Said the Spider to the Fly


An old warehouse has been converted into a roller skating rink. The entrance is the main entrance into the warehouse has neon lights that read InterSkate. Another in a window that when lit says the rink is open. Not lit when the rink is closed.
Upon entering, the area is very spacious. To the left of the door is a counter and cash register, where you pay to skate, and rent skates. Behind the counter are shelves of rental skates in all sizes from toddler to adult skates. As well as tools for cleaning and repairing them. As well as a door marked 'Private', with a dog door cut into the bottom of it. Where the office and the stairs that lead up to the owner's appartment. The counter travels all the way along, paralelling the wall. The counter is mostly all wood, carpeted so that skates can be repaired etc. There is also a glass display area, below, for new skate styles of boots. The upper holding the lates styles in wheels regular and in-line, laces, and pompoms for the ladies skates. There are also carrying cases available for sale. Then there is the food area. Glass displays with candybars. With signs here and there with the brand names of boots available, and wheels. There is also a small kitchen, where hot-dogs, burgers, fries, sodas and other foods are cooked and served, with it's own cash register. There is a small area with tables and benches to sit and eat. Then the area for the restrooms.
To the right of the door is a mini arcade, that even includes ski-ball, pool tables and all the really cool old video games. Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Pinball games etc. As well as a change machine.
There are three sepperate rinks. The main floor just for general skaters, that's quite spacious, all wood and surrounded on three sides by a half wall, with entrances here and there on the larger side. With benches on the outer sides, for patrons to sit and put on their skates. In one corner is the sound booth, where a large variety of music is stored as well as the equipment to play the music. The second rink, surrounded by three half walls is a smaller rink. Meant for the really young skaters. Though on adult night, those that want to practice fancy tricks and stuff can do so in there as well. The walls are padded, the decor is pretty well preschool'ish. As well as Disney Characters and other kid favored characters. The sound booth is more or less between those rinks. The third rink is in a sepperate room and odd shaped, with a banked floor for roller derby and speed skate races. Surrounded by glass and bleachers. All well lit, unless they are doing pecials, like couples skate, etc. There is a disco ball in the middle of the main floor, as well as strobe lights, and all sorts of fancy lights, that create patterns and pictures over the floor. There are signs here and there, advertising birthday parties, the rules, hours, etc.
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The roller rink is quite busy tonight. Many children and teenagers skate about on the cement floor whilst others swarm the arcade machines. With loud music pulsing over the loudspeakers, and flashing lights shooting out across the ceiling, InterSkate is a rolling surge of humanity. At several large tables pushed together off to the side, away from the skating rink, is a large group of "tween" girls wearing party hats. A big birthday cake is on the middle of the table, next to a pile of presents in wrapping paper, multicoloured balloons and a big sign overhead that reads "HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY SALLY!" Darcy sits alone, away from the parents and children at the large party, at another table next to the gathering. He does not appear to be amused.

Birthday parties are cool, unless they're for children. It's even worse when she has to actually work. Even though her shift is over, she's stayed a little longer to help out with a few things. So a round of drinks is delivered to the annoying little tikes easily enough. This time she even manages to avoid wearing anything this time around, which is a new personal record for one who is so unused to working.
Kara begins to pass on by, only then noticing a familiar face. "Creepy stalker man," the young woman says, her eyes dead set on Darcy. Despite what she calls him, Kara seems not at all afraid or put off by him. "You're here without your friends. Did you want anything to drink, or eat, or anything like that? This is totally my last pass by the kitchen."

"There are plenty of hors d'oeuvres about," Darcy answers, glancing at the table of overly-excited children. As his brown eyes turn back to Kara, he studies her for a moment. "Yes, I do have a hunger at the moment. But I think I will … /pass/ on your kitchen." He breaks his gaze, allowing his eyes to wander back across the rink floor, before asking, "My friends? Whatever do you mean?"

