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Fitness World

Fitness World is filled with all kinds of fitness equipment. Mirrors make up the majority of the walls, so that people can ensure that they are doing their workout correctly, or merely to admire their bodies. Atop a black exercise mat is a free weight area with several dumbell racks, exercise balls and specialized weight machines for each muscle grouping.

Stationary bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, stair climbers, and rowing machines are along the outer edge of the workout area, but still about ten feet from any wall. Televisions hang from the ceiling above the equipment and are meant to provide some form of distraction for those busily training. Surrounding the entire area is a circular track, where people can run if they don't feel like using a treadmill.

A large section of wall is void of mirrors. In place of the mirrors is floor to ceiling glass, enclosing an aerobics room. A large raised platform sits in the far back of this room in front of another mirrored wall, devised for an instructor to call out to the class.

There are doors which lead from both the gym, and the locker rooms to a large, heated pool.

Fitness World is hopping as usual. As one of the few places open 24/7, there's a fairly regular stream of people dashing to use the treadmill after work.

"I'm very sorry, sir, the children's swimming class has been cancelled today because the the pool needs maintenance. We'd be happy to refund your money for the class, yes." Ella pauses to listen to what is said on the other end of the line, while the cordless phone is tucked between her ear and shoulder. Her free hand quickly jots something down on a notepad of paper. "Mmmhmm. I'm very sorry. I'll give you a call when it's open. Mmhmm. Buh-bye." With a sigh of relief, she gives the phone's call button a satisfactory click to hang up. Taking a deep breath, she leans back into the chair up at the front desk. "See you tomorrow in class, Linda," she smiles as a tall, thin young woman passes by, waving as she goes.


As Linda goes, Bethany arrives at the front desk. There is utter silence as the young woman finishes up her call and waves to the passing woman.

When things look clear enough to intrude without interrupting anything, she gently clears her throat. "Good evening," she offers quietly. "I was wondering if you would be able to tell me if Mathias Farber is in, and if so which is the direction to his office?"

The doctor carries no gym bag, nor does she seem dressed for utilizing the equipment. Instead she carries with her a soft leather briefcase.

"If he is not in perhaps he's left a folder for me?" There is a small delay as she extracts a business card from the front pouch on the briefcase and hands it over.

Dr. Bethany Brooks
Psychologist and Past Life Therapist
Oak Cliff Psychological Practice


"How can I help you?" Ella chimes once Bethany is at the front desk, and her phone call is all wrapped up. "I believe Mister Farber is at a fitness expo in Los Angeles," she murmurs, grabbing a post-it off the computer monitor screen and eyeing it for a moment. "Let me see if I can find a folder for you, though." Accepting the business card, she smiles cheerily before flipping through the piles on the desk. "My apologies, Doctor Brooks, I haven't run the front desk in a couple of weeks. It seems my dear friend Emily has made a bit of a mess of it." While sorting through the various papers and folders, she sets the discarded pieces in a much neater pile than they were found. "He didn't mention anything to me before he left, but if I can't find this folder I'd be happy to try him on his cell?" she inquires, though she does not stop searching just yet.


There is a gentle, understanding grin upon Bethany's lips. "Please do not stress over it. I had a little time between sessions and an event. He may not have had time to put it together for me as of yet." The woman absolutely exudes calm. Non-hurry. "Ahh, the conference. Yes, I'm certain I had that written in my day planner though I'd thought he wasn't leaving until tomorrow for it." Chances are she jotted the date down wrong while in a hurry. Since Mathias is not a patient it was not something of the utmost importance for her to remember.

"Perhaps you can aid me without the folder. I'm looking to see if there are any classes available that would not mind allowing in new students. Ones that would be calm and understanding with these students, as many of my patients have nervous tendencies."


"My apologies, it seems I cannot find it. I'll certainly ask him about it when he's back, though," Ella replies, taking Bethany's business card and taping it to the computer monitor so she'll remember to follow-up later. "He left a day early to go surfing in Santa Monica. I think." Scrunching her nose, she laughs it off a little, smiling brightly. "Oh?" Leaning forward, Ella listens very intently as Bethany explains the situation. "Well - I could be unbiased and tell you that there are some calming swimming lessons available - once the pool opens back up. A friend of mine teaches a spinning class, which is apparently fantastic stress relief. But I'll plug in my biased opinion: I teach yoga, and I've been looking to start up a new session. I've, ah, been cutting rent a bit too close for my taste lately," she explains with a quick cringe. "I'm Ella Monroe," she introduces herself before she forgets. "I love teaching beginners. I was first introduced to yoga here myself, actually. Most find it one of our more.. peaceful classes. Though I'd be happy to refer you to a student who can share their much more unbiased thoughts."


