Grave Introductions

McCree Cemetery

Campaign work tends to make one's life busy, even for something as small as a Mayoral election. Time has passed since the last trip has been made which simply is not acceptable. After a dinner held to help sway some votes in his direction the hopeful candidate decides that a visit is long overdue. He slowly makes his way through the cemetery and stops only once he's reached a particular marker. That stone becomes the object of Zane's gaze as what seems like eternity passes. The man seen here is a man who has already been defeated, if only in this fleeting moment. Eventually he kneels before the grave of Denae and closes his eyes to pray.

Cemeteries hold little interest for the Sheriff of Area 9. There is absolutely no reason for her to be here this evening. None what so ever, except that a contact at the restaurant followed the mayoral candidate to this location, circled back and called to let her know where the man would be.
Dressed in a black lacy dress with print-netted stockings and matching gloves and black boots, she looks almost like a gothic little Lolita.
A handkerchief is in one hand and though she daubs at her eyes every few minutes she's not really crying. Her slow steps carry her not far from the man, and she bows her head respectfully near the grave.

The prayer is long yet well-deserved in his opinion. Slowly he opens his eyes. The approach of the other wasn't actually heard yet he has the distinct feeling that he isn't alone. Zane has absolutely no super powers but his time in the military has made him paranoid at times. Eventually he tilts his head ever so in order to view Isobel fully. Not a comment is made. He eventually brings himself to stand before appearing somber faced towards the vampire. This doesn't feel right. This is why he isn't immediately opening up to her.

While Isobel's eyes are downward she's scouting out the name on the stone. It may not be a relative of hers, but it is of someone she has had dealings with in the past. Thankfully. Daubing her eyes once more, she crosses herself. Then she lifts up the onyx crucifix and kisses it.
When she realizes she's being watched, she lifts her head slowly. "A friend of the family," she says quietly. "I was unable to attend the ceremony a few months back and am only able to pay my respects now." She is not unaware of the odd look.

"At such an hour I didn't expect to run into anyone out here." It isn't safe and is horribly clich. This has him on edge but he shows no fear. It is not what a man of his position would do. "Although I apologize for interrupting. Respects are best left to those who are paying them." As if to accent his point Zane looks down at his own stone. His hand reaches out for the stone in order to touch it, as if he somehow is able to reach out to the life of one buried beneath him. It will be some time before he returns so he is making the most of his visit. "I will make you proud of me," he whispers.

"That is why I chose to come out so late," Isobel says with a little 'sniffle'. Faked of course. She wipes her eyes again and pushes up from her location moving toward the path. "It should be I that apologizes for interrupting. You were paying your respects first." As though an afterthought, she places a single rose atop the stone she was visiting.
Patiently she waits to the side of the path. Far enough down so as not to interrupt or 'hear'. Her vampiric abilities have her able to hear what he says to the stone, however.

It still seems rather odd behavior for one who appears to be so young. Still he focuses on the stone. "I met a girl that I think you'd like. It's what we would have wanted. When I see her I can't help but think of that. Hopefully this time I won't fail." Fail to protect her, as she failed to protect them. A few more words are said before Zane slowly backs away. Eventually he turns on his heel and begins walking. "It isn't safe at this hour," he eventually comments to the young woman. "Not that I have heard of many muggers that roam this particular area, but they do say the groundskeeper is something to watch out for."

"The groundskeeper?" Isobel, forcing herself to look a little more human, blinks a few times. A very curious look is shot his way, wondering if there is some new supernatural threat in her city. "It is not far to the road, and I have a car." She's not planning on walking too far by herself. "Though if you are so worried for my safety, perhaps I can trouble you for an escort back up to the road? I would not normally impose, but…" She makes it seems as though he's put the fear of God into her about how 'dangerous' it is out this evening.

Having visited the grounds many times he's met the man more than once. "You'd know him if you saw him. Older man in a wheelchair. He doesn't seem so bad but he is somewhat off at times." His retreat pauses once she continues. Zane would never describe himself as a proper Southern gentleman but he isn't about to turn out on this young woman. Even if he has a bad feeling about the situation. "If we're heading in the same direction, Miss, there's certainly no harm. It's better to know you're safe anyway." Odd situation or not he won't allow another young woman the opportunity to be harmed.

"Most people are off at times. I believe that is part of human nature." Isobel smiles a little, filing away the information. He may be meaning Luvell, in which case she has nothing to be concerned about. On the off chance he's meaning someone else entirely it's good information to keep. "Thank you…" Her head tilts to the side. "Mr. Wright? I knew you looked familiar, but now that you are a little closer you look exactly like the man from those posters I have seen around the city."