Hello, creepy. Something about what he says just sounds off to her, but she doesn't know what. She's never been personally introduced to a vampire and likely doesn't even believe that they exist. Or, at the very least, they will only exist once she's seen one. For real. "Are you really a creepy stalker guy? I mean, you're gonna leave the kids alone, right?" Feeding off of children is wrong, after all.
Her attention span being what it is, Kara stares off into the distance after looking around, which she only did because he did. So the conversation pauses until she realizes that she's standing in front of someone. "What? Oh, yeah. The big bad dumb heads from the other night."

"I seriously hope you are still in school," Darcy answers Kara. "Someone must earnestly teach the Americans how to speak." His words are spoken in a prim, British accent after all; and who better than the British to communicate in the Queen's English? Darcy's eyes flit back to rest upon Kara, and his lips part in a dashing smile to showcase two perfect rows of gleaming white teeth. Was he really British? "I am not expect those associates tonight, no?" Darcy eventually answers. He looks as if he is about to say something when his Blackberry starts to vibrate across the table. "Excuse me," the vampire remarks, picking up the small black cellular. He starts to speak into the mouthpiece, and says only one word: "InterSkate."

Okay, so now she's looking back to him and she almost looks angry. "I'm not a kid, man." With her tray tucked under one arm and the other on her hip, she just stares at him. "Or should I say, I am an adult, I would have you know. I also am very well educated." This is said about as prim and proper as she can manage, which isn't all that bad. But as soon as it is said, Kara immediately smailes.
She goes to say something, but then he's on the phone. "Dude. Okay, so you're good, then? I should leave you alone." So she turns to walk away and runs right into someone much larger than she, which causes her to fall backwards. Only it seems as if she falls rather slowly, the fall not at all injuring her. It lacks the distinct loud sound of something hitting the ground. Instead of getting angry, however, Kara just laughs. Clearly she's insane.

Darcy leans to the side of his table to glance at the manic lunactic. He does not say anything, however, and just returns to his own business; that is, leaning back against the booth and looking too old and out of place for the venue. It would be different if he had a kid with him, one would assume. And as if to answer that requirement, one enters the building.
A gangly teenage boy, dressed in tight white jeans with black and white high-top sneakers and a black mesh-like shirt, enters through the flapping double-doors. He skulks up to the country, slaps his $4 on the counter, and moves with determination toward Darcy's table. He is carrying a heavy-looking backpack. "I'm - I'm glad I found you!" Kenneth says, sliding into the booth next to Darcy. He looks absolutly terrified of the pale-skinned man. "Yes, well, here I am," Darcy replies.
Darcy is noticing how lame I am.

It takes some scrambling for the small woman to stand, especially since the man who knocked her over in the first place is attempting to help her. The continued laughter and awkward conversation that follows causes her to miss out completely on the entrance of the kid. In fact, it isn't until she's about to continue on her way that Kara notices him at all. It causes her to do a double take.
"I, uh, you weren't there before, right?" Perhaps the fall did hit her more than she thought it did. The blue and purple haired woman laughs again before shifting her tray to rest flat against her chest. "So did you want anything to eat or drink while I'm on my way that way? Last chance for me, but I can totally jet if you'd like."

"Something with plenty of iron," Darcy answers Kara. He speaks for Kenneth. "A cheesburger, a soda, two hot dogs, and a plate of french fries." The boy merely looks from Darcy to Kara before slinking back against the bench's hard back. He has odd lesions on his neck, shoulders, forearms, and wrist — possible hickies, horrible acne, bed bugs, or … well, the other option is too nightmarish.

The kid looks horrible. Almost as if he's been bitten or something. Oh. Kara shakes her head openly as she dismisses the thought. "O-okay." She then thankfully disappears for a good while, waiting on the food. Whatever this creepy man wants to do with the boy from this point is his choice.
Eventually she does come back. She has to come back. The tray full of food and drink is handled well enough and before long the entire order is placed before him. Also placed is the bill, which she doesn't ask payment for. "I'm totally going off shift. If you need anything else, you might have to go get it." Her eyes do move to the teen, however. "You okay?"

