We Meet Again

Bass Clef Club
%tBass Clef is a fair sized Jazz club with the lighting dimmed so that the booths and tables along the back and side walls of the cafe area are slightly shadowed and more private. Eight booths line the bricked walls, four on each side of the club. To get up into the booths there is a single step so that they are not on the same level as the rest of the floor. The walls are decorated with posters from past and upcoming events and entertainers. Several cafe-style tables have been set up in the center of the club with two to four chairs surrounding each. Closer to the bar there are taller tables, being close to forty-four inches in height so that someone could stand next to it and rest their elbows upon them as they leaned in against them.
%tAcross from the large wooden door that is the entrance, there is a very short stage comprised of black marble. In the center of the stage is a grand piano, and enough room for the remainder of the jazz-band to set up. The stage is normally lit up with a spotlight, making it the most illuminated area in the entire club.
%tSettled on the right wall is the bar. The lights around the bar don't seem to be as dim as those in the rest of the club, but the lighting is still very low in order to keep the atmosphere of the rest of the establishment. Behind the bar the wall is done up in aqua-colored tile before the shelving for the various types of beverages; including soda. A door behind the bar presumably leads to the kitchen and storage areas.

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It's early Monday morning, midnight having not long passed, and the Bass Clef Club's still busy. The sun's still hours away from setting and Michael's sitting quietly in one of the booth, he leans back not so much as moving a muscle, a TruBlood in his hand he watches the band on stage without so much as a hint of emotion.

The throng spits Joao out directly next to Michael's table and instantly his keen eyes dart to the man's bottle before jumping up to his face. Lips quirk and then loosen so that he can speak. "Thought so. Musta been hungry - it made you cranky." Someone jostles him from behind, forcing the tall lanky lad to readjust his position and he does so opposite the vampire, keeping a comfortable distance between them.

"I don't like being lied to." Michael offers a faint smile to Joaquim. "I think you'd know if I were cranky." He takes a sip of his drink, not offering a seat to the other man. "You weren't helping Todd, so much as you were playing with him. Otherwise you'd have simply told him that was his home and directed his attention to the bracelet." He takes a sip of his drink.

Joao snorts, shaking his head as those lips crimp together again. "I didn't lie to you, and I wasn't lying to him to be an ass. I won't say all my intentions were innocent, but he got all worked up because he got confused, so I told him he was coming to my house." A cigarette is absently pulled out as he talks. "I got him /home/. If I wanted to majorly take advantage of him it would have been child's play. I was just having a little fun while helping someone out." For whatever reason, he feels defensive and adds, "I brought him a long ways! Safely I might add - /with/ his bag of fruit."

Michael doesn't so much as move as Joaquim speaks, his attention does however rest on the man. "I see. Either way I meant it when I said what your intentions towards him were was of no concern. I've helped the man myself on ocassion, but I don't claim to be his guardian." He frowns faintly as he again takes a sip of his drink. "He does seem to have an obsession with fruit."

Joao brightens, "Does he? I was wondering about that. He couldn't remember why he had a bag of fruit, just that he liked strawberries." An artful flick positions the cigarette in his mouth, filter first, and a flame lights up the immediate area. The lighter is stashed again as he takes a drag. The smoke is chased out by words, "He seems alright. Fruity," pun intended all around, "but alright. I doubt he'd go ripping out anyone's throat anytime soon." A pointed grin is directed at Michael.

Michael inclines his head a little. "He's shown an interest in fruit a couple of times I've met him." Michael turns his attention to the band for a moment, letting Joaquim speak, his last comment gets a cold grin. "Oh, I'd never rip out throats, far too messy. Better to take your time and save the clothes. Of course you must fidn yourself misplacing more than a few outfits?"

Joao nonchalantly lifts both shoulders, "Eh, not really. You sort of plan those things out. If you can't, well you should have a bit of a memory to remember where they were when you last saw them." Two fingers of the cigarette holding hand tap his noggin.

"It's my experience that plans tend to change fairly suddenly." Michael finishes his drink as he rises from his seat. "But then that is life. I must be going, but it has been amusing at least." He nods his head as he begins to make his way towards the door, working his way through the crowds with a casual ease.

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