Psychic Shift

(OOC note: Joaquim learning how to RP with a psychic. First time ever. Thanks to Oliver for his patience.)

Bass Clef Club

Bass Clef is a fair sized Jazz club with the lighting dimmed so that the booths and tables along the back and side walls of the cafe area are slightly shadowed and more private. Eight booths line the bricked walls, four on each side of the club. To get up into the booths there is a single step so that they are not on the same level as the rest of the floor. The walls are decorated with posters from past and upcoming events and entertainers. Several cafe-style tables have been set up in the center of the club with two to four chairs surrounding each. Closer to the bar there are taller tables, being close to forty-four inches in height so that someone could stand next to it and rest their elbows upon them as they leaned in against them.

Across from the large wooden door that is the entrance, there is a very short stage comprised of black marble. In the center of the stage is a grand piano, and enough room for the remainder of the jazz-band to set up. The stage is normally lit up with a spotlight, making it the most illuminated area in the entire club.

Settled on the right wall is the bar. The lights around the bar don't seem to be as dim as those in the rest of the club, but the lighting is still very low in order to keep the atmosphere of the rest of the establishment. Behind the bar the wall is done up in aqua-colored tile before the shelving for the various types of beverages; including soda. A door behind the bar presumably leads to the kitchen and storage areas.

joaquim_icon.jpg AND

Standing at 6' tall and of a fairly atheletic build the man before you is of light complexion, his hair's dark brown, almost black and cut to a fairly short and messy french crop. His eyes are a dark blue leaning somewhat towards green, he's got a slightly crooked smile, his nose is just a little crooked, and he sports slight dimples.

The outfit worn tonight's casual formal, leaning towards the casual. The three piece suits tailored to him, a midnight blue jacket with a casual cut's worn unbuttoned, the shirt beneath's a dark red, no tie's worn the top two buttons undone, a belts worn on the midnight blue pants, the buckle looking to be golden. All in all the suit's cut to accentuate the form beneath.

It's still early, the band for the evening hasn't even arrived yet, let alone set up. And Oliver's sitting at the bar, he's wearing a decent black suit, his Blackberry rests not an inch from his hand on the bar in front of him, he's sipping a glass of rum, his attention apparently set in the bar ahead of him. However he's actually letting his mind wander, taking in the thoughts of those around him. He's wearing the usual socialable, friendly and confident mask that he always does in public, a faint yet warm smile in place.

There's a cigarette machine in the corner by the bar and lanky Joao is busy plunking coins into it. They drop and soon the sound of it hitting the side of his forearm fills the space around him, followed by the crinkle of plastic and then to metallic crumple of foil as it's torn off and bound up to be tossed in a nearby receptacle. All of this done while the young man ambles around the bar staring at the various folks who are there. A glance across at the female bartender sets off stream thoughts that echo a teenage libido, luring a sly grin onto his lips.

Oli doesn't give the kid much thought, his attention still on the bar in front of him, he does however throw back the last of his drink and motion for another, grabbing the attention of the woman behind the bar, who judging by her quick reaction seems to know Oli's order by heart.

As Joao rounds the bar towards Oliver he's noticed, sweeping away the thoughts of the woman as his clothes are examined. Soon his mind is oozing ponderous blips such as « I bet he has a nice watch » and « I wonder if he smokes? », etc… Dropping onto the bar stool next to Oliver, the youth slips out a cigarette and glances over as he asks, "You got a light?" Another thought leaks through, « Let it be gold! ».

There's a friendly smile as Oliver turns to look at the young man, he does have a nice watch. "Sorry, no light." He shifts his arm just enough to rest his hand on the blackberry in front of him. He then picks up the newly arrived drink and sips it. "Never smoked, thought the cost wasn't worth it."

« Well shit. » and « Nice watch. » slip out as Joaquim reaches out and taps the bar, "Matches." The bartender glances around to see who is making the request and her lips crumple in irritation. She grouches, "Use your lighter, Joao," and quickly dismisses him. A sigh later he's up and leaning way over the bar, curling around and down to grab a pack from the bowl kept below. "I lost it!" comes the vocal response, while in his head « he'll know I bullshitted &^$ » as he settles back on the stool.