"Fuck off!" Kenneth answers, grabbing hold of a cheeseburger and ravenously devouring the sandwich. Darcy puts down a $5 bill for the cheque, and two more $1 notes as a tip. The same breezy, charming smile is offered Kara. "Do forgive my … nephew. Kenneth is not the most polite of boys." As for Kenneth? He has devoured the burger and has since swallowed an entire hotdog before he moves on to the next one. One might even be careful of putting their hand in the way to collect the money lest they might lose a few fingers to the hungry teen.

"Yeah, well scre…" That's about as far as she gets before she hears the apology. Just as she's about to explode she easily backs down and is instantly calm, as if it never happened at all. "And people thought I was bad," she comments. The tray is placed on the table momentarily as Kara pulls her hair back in a sloppy fashion, due to being warm. The crowds and her brief flash of temper are to blame.
Kara attempts to reach for the money but pulls back as soon as she gets too close. Both of the males are given looks before she looks for anyone else who may be able to help. In doing that she ends up catching some movement, and then some of the lights, and then someone interesting in the distance. So she remains standing there, lost on the situation for now.

With Kara distracted -is she not always distracted?- Darcy reaches into a pocket and produces two small medical vials used for blood samples. The equipment is filled with a black liquid substance that is in actuality V (or vampire's blood). He passes them to Kenneth, who quickly puts the fountain soda container back down on the table and swallows the french fries and soda pop that was in his mouth. "W-wow, I'm-I'm glad you came through, man. Th-thanks!" Kenneth says to Darcy. He reaches to grab his backpack, and looks as if he was about to scramble toward the door when Darcy's left hand rapidly snakes out and grabs him firmly by the bicep.
"Going somewhere?" Darcy asks, his voice deathly quiet. "No-no, of course not!" Kenneth stammers. "I … I have some money, just … just not all of it!" A hand reaches in a coat pocket, and a roll of bills (mostly fives, tens and twenties) wrapped in an elastic band is tossed at Darcy. "Do not worry," the vampire answers. "I am certain we can find some other arrangement."

A person has to be really entertaining or interesting to keep her attention. Either that or they need to clap their hands or have something shiny in them. It isn't until Kenneth attempts to stand that she snaps back to reality and looks at them. The money is aimed for again, only she pauses at what she witnesses. Is this a drug deal? A sex ring? Some sort of reality television show?
"Um, what's going on?" Yes, Kara needs to know. She always needs to know. "If you can't afford the meal, let me know." As flighty as she is, the expression she wears is one that speaks of just how generous she's willing to be if it gets the kid out and away from the creepy stalker. "Maybe you could, you know, let the kid go or something." Despite her almost nice approach, Kara is not afraid. She doesn't know enough to be.

Kenneth's wide-eyed face looks from Darcy to Kara before returning back to Darcy. He looks like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights of a speeding locomotive packed with hundreds of thousands of litres of explosive jet fuel barrelling down upon him. This causes the boy to freeze and stammer, "No-no-no you—" Until he is interrupted by Darcy.
"No need to busy yourself with family business, my dear," Darcy says to Kara. His long fingers release their hold upon Kenneth's arm. "My nephew is merely high-spirited. Here, I believe this is sufficient for your cheque, yes?" The little plastic tray with its $7 is idly pushed toward Kara. "Do be so kind as to leave us alone now, yes?" The same easy smile is still spread across Darcy's lips, but a murderous flash moves across his brown eyes when he says, "We need a few minutes of privacy."

