Anger and Idiocy
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It's about mid day - despite this, and the fact that the vast majority of Sky Blade's business is handled online, there are actually a pair of prospective customers here. The front room to the shop is the showcase, so to speak, and is typically the only area open to customers - which is where the two 'window shoppers' are at the moment. In the back, sounds from the forges can be heard. The walls and cases are lined with products sold here at Sky Blades, mixed in with the occassional artwork depicting the weapons wielding by figures from a previous age.

Skylar, for his part, is nowhere to be seen - at least when someone first enters. Instead, a young man with a ponytail and glasses that is currently answering questions the couple are asking about daggers. Currently, the man with the pony tail is the only employee visible, though the sound of the forges hints at where the others may be.

Perfect. There's people here. Chloe rolls her eyes a little, then walks right into the showroom. Her outfit is super-business today. Her purse slung over her shoulder. She eyes the couple, then the man with the ponytail. With only an hour for lunch she's got to find Skylar and hash this out before she gets really upset at the man.

So she cheats.

Smiling at the man with the ponytail, she holds out the coffee she carries and the bag. "Skylar's expecting me," she says. It's a lie, but he doesn't need to know this. "Is he in his office or back at the forge?"

The man with the ponytail looks up at the interruption as he was about to pull out a few of the more showy types of daggers from one of the display cases, but then he pauses, the smile on his face belonging only to someone who has just been surprised by an attractive member of the opposite sex. "Oh, hello there," he says, momentarily forgetting his other customers. "Let me go get him for you, he's working in the back. Just a moment." And with that, he disapears into the back, leaving the couple he was previously waiting on… waiting. The woman gives Chloe a flat stare, but the man gives her a smile very similiar to Mr. Pony Tail's.

Skylar comes out a moment later, looking a bit sweaty, wearing a t-shirt and jeans, his hands having the freshly washed look, though one can still see some black stains and smudges about his person. "Chloe!" he says, his voice and expression both surprised, but not unpleasantly so. He nods to Mr. Pony Tail, who goes back to his customers after a few more looks in Chloe's direction. Then, Sky ushers Chloe to his office. "I was told I was expecting you," he says, though he makes it sound a question - with a blatant tone of bemusement, and a small lopsided grin on his features.

Stupid ponytailed guy. Chloe exhales a sigh. Really she would have preferred to wander back and surprise Skylar rather than be announced. Outwardly though, she's all smiles. To the woman who's giving her the evil-eye she just says, "Apologies. Didn't mean to interrupt your shopping." Then she points at something expensive, showy, and jeweled. "You might like that one. It has a nice weight to it." Even if it doesn't.

"You were, did you lose track of time?" Winking at Skylar she nods toward the offices. "We should go somewhere quieter to talk. I've interrupted these people enough for one day."

"Cheeky," Skylar comments with his continued grin on his expression. He nods to Chloe's words, leading the way to his office, and closing the door behind them once they are inside. "Have a seat," he offers, moving to pull out a chair for her - once seated, he'll move to take the seat next to her. Less formal then sitting across the desk from her. "How've you been?" he asks - and coming from him, it seems a genuine question, not a formality. "If you're here about your order, I meant to update you soon. I'm almost done - just working on the final detailing, and waiting on the leatherwork."

"No, not that." Chloe sips from the coffee, but she doesn't actually take a seat. She prefers to stand for the moment. "Look, about your friend…" She frowns. "How much did she tell you? Because, I'm telling you straight up, she didn't give me the entire story at all. I got that from Marius, who was less than pleased that I asked him to look into things, because your friend is full of crap." There's no holding back there, and it's apparent that Chloe is upset about the entire situation. Despite the fact that she's doing her best to mask her emotions outwardly.

"You spoke to her?" Skylar seems a touch surprised by this, but only for a moment. He should have assumed that Chloe would find out who his 'friend' was, even if he didn't name her. "Honestly, I didn't expect you to see her straight out - I was just trying to find out if the… vampires could do anything. You're the only one I know who knows any… and while I do have Mr. Grant's number, I don't know anything about him other then he's connected to you." And it's fairly clear that Sky doesn't have that much in vampires, to begin with.

"As for her being full of crap… that's harsh, Chloe. Paige can be many things, but I've never found her to be a liar so far. She told me that she and her friend were in the car, they were hit by a vampire driving a truck or something, and then the vampire attacked her friend, trying to abduct him. Chloe tried to stop the vampire, by distracting him through non-violent means, and then he attacked her, and she attempted to fight back." Skipping over the magic part for now, obviously. "And, because of this vampire taking offense to a woman fighting him off, he swore to kill her. That's why I asked if any of your vampire contacts might know how to deal with this - I figured even if I somehow managed to help her deal with this on my own without anyone getting killed, the other vampires might take exception to it."

"Right. Your friend. Is full. Of crap." Chloe is doing well to keep her anger in check, but she's not going to hide the truth about it either. "There are laws, things I can't right out tell you about. She attacked him first. He was merely taking what was rightfully his. Whether she, or the cop, or her boyfriend see it that way or not." So this is when her shoulders shrug and she drinks from the coffee again. "The vampire wasn't in the wrong there, Skylar. Your friend was. The only thing she could possibly nail him with was the vehicular assault. Because to the vampires? She and the cop are in the wrong. And had she been up front with me in regards to the order things happened? I wouldn't have to be dealing with a pissed off vampire." Not that Marius is all that angry with her at the moment. She could honestly only tell him what she herself was told.

