taking another one. Besides, I think my employees prefer it when I'm not hovering over them." Perhaps not the most responsable attitude - but coming from someone who's life has been little more then work the past several years? It's actually a step in the right direction. "But, if I do… I'm going to want to take a nap. And I'm kidnapping you to join me," he adds, his hand finally leaving her back, only to trail along her arm, take hold of it, and attempt to pull her on the bed next to him - cheeky grin on his face all the while. "Turn about is fair play after all."

"Evil temptress," Skylar replies, a small grin on his face. There is a small bit of uncertainty in his expression - largely because it's still the same hot button issue with him. But, clearly, the evil temptress wins this round, because he nods after a moment. "Alright then. But no stealing my keys either," he says. And with that? He actually tosses his keys off the bed, on his 'side' of the bed. Without further ado, he reaches out to Quinn, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her against him, so that her head will rest on his chest.

The name actually causes her to snort, this time she just can't help it. "I don't think anyone's considered calling me that before," she points out. There's nothing about Quinn's personality that would speak for her being a temptress, at any rate. The evil part is likely true. She's not asking him for anything above friendship, however. There will be no pushes made. "It's a deal." The keys are moved and she actually watches after them, nearly caught completely off guard by the fact that he gives in so easily. Before she realizes it, Quinn is doing something relatively normal. She's actually being close to someone. It's not exactly comfortable for her, emotionally, even if it feels good. "You know you can leave at any point. I won't force you into anything. Well, maybe into some clothing before you do leave."

"You mean I'm not your sex slave?" Skylar asks with a grin. "Shame." He chuckles lightly to himself, resting his chin lightly on the top of Quinn's head, one hand gently running along her shoulder. More seriously, and quieter, he says, "I know. It's… new, like I said. We'll just… adapt, eventually, I guess. But it'll probably take some time." A lot of time. They both have emotional issues, and they're trying to work through them together, but it's not going to happen overnight.

He'll feel her body move, her chest rise quickly as she chuckles. "Nope. I prefer not to know the names of my sex slaves." Again, it's hard to tell if she's being completely serious or not. When he gets serious, all Quinn can do is lay there and listen. There are no smart ass remarks this time, not from her. "Time is something I'm sure we both can use." It isn't as if Quinn is asking for marriage. It was hard enough for her to admit to wanting to try this closeness thing. "I'm sure I'll go back to scowling at you by the end of the day. Just, thank you. For not giving up on me." A real friend is a horrible thing to waste.

"Well, then I guess I should count my blessings," Sky replies to Quinn's tease with another light chuckle that sends pleasant vibrations down his own chest. Afterwards, however, he falls silent, just listening to her breathing, her words. Finally, he responds. "You can scowl at me all you want. I'll know the truth - you're just giving me an upside down smile." He leans his head up, briefly, planting a small kiss on the top of Quinn's head. "Thank you for not giving up on me," he murmurs, before laying his head back, and closing his eyes.

"There's still time for me to give up on you." The jest is weak, the thought of sleep already pulling at her. Apparently she's not the only one, considering his current condition. Despite the desire for more sleep, Quinn remains awake for a little while longer, her eyes unfocused as she just takes in the entire experience. Eventually she closes her eyes as well, and it will be the last thing she remembers until she wakes.

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