"Family matters are my business if they cause you to be kicked out. I'm not afraid to blacklist you." Big words for one so small. Still she takes the plastic container, mostly because she doesn't want to pay for the food out of her own pocket. "Any family business can be done outside. If I see you hurt him, I'm calling Wayne." The threat didn't work last time but she's not beyond using it again.
Kara does back up, but only to allow them to leave if they decide to do so. Her eyes move from Darcy to Kenneth. "You okay? Did he do that to you?" She still has no idea that the man before her is a vampire. "You know? I think I'm going to call Wayne anyway." So maybe she is leaving them alone, but only so she can go call the owner.

Darcy leans across the table, and locks his brown eyes with Kara's. The vampire attempts to absorb her into his magnetic, charismatic presence through the mysterious and dark influence of his will. "You have no need to call this Wayne," Darcy says. His words seem to drip with honey. "In fact, perhaps you might enjoy sitting with us for a minute, yes? I am sure you are quite tired from walking on your feet all day, and dealing with these whinning, snot-nosed children." He taps the open bench next to him. "There is no trouble here, my dear. Is that not right Kenneth?" Darcy has not taken his eyes from Kara for a second; Kenneth merely pipes up with an uneasy, "No, no problem. Everything's fine."

Not fair! She has never had to deal with something like this, not that she's aware of. The movement catches her attention and it isn't difficult at all for him to look her in the eyes. As tense as Kara is, for her at least, she soon calms down. "He deserves a night off anyway." Without knowing what she's doing, she soon finds herself seated right alongside the creepy stalker. Kara almost looks happy with this. It's all sunshine and rainbows to her. The tray is forgotten, as is the fact that she's still holding the smaller plastic tray that holds the money.

"Excellent! Now, Kenneth, why do we not show our little friend here what /business/ it is that brings us here tonight, yes?" Darcy says. A wicked, sinister look has taken hold of his brown eyes. The vampire raises the side of his left hand to his mouth and, in what would be extraordinarily painful to anyone else, bites it! A wound opens up to reveal his black, precious blood. Kenneth's eyes go wide as he stares transfixed at Darcy's vampire's blood, obviously craving a few drops for himself. Darcy does not share it with Kenneth; on the contrary, he seizes a french fry between his fingers and allows a few black drops to drop upon the fried potato. In an instant, it changes colour to a dark reddish-purple hue. The bit of food is then offered to Kara. "Care for a bite? You will find it intoxicating, my dear. A rare enjoyment, to be sure." The wound has since healed on his hand, and not a drop of blood is visible anywhere: except for the now V-laced french fry being dangled in front of Kara. Isn't this how the pusher-man always gets new clients with free samples?

Oh, gross! He just bit himself! Though that thought doesn't actually cross her mind, or at least it doesn't fully register. She seems more than content to merely sit there, for whatever reason. That is until she is offered food. The thing about Kara is that she can eat any time of the day, so when offered she wouldn't think twice anyway. Carefully the food is taken from the man and ingested. Fries are one of the major food groups. "Thank you." It tastes odd to her, as if it should have ketchup on it. Kara has no idea what she's just exposed herself to, or what's about to happen.

Darcy breaks the spell of his gaze, and leans back against the booth to curiously watch Kara. It seems exposing her to the properties of his blood, if only a drop, has become something mildly amuseing for the often bored and pleasure-seeking vampire. "Leave us," Darcy instructs Kenneth. "We shall discuss your payment … at another time." The boy does not wait for a second more than necessary, and literally jumps out of the booth and runs toward the exit. Once outside the building, it is probable that he is about to put himself down a similar hallucagenic road that Kara has just stepped upon. "How do you feel?" Darcy asks Kara, at length, as he continues to sit beside her.

It isn't instantaneous but she certainly begins to feel something. Kenneth catches her attention and she turns to watch him leave. The fast action causes her to nearly fall back in the bench but Kara instead closes her eyes. When they open she is eye to eye with the creepy stalker and is for some reason sitting next to him. She's about to stand, to leave, but he begins talking so she listens to him. The music in the building seems a lot louder all of a sudden, as well as the lights growing brighter. It's nearly enough to send her into seizures. "Hot." Since her hair is already up, she tugs at her shirt in order to try and cool down some. "It's loud in here. Do you think it's loud in here?"

