Bearing Gifts

Medical City Hospital

Bright, wide lights hang from the ceiling, casting the clean and sterile surroundings with brilliant light. A reception area sits centered before the door where people can check in, or ask for directions to other areas within the hospital. Past the desk is a small hallway with elevators leading to the upper floors, and signs that point to radiology.

Two large metal doors to the left of the entrance lead outside to the ambulance loading dock. The doors are marked 'EMERGENCY ONLY' in large red letters.

Sunlight streams in through the windows of his room, the bed across from Hugo's empty, leaving the room peaceful and quiet. Though there is a television available, it remains off. There are some bouquets of flowers here and there but the main focal point of the room is the patient resting on the bed. The left side of his face is still bruised but the swelling is gone at least and the bruising is starting to fade as well. His left arm is in a large cast, from shoulder to palm, but otherwise Hugo seems alright. And, for once, awake. His gaze is affixed to the windows, staring out at the city beyond, lost in his own thoughts it seems, the fingers of his left hand wiggling in a rhythmic pattern as he watches the few clouds that there are in the sky scud across the blue expanse. He's been moved out of ICU and has only a few monitors still attached to him. The dreaded IV is still attached for pain medication and hydration purposes, but a tray of food, mostly untouched, sits to one side to indicate that they have started him back on solids at least.

Abbey has come by often to check on up Hugo, even when he still was in the coma she at least would come back to ask about him and peak in through windows when ever she was able to. Instead of bring pizza with her like she did last time she has brought with her a small photo album with pictures within for the healing Hugo. The pictures are of different places around Dallas, something he hasn't seen for a while like the park and then other places around town he might have never seen. She recalls being stuck in a hospital when she was younger, the view out of the window started to get boring after a few days. After questioning the nurse on coming to see Hugo she was finally allowed by even if it may only be a short visit. She pauses at the door, peering in and around the room before glancing back to Hugo. "Hey there.." She offers with a soft tone and slight smile. Her clothing rather normal for her, black t-shirt, jeans and work boots. "You up for a visitor?" Is questioned, she won't enter the room until getting an answer it seems.

Turning his head, albeit carefully, Hugo gives Abbey a small, crooked smile and replies, "Heyyyy, yeah, come on in. You caught me in one of my rare moments of being awake. Good timing." He waves her in with a curling gesture of his right hand, his head tilting toward the chair nearby the bed. "I think Jo went to get some food or something. I have a hard time of keep track of what day it is and what time it is."

Abbey smiles and nods while she moves on into the room, heading towards the free chair near the bed. "Well I can understand why. You got rather banged up there after all, sleeping it part of the cure for it." Something she's had to do herself. She sits down upon the chair, the photo album resting upon her lap. "Though I'm glad to catch you awake. Came back to check on you.. Think the nurses was getting tired of my pestering." This said with an amused tone.

"Yeah, but apparently I've been in an induced coma for, like, a whole week. I would have thought that that would have gotten me covered for my sleep needs for the next month, y'know?" he jokes lightly. "Instead, it's like I can barely keep my eyes open." And indeed, Hugo suddenly yawns hugely, his hand lifting to cover his mouth as he rubs gingerly at his face and mutters, "See? It's ridiculous!" At the insinuation of multiple visits, Hugo smiles warmly and asks, "You've been coming by? Even when I was all boring and unconscious? Wow. I'm honored." His blue eyes flicker to the photo album curiously as he asks, "Well, catch me up. What have you been up to? How's the Ducati coming along? Anything exciting been happening in your life lately?" He shifts himself slightly, careful not to jar any of his injuries, but he seems to be getting used to the inconvenience of it all, a pillow propping up his broken arm off to one side.

Abbey chuckles softly at that. "Ya.. I don't think it works that way Hugo." She says with an amused tone and slight shake of her head. Not that she was ever in a coma of any type mind you. "Course.. Gave me a reason to leave the garage." This said with a joking tone. "An I was worried about you I suppose." Ever since she found out it was a vampire that caused the accident she's been worried about him. Her fingers tap against the album a moment before she holds it up for him to take. "Figured the window view was getting boring so I brought you some different ones. Places around Dallas, some from out in the desert and what not." A faint smile is offered. "I've been in a hospital bed before for a while.. Not the best place to be." As for the Ducati. "The bike is coming along. Got the engine all finished, its all shiny and bright. Threw a few pictures of it in the front of the book there so you could see it. An for me, well just working.." Not to much has been going on, other then something from her past creeping up on her, but that isn't something to talk about in a hospital, and to a human after all.