"How is she full of crap, exactly, Chloe? Because what she told me was likely the truth - what I just told you. She did not get violent until he grabed her by the throat and biting her." Skylar speaks in a normal, composed tone, but there is a definate air of seriousness to him - and of disbelief. "And even if she hadn't? You are telling me that by this vampire law that noone heard of, she should have stood there and done nothing, letting him attack her friend? Because this vampire thought he owned a human being?" He shakes his head, his composed tone fraying just a bit, the disbelief truly evident, as well as a light undertone of anger - still, he hasn't yet raised his voice. "I'm sorry Chloe - but we aren't vampires. We are humans. Defending others is a duty, not just a right, and I'll be damned if I, or any other human, should apologize for it." Clearly, being 'claimed' as property doesn't sit right with him. "I'm sorry if this got you in trouble with this vampire, I truly am. But I truly can't believe what I'm hearing right now."

He pauses for a moment, then leans forward, locking eyes with Chloe, speaking earnestly. "Don't you see? Owning us as property? We're nothing but puppets to them. These 'laws' you talk about? That you apparently can't even talk about? They're a joke. And we are not in a dictatorship run by vampires. This vampire tried to abduct a human being - a federal crime, by human laws. And he assaulted, and almost killed that same person and two others. And you are defending him? Why? What could possibly make you side with someone who has proven through blatant action their disregard for life - human or otherwise?"

"Let's see. I asked her what happened and she said that it was an Egyptian that attacked her. Marius spoke with her and it came out that she attacked the vampire first." Therefore, his friend is full of crap. Finishing off the coffee, she tucks the empty paper cup into the bag she brought with her. "Right. So if your idiot friend attacked a human first, with some magic hoodoo, you say that she's in the right because another guy sucker punched her boyfriend?" Rolling her eyes, she actually glares at him. "You may not be believing what you're hearing right now, Skylar, but you just don't understand fully."

Pinching the bridge of her nose, the only outward sign of her irritation, she exhales a heavy sigh. "By human laws. Listen to yourself, you idiot. Do you think the police departments are equipped to handle a vampire? Do you think that even if they were that they'd win a court case against them? Do you even understand the type of danger your friend has put you into by drawing you into this mess?" Could it be that she's concerned for him? Maybe. "I'm not defending anyone in this situation. What I'm saying is that your friend is full of crap and that's going to put everyone involved in more danger than just one stupid angry Egyptian vampire."

"A vampire says she is full of crap, Chloe. In an incident involving a vampire. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna take my instincts over his. Besides, I don't count momentarily blinding someone as an attack - at least not one that isn't deserved by someone trying to abduct someone else. She only got violent when lives were in danger. And I do not care what your vampire friend says - I believe her. She was half drugged, out of it when I talked to her - but she was very clear on recounting those details like they were etched in her mind. And she only assumed this guy was egyptian, she didn't know for sure, and she admitted as much to me." Skylar takes a breath for a moment, obviously trying to calm himself.

"Look. I'm not an idiot, Chloe, despite alot of this being new to me. I understand that vampires don't operate in human laws - which was my point. You were acting as if humans need to act within vampire laws. It is just as ludicrus. And frankly, it's downright evil - their laws would enslave us, by what you say. Well, I'm not having it." He shakes his head slowly. "I'm not out to start anything Chloe - I went to you because I hoped I could trust you, because even though experience has taught me not to trust vampires, you seem like a good person." Not to mention she is human. "But if they won't defend Paige or the others, just because the order of events, then I will. I won't go looking for trouble, but I won't just stand and watch a friend die because it is against some archaic vampire code."

He pauses another moment, then adds, quietly, "And Chloe? I would like to count you a friend. But we're not on such good terms that you can call me an idiot to my face. Discuss this rationally, or leave."

"Skylar, you are an idiot." Whether he likes to hear it or not, Chloe doesn't care. The anger in her is boiling now. "A highly respected individual, who spoke with her about the incident says she is in the wrong. I happen to believe what he has to say. He has no reason to lie to me in order to use me. Whereas you and this friend of yours do." She does not like being used. "I don't care what your friend says. She attacked first. I'm sorry she was in the vehicle with some guy when it got hit. Like I said, if she's got issues with that they can set it up as vehicular assault. You want to play by human laws, that's pretty much all you've got anyhow. Since the boyfriend or whoever the hell he is wasn't abducted. Injured, but not missing."

There is only a second to take a breath before she continues, "And had your witch done that crap hoodoo magic on a human we would still be having this conversation. She has an ability. A power. She's got a responsibility with it, and she misused it. If there were some sort of Supernatural Council, she'd be in trouble for using her powers so blatantly against another individual." Clutching the bag in her hand she has half a mind to throw it at him. Instead she shoots him a look. "By their laws, the vampire did no wrong. I'm warning you right now, that if your friend outright attacks that vampire again she's not going to be tried by human laws, which yes. Still frown upon humans attacking vampires. Murdering one is just as illegal in the human laws as it is in the vampire laws. The difference is, the cops would just throw her in jail for murder, not decide she's fair game for killing one of their own."

A shake of her head is given. "You're signing your own death warrant because you're too stupid to listen to someone who's in the know. You want to die? All the power to you, but I'm not asking for any more favors on your friend's behalf." Beat. "And for the record? I belong to Mr. Grant. He is my protector. He keeps me safe. So you can take your damned archaic and stubborn ideas on humans being the be-all, end-all and shove them."

Turning on her heel, she exits the office without bothering to look back. When she's back in the show room she's got that faux smile plastered to her face again. Even as she pushes through the shop and out the door. Her cell phone is already in her hand, making a call to a certain other witch to tell her what an idiot Skylar really is.

Skylar doesn't respond to Chloe's words verbally. He just makes a frustrated noise in his throat, and shakes his head sadly as Chloe walks out. His remains in the office for a bit longer, sitting quietly. And then? He gets up, walks back towards the forges, and resumes his work.

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