"Noise," Darcy agrees. "Blathering, irritating noise."

It is loud in here! She covers her ears once he agrees with her, now that she knows that she's not crazy. It used to be so cool here, but now it just feels weird. Her eyes widen as she even attempts to get the courage to stand. Hopefully she can use her powers like this because she may fall, and frequently. "I I should go." This said as Kara blinks, attempting to overcome this feeling. "So hot." Eventually she does stand, though. The normally confident young woman is wobbly on her legs and a hand reaches for the table to brace her. In the process the check and money are left there, forgotten and replaced by a smile she cannot explain.

Darcy's right hand is pressed against the small of Kara's back. The man is beside her in a moment, and stabilises the girl to prevent her from falling. "Yes, it is quite uncomfortable in this dreary place. Shall we go for a walk?" Bemusement has taken hold of Darcy; little amuses him, and the corruption and manipulation of Kara with something as simple as a drop of his blood appears to entertain the vampire — for now, at least. "Perhaps we could stop for something to drink, or even a quick bite, once we are outside, yes?"

If this were any other situation, he'd find a rollerblade stuck so far up his behind that he couldn't walk well for a week, not even being a vampire. As it stands, she leans into the touch and closes her eyes momentarily. "A walk would be good." Kara swallows, trying her best to not just topple on the spot. This creepy stalker is doing a good job at supporting her. He can't be so bad. At least while she's entertaining him. "I would be up for a drink." She's walking, which is a good thing, but the world is shifting before her. The worst drug this woman's ever had is caffeine so this is a whole new world to her. The most important thing to her is getting outside and trying to cool down, to make the world stop spinning and to stop liking the fact that he's touching her. So outward she goes, with Darcy in tow if he follows.

The predator follows his prey to the door, and outside into the warm night air. Twisted amusement has by now settled on Darcy's pale, handsome face. As they exit the building, his brown eyes lift to consider the moon and unnatural electrical lights illuminating the sidewalk. "What colours do you see?" Darcy asks, mildly interested in the hallucinatory effects the woman is experiencing. "Describe them."

West Dallas

West Dallas is a largely blighted area of poverty. Several geared-to-income housing projects are in the beginning stages of springing up along the streets in these neighborhoods. For the most part, the area is classified as 'industrial' and plays home to quite a few warehouses, bars and salvage yards.
Oddly enough, it is also home to the historic Belmont Hotel which rests on a beautifully landscaped bluff overlooking Oak Cliff.

It isn't any cooler outside than it was indoors. This is not good. She rubs at the back of her neck as if she were in the blazing sunlight. "Texas sucks." The weather is somewhat new to her but not this new. If he's close enough she's going to lean into him for support for a moment, only then actually looking to him and seeing that he doesn't look creepy at all. "Bright whites and yellows, and some reds and oranges." These are all based on the lights outside. "It's as if I'm staring into the swirling layers of the sun. It feels that hot, too." Kara attempts to blink the brightness away.

"I shant expect the sunshine to be out at this hour," Darcy sardonically answers. And good for him that it isn't! He allows Kara to lean in against him, and supports the woman's weight as they walk through this dodgy part of Dallas. The pair are an odd sight for any passersby: Kara with her punkish hair style and clothes; Darcy with his fancy clothes. Unbeknownst to Kara, the vampire is steering the girl toward anywhere dark, secluded, and out of the way — definately the sort of place mamma warned you against.

Mama warned her against jumping off of the roof, too, and she's never listened to that either. The condition that she's in allows her to be easily led, and she honestly doesn't mind escaping the blinding lights. "I bet people would pay good money for this." The jury's out on exactly how Kara feels about all of it. She's still warm, oh so warm, and she's getting rather cozy next to Darcy. "I thought it was dark out? Maybe I lost track of time. Or did I just go into work early?" Yes, the punk girl is babbling.