Opening the book slowly, Hugo looks at the pictures before lifting his head to flash Abbey a dazzling smile. "You are so thoughtful. I've gotten flowers, and they're nice, but this is more… interesting." He flips through the pages slowly, studying the pictures for a long time rather than just flipping through them quickly. "This is right about my pace too. Television is just too loud and fast. I can't concentrate on it. Gives me a headache. But looking at pictures? Just my speed right now…" Flipping back to the front of the book, Hugo finds the loose shots of his Ducati, picking them up and giving a slow 'oooooooh' of pleasure. "She looks so much better with just that done. Now I just need to think of a good name for her." His eyes lift, quiet and curious as he waits and then ponders aloud, "Why is it I always get the feeling that you have more to say than you actually say. Just working? That's all?" His gaze drops down to the book again, flipping through pages, but every so often his eyes lift to stare at Abbey before drifting down again. "Say, Abbey, could I ask you for a favor?"

Abbey offers a smile and nods. "Yes well.. They might not be the best pictures in the world but they don't look half bad to me. Got loads more back home. Maybe next time I'll bring you a sketch book or something." She leans back upon the chair, arms resting upon her lap. "I have to say the Ducati looks back up close. Hope to get it done before you get out of here, give you something to look forward to hum?" Her pale gaze watches him curiously, a bit of amusement caught for a moment. "I don't know.. Maybe that means I don't talk enough or something?" A slight shrug is offered. "Pretty much.. Few guys have called out lately so someone has to pick up the extra shifts. Might as well be the boss." Not like she actually has anything else to do unless there is a full moon. She tilts her head at the question, a soft oh escaping her. "Well.. I don't see why not. Just don't ask me to speak to that nurse again. She's scary.." This offered as she grins a moment.

"They're pictures. I'm an artist. Naturally I'm going to like them. I was the kid that bought comics because I wanted pictures but my friends would laugh at my if I bought illustrated children's books…" His gaze brightens noticeably at the suggestion of a sketch pad and Hugo rumbles, "Oh, yes, please. That would be wonderful." His lips are wistful though as he shifts gears and notes, "Well, don't hurry too much." He wiggles the fingers of his left hand dolefully, noting, "It's going to be awhile before I'm going to be in good enough shape to drive her anywhere, sadly. I know I should be grateful. Relatively speaking, I got off light. My arm should be fine and regain all of it's motion and dexterity with some PT. And it's my left and not my right. Could have been a lot worse." Especially considering what other people have told him. It could have easily been much worse. His eyes lift to hers, suddenly apologetic as he shakes his head and replies, "No, no, you talk enough. Sorry, that was rude. Just am too curious for my own good." Head tilting he muses, "I guess with the 4th and all, people want time off. Keeping you extra busy. I hope you took some time off for yourself? Saw some fireworks? Not being born American, the 4th is always a bit odd to me, like Thanksgiving, but I enjoy fireworks." And then it gets to his actual request. "Actually, I was wondering if you could stop by the library, maybe take out a book for me on Irish mythology?" His eyes study Abbey intently as he explains, "Still looking for your myth, and since you're Irish, maybe I'll have better luck there."

Abbey offers a soft smile and nods to Hugo. "Well.. That is true. Not like I have a lot of room to talk as I was the one buying the car calendars and the like when I was kid. Though Emily always figured I would grow out of my tom boy phase." This said with an amused tone. A soft hum escapes her. "True.. Though never said you had to do the driving now did I?" She knows how to drive a bike with someone else riding it after all! A slight shake of her head is offered. "It wasn't rude at all. An if that is the worst thing you ever say to me then there is nothing to worry about." She ohs softly. "True.. I keep thinking I'll get more use to the holidays here but I never had. An I’ve been here long that you have. The fireworks are always fun, got to see some of them this year." Her pale gaze rests on him curiously at the part on Irish myth. "I don't see why not.." She pauses a moment. "An what myth are you looking for again to start with?" Seems she can't remember actually bring any up.

"Well, I for one am glad that you didn't grow out of your tomboy stage. Much more interesting." One brow lifts curiously at her hint, and tapping on the cast he queries, "You think I can ride shotgun with a bum wing like this?" His gaze is teasing, but also a tad sleepy. Well, he did see that he doesn't tend to be able to stay awake for long. The slumberous light in his eyes makes him look rather boyish. Shaking his head, Hugo replies, "It has to do with my art work. And as for which myth? I don't know yet. I just think that there must be one in there, a goddess, a mythological figure, in which I will find you. Or, vice versa, find her in you."

Abbey chuckles softly as she listens to him on the tomboy issue. "Ya.. Perhaps. You haven't seen me mad yet." This said with an amused tone while she watches him. "I don't see why not.. I'll just have to make sure to not take any sharp turns." She says while grinning. "Perhaps I should go.. I think you have dealt with me long enough an you should rest." A soft smile is soon seen as he goes on about the myths. "Perhaps.." is said with a soft tone. "As long it doesn't deal with leprechaun being the mythological figure." This said with an amused tone. "I have a few books back home. I'll bring them and go by the library to see which ones they might have and then bring them by."

