Exercise Caution

Sheriff's Estate - Isobel's Room

Waiting for the others in the mansion to wake can at times be a daunting task. It has taught the baby vampire to learn patience, or at least more patience than he already has known. Yet when the hour strikes true he leaves his reading behind to engage in the meeting with his maker requested not too long ago. He knows no fear especially since he knows not to be afraid. Elliott slips from his bedroom when he knows that it is wise to do so, eyes immediately seeking out the beautiful Isobel so that he might fulfill his promise.

Elliott will get an eyeful as soon as he enters the room.
Isobel is awake, but as she sleeps in the nude, has barely had time to reach for the sky blue robe that hangs beside the bed when her Child appears.
"Elliott, darling, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Taking hold of the robe she begins to slip it over her form β€” more for his sake than her own β€” and makes her way to the small hidden refrigerator and takes out a bag of B-positive. Without heating it up she uses her fangs to tear the bag open and drinks from it as is.
Someone woke up hungry this evening.

The man may now walk amongst her as a creature of the night but even he is not quite used to such things. It has never exactly been hidden from him but his background is hard to shake at times. Even though he remains outwardly composed Elliott must take a moment before speaking. "Before I returned to Medieval Times I was wondering if I might request a moment of your time." The door to his room is closed more out of habit than anything. He realizes she has free reign to enter and has absolutely nothing to hide. "A name was given to me in attempts to learn more about a specific person. I know few who may be able to assist but thought that you might."

There is no response from the Sheriff, not until the entire bag is drained dry. Even then, she tears the top the rest of the way off and dips her fingers into the cold viscous liquid that remains inside. Drawing out the bloody fingers, she paints her lips then licks them.
When she eventually finishes she seats herself back on the bed and motions for her Child to come and join her.
"You may always request a moment of my time, you silly Child. Do tell me what it is you are speaking about, however."
In a way, it is rather amusing how the 'young' in the vampire community come to her as though she has all the answers.

As far as he is concerned she is the only place he is to turn. He could have requested an audience above her but he prefers to deal primarily with his maker. When motioned over Elliott does as told and makes himself comfortable upon the bed. "One evening while enjoying the night I happened upon a human female who in the dark assumed that I was someone that I am not. In the process, however, she mentioned that she as well suffers from such cases of mistaken identity." There are no dramatic pauses as the child speaks as he still has no idea the full implications behind the words he's about to speak. "Apparently her family history was traced to a name of a woman that she resembles. She requested that I attempt to see if this is something that should trouble her or not."

If one were paying very close attention to Isobel at the moment, they would notice a twitch in her right eye. It is brief, and the mask of neutrality snaps back into place immediately, but it was still there.
"She is then, I am to presume, the bloody little pharmacist."
Obviously sent by God to try her patience. "It is indeed something that should trouble her, my Child." No further explanation is given, nor does she let on that she currently holds the girl's life in her hands.

He has only but to watch her, to study her, as if a man obsessed. Suddenly the realization that he may have bitten off more than he can chew begins to overwhelm Elliott. "I believe that she is just that. I was unaware that you were familiar with her, but I should have realized the very moment that she spoke of meeting the King." There is no graceful way to end or bow out of this conversation, nor does Elliott attempt to do either. "I shall keep from speaking the name of this woman from the past, then. I am curious as to what she's done to anger you so as to learn of you and your life. Yet I feel that even in saying this I will have upset you."

"Familiar with the pharmacist?" Fortunately for the young woman, Isobel has no clue of her name or which pharmacy she works at. "Familiar with the woman to whom she bears a resemblance."
The Sheriff is upset but there is no longer any outward sign of this anger. She is an absolute statue of neutrality. Of icy coolness.
"Ysolde was the King's Maker. She was the most evil, vile, and manipulative bitch I have ever come across in all my years. The King is… showing interest in his Maker's doppleganger and this is something that concerns me a great deal."

There is only but to move forward. He listens to the story of this Ysolde, of who she is and briefly why she is to be considered evil. "That would explain the reactions that this young woman has reportedly received." He will mention no names, either of Alexa or Ysolde. It is not his place to do so unless directly asked. "I also was unaware of the King's full interest in her. I do know that it was he who alerted her that she was indeed traced back to this other woman." Elliott may see no outward signs of Isobel's current mood but he also would like to think he knows her at least well enough to consider how she likely feels. "Is there something that I might offer to help alleviate this feeling of concern?"

"Maintain your distance."
That is truly the only advice that Isobel can offer, as she is not exactly the most unbiased person when it comes to the pharmacist or the King's Maker.
"Considering your resemblance to Valentinus, and her resemblance to his Maker, I should hate for history to repeat itself." Therein lies her only warning. Should she consider history to be repeating itself, both will die by her own hand.
"Ysolde was responsible for telling Valentinus that I was dead, and sending me to my death at the French court."
Rising from the bed she moves toward the wardrobe. Partially to hide her face, partially to decide upon what to wear for the evening.
"What I truly cannot understand is the draw this girl seems to have over all of the men in my life."

The first advice is one that is troubling to him. "I did give my word that I would speak with her at least in terms of what it is she has to fear. I shall maintain the distance you require but ask for one last meeting to at least be true to my word." He does value that more than almost anything. Elliott even now does not follow her as she walks to her wardrobe. His eyes remain off to the side as he considers everything that this could imply. "The King's maker truly sounds like one who has earned more than your ire." He could apologize for her hardships but it would do little good, this he knows. "I would not have uttered a word to her had she not mistaken me for the King. I would be far from the individual to ask about why she is desirable."