Kidd Spring Park

The remnants of the dense forestry are located in here, as paths lead from the woods to the more entertaining features of the park. A jungle gym, complete with a small clubhouse and slides make up a play area designated for children, as do a few sandboxes. A community rec center can also be found in the park.
Separating the trees from the busier points of the park is small lake. During the summer months, a life guard can be found on duty so swimming is allowed, and there is also a small dock from which paddle boats and kayaks are available for rent.

"They do," Darcy answers. "Quite good money, in fact. Many are willing to die - or even to kill - for it." Under the influence of the V, not to mention his dashing, vampiric charisma, Darcy expects Kara will be an easy target for whatever depraved whim his appetite might lead him to choose. He leads the girl through sidewalks and city streets, each a passing kaleidescopic blur of lights, until they find themselves in the cool, shaddy copse of Kidd Spring Park. The greenery and foilage have actually cooled this section of Dallas, especially since it is adjoined to a small lake, offering a brief respite from the heat. In the middle of the teaming city, the park is a small, dark sanctuary. "What do you think of vampires, my dear?" Darcy asks, a menacing grin starting to spread across his thin lips.

The walk is brutal but she does well enough to survive. The more they pull away from the city lines, the more stable she gets on her feet. "I don't understand people. It's almost like this when I go extreme. But at least when I jump off of a roof I know that I'm safe." Right now she doesn't feel safe. Right now, however, Kara doesn't care if she's safe. It's all that she can do to keep from stripping, or from jumping in the water. "Never met one." That she knows of, at least. "Don't really know. It's like, I can't really hate something I don't know. I'm totally not afraid of them, though." Her eyes move to the water, then, despite the fact that he's very pleasant to look at. "I thought you mentioned getting a drink."

"Do you want me to have a drink?" Darcy asks, his smile growing wider. "You have met a vampire, you know. In fact, you drank his blood." Mirth flashes through his eyes; the twisted, perverted amusement on Darcy's face spreading across his features. "How does it feel to experience a slice of immortality? Enjoyable? Terrible? Liberating?"

"I thought I wa…" Her eyes immediately widen as she attempts to step away from him. It explains why she feels so off, but it doesn't feel bad. "What?" It's actually disbelief that she shows first, not anger or fear. She's not all that great on her feet but she'll try to hold herself up. "It feels hot." It's hard to judge Kara's emotion at the moment. "I don't think I should be here, though." If she is able to walk freely, her destination will be the edge of the water. "As long as the bright lights are gone, this isn't so bad."

Darcy allows Kara to do whatever it is she wishes to do at the moment. He stands still, immobile in that statuesque manner perfected by the undead ghouls of his kind, with only the movement of his brown eyes upon Kara's meanderings to give any sign of life — or death, for that matter. The vampire keeps that sick, twisted grin on his face: it is not so much a sinister scowl, as a morbid and possibly aroused leer. A bit creepy, either way. "Like a spider in a web, I watch a fly come to my bed." Darcy muses.

Her current state nearly has her falling into the water, but she catches herself. Only to fall back on her rear. Again, when she falls there is surprisingly little sound made, the fall almost unnatural. Falling softly is possible, even if that other lady doesn't believe her. The thought makes Kara burst out in giggles. "What?" It's almost as if he's not admitted to anything at all with the way that she regards him. Eventually her shoes are removed and pant legs pulled up enough that she can at least stick her feet in the water. Only then does the blue haired woman look to Darcy again, and actually nibbles her lower lip.