He actually half chuckles through the pain that visiting his wife brings him. Her statement is nothing if not true. If she were to ask for a name he would not be able to furnish it. Descriptions sadly are the best that he can do. Zane doesn't offer an arm or anything to that nature but will walk beside her. "It's still weird seeing those posters. I've never really been interested in my image, especially seeing it everywhere." He always attempts to play it off as if it's no big deal. "Someday I suppose I'll get used to it. But I don't think it will be any time soon."

"So you are running for mayor." Isobel watches him with an almost emotionless gaze. "That must be pretty exciting, but I had heard that Dallas has a fairly strong vampire population. Are you not afraid that you may be attacked due to your platform?" Just like a young, well brought up lady, she holds her hands together in front of her. "I know if I were in your position, I would be concerned. Especially if my face were so public."

"That's what the papers say." This is said with a full out grin before he turns his attention to the path. The question could come across as almost a threat but it honestly doesn't. Zane has only but to answer honestly. "Am I afraid? I'm always afraid. Afraid that someday someone just like you will be doing something as innocent as you were and would be attacked. Am I afraid for myself? Not particularly. It's not that I'm foolish enough not to recognize their abilities, but I almost expect that I'm putting myself out there. It doesn't mean that I'm going to live in fear."

"Fear has its use, but cowardice none." Isobel nods at that, assuming that intrinsically that is what he is meaning. "No one should live in fear, Mr. Wright, but that does not mean that we should not be fearful of things in the appropriate manner at the appropriate time." She does not try to promote vampires as being all kindness and light, but she does add, "It seems almost foolish to fear that which has been around though hidden for centuries, especially since I would wager that they are not that far off from us with how variable their attitudes are."

At best this is a member of the league, he surmises, but he's not about to comment. "Tell that to the beautiful woman who was laid to rest years ago. To all of those who have suffered so gravely and their loved ones who are now in mourning. Tell that to my campaign aide who has her life altered so drastically." Despite the speech Zane is completely calm. He is the voice of his campaign and not afraid to speak out. "If they are so reasonable then they will work within the law to prove as much. I'm not calling for genocide. My neighbors just deserve to feel safe."

"But can the same not be said for the likes of Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, or Jeffrey Dahmer?" Isobel continues walking, not missing a step as they make their way up the path toward the road. "One could argue that at the crux of it humans on their own are capable of becoming monsters." The vampires in her area have not created a church decrying the eradication of humans, whereas the humans have definitely done so against vampires. "Though I am truly sorry for the loss of your wife. That was an absolutely senseless crime, like so many one hears about on the news these days."

"And look what fate befell them." He makes no attempt to hide the truth about the horrors of those listed. "I'm not saying that humans can't be evil. I won't say that vampires can be good. I've never had a positive experience. Unlike many younger than me, though, I'm not in a hurry to run out and have one." Fangbangers Zane means. "Aren't so many things that happen in life senseless? They are also challenges. We all have our obstacles." There's a crack in his armor here, just ever so slightly. "Besides, if you listen to the tabloids I most likely fabricated the story."

"Death is never something to fabricate, even if it means gaining the sympathy vote, Mr. Wright. Those who take such dirty magazines as being truthful would also have you believing that Elivs gave birth to bigfoot's baby." Isobel may be one of the 'old-fashioned' type vampires, but she does mainstream more than most of those who she holds closest to herself.
"Just because one does not have a positive experience with something does not make it a falsity either. I have never, for instance, had a positive experience with a cat. That does not mean that I believe all cats to be evil or demonic. Merely that I have yet to come across a cat with which to have a positive experience." Purposefully fidgeting with her gloves, she glances over at the man at her side.
"You may not be in a hurry to have it happen, but if you win the mayoral election, you may have to deal with them sooner than you think. Mayor McNaab is on friendly terms with them, as evidenced by the Unity Day parade and events he set up throughout the day and night. Would you be able to put aside your own issues in order to maintain peace within your city, do you think?"