Oliver makes no sign of being upset, or even realising that Joao lied to him. In fact he offers a sympathetic look to the other man. "Hope it wasn't expensive." He takes another sip of his drink. His attention turning the other man. "I had a friend used to lose his lighter all the time. Got to the point he'd only use the cheap disposable things."

"A Bic, yea. It's what I use so no big." The pack is nudged away to make room for an ashtray which is scooted over to become the center of Joao's world. A match is pulled from the pack and struck on the back, emitting a cloud of sulfur as it bursts into flame. Touched to the cigarette the tobacco and paper catch and soon a healthy cherry glows as the match is shook out and deposited in the glass tray that's etched with 'Bass Clef Club' on the bottom. All this time his brain has been completely void of thought, bent to the actions. A single word « Name » pops out as he moves to cross one arm under the other, hand out for a shake as he offers, "I'm Joao."

Oliver shakes the offered hand, his attention finally resting exclusively on Joao, as he shakes the offered hand, his shields low as he tries to get a better grip on Joao's thoughts. He's met a few minds that are like Joao's, but as of yet he's not sure why. He shakes the offered hand his smile still not slipping. "Oliver."

Joao's mind is far from vast, emitting random thoughts that hedge in the realm of one who doesn't linger too long any one topic. Scattered through his mind Oliver can pick up « Oleeeeevur. » « Gold lighter. » A long pull on the cigarette elicits « Ahhh, needed that. » A glance to the bartender with her back turned « There we go, the only reason I come to this lame place. Beautiful ass. » Then back to Oliver « You gotta have something worthwhile. » "So Oliver, you're a common to the Clef, what do you do in the daylight hours?" He's doing his own prodding.

Shrugging Oliver's smile fades a little as he listens to Joao's words. "Yeah, I guess I come here often enough to be a regular. Not that I'm a nightly visitor or anything." He chuckles a little at the second question. "Well that all depends on my mood, officially I'm a buyer and seller for companies, but other than making the meetings I leave most of the work to my team, what about you?"

Sarcasm tones Joao's next flow, « Yea buddy, I knew you were a frequent flyer by her response when you ordered your drink. » The job title of 'buyer' sets him off « Score! » only to have it all deflated as Oliver continues and bursts his bubble. "That sounds incredibly boring. Spending other people's money, now that is a job I'd be into." « The /only/ job I'd be into besides food critic. » "What sorts of shit do you buy?" A flicker of hope ignites dull green eyes as a drag the cigarette lights the rest of his face.

"Everything from chemical good to Cars." Oliver shrugs taking another long sip of his drink. "It is boring, but it pays and it's not as much work as you might think, you get a seller who's often desperate to sell as soon as possible, and a buyer who needs what he's after yesterday and then you get 'em both to pay comission."

Partway through Oliver's explanation Joao's ADD mind switches off and then back on to something else entirely, though it leaks out fragmented « Tonight » silence « jump » silence « Gables Tower. » Then as the other man goes silent his brain kicks back over, "Oh really? Hmmm. So can I have your job?" A smirk plays about, kicking the dimples into high gear.

With the amused grin of someone about to make a bad joke Oliver shakes his head, throwing back the last of his drink. "Afraid not. I pretty much had to run the last guy out of town myself." With that he rises from his seat, his shoulder raising in a quick shrug. "Anyway, I've gotta get going." He picks up his blackberry, still keeping it in his hand he heads towards the door with a quick look to his watch.

Joao's mind stays fixed on the mention of running someone out of town while his gaze follows Oliver. « Oleeeevur may not be as boring as he seems. » "Seeya around," is tossed out, and then you can almost hear an audible click as he disengages, sucking from his cigarette as those bright eyes rove back to the bartender. "You ever gonna bring my drink?"

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