A Side of Cracked Ribs

Ravello - Bosch Apartment

At the top floor of the Ravello, this loft apartment is everything an artist could ask for. Spacious, open, with high ceilings and numerous windows and skylights which not only fill the room with natural light, but give it an open and airy feeling, the sky within easy reach. With the exception of the bathroom, the entire space is open with no walls. To the left of the entrance is a large kitchen done in silver-shot black marble with stainless steel appliances and a large floating counter dividing it from the rest of the apartment with stools along the far side for casual dining. Just past that is a dining table, large enough for six to sit comfortably, made out of warm chestnut wood with copper inset details. To the right of center is a raised platform 'room', the bedroom, with pillars at the two corners that jut out from the wall, heavy yet translucent curtains separating the sleeping area from the rest of the apartment. The bed dominates the space, with dressers flanking it and the bathroom leading off to one side. The rest of the apartment is free to be whatever one wants. At the moment there are a few comfortable couches and chairs by the bedroom area with an entertainment center for music and viewing pleasures. The rest has been blanketed in canvas dropcloths, a myriad of rolling carts and tables covered with paint tubes and pots, brushes, jars of mineral spirits, and a variety of other artist tools and utensils. Canvas are stacked up against a wall and a work in progress dominates the interior wall that is free of windows.

The one good thing about being the boss means you can leave work when ever you feel like it. Abbey is making her way along through the apartment complex, a few books tucked under one arm while her gaze drifts over the different apartments pausing at the one she was looking for. The keys from her bike are tucked into her jeans pockets. After spending nearly a full day in the hospital because of Ronnie and flying bowling balls she is rather happy to by out and about, and figured she would check in on Hugo to see how he might be. With her keys tucked out of the way she lifts her hand to knock upon the door. Clothing wise is a t-shirt, blue jeans and work boots, a pair of sunglasses tucked back upon her head. She's careful of her right side though as even though she's a wolf the fact is a bowling ball hit her and busted her ribs, and yes it still hurts!

Daytime. Which means it's safe to open the door and see who it is on the other side. Course, Hugo did check his security monitor to see who it was first anyways. The door unlocks and opens to reveal a very casually dressed Hugo in sweatpants and nothing else but a cast. His smile is sunny though as he greets, "Abbey! What a pleasant surprise. What brings you to my neck of the woods?" Stepping back in a silent invitation, Hugo shuts the door in the mechanic's wake and pads after her on bare feet. "Sorry about the state of dress. Or undress. Putting on a shirt smacks of effort and anything with a fly and zip is pretty much impossible one-handed."

Abbey has no idea of Hugo's trouble with the vampire, or vampires type. If she did well she would be rather willing to help. "Hey there." She offers while waving and wanders on into the other apartment once he allows her in. A glance is offered around before she looks back to Hugo. "Oh that's alright, I've seen worse." This said with a teasing tone as she grins a moment. "An I was bringing by the books you asked me for.. I'm sorry I didn't get them to you before now. Had to deal with a few things." "How are you feeling?"

Just as Abbey isn't about to tell Hugo that she's a werewolf, Hugo isn't about to burden Abbey with his vampire troubles and woes. Ahhh, communication! Dancing around the truth, but never stepping on it. Hugo chuckles and nods, countering, "I'm sure you have, and I probably don't want to know. Other than this?" he notes, waving the cast slightly to and fro, "much better. Ribs are pretty much patched up, though they still can ache on occasion." And the swelling and bruising is gone. Nothing left to indicate his accident save the cast on his arm and the scar hidden beneath his hair. "No worries," he rumbles, indicating that she should feel free to put them down where-ever. "How have you been? Hopefully your 'few things' were good ones, not bad?"

Abbey winks at Hugo and shakes her head slightly. "Well.. I haven had a few casts in the past." This said with a joking tone. "An.. ya ribs tend to do that." She murmurs softly with a very knowing look across her face. The books are set down, there is about five books all together from the looks of it. "Two of the books are from the library, the other three are mine. So those you can keep as long as you want." She's quiet for a moment and soon shrugs. "Well.. Its nothing I can't deal with.. But I don't think I'm going to go bowling for a while." This said as she shakes her head at the thought from the other day.

"That is the voice of experience talking," Hugo notes wryly, following Abbey and looking at the books that she has brought him before offering her a smile. "Thanks. This was really thoughtful of you." He carefully separates them into two stacks, hers and library's, checking to make sure there's a return date slip so that he doesn't keep them too long. One brow lifts at her comment though, blue eyes sidling sideways to give her a curious look as he intones gravely, "Methinks there is a story there. Please, have a seat. Would you like something to drink? I have ice tea … or beer?" He putters off toward the kitchen, casting a glance over his shoulder as he invites, "Tell me all about your misadventures in bowling."