A weaker man may break at this but he simply looks ahead. "Months ago I wouldn't even have considered running. My life is an open book. I invite them all to print whatever untruths that they'd like. I will never sink to that level. I'd rather be an honest loser than a dishonest winner." It is the foundation everyone should live on. Zane shakes his head as he continues on, quite comfortable not looking to Isobel. "I will deal with them as I have to. That isn't meant to sound like anything but the actual word. Will I turn away from one who wants to talk? No. But I also won't go putting them before the people." There are valid points made but he is persistent. "McNaab is a decent man but his actions are questionable at times. We shouldn't celebrate what we don't have under control. Conversation should come first. Although I can't honestly criticize his work. He's done what he believes is best." Even if he has been somewhat silent over the last year.

Isobel continues along silently for a few moments, still fidgeting and fussing with the gloves. Much like a young woman who was forced to wear them as opposed to choosing to do so. "Life has a very interesting way of taking twists and turns that are not expected." This is something that she is full aware of, with being asked to take on the position of Whip, and then Sheriff.
Neither of which she truly wanted when she came to the city.
"There are those that would argue that it was less of a celebration and more a show of good faith. Surely a man as religious as yourself can understand how important good faith is to the constituents." Finally working off the first glove, the second comes a little more easily. Both are held in her right hand as she continues to walk.
"Communication is a good first step. I think that provided you keep the lines of communication open and do not use the office to promote religious zealotry you may make a fine mayor." Though truthfully she would much prefer to keep McNaab in office. Glamouring the entire city to vote for the favored vampire-candidate would be far too difficult.

"Life is just that. If it was predictable it would be boring." It's at least a twist to put on things that keeps him going through life. Now at least he has purpose. "I don't believe it was a celebration of good faith. If it was everyone would have been better protected. We all know how I feel about things but not even vampires deserved to find themselves under such an attack. Innocent humans were involved, too. This is why the celebrations should not come first." Perhaps it is the military training in Zane but he certainly would have done things differently. Only now does he actually look to her. "I'm sorry, Miss, but any sort of abuse like that is wrong. To serve one's people and country is not to force your views on everyone. I won't hide how I feel but preaching would be abuse of power." At least no one will see him drinking in public places like certain other office members.

"Someone close to me was injured in that attack." Unfortunately, that attack also very publicly made one of their weaknesses known. Isobel has been less than pleased about that since it happened, as it has led to the advent to things such as silver weaponry, and SilverSpray.
"Though I believe such a thing would have went off with no issues had a mad group proclaiming themselves to be the 'Voluntary Vampire Extinction Movement' had not decided to try and eradicate every vampire in attendance." Thereby making things much less 'voluntary'. There is a little ire that flashes in her eyes at the thought of Kegan and his band of merry men, though it easily dissipates.
"You did not strike me as the sort to do such, but it is always good to hear such a promise from the mouth of the man who is running for office and not just make the assumption that it is so." A smile as they reach the end of the path. There is in fact a car in sight. A black limousine with tinted windows.
"It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Wright. I look forward to potentially conversing with you again in the future." She pauses, making a good show of looking uncertain as to the proper protocol here. Should she shake his hand, or just thank him for the unneeded protection? Another smile touches her lips briefly. "Thank you for the escort."

"Genocide is genocide, no matter how you look at it. War claims lives on both sides. It would have been foolish to believe that everything would go perfectly. But these are just the words of a worn man who has seen too much war. I can tell you that I would prefer far more security at any similar events." He is not McNaab, obviously, and will not outwardly insult the man. Still he will not hold back on some opinions. "Politics is a messy game, Miss. It's almost impossible to tell who is telling the truth if anyone is. One on one conversations are best but they're hard to accomplish." He's not a politician, not yet. Zane has a long way to go if he's going to accomplish that. As they're about to part ways he watches her. He very likely could get called out on this but he makes a hand available if she wishes to shake it. He has nothing to hide. "It was. I always appreciate conversation that causes me to think and to feel. Stay safe."

Isobel drops one of her gloves into the damp dirt at the side of the path, causing it to be muddied. Crouching down, she picks it up and fusses with it in her right hand, trying valiantly to get the dirt off of it. Then she rubs her hand with the handkerchief to get the dirt off of it, thereby making it near-human temperature. The handshake is kept just as long as necessary for it to be respectful, and is extremely delicate. No bone-crushing. No sturdy businesslike shake.
Dainty, and feminine. Just like the young girl she's trying to portray.
"Sometimes, Mr. Wright," Isobel says as she opens the door in the back of the limousine, "You simply need to ask for a one on one conversation for it to happen. My bet is that someone within the Mayor's office currently knows how to contact at least one of the vampires within the city."
The door closes, and it is less than a minute later that the long vehicle pulls away from the curb.

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