"You wish to go swimming?" Darcy asks, amused. He starts to slowly walk toward Kara. "Care to see if you can walk on water?" By now, Darcy has knitted his long fingers together and neatly folded his hands behind his back. He walks with a rigid, upright posture; but his stature appears too eerie to be that of a normal person. Not that Kara, in her drugged state, is likely to notice one way or another the small peculiarities. "Not afraid of getting your clothes wet, hmm?" What better time to nab a midnight snack than in a deserted park? And not a soul around …

Unfortunately for both of them, he said something that she's going to react to. "Oh, I can totally do that." It's a struggle for her to get up and in position, and she honestly was doing that much better on the ground. Eventually, though, Kara moves slightly so that she's standing on the very edge of the water. It may not seem all that impressive, so she steps out a few more paces. It's only at that point that she actually realizes what he says. "Wait, what?" Turning to look at him she loses her concentration and falls into the water with a splash. Luckily the water there isn't deep enough for her to need help, but she also doesn't seem to mind the fact that she's now all wet.

Darcy was following Kara closely to the shore, his extended fangs bristling underneath his upperlip as he stalked the young girl to the lake's bank. If she did not perform that little stunt, it is highly likely that she would now be his dinner; and the Dallas authorities would be dregging out the bloated corpse of what appeared to be another mysterious homicide come morning. All of this changes with the remarkable "walk on water" display: even if it is only shortly lived, Darcy is extremely interested. He is crouching next to the water's edge, peering out at (the now drenched) Kara. "What did you say your name was, my dear?" Darcy asks. Perhaps he has not found a meal; but she is something definately more interesting.

"Oh, man. That was bad. I can do better, but I probably shouldn't tell you that." If only she could actually lift herself out of the water, it would be great. The hair color doesn't seem to streak at all with the water, a sign of a good dye job. "What? Oh, right. Kara. But I'll answer to anything." Kara begins to walk to the same area that he's located at, not at all afraid. It just doesn't feel like she should be. She feels good. "Well, almost anything. I don't like what your nephew called me." Is that what the relation was? Heck if she remembers. "Has anyone ever told you that you're good looking for a dead guy?"

"Capital compliment," Darcy replies. The sinister, murderous, evil expression has by now entirely passed; his face is a mix of wonder, confusion, interest and, most importantly, sheer pleasure. "How did you do that, Kara? Or what was it that you did? Do it again!" Can vampires act like excited school-children? Not really. Darcy is wonderstruck: not something very common for someone over two centuries old.

She totally knew this whole time that she had nothing to worry about. "I don't know. I've done it since I was little. I just don't tell anyone 'cause they'll think I'm all crazy, or on drugs or something." Once she's lifted herself out the water, Kara contemplates. "It's kind of card to concentrate right now. I think it's because it's so hot, you know?" Still, an encore he requests and an encore he shall receive. This time Kara focuses enough to get a good ten or so feet out on the water. She turns to face him and remains on top of the water. "Breaking my falls is a lot easier."

Is Kara safer now that Darcy knows about her secret? The jury has not yet released its verdict. As for the vampire, he watches this renewed display with keen interest. The half-drenched blue-haired girl, miraculously standing on top of the water, has definately piqued his fascination. "Good show, I say," Darcy calls out. "Perhaps, though, you might wish to come back to the shore? I shant think you should want to stay out there forever."

It's either walk back or get wet again. As much fun as it might be to get wet again, she honestly has no idea how deep the water is. Drowning at this point would be a very bad thing. So Kara carefully walks back towards the vampire. "You just, like, can't tell anyone. Okay? They'll string me up for being a freak." Says the girl with the blue and purple hair. Kara stands beside Darcy on the shore, looking up to him. "Our secret, right?"

"Yes, I will keep your secret," Darcy answers. "For a price. I will call upon you another time to collect." Without another word, Darcy has vanished! No puff of smoke, or flapping bat wings; the vampire has left the area with preternatural speed, vanishing into the night. If Kara were sober (and sane) enough to realise it, she might count her lucky stars. Alone, in a secluded and dark park, with a vampire, she has emerged not only alive but unscathed; and not a drop of blood less in her system. That said, she is still in the middle of no where, high as a kite.

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