Abbey ehs softly as she sits down upon a seat near where the books have been placed, somewhat stiffly thanks to her side. "Yes.. Well you think I never get into trouble or something?" She questions with an amused tone. Her hand lifts to take hold of the sunglasses and folds them closed before letting them rest upon the table. "Seeing what time it is I'll go with the tea." She doesn't drink booze all the time. "Before I start telling me tell of woe, have you ever met Ronnie?"

"Oh, I'm sure you get into all kinds of trouble," Hugo replies as he opens the fridge, bottles clinking softly as he pulls out the pitcher of iced tea and pours two glasses. He brings one glass over first, handing it to Abbey before heading back for the second. "Tea is good. I'm not supposed to drink on my current medication." The stuff tastes fresh-brewed, just sweet enough and with a touch of lemon to it. Glancing over his shoulder, a bemused expression crosses Hugo's features before he shrugs his right shoulder and shakes his head. "I don't think so. Why? Should I have?"

Abbey chuckles softly. "Well at least you don't complain at the fact that I do get in trouble." Some other friends do complain to her about that part of her life. "Thanks.. An nothing wrong with tea." Truthfully it isn't good for her to drink either, at least for a few more days. "An. That depends.. Do you likes rabbits, or like to roller-skate?.. An well do you go bowling and play it like golf?" She smirks faintly before sipping at her glass. "Ronnie felt the need for me to see her bowling ball up close. Got a few bruised ribs from the encounter." She pauses. "Ronnie is a vampire, an it was an accident. She tends to forget her own strength I think."

"Well, maybe if I knew what sort of trouble you get yourself into I would complain," Hugo notes as he rejoins her at the dining room table, taking a seat kitty-corner to hers and resting his casted arm upon the surface. One brow lifts as Hugo slowly hmmmms. "Rabbits are okay. Don't particularly like or dislike them. Haven't roller-skated in… heck, I've never roller-skated." Ice skating, sure, but that's a totally different animal. But at the final question, both brows go up and Hugo definitely states, "Um, no. I'm not even sure how one does use a bowling ball as a golf ball…" Except of course when one is a vampire. "Jesus!" Hugo exclaims, leaning toward Abbey and studying her more closely. "Bruised ribs?? How are they not broken? How are you not in intensive care?" He still can't quite figure out how one plays golf with bowling balls … what club would be strong enough? Or maybe Ronnie is like Animal from the Muppets. Likes to bowl over-hand. His expression is dubious, however, at her claim that it was an 'accident'. "Ahhh, forgive me, but vampires know their own strength. I somehow doubt that this was an accident. Did you do something to piss her off?"

Abbey is quiet while sipping at her tea. "I own a garage in the west side of the city.. What sorta things do you think happen there?" She questions while smirking faintly. A slight hand is waved at the thought. "I'll have to take you roller-skating sometime then." Is said with an amused tone before she peers back at him curiously. "I'm fine.. Was in the hospital after it happened till last night. They got tired of my bitching and as I wasn't dying let me leave." Abs hates hospitals, she'll visit friends in them but when she's in them she can't deal with it that well. She pauses at the thought. "I.. Well I don't think I have. Ronnie I think is missing a few brain cells in a few areas, mostly common sense."

Shrugging, Hugo reminds, "This isn't my city. And there are ways to stay out of trouble even in bad neighborhoods." Lord knows Hugo's spent years of his life ducking trouble and danger whenever possible on the streets of New York. He's clearly amused by the idea of roller-skating, but less amused at the thought of Abbey being in the hospital. "Sorry, I wish I'd known. I would have visited you." Granted, the last place that Hugo wants to be is the hospital, having been there for so long already. But Abbey visited him. The least he could do is visit her. Clearly Hugo will simply have to experience the 'wonder' of Ronnie for himself before he understands and believes what Abbey is saying. Taking a deep breath he drinks his iced tea instead and offers simply, "Well. I'm glad you're okay now."

Abbey ehs softly while tilting her head. "I suppose so.." She offers softly to the part about trouble. "Nothing to be sorry about Hugo.. Nothing you could have done about it after all." A soft smile is seen. "Anyway.. I figured you didn't need to see the hospital again." Yes, Ronnie is one that is hard to explain, it is better to experience her. "Thanks.. Still sore but I'll be alright in a few days."

