Sealed Fate

White Rock Lake

A reservoir, White Rock Lake covers 1,254 acres and was once used for a portion of Dallas' drinking water supply. Now that it's use as a water source has been supplanted, the area has become one of the favored recreational locations in the city. The forested shoreline is dotted with numerous small cabins, fishing piers, and sailboat docks.

The lake is surrounded by White Rock Lake Park, which is home to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Running through the park is a 9 mile trail designed for hiking, running or cycling.

Though swimming was banned here back in the '50's, it is still a popular location for area teens who generally enjoy the more deserted areas, using the beautiful backdrop as a makeout spot.

With the setting of the sun, the bathing of the land in shadow has done nothing to alleviate the heat of the day. The swimming ban is roundly ignored at times like these, and even with the dim of the moon as it wanes to almost nothingness, the sounds of splashing, laughing and playing can be heard from parts along the lake's edge.

There's something of a restlessness to the vampire this evening; it's been some time since he's left town and crossed the border to satiate his true thirst. While no fault of his own, Marius has simply found that his duties are keeping him within city limits.

Perhaps, unbeknownst to him, there's an understanding that a hungry tiger is a more dangerous one?

Regardless, every breather he passes in his walk, every lamb looks to him ripe and ready to the slaughter. It is only the admonition in his mind that keeps the monster at bay, and the realization of that doesn't make for a very happy vampire. While he is tasked to 'keeping the peace', as it were, in the vampire world and making sure there isn't anything pointed to their community as a whole to be used as a political point, there are times when it leads to the breathers. A few extra drainers gone, disappeared, fine. Entire 'houses', well.. that garners a little bit more attention.

A hint of a scowl shows upon Marius' face, a reflection of the aggrevation that lies within. Cold, dead eyes look out on the path before him as he walks in silent footfalls, watching the little lambs, listening not to their conversation, but to the life that flows, beating within their bodies. Someone will die this evening…


Far too warm in the apartment above the practice, Dr. Bethany Brooks finds herself at the lake.

She has never yet gone so far as to go against the swimming ban. Instead she's been wandering the shore, barefoot. Enjoying the gentle breeze as it washes across the city lake.

Her demeanor is extremely calm, even when a football very nearly hits her in the face. Not quick nor athletic, she manages to stop it from breaking her nose by ducking her head down behind her arms. When the ball bounces off of her arms, she leans down to toss it back to the originator. Instead she lands it in the water with a soft splash.

Thinking it better to avoid the crowds she walks herself up a small hill toward the path. Determined to make it back to the air-conditioned vehicle so that she can begin her journey home.

Nearing the path, she takes sight of the scowl upon the old one's face.

It causes her to take a step back down the hill, rather than going to greet him immediately.


Marius is more than aware of his Own's presence around him. He can feel her, can recognize the sound of her heart, the gentle rythms of the dance of life that flows through her. His head moves around to look directly at her, and his step pauses as the path she chooses is down and away, if only a step. Watching the her action, he stands stonily still, a carving hewn originally of human flesh now changed by the ages.

If she seeks to flee, there will be reminder given. If she remembers her place, she will come..

Not all warnings are spoken, and the vampire is a believer in that single message, silent or otherwise.


It is the look, that snarling expression that caused the backstep.

It is the look that causes the pause before she takes a deep breath, and begins forward once more.

There is a crack in her calm demeanor due to that look, yet she still approaches with as much grace and calm as she can muster. Outwardly, at least. Inside her heart is racing, the blood swiftly pumping through her veins.

"Old one," she offers, head bowing forward ever so slightly.



Marius can feel the moment of panic as his Own decides her fate. It is good that she fears, and only right that she doesn't flee from his presence, but rather, comes as a lamb. He remains as he is, silent and still, until she approaches before he speaks, his gaze fully upon her. "Meine eigenen Lamm.." <My own lamb..>

Turning, his expression remains as dark as it had been, if only in subtleties that those who know him could pick out. "Walk with me." And the direction is away from her parked vehicle. "You will find one for me." Her life is spared, and in its stead, he's asking.. what?

"Once they have been chosen, you will be free to return home and sleep."


Away from the vehicle with a moody vampire is obviously not something that can be considered a good thing. Freedom will come if she… what? Chooses his next meal?

The heart skips a beat, but Bethany remains utterly calm on the surface.

"You will have to spend an evening teaching me the basics of your language if you wish me to understand," she says of the first words he speaks.

Moving until her steps carry her beside him to walk at his side she shifts her gaze to her feet. "I will choose if you promise not to render them to final death, unless they are absolutely unworthy of life." A thug, a mugger, a rapist. Those she would have little care for as they are a pox on the world, yet even then she would not want to be responsible for their death.


"I did not open this for a debate."

Marius' tones are harder, firmly in control, but there's definitely an edge of harshness. If she'd agreed, he'd have given her the gift of forgetting it; to live the next day blissfully unaware. Now? He is a great deal less inclined, though he may consider it.

