Shifting Sickness

De Soto Pharmacy

Large windows on the front and sides of the building allow outside light to shine upon the grey walls with a festive green horizontal stripe. Two cashier centers have been set up on either side of the entrance, though generally only one is occupied at any given time. Neatly lined rows of shelves comprise the majority of the pharmacy, carrying a vast assortment of over-the-counter medication, herbal remedies, bandaging, greeting cards, junk food; pretty much everything one could expect to find on a pharmacy shelf.
At the very back of the De Soto Pharmacy, is the actual pharmaceutical department. A pharmacist is on duty here twenty-four hours a day, filling out prescriptions.

The darkness encompasses the area, save for the street lights — and the light beckoning from the De Soto pharmacy.

Inside the crowd isn't too heavy. There are a few people here and there, the noise from the flourescent lights more noticable than any din. Mischa is currently in an aisle looking at stomach-soothing medicine as his own makes a few dubious sounding noises. He licks his lips a little bit as he shifts his shopping basket from hand to hand. The plastic basket is already home to a few boxes of Alka Seltzer and a bottle of Pepto Bismal. Mischa now seems to be considering soothing tummy lozenges. His gray shirt and old jeans are splattered with a dark blue paint, along with flecks of a lighter robin's egg blue.

Abbey doesn't seem to have a problem with the darkness, she is just entering the drugstore, keys to her harley that is parked out front getting tucked into her jeans pocket in the process. Her pale gaze drifts over the different aisle until she catches sight of the one she wants, the aisle that has the different cold medication to be found. A faint caught escaping her in the process. Someone has got a cold, the starts of a sneezing, coughing, cold which she totally blames on the one night stay in the hospital she had a few days ago. She gives her head a slight shake while she wanders on towards the aisle, only pausing as she peers down one to catch sight of Mischa. "Hey Mischa." Is offered, a bit surprized to see him here of all places.

Mischa seems surprised to see Abbey too, and very nearly drops the new bottle of Pepto Bismal he's picked up off the aisle. His own brow is beaded with sweat and he doesn't look his usual color. "Abbey! Fancy meeting you here. ..You don't sound so good. Did you catch something?" Mischa asks as he puts the bottle back on the shelf and instead reaches for one of the packets of supposedly soothing lozenges. He'll try just about anything once — or at least anything once right at this very moment. He reaches up to mop the sweat from his brow with the hem of his t-shirt before he smiles at Abbey. "In any event, other than the cold… you're looking well."

Abbey chuckles softly before turning her head, her arm lifting to cover a cough that escapes her. "Ya.. So it seems.. That I got it at the hospital." She lifts a hand to rub across the back of her neck a moment. "You look like you a bit under the weather yourself. Though how have you been?" She hasn't talked to him since he was at the garage that night after all.

"I've just got a spot of food poisoning." Which is to say, Mischa decided to cavort as a cat and his animal nature got the best of him… and he ate some heinous things out of a garbage can. "At the hospital?" Mischa asks, with quirked brows. "I've been alright. Trying to get this house stuff sorted out…" He motions to his shirt and the dried paint speckles. "Other than getting hurt and subsequently sick, what else have you been doing with yourself? It's been a little bit since we talked last."

Abbey ohs softly, and amused look crosses her face. "Been there done that.." An as a wolf one could imagen what she chews on when wandering about. "Ah.. ya.. I sorta had a run in with Ronnie and a bowling ball.." She murmurs with a faint tone. Her ribs are still tender and brusied from the whole thing. "If you see Ronnie trust me and just leave the joint." A slight shrug is offered. "Truthfully just working." She went wandering during the fullmoon but its not like she can bring that up.

Mischa stares for a long moment, furrowing his brows. "Where is Ronnie, and shall I go rough him up? Or should I just run if I happen to see him? …Who is Ronnie?" Mischa asks before he reaches up to wipe the sweat from his brow once more. "Just working? And being beaten up by this Ronnie person… which I find very unhealthy. You don't need any help with bodily harm, Abbey." Mischa seems quite wary about this Ronnie person and the fact that ther ewas a bowling ball and grievous bodily harm involved.

Abbey ahs and smirks a moment. "Ronnie is a girl.. and she's a vampire.. It actually was an accident.." It is hardly even seen that Abs would say something to defend a vampiremind you. "An I haven't been working that much lately.. Just enough to keep my mind busy." Not like she has anything else going on in her life. Another slight cough escapes her. "Don't worry about it.. I plan on staying away from her next time I see her to say the least."

"If she's a girl and a vampire, I don't think it would be very wise at all for me to go hitting her or even looking for her…" Mischa says, smiling at Abbey briefly before he eyes her for wounds. "So, can I get a description? I'd love to know whom to avoid — you know, because my list wasn't long enough already." Mischa smirks at this before he shakes his head, his stomach giving a sickening rumble before he winces a little bit and turns somewhat green around the gills. Thankfully for now this remains a situation that recalls 'mind over matter', because through sheer willpower, Mischa is able not to blow chunks all over the nice waxed floor of the pharmacy.

Abbey doesn't have any visable wounds from the looks of it. She chuckles softly and nods. "Ya.. that would be a bad thing.." A faint amused look crosses her face. "I'm rather surprized you haven't ran into her.. Very brightly colored and most of the time on skates. She talks as if she was from the 80's." She peers at the other. "You.. gona be alright there?"

Mischa nods his head a little ruefully. "I think so. Maybe I just need to get 'home' and rest for a little bit." Mischa rubs his stomach absently before reaching out for that bottle of Pepto Bismal he put back, shuffling it into the basket again. A little old woman approaches from the other side of Abbey and looks quite put out that there are two people in the way of her Prilosec, and so Mischa flushes and moves aside. "That's probably my cue. I'll remember this information about 'Ronnie' too. Just so I can run the other way if I do see her." Mischa grins at Abbey briefly. "We should get together for Chinese food sometime. General Tso's chicken will clear those sinuses right out."

Abbey smiles and nods to Mischa. "You need me to drive you home?" She questions curiously while glancing to the little old lady and steps out of her way. "Hey.. That sounds like a good idea.. Well the chinese that is. An.. Ya I would run. She'll start talking about bunnies if your not careful." This said with an amused tone before a sneeze sneaks up and escapes her. "Ow.." She murmurs faintly.

"I'm probably fine for now. Thank you though." Provided that there's a roadside park or dingy gas station Mischa can stop at in case any dire situations arise, he'll hang in there. "I'll call you soon about that Chinese food. In the meantime, take care of yourself. Lots of orange juice!" Mischa's stomach makes a dubious gurgling noise and he starts to do a funny little sprint off toward the cash register with his basket of stomach-virus-fighting supplies.

Abbey lifts a hand waving towards Mischa as he goes. She turning to go get something for her cold. "Sure. You know the number, call anytime. I hope you feel better soon Mischa." This said whiel she glances back towards him making sure he can at least make it out of the store.

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