"That definitely sounds like Mathias. I do not blame him for leaving earlier to have a bit of fun." In Bethany's opinion, the uptight little man could definitely use a day of rest and relaxation.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Monroe." Miss, as there appears to be no wedding band on the young woman's hand. "I may have a few that would fit into any of those classes."

The briefcase is set atop the desk, quietly opened. The day planner is extracted. Light blue Post-It Notes(tm) are sticking out the top of it, and it is to one of these pages that she flips.

"What day would you be considering the new class on?"


"It sure does," Ella admits with a grin. "He's going to come back with a tan that envies mine," she quips with an amused shake of her head. "It's about time he took a break." Tapping a finger against her lips, Ella cants her head to the side. "I was thinking Wednesdays in the early evening, so people can come by after work. Melanie used to teach a jazzercise class then, but she skipped out to New York to audition for the Rockettes." She doesn't correct the 'miss' title, so Bethany seems to be spot on. "But I'm flexible if there's another time that would work out better."


Several more pages are flipped through. Then back and forth for a few moments. Bethany obviously trying to see if Wednesdays will work best for the two or three patients she had in mind. "What would the approximate cost be to book the entire session?" The need to start them out quietly and slowly is apparent. "With the class opening up several weeks later."

The pages are flipped back and forth again. A gentle frown creases her brow. "Wednesdays should work. I may need to reschedule a session to be here with them the first few evenings, but I do not mind doing so."


"Most classes cost about ten bucks a pop per person. I haven't been teaching long enough to charge any more than that. I'm sure Mister Farber would be happy to work something out, though, if a minimum number of classes are signed up for - or something along those lines." Ella starts clicking away on the computer keyboard, and if Bethany looks, she'd see that the blonde is typing up an e-mail to one moc.dlrowssentif|rebraf#moc.dlrowssentif|rebraf. "I'd still need to get the go-ahead to have the class then, but I don't see it being a problem." Grabbing one of Fitness World's generic business cards, she hands it over to Bethany with a grin. "I imagine you probably already have our number, but here it is just in case. If you call back in, say, a week, Mister Farber should be back by then and I should have had a chance to chat with him about it. Or I'd be happy to call you once I know something more?" she adds, tilting her head to the side. Her fingers tap rhythmically on the edge of the desk, as she appears to be a bit fidgety now, needing to move around in some form or fashion.


"I'll tell you what, Miss Monroe." Bethany glances at her day planner once more and calculates. "One month of classes. I would like to book that. You will only have three students, but you will be paid the full amount for the minimum number of students required to run the class."

The email is noted, a pen and a notepad from her practice taken out of the briefcase. Her proposal written up, dated, and signed.

"Yes, please call. I would like to work on this particular set up with you personally and not that effervescent woman that generally answers Mathias' phone when I call." Personal secretaries that are too bubbly generally have hidden agendas.

"Please give him this write-up as well, so that he will know that you are not trying to pull one over on him."


"Perfect." Ella bobs her head at that, making a separate note for herself as well. A small smirk lifts up at the corner of her lips, and a quiet laugh escapes her. "She drinks a bit too much coffee to get through the day," she murmurs with a dimpled grin. "I'd be happy to. I look forward to working with you and your clients, Doctor Brooks. Please let me know if there's anything specific you need me to adapt, any limitations I should be aware of, any specific goals they wish to achieve - and so on." Accepting the proposal, she grabs an orange envelope to slide the sheet into, scribbling 'M. Farber' on the front with a ballpoint pen. She spins it around in her fingers for a moment, then clicks it repeatedly - a habit, of sorts. "Thank you very much! Have a lovely day, Doctor Brooks."


"Once you obtain approval, we can work out all the particulars. If this works out satisfactorily, I may employ you again on different terms." Different patients require different methods of relaxation and learning.

Bethany smiles softly at the young woman, and nods. "I will start to work up dossiers on the new students for you, perhaps bring them by in the near future while you work on gaining the approval."

The notepad, pen and day planner are all carefully placed back into the briefcase.

"You as well, Miss Monroe. Enjoy the rest of your evening." With a dip of her head, she turns and begins toward the door.


"Sounds good. I'll be in touch soon, then. Good evening!" Ella bids Bethany farewell with a soft smile, waving as the doctor turns to leave. With a few more swipes over the keyboard, she emphatically taps the enter key and sends off the e-mail with a relieved sigh.

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