"Unworthy of life. Most of the chattel that live upon this planet are unworthy of life. I care not if the man toils to feed his family or murders another in his sleep." What breathers do to each other is of no concern to him.

"I will teach you, later." Should she survive this exercise. "After I take my fill."


"You may not care about the man that toils to feed his family, but I do." Bethany is not arguing so much as she's stating a fact about herself. His tones, the harshness to his voice break through the armor of calm.

"There will be no necessary hurry in teaching me, though if you wish me to know what it is you say when you slip to your language of origin, it would help greatly." The doctor walks down the path, each gentle step working to calm her as she attempts to forget that he could reach out and kill her at any moment.


She is learning, this one. While not taking advantage of that single warning per se, she makes her feelings known… and then complies.

Marius follows, a half step behind. He can feel her fear rising again, and he knows that with each step, it is more and more likely that his fangs will lower. It is beautiful fear, exquisite terror; the kind swallowed and only to be let out with a whimper. "I am the only one who speaks my language as it was. That is simply what has come from it." Of course, those who speak 'High German' would certainly say that it was otherwise.. that hessisch is a bastardization of German.

"Now, however, is not the time for such discussion."


"You are right, of course, old one. I apologize for my request." With him already in a highly surly frame of mind, Bethany will have to do her utmost to ensure that rage is not showered down upon her.

For several minutes she walks along the path in silence. Per his request she is searching, though has yet to find anyone who's fate she wants to seal in such a way. It is all she can do to keep from being ill at the thought of it.

There is a reason she chose the path of psychology over medicine. She wishes not to hold someone's life in her hands.

Reaching a break in the path she turns to look down at the lake.

"I am sorry, old one. I cannot make such a decision. I cannot in good conscience kill another." With her back to him she heaves a heavy sigh. "I have not your fortitude for such things." Her fate may be sealed, that she can accept. It was written in years past. Stealing another's fate from them just seems horrifically wrong.


Marius knows she's not capable of making the decision. He walks behind her still, his steps silent, and after she stops, he strikes with the speed and ferocity of the starving, fangs obviously at the ready as her back is turned to him. He is angry, frustrated, annoyed, and kept away from his 'calling' because of duty and obligation. His intent is not to kill her, however, but if she has any hope of returning home, it will be because he arranged for her transport and nothing more.


This time there is a cry, though more of surprise than pain. Bethany closes her eyes, knowing full well that tonight could be the night that her life is ended.

There is no struggle despite the panic that fills her. There is naught more but a whimper as she attempts to find her voice.

"Please forgive me," she manages to whimper out. The thought that is not spoken that is that is perhaps better that he choose to kill her than some innocent teenager along the path that did nothing but get in the way of a surly vampire.


Marius holds Bethany up now, to prevent the girl's knees from buckling, just in case.

And there.. the whimper of panic, just as he'd expected. Pent up fear, burbling out and the only sound to make it to the surface is a mere ghost of the panic.

The blood of life fills his mouth, his senses reeling. The pounding of her heart, the rapid pace fills his ears, the fear fills his soul— in case any wondered if he actually has one. After the soft utterance, the words that come after surprises him, the rolling of the words echoing. Please forgive me.

The heat of the blood, the scent of life essence, however, is difficult to pull from. It covers him now.. his face and throat as he pulls mouthfuls, his shirt and jacket.. He has to stop, and soon, else she'll be gone.


The knee buckling does come, though they are far enough down the path to prevent onlookers from making a fuss on Bethany's behalf.

There would be screams issuing from her throat. There would be cries of pain. Except for the fact that through the fog that her brain is swiftly becoming due to the loss of blood, the good doctor is trying to form a word.


Feeling her own blood trickling down the front of her shirt, she reaches weakly for his head. A gentle pull on the hair, and the only word she can form is done so very weakly. "M-Marius…" The word "stop" doesn't come, her consciousness drifting in and out.


Bliss. Absolute bliss.

It is for that heady sensation, of course, that some humans see vampires as monsters, as little better than animals that need to be eradicated.. erased from the face of the earth.

His arms hold her in an embrace, not so different than one lovers would enfold themselves within, and as her hand rises for her fingers to grip the short hair that lies upon his head, it can easily appear as if she's in the throes of pleasure.

Marius does manage to pull himself away from the crimson fountain, licking the wound as the blood flows in soft bubbles.. attending it until it stops completely. Catching the wisp of the girl as her knees give 'way, he makes the decision and pulls her up into his arms and holds her in a 'cradle' carry.

His expression is of stone; impassive and unreadable. Anger has ebbed, though not the frustration and irritation about his 'plight', though now, there is no other action upon it— at least until after his Own is returned home. The vehicle can remain..

And so, Marius moves, though this time with his ability in play— speed and flight, to get Bethany home and in bed.. and then, he can return to the night and Hunt. When Bethany wakes with some intelligence returned to her, he will undoubtedly glamour her…

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