Red Right Hand

Bunker's Garage and Salvage

Bunkers's Garage and Salvage sits on a rather large lot in the West Dallas neighborhood. The parking lot is small, and one spot is occupied at all times by a beat-up tow truck. Two fully equipped bays, complete with safety notices on the walls are for employees only. To the right side of the bays is an office, containing a simple desk with a grubby looking computer, and a filing cabinet. Behind the desk is a small whiteboard which lists inspection prices, and those for other services. The walls are decorated with a few small display cases where items available for sale are located.

Late afternoon at the garage and Abbey is settled in her office looking almost half asleep as she leans back in her chair, feet propped up upon a box that is pulled close to the desk. A ice pack is wrapped around her right hand and wrist by way of a few pieces of tape. No telling what she did to it, though if she was working tired it could be just about anything. Her clothing is a simple ash grey t-shirt, black jeans and work boots. A few workers can still be found around the garage but most are already heading home, Dakota is settled under the desk chewing upon his deer antler looking rather happy like all puppies are.

Mischa had promised Abbey a gift. And more than that, he needs someone who actually likes him (and does not want to drain him of all of his blood) to talk to. The man rolls up and gets out of the car, grabbing a rather large rawhide bone that he figures will keep Dakota occupied for a while as he and Abbey speak. There's another smaller gift box in his other hand. He pushes open the door, nodding to the few workers that still remain before he spots Abbey and makes his way over to the desk, dropping the rawhide bone down in front of Dakota.
"Teriyaki," Mischa explains with a grin at Abbey before setting the box down on the desk in front of her. "And I did promise something for you too. How's work been today?" Mischa asks as he pulls up a chair.

Abbey jumps slightly as the door is open and the voice catches her attention. She blinks and peers at Mischa before offering him a smile. "Hey.." Is said as she slowly shifts, feet back on the floor as she slowly shifts to lean against the desk. Dakota blinks and looks at the bone and then back at the antler before he moves and starts to chew and gawn down upon the bone that was just given to him. A soft chuckle escapes Abs. "He'll be your best friend now you know?" Is questioned with a tired tone. "Its been busy.. Eh, I shouldn't complain about the business. Need it after all." She glances to her right arm a moment, with the icepack still on it. "An I still haven't gotten enough sleep. Had a bit of an accident a few hours ago." Though she doesn't seem to be in any pain over it.

"Accident?" Mischa asks with a frown, his brows knitting with concern as he regards the woman and notes the ice pack. "Abbey, you're going to rip yourself apart at the seams if you don't start being more careful. You may be a little different, but you're still vulnerable." He pushes the box toward her and shakes his head a bit. "Well, maybe this will cheer you up. Provided that you don't, you know, decapitate yourself or something." Inside the box is a lovely beaded necklace with multi-colored shells. It's probably moderately costly but not terribly expensive either.

Abbey shrugs slightly, left hand lifting to rub across her neck a few times while she glances to the floor. "I don't think that'll ever happen." She offers with a soft tone. "Would have happened by now if it was going to." This said with an amused tone. She smirks at the comment about decapitating herself. "Well. I don't plan on doing that in the least." A glance is offered to the box and she picks it up and opens it blinking at the necklace. "Mischa.." Is said while she sits up a bit more and glances to him. "You didn't have to get my anything like this.." She isn't to sure what to say other then that, not to many guys have actually ever given her anything. Well other then a hard time that is.

Mischa waves a hand in dismissal. "It was nothing. Like I said, I saw it and thought of you. Besides, I think it suits you pretty well. Not too fancy, but nice." The librarian smiles at Abbey for a moment before shaking his head. "As long as you're not going to decapitate yourself, I suppose… I'll just let these other accidents slide. Really though Abbey, you've got to watch out for yourself. You're almost as bad as me — though usually other people are doing the hurting." This admission brings a wince to his face before he lets out a quiet sigh.

Abbey blushes slightly though as she glances back to the necklace. "Still.." She pauses and offers him a soft smile. "Thank you Mischa. I love it, really. An I'll wear it, promise." Is said while she nods. A soft ah escapes her and she shrugs. "I've always be rather good about getting hurt one way or another. Get use to it over time." She peers at him curiously. "Someone been trying to hurt you Mischa?" There's a slight pause. "An I've gotten in plenty of fights so I have had help with the scars on my arms so I'm not a total clutz."

"Trying to hurt me? In which way? Emotionally, physically? The first is usually what ends up happening regardless of contempt to do so. The latter? I'm almost certainly banking on it after the conversation I had with…" Mischa is now unsure of how to address the Sheriff of Dallas. He considers it all for a long moment before shaking his head and breathing a deep sigh. "Well, she's just this volatile woman who I'm acquainted with. She wasn't particularly happy when our conversation finished, I don't think. And it will only get worse — but it was one of those talks I needed to have."