"Well, no, but having visitors is always nice. I couldn't have changed matters, but I could have come and brought you flowers or something." With a soft sigh, Hugo takes another sip of his tea, changing the subject entirely. "Are you terribly backed up on work now? So many cars in need of your skilled hands! Oh the tragedy." Stretching a little, Hugo's head tilts to one side as he asks with a different sort of intent, "Are you taking some time off from working? Y'know, till your ribs are healed up?"

Abbey keeps her smile. "Well.. That's true." She offers to the comment on having visitors. "Next time I'm stuck in the hospital I'll give you a call." This said with an amused tone while she sips at her glass of tea. A chuckle escapes her. "Sam is sorta glad I'm not able to do much at work. Gives him more to do. I think his the only one that is glad in some strange way when I get banged up." She shakes her head a moment. Her pale gaze peers back to Hugo curiously. "I'm taking a few days off from work. Doctor said I should." Mostly because she's busted her ribs three times this year. "Though, I did work on you bike some before coming over." She leans over opening one of the books to take out two photos. "Looking better I think."

Nodnodding Hugo quirks a brow and notes, "Sam needs a hobby. And you need to work less," though his voice is laced with humor. "Oh," he counters though, when she indicates that she's been working on his Ducati. "No, no, I didn't mean it in that way. I think you should take all the time you need. After all, not like I'm in any shape to ride." He does take the two pictures though, studying them with a pleased smile. "No, I was thinking if you were bored, or needed the money, you could come over and model for me while you're stuck being quiet and still anyways."

"I figured." Abbey offers with a soft tone. "An.. Working less I could but then what would I do other then boss people around?" This questioned with an amused tone. "An I wanted to do something today.. As Sam kicked me out of the garage he didn't kick me out of the yard so." This said with an amused tone. She blinks at the comment about her modeling and ohs softly while tilting her head, seeming to think about the idea. "You still looking for me to model for you hum?" Is questioned with an amused tone.

"Well, as long as you aren't putting a strain on yourself or doing any damage, I don't see the harm in keeping busy. I still paint every day. Not as much as usual, but it keeps me from going stir crazy." Finishing off his glass of tea, Hugo rises up and carries it to the kitchen placing it on the counter for the moment. Glancing back, he shrugs his right shoulder again and replies, "Why not? You're beautiful, you need to be resting anyways, you have the time. I could certainly do much worse. Besides, I know you. Much easier than placing an ad and interviewing potential models."

Abbey nods at that and smiles. "Which is why I worked on the bike.. Was either that or sleep and well. I slept enough yesterday so that wasn't going to happen." She glances after him curiously as she leans against the table, her fingers still resting around her glass. A soft hum escaping her while she clears her throat and smiles once more at the comments from him. "Thank you Hugo.." Is offered with a soft tone, she lets her arms fold before her on the table. "That must be an interesting aid in the paper.. How do you word it?" This questioned while she grins. "An.. What type of modeling might you be thinking of?"

Chuckling, Hugo replies, "Well, it isn't really all that interesting. Just note that a NY artist is looking for models for an upcoming exhibit, both male and female. Pay dependant on experience. Amateurs and professionals are both encouraged to reply. All looks wanted, yadda, yadda, yadda." His hand waves blithely before he shrugs. "But that usually means a huge influx of applicants, and right now I'm not feeling up for that really." His mouth opens to continue but suddenly music is playing and with a quick frown Hugo reaches into his pocket to pull out his cell phone, staring at the caller ID before turning to Abbey and noting, "Sorry, I need to take this…" before flipping open the phone and greeting, "David, hey there. Sorry I missed you earlier. What's up?"

Abbey chuckles softly and nods. "I see." Is said while she smiles. "Well.. I don't see why not. Might be sort of interesting to see what you can come up with if I model for you. This said while she winks at him. Her gaze drifts around slightly at the music playing, a faint ah escapes her at the cell phone. She offers a soft smile and nods to Hugo. "Sure.." Is said with a soft tone. She ponders for a moment if she should leave, not wanting to listen in on the conversation after all.

There is nodding and a few monosyllables before Hugo realizes that this isn't going to be a 'quick' call. Sighing softly, he interrupts with, "David, I have company. Let me call you right back. Promise. Just a few minutes." And with that he hangs up and offers Abbey an apologetic look. "Sorry about that. One of my galleries - there's a problem with a commissioned piece that I have to straighten out." Crossing back over to her, Hugo notes, "Thanks, for bringing the books over. Give me a call if you feel like it and we can arrange a time for you to come by and pose for me. If you like. No big."

Abbey keeps her smile and nods while she stands up and leaves while waving to Hugo. "Sure. I'll talk with you later." Is offered with a soft tone while she turns and quietly makes her way out of the apartment not wanting to make to much noise in the process.

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