Charles in Charge

Medical City Hospital

Bright, wide lights hang from the ceiling, casting the clean and sterile surroundings with brilliant light. A reception area sits centered before the door where people can check in, or ask for directions to other areas within the hospital. Past the desk is a small hallway with elevators leading to the upper floors, and signs that point to radiology.
Two large metal doors to the left of the entrance lead outside to the ambulance loading dock. The doors are marked 'EMERGENCY ONLY' in large red letters.

Just another day at the hospital, though the inhabitants probably would disagree - Josephine currently amongst them, for days now glued to her brother's bed, aside from the daily few hours she needs to sleep herself. Chloe's been given his room number along with visiting hours, the reporter already waiting, bags under her eyes, triple cafeine in her hands.

What Chloe didn't tell Josephine on the phone is that she's already been to see Hugo. Quickly, in passing. He was asleep. Then she had to go find the woman he was with and deal with something for someone else.

Chloe is getting to play secretary/information gatherer for quite a few people lately. It's occurred to her more than once that she should start charging for it, though only in passing.

Quietly she approaches the room. Josephine will feel her mind coming. While it's still shielded as all get out, psychics have a certain brain pattern that makes them known.

"Will asked me to talk with you on his behalf," she says quietly as she stops at the door.

Josephine turns a tired head, and can hide her disappointment after a mild five seconds, simply nodding and telling the librarian, "Figures. Come in. You remember Hugo." The alto has an exhausted quality to it as well. These be hard times.

"He's out of town on business, and figured what you had to talk to him about was important." She's not a vampire (yet), but she'll do as requested and return with the information. It's honestly the least I can do. "Mm. I do. I'm guessing this has something to do with him?" Chloe drifts her eyes toward the bed. For the second time she's come to the hospital empty handed, but this time she makes a note to bring a campy get-well teddy bear or something that he can laugh at when he awakes.

"Yes." That word alone sounds utterly forlorn in the shaded room. Straightening a little, Josephine points to the one unoccupied seat on Hugo's other side and admits, "I'm scared Chloe."

If Chloe hadn't figured it out before due to Paige, Josephine's demeanor plants it firmly in her mind. It's a Tareq issue. This causes a frown, and she whips out her cell phone. Typing something into it, she hits send and then nods. Dropping herself into the seat somewhat unceremoniously, she sets her eyes on Jo rather than staring at the poor man in the bed. "It's being taken care of." Beat. "Do you think he'll be after you next?"

"He's welcome to," Josephine mutters darkly, her own concerned eyes back on her youngest brother. "You being here. Does that mean Grant is willing to listen." Tearing her eyes away and talk directly to Chloe is an effort.

"Whatever you say to me will go directly to him." Chloe will repeat it word for word, or at least paraphrase it sufficiently. "I've contacted Marius to let him know what's going on though. He'll deal with it best he can in the meantime." Which, to the new mayor's aide means that Marius will kill the bastard for breaking vampire law.

Nodding, Josephine looks away for a moment before she gets to the point, sipping from her coffee in between -and not offering any to Chloe-, "If I have no credits left will him, I'll pay for it. Whatever he wants. But I want Hugo protected. And Tareq being a vampire I'm reasoning it's vampire protection I'm wanting." Pause. Sip. Breathe. "He'll try again you know. I've seen him. That's one insane stalker vampire asshole."

Chloe doesn't seem to be at all bothered by the lack of offer of hospital coffee. She's not a huge coffee drinker, and when she does drink the beverage she's more apt to wanting to drink something with whipped topping or a fruity flavor. "Don't sweat it, Jo. I told Hugo before that I'd take care of whatever favor is owed." Even if it's something that is a big deal. "Problem with vampire protection is that it's only at night. If Tareq really wanted to hurt your brother, he'd hire someone to do it during the day when it's unexpected."

Taking time to mull that over, Josephine at last shakes her head, murmuring, "I don't think so. Not from what Huug told me. It's pride. And archaic. And…" Finding Chloe's gaze directly again, she simply shrugs. "And this is mine, not yours. This is my brother and I need to feel like there's something I can do." Swallowing away tears, "If he dies, I need to have that, even if al I have left is a debt to pay off."