Abbey blinks slightly as she peers at Mischa, a faint frowns seen. "I'm sorry Mischa.. Can I do anything to help you with?" She questions while shifting forward, leaning against the desk, she moves her right arm slowly fingers flexing slightly which causes her to wince slightly. "Well, tell her to deal with it.. Not every conversation is going to end well. I've found out the hard way more then once." She truthfully doesn't know a lot when it comes to the Sheriff of Dallas.

Mischa shakes his head a bit and crinkles his nose. "No. Frankly I think that if you get involved you'll probably just get hurt too. These vampires are not particularly fond of…people like us, you know." Vampires. They seem to be at the root of many people's troubles, this day and age. He reaches upward to sweep his fingers through his hair, shaking his head once more. "These vampires really do not like things that aren't to their… liking." Mischa can't phrase it any other way and it's the truth. And they have the political power for this to be completely relevant. "Anyway. I guess at least this is marginally better than having female trouble again."

Abbey snorts faintly at the thought. "Right.. Cause I'm so afraid of getting hurt after all." This said while she smirks and tilts her head. "Vampire.." She says with a faint mutter escaping her. No she is not one that likes vamps in the least. "How did you manage to get in trouble with them?" Is questioned with a curious tone. "An.. Won't the pack help you, I mean your one of them yes?" A brow is lifted and she hehs softly. "Sorry.. Didn't know we caused you that much trouble." Meaning the female type that is.

"Friend of the Pack, technically. Not one that is looked terribly fondly upon at all at this rate." Just another failure in the myraid of disappointments that is Mischa's life. He gives the faintest shrug of his shoulders while smiling. "Trouble with them? I suppose it's my boyish charm and graceful wit." It's not a terribly elaborate answer, but it's the safe one for her at least. He's not even sure that talking to her about it as a good idea. "I think a lot of things give me trouble in general. Like life for example. It's something I'm not terrifically good at. But I digress." Mischa reaches downward to stroke Dakota's head before leaning back in his chair.

The purring engine of a sports car alerts the pair that a vehicle is approaching before its headlights are visible. A black two-door BMW 645Ci luxury sports car rolls into the lot, and cruises towards the empty mechanical bay before coming to a stop. Placed in park, the engine is shut off and the lights closed. The driver's door opens to allow a tall, immaculately dressed man to emerge from the vehicle. Around his right index finger, Darcy swings the BMW's keys on its leather key chain as he slowly walks toward the pair of Mischa and Abbey. "Good evening," the man says, his voice inflected by a faint yet prim English accent. His every motion appears effortless, and he walks with a natural grace, ease and elegance. A pleasant smile spreads across his pale face showing two rows of sparkling, even teeth. "I'm looking for the manager of this shop. Are you him?" he asks, speaking to Mischa.

Abbey looks faintly amused. "Can't be anymore they how they think of me.. Lone wolf on there lands.. I have an attitude problem and will most likely get myself killed." So she's been told. She's quiet for a moment thinking on that. There was a time when she tried to end it, not that it worked mind you as she is still here. "Sounds like you have the same luck with girls that I have with guys." A faint huff like sound escapes her at the thought. "Life.. Is.. well.. life.. Works out great for some and then well.. No so great for others." She murmurs out faintly at the thought while letting her gaze lower to her arms eying the scars across them before closing her eyes. Mischa and Abbey can be found in the office off of the garage, at the new voice and scent a faint grumble escapes the garage owner and she lifts her head pale blue gaze resting upon Darcy. "No.. His a friend. Can I /help/ you?" Her right arm can be seen with a icepack wrapped upon it and across her wrist slightly with some tap. Clothing simple ash gray t-shirt, black jeans and work boots.

Mischa nods to Abbey's words for a moment as he considers them. He lets out a quiet chuckle. "Life is life, yes. Perhaps not the most philosophical view on it all, but it's one that I think almost everyone but the most hardcore of nihilists could agree upon, eh?" Mischa reaches up scratch at his chest — right where the hidden scars are. He stops mid-scratch when the sports car rolls up and the well-dressed man makes his way into the building. Before he has a chance to answer the man's question, Abbey is on top of it. After she's said her bit, he nods to the man somewhat apologetically for the woman's particular tone. "I'm afraid that the lady is right. She is the proprietor of this establishment." The sparkling teeth are taken into consideration and Mischa is suddenly very, very glad he was done talking about vampires just then.