Oh. Now Hugo looks interested. "You? Angry? See, now you just make me want to figure out how to push your buttons so I can see that. I know it's sexist and anti-feminist, and probably a few other ists, but women generally are very beautiful when they're angry. I think it's one of the few times they show their power and their strength, which is always a beautiful thing to see." His hand has gone lax on the photo album, his body leaning back into his pillows again rather than sitting upright. "Soooo, what are your hot buttons, hmmmm?" He yawns again, and then mumbles, "Gah, I'm sorry. You don't have to go, but please forgive me if I just doze off in mid-sentence. Terribly rude, I know, but I just can't help myself some times. Nothing to do with current company, I assure you." One brow lifts as he looks Abbey up and down and notes, "A leprechaun is definitely not what I was thinking…"

Abbey chuckles softly while she listens to him. "The wrath of an Irish woman is nothing many tend to like to get the brunt of." She says with a soft tone, seeming amused. Her pale gaze watches him curiously while she tilts her head. "Well.. That would be a first anyone would tell me that I have to say. The guy at work tend to disappear when ever I get mad enough though." Might be because she's been known to throw things, though not at people mind you. "I suppose the quickest way to get me mad is for someone to bother my friends." She doesn't have family anymore, the few friends she has is as close to family she'll have so she tends to be rather protective of them. "Or mess with my dog." When she finds the guy who killed Steele he best watch out. "An its alright.. Really, I just don't want to keep you up." She points towards his cast. "You mind if I sign it before I leave today?" A grin is offered. "Well that's nice to know you wasn't thinking about some little elf that spends his time sitting under rainbows with a pot of gold."

"Promises, promises," Hugo rumbles softly, watching Abbey with lazy eyes and a contented smile. "If the men you work with run away then they're unworthy of your time and attentions" He frowns and sighs and mutters, "Well, that won't work. Not in my nature to be mean to people's friends or mess with dogs, unless that means putting peanut butter on the roof of their mouths. Cause that I'll do." His eyes flicker to his cast and his lips curl into a child-like grin as he rumbles, "My cast? I would be honored… you'd be the first." He snickersnorts at the idea of Abbey running around under rainbows and hiding pots of gold.

Abbey looks amused and shakes her head slightly. "None of them get much of my attention." She says with an amused tone. "An Dakota would enjoy the peanut butter so there isn't a way to make him mad with that." The one who hurt Hugo though should watch out if Abs ever crosses their path, vampire or not she'll do something to deal with them if given the chance. A grin is seen and she nods. "Kewl.. That's to bad, you should hold onto a marker and get people to sign it." She pulls a black sharpie from her jeans pocket and then shifts closer to the bed in order to write on the cast. "And just what you are snickering about?" She has an idea mind you. With marker in hand she goes about writing 'Get well soon, Abbey.' A small rough styled dragon of only a few lines is also put after her name before she offers him the marker. "Hold onto it. Best part of having a cast is to get people to sign it. At least I liked bugging people when I had mine."

"Ohhhhh, noooothing," Hugo singsongs as Abbey signs his cast and questions him, his eyes dancing with merriment. As she finishes and caps the pen, Hugo rumbles, "You could always leave me your pen," he notes pragmatically. But then she's handing it to him and Hugo takes the pen, fingers trailing over hers lightly for a moment before his hand drops back down to the bed. "Thank you for visiting, Abbey. It's so nice to see a friendly face with no bad news." He looks at the little dragon and asks, "Is he supposed to protect me?"

Abbey chuckles softly and glances back to him with an amused look resting within her eyes. "I had planned on it." She offers softly, a slight smile offered at the touch and she softly clears her throat. "Your welcome Hugo.. I'm glad that I caught you awake finally. I don't think you need any bad news for a while so don't have to worry about any from me." This said with an amused tone. She ohs softly and winks at him playful like. "Well someone needs to protect you when I'm not around after all."

"See? Too kind…." he mumbles, his eyes drifting shut on a slow blink and then opening again. "MMmmMMmm, yeah, I could use some good news for a change. Come back again soon with some more? That would be nice…" Each blink gets slower and more languid, his right hand trailing over the small dragon drawing before he mumbles, "Thank you…" And then his eyes blink one more time and this time they stay shut as Hugo falls fast asleep.

Abbey ehs softly at that while she stands up. "So you say.. No one else would believe you." She offers with an amused tone while tilting her head before leaning over, closer to him and attempts to press a soft friendly sort of kiss to his cheek. "Go on and sleep.. I'll be back to bother you more later." She turns and leaves after that, a slight glance offered back to him at the door before she slips out of the room.

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