« You sure? I can call in a favor with a werewolf or two… » Round the clock support there. Still not as quick as a vampire, but no less a fighter. "Well, police protection should suffice then." During the day at least. Chloe whips out the cell phone again and stares at it. With a deep sigh, she fires off another text message. "Stop that. He's not going to die. You'd be able to tell. His brainwaves would be minimal. I mean, less than a normal coma patient." How does Chloe know this? She felt it when her dad died.

A sigh comes from the other side of the bed, a little irritated, and Jo pinches the brigde of her nose. "Old, fast and determined. No… « Werewolf » …Can counter that. Not that I know and Chloe, please. Just tell Grant what I'm requesting alright. I'm not in the mood for cheering up."

"Marius has been made aware," Chloe says firmly. "I'd also suggest you call him Mr. Grant, or Will. He won't like you calling him just 'Grant'. It's disrespectful." It would be like Chloe calling the Mayor 'McNaab' all the time instead of 'Mayor McNaab'. It's just all sorts of rude. "I…" She cuts off and glances down at the cell phone as it buzzes. "Someone should be here soon. I'll stay until he gets here."

A deadpan look from one psychic to another and maybe now it becomes a little more obvious that Jo's carefully making sure not a thought slips through. People are changing. "Good."

People are changing, but provided they're listening to what Chloe is saying? That's all she cares about. She won't stop either Will or Marius from correcting Josephine if they have to. "Was he awake long enough to tell you what happened, or did you glean it from his mind?"

Shaking her head now, Josephine returns her attention back to her brother, leaning over to brush an imaginary stray hair away in a show of caring for hereto unfamiliar. "He couldn't remember a thing. The girl, Paige, told me some."

Much as she tries to mask it, Chloe can't help but roll her eyes. "She really didn't have much information." Egyptian. That's all that was said. "No matter. Look, Jo. Once the guard is here, go home. Shower. Get some sleep. Come back just before dawn or something. You're going to kill yourself sitting here all the time."

"Dark hair, dark skin," Josephine tells the other. "Could be. Archaic like a pharao for sure." Leaning her elbows on the railing of the bed, Josephine nods tiredly, rubbing her face, "In a bit." The green eyes flicker over again and softly she says, "Thanks. Tell him… Thanks."

"I'll be sure to tell Marius thank you." Just so Josephine knows who it is that actually helped her. Chloe's eyes flicker to the door, and she nods. There stands a vampire, obviously American by birth. Age difficult to tell. Brown hair, medium build, just a smidge above 5'10". "Charles, please come in. This is Josephine and her brother Hugo."

The vampire enters the room, a nod offered to the awake one. "Miss Josephine. Pleased t'meet'cha. I can stay until a half hour before dawn, then I need to seek shelter." He seems to be good natured at least.

« Try not to push him, Jo. Remember who he works for, yeah? »

« The one you were not happy with in Bloody Mary's, right. That's Marius. » She rises when Charles enters, a curious mix of relief and wary caution washing over her face. "Thank you. Charles." With a deep intake of air, Josephine offers the man her seat. "I'll stay a while longer. After that… I'll be back an hour before sunrise." Eye rub. "Chloe?"

« That would be him. »

"He'll be safe, Jo." Chloe does know most of the vampires from the estate. Charles is one of the more friendly ones, but he's ferocious when he needs to be. She gets up from the chair so that Josephine can take it if she wishes, and she checks the phone again. "Hmm?"

"Just… Really tell him thanks. I know I'm not high on his best-buds-list, so…" Sniff. "And you too." She indeed walks over to take that seat, giving Charles as much space as he might need to do his guarding bit.

"It'll be okay, Jo. I'll stop by in the morning on my way to work." She has a campy teddy bear to purchase and bring up anyhow. Chloe gives Jo a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "Just get yourself some sleep. You'll feel better. He'll need you to be strong, and you can't be strong if you're tired." Beat. "Remember, Tareq isn't as young as the vampires we were up against in the warehouse. Don't be stupid and go after him on your own." Then she gives a nod to Charles, and starts for the door.

Charles just takes his seat. He doesn't stare at the bed though. He turns the chair around to face it toward the door. Watching everyone that walks by and everyone that stops even remotely close to it.

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