"Que bruta figura!" Darcy exclaims, the same breezy smile on his face. He continues to walk toward the office, idly toying with the keys to the vehicle. "My most sincere apologies, miss. But if you are the proprietor, perhaps we might be of some use to one another, eh?" The charm is starting to come on heavy; Darcy levels his brown eyes upon Abbey's gaze as he comes closer to the pair. "You see, I have just bought a new Mercedes-Benz, and I can no longer fit this car into the garage of my building. Some rule about only being aloud four parking spaces." He looks back at Mischa, still smiling, adding, "I know - silly, right?" Darcy turns his eyes back toward Abbey, fixing her with his gaze. "Perhaps you would like to buy it from me? I'm afraid you have me in a bind, and I would be willing to let it go for a practical steal… Say, $15,000?"

Abbey looks to Mischa, catching the movement curiously, an she ehs softly showing that she is sorry for the tone she took with the entering person. She doesn't like it when someone just wanders in like that. "Oh you know me.. I'm very philosophical an all." Is offered with a joking tone to her friend before she looks back towards Darcy at the talk of some car he has for sell. A faint hum is offered and she lifts a brow while watching the man a few moments before glancing around and looks to some papers on the desk as if something important is there. "Naw.. Sorry.. I'm not that interested in a Mercedes, I'm more into muscle type cars. An I don't know anyone looking for one off the top of of head. If you want I can get the word out though that your looking to sell it."

Mischa chuckles and winks over at Abbey briefly before he glances outside to the car that Darcy has rode in on. He quirks a brow and gives an appreciative nod to the fine piece of machinery before turning back to the other two. His attire is far less formal than he's normally spotted in, but still a bit dressy. Polo shirt, press khaki slacks, loafers. "That's a shame, sir. Very nice car." Though the librarian remains absolutely baffled as to why the man would want to sell it so cheaply. "Very James Bond-ish. Fifteen thousand?" He asks, very possibly entertaining ideas of wearing tux as he cruises the more prominent Texas streets. Mischa gives Abbey a slight look before he stands up and moves over to the window to get a better look at the car.

Darcy laughs, a pleasant and relaxing sound. "No, no. You have me wrong, my dear. I'm not selling my Mercedes, but my BMW that I have parked in your garage bay," he answers. The man has by now moved fairly close to the two, and has Abbey firmly fixed with his eyes. What is that - a sparkle? Darcy's words are just too convincing to fully dismiss. And his eyes - boy they are almost hypnotic! "It's my BMW I want to sell, you see, because I do simply lack the room to store it in my garage. I feel really bad about practically /giving it away/ to you for only $16,000," the man continues. "It is in excellent condition. A real gem. High-performance machine. A simple beauty. German-made luxury, you know." By this point, Abbey should be well on the way if she is not already totally enthralled in Marcus' glamourous presence.

As Mischa expresses interest, Darcy turns his brown eyes on the librarian to and fixes the man with an identical stare. "Excellent taste you have, my good man. Why, I should say you must be an educated fellow to recognise such automotive quality. In a car like that, I say, you would look /just like/ a secret agent. Think of how the ladies will react to that, hmm? Only $18,000. A bargain. In fact, I can barely believe I am practically giving it away!"

Abbey looks amused as she hears Mischa and glances towards him, a soft chuckle escapes her and she smiles. "Thinking about it?" She questioned with an amused tone to Mischa before blinking and looks back to Darcy, a brow lifts while she watches him as she slowly stands. "Right.. An.. Either way I'm just not interested in it." She offers with a soft tone. "An just because you say it is a real gem doesn't mean anyone should buy it without getting it looked over first." While the vampire can glamor and try to enthrall many Abbey is a hard nut to crack. She might be falling for some of the sweet talk but not all of it. Especially when the price jumps twice in one setting. "When you walked in you said $15,000.." Is stated with a thin tone, her Irish accent kicking in a bit. "Why did you change the price on it already..?" As for Darcy and his 'glamourous' presence it doesn't seem to be working to well on Abbey for one reason or another.

Is it just Mischa or has the price went up since the man walked in the door? He gives Abbey a look with a raised brow before shaking his head and smiling at Darcy amiably enough. "I'm sorry, I can't… really. I'm trying to buy a new house and this would put a significant damper on the first down payment." Although it is a nice car, despite whether or not the man is really practically giving it away. Alas, the shifter brain is a little harder to penetrate than most regular brains. Mischa glances to Darcy with a raised brow. "Hmm, you're a hard sell, aren't you? Although typically when people want rid of a piece of merchandise, they go down in the prices rather than up. Just a helpful hint. Even the most silver tongued of devils…" Mischa doesn't quite finish that thought.