"Do you know what it is she has to fear, Elliott?"
Isobel peers over her shoulder at her Child. Even while tossing aside a god awful garment that she does not recall purchasing. By touch, she extracts a very cute little business suit and begins to don it. Not caring that he is in the room. She has nothing to hide from those with whom she shares intimacy.
"She has to fear me. If I hear one minute piece of information that makes me believe she is in any way like her ancestress, it will be my decision as to whether she lives or dies." As decreed by Valentinus himself.

Interesting development. He considers the words fully before turning his gaze to Isobel. Much like his kind he has taken to a relatively expressionless gaze though he has been known to di this before being turned. "Then it displeases you that I intend to speak with her." This time Elliott does not form his inquiry as a question. "I would offer to watch over her to ensure such things are not to happen but you've already instructed me to keep my distance." It doesn't seem to openly bother him that she's the very thing he'd wish to protect Alexa from. His feelings are to be left for a time when he is alone.

"Everything to do with that annoying breather bothers me, Elliott." She has no reason to lie to him about such things. Isobel dislikes the girl purely due to who she looks like.
"It displeases me greatly that you look look so much like my darling Valentine, and have taken such a shine to this mortal." Wriggling into the skirt, she turns around to eye her Child. "It displeases me that she looks so much like his Maker, and he has shown interest in her. It displeases me that she lives." Yet the Sheriff has done nothing in regards to her displeasure beyond voicing it.
"You may keep your word, and if you wish to ensure she does not become that which I have mentioned you may do so at a distance. I do not wish a Child of mine to be involved in that line." Though there is little Isobel can do about it, other than kill him if he gets too close.

Were this anyone else he'd speak up about the quality of person that she is yet Elliott knows better. "Yes, m'lady." There is no attempt to talk her out of her word. "Had I known all of this prior to giving my word I would not have done so. Yet I will also ensure, to the best of my ability, that she does not repeat the actions of her ancestor." How he will do that from a distance he has little clue. Still, he can't actually disobey, even if he were so devoted to do so. "You also have my thanks for allowing me to fulfill the promise made before fading away." Elliott can't exactly speak of having feelings for Alexa but he also is the type to see the good in all people unless presented with the inability to do so.

"Elliott, this is not an order you realize. It is a request. I do not wish to see you hurt." There is much truth in that. Isobel's desire to keep this child safe as she was unable to with the last one.
To prove her words she moves to seat herself beside him on the bed once more. Her hand reaching out to gently stroke his cheek. "There is bad blood that runs in that family. Should you wind up falling for this annoying breather or wish to turn her, it could wind up with both of us dead. I do not wish that life for you."
Her death would be by the Magister's or King's hand of course. For killing one who was thusly claimed by another, or killing one of her own kind.

Her words cause him to act. He very nearly stands to go to her, to ensure that he is listening to her requests but she's soon by his side. He remains sitting while this happens for more than one reason. "Order or not, it is something that you wish. I never mean to openly disobey you or cause you harm." There are ties to the Sheriff that Elliott will never be able to sever even if he wished to. She does hold a special place in his unbeating heart. "I am also but a child. I should not wish to claim or turn anyone. While I do feel a desire to protect, I believe that I have had that desire since before I came to be as I am." In this moment he allows his expression to break and actually portray the feelings that he has for her. It's all in the way his eyes consider her. "I will be cautious, m'lady."

Tonight is not a night she can afford to tarry long with her Child, if only because of the 'guest' that is locked in the guest room upstairs.
Isobel reaches out to place a gentle kiss upon Elliott's brow, her fingers brushing over his cheek again.
"Please see that you are, Elliott. It would kill me to lose another Child, especially one I have grown so fond of in so short a time." When the years pass into centuries the pain will actually grow rather than recede, yet she does not let him know this.
"You have my permission to speak with the King about the girl as well. Should he decree that you are to ensure she does not become the monster I fear she will become, I will not be angered by the decision." She will just not make it herself.

It has not been his intention to delay her long from any such endeavors that she may have. His eyes close if but for a moment before Elliott nods. "If only for you, m'lady. Of this I promise." This is in regards to being cautious. As it seems he is being dismissed without it actually being stated, Elliott pulls away enough to stand and bow at the waist. "Then I shall seek an audience with him in order to see what it is that he will decide. In the meantime I will keep distance but for to inform her of what I've learned. Part of it." Even Elliott knows that there are things that he should not say. "I apologize for taking so much of your time, but thank you for your counsel."

"You never have need to apologize to me, darling. You are welcome to come to me any time with questions or concerns." Isobel knows that soon she will have to set aside a night solely for him. To teach him how to properly feed and glamour so that another incident like the one with Miss Tyler does not happen again.
"It is merely that we have a house guest that needs dealing with and I must speak with Marius before endeavoring to deal with this particular man." Whom she would much prefer to outright kill for his escapades than deal with him properly.

"This one, I assume, is one that does not wake so early as I have not heard him." Perhaps Elliott hears far too much but he will not shy away from reporting this to Isobel. "I'm saddened to hear of yet another guest of this nature but understand and will leave you to this task. As always, I will most likely be at the Medieval Times if I am needed." Elliott does need to be taught many things but currently he's comfortable not knowing how to glamour another. Proper feeding is also something that should be taught but he'd much rather not have to. Another bow is given before he actually smiles at her, just as he used to. "As always, it's been a pleasure."

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