Darcy pauses. Looking between the pair with some surprise, the man starts to really pour on the glamourous charm; and combines it with some good sense, as well. "You are quite right," he answers Abbey. "Why don't we all go and have a nice look at the automobile, yes? Maybe take her for a test drive? I'm sure you will see that it is a great investment." By now Darcy has seriously focused his attention upon Mischa, drawing in his gaze with his eyes. "Oh, but a down payment on a house? That is simple. All you need to do is take out a sub-prime mortgage loan. Quite a good investment, I can tell you. And it will offer you more money to improve your standard of living. I say, you look like a man who works hard, I warrant, yes? It would be nice to treat yourself - I am sure you deserve it. Think of the increased status at work, with your friends, the ladies? Why, this car can practically /make/ you money and help you climb up that corporate ladder to reach your goal!" What could possibly be some of the most slimy, greasy tactics possible to sell a car - matched only by Floyd Hubert of Memphis in 2001 when he sold a Prius to Pete Walton - Darcy employs upon Mischa. Along with a healthy, powerful dose of good old fashioned glamour.

Abbey pulls the tape off her arm and sets the icepack upon the desk while flexing her hand a few times. Mostly it just a bunch of nasty busies from a tire hitting her arm, yes it was still connected to a car and slipped off the jack mind you. "I don't think that's a good idea." She offers while not looking back to Darcy now. "Your trying way to hard to sell one of us that car.." Abs says with a simple tone as she clenches her right hand into a fist which hurts but takes care of what Darcy was able to work on her so to speak. "How about this.. You leave your name and phone number, and I'll talk to some people to see if there interested in it?" She moves around the desk and over to where Mischa is peering at him curiously with that pale blue gaze of hers. "I think you have a good car. I just fixed it for you didn't I?" Is questioned with an amused tone. It was just a scratch on his car but it was enough!

Mischa's head is starting to hurt. His poor animalistic brain has enough trouble processing SOME normal thoughts, but this? It's not going over too well. The man winces before he finally relents in some fashion to Darcy's mental prodding. He takes a somewhat wrinkled business card from his front pocket and offers it to the man. His job title of Senior Librarian, name, and number are all included on the ivory card. "Perhaps we could talk cars another day. I'm feeling a little poorly." Abbey's words bring Mischa back down to Earth a bit before he nods. "It is a brand new car. And it looks like you never even had to paint it." The man's brow creases as he reaches up to rub at his forehead and take in a deep breath. "And to be fair, I don't think that any of the women at work will care about my car." There's a brief shake of Mischa's head, like someone trying to clear water out of their ears. "I'm sorry, could you both excuse me? I feel a little sick." More like 'mind probey'.

Darcy takes the card, glances at it, and continues his glamourous sales pitch. "Why do you not say we take a little test drive, yes?" Darcy says, his voice the same warm and comforting sound. "You should think about your future. Forget the Dallas Public Library; once you are taken seriously, you can set your eyes on the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Or why stop at that? Director of the Library of Congress stands in your future, Mr. !" He does not relent his piercing gaze, ignoring Abbey's attempts to intervene. "I could even drop you off safe and sound at your home. Why, you could even fix to sell your old car and practically pay for this new one! I promise you, if you do not get in the car with me and take this test drive, you will start to regret the missed opportunity. You will find it difficult to sleep at night. You will awake with night-terrors, and the overwhelming urge to buy this BMW. Sweats and paranoia will haunt your sleepless nights." Well, now that is a sales' pitch! It's also a great bit of illusionary implanting as Darcy starts to warp with the fabric of reality that is supposed to be Mischa's mind. "Here. Why don't you hold the keys. I say, you can even write me a cheque now. In fact, I am feeling awfully generous: say, $10,000?"

Abbey nods slightly to Mischa, a soft smile offered to him. With her being in a bit of pain it seems to be enough to keep the vampire's pitch from taking hold on her again. Meaning instead of going with it, she is instead getting somewhat mad that the vampire is really pushing the issue. "Hey.." Is stated with a thin tone once Darcy starts in on Mischa's job. Her eyes narrow slightly while she peers from Mischa then back to Darcy. "I think you might wander to consider leaving.. He'll talk to you another time about the car. Can't you take a hint or do I have to show you how quickly I can make you leave my garage?" She's holding back the start of a growl that is just resting in her chest, threatening to be heard.

So much pushing in his brain. The force of it all is making him twitch a little bit. He takes in a deep breath and shakes his head a little bit at Darcy. "I don't have any cheques with me and even if I did, that's still a bit steep for me. Really, I'm sorry. I have to go now." Even as he's walking out the door, Mischa is patting down his pockets for his wallet. It's a good thing that it's not on him, else there would be some Serious Trouble for poor Mischa's new down payment and all. "Excuse me, really…" The flustered man makes an exit and stops in front of his own car, taking in breath before he enters the vehicle and drives off. It takes him a moment or so to find the strength to drive off, but he does manage to make an exit.

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