Movie Madness

Cameron's Cult Classics

This store is appropriately wall to wall films. There are very few empty spaces on the brick walls, the majority taken up by posters and wall racks. There are even racks of movies in the aisles, although it's not incredibly crowded. There's ample leg room for multiple patrons. Most of the films aren't everyone's cup of tea. They veer very far from mainstream, with large sections devoted to surrealist works, horror, and foreign films. There's only one rack that has the more familiar new releases, and a sign hangs above it reading Vanilla Releases. Near the entrance sits the counter, giving the clerk a bird's eye view of the entire store. Behind the desk is a door that leads into a smaller room which houses all of the actual copies of videos and DVDs. Towards the back of the store is a short corridor bathed in red light. Above the entrance to it hangs a sign that says in bold red lettering: Den of Sin. A smaller sign beneath it indicates that no one under the age of eighteen is allowed beyond that point.

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Friday night and Hugo isn't in the mood for a club or a bar or night out on the town. Nope, he'd much rather hang out around the apartment all weekend, staying cool, sleeping in… and watching movies! In truth, it's his latest plan to torture Paige. He promised her a weekend of terrible, awful, bad movies … movies so bad they're good! Okay, well not really, but at least there will be much exhuberant mocking of said bad movies. At the moment the artist is standing in front of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 section, trying to decide between Mitchell, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, or Manos, the Hands of Fate. Tough choices. He rocks back and forth on his feet, a copy of Alien Trespass already tucked under his right arm as one of his 'definites'. His head lifts curiously to see where Charles is, but the vampire is out of sight, if not mind, at the moment. For a moment Hugo idly wonders what vampires think of vampire horror movies. Are they charmed or offended? Will they call for the removal of such films in later years, claiming they are racist, like Song of the South? Or maybe they'll embrace the wild inaccuracies and Vamploitation will be born! He can't help but grin and he idea as he tries to juggle all the movies he's holding in his hands. Oh! Wait! Plan 9 From Outer Space! I must see classic!!

Joao strides out of the den of sin with an odd look on his face. He drifts thusly distracted through the store until Hugo ends up in his fuzzy line of sight. "You know, every time I go in there I find something new to surprise me." Forehead crinkling with a cringe at the memory, a shiver runs down his spine. "They really shouldn't do that to little furry creatures." He's dressed in a bizarre array of colors and prints that work against one another in such a way that one might assume they were a mistake brought together in the dark.

Makea trails a well manicured nail along the titles, one hand resting on her hip. She wears an almost-scowl, so far disappointed in the movies available. That's alright, she's all about second chances. Switching rows, she gives a soft sound of triumph that is also marked by a loud french-tipped click against the box. The woman doesn't look up from the back of the box, though her amused chuckle isn't for her own benefit. "Careful now. Might find somethin' in there you like." A dimpled smile is finally offered to the teen, though her tone might hint at a past experience. Given that the store isn't insanely busy at the moment, her eyes also glance towards Hugo before returning to her own selection.

Lifting his gaze quizzically, Hugo gives Joaquim a somewhat bemused look until his eyes lift to take in the sign for the Den of Sin, a soft chuckle escaping him as he rumbles, "Ahhhh, the sexploitation room." His head tilts, peering around the corner to where Makea is standing, disappointed. "Personally I recommend Yank My Doodle, It's a Dandy," he offers with a wry smile and a wink. Hugo's eyes rove over Joaquim's clothes, wondering idly if he is perhaps color blind, but his smile is polite enough, his own faded blue t-shirt and faded jeans certainly rather dull attire for an artist type. Sighing, Hugo puts Mitchell back on the shelf and turns to look at the staff pics section, moving next to where Makea is currently standing. His eyes widen and his jaw drops as he reaches out to pick up a display box before turning to the oddly colorful man next to him. "Death Bed - The Bed That Eats!" he announces in a deep rumbling 'horror movie' voice whilst shaking the box. "Oh my God, this must be dreadful! So renting it." Under his arm it goes.

Joao's emerald gaze is tugged towards the perusing woman, grin cracking the youthful face as he returns, "Oh, there's plenty in there to like, but I do not go in for molesting anything smaller than a really short adult." Mussing memories of past trips into the back room soften the focus of ebony pupils, while words dribble out unheeded, "The want to have inanimate objects shoved where the sun don't shine is amusing as a bystander, but when the objects wriggle about helplessly, I draw the line." A wicked shadow casts over the landscape of caramelized features, "Lets just hope they have nice sharp claws." Blinking back into the here and now, the name of the movie kicks the grin into a cock-eyed smirk. "Anything with Bruce Campbell is a winner."

Makea takes her sweet time in reading, though as she does there's the tiniest smile settled on her painted lips. Once she's through, she turns her attention back to the two gentlemen, "I'm quite familiar." Hey, scrawny teenagers aren't the only ones with a curiosity! Because that's all it was, of course. Ahem. As Joao chooses to share just what he's talking about, the woman gives a tsk under her breath. She's with him, but isn't going to go on a tirade over a (hopefully) small group of people are into. Hugo's find has her eyes widening, "Ooh. Good one. How about…" Her hand hovers over a few titles, before that smile grows ever so wide, corners of her lips tilting deviously. "Ah. Here we go." Hugo is offered another movie, the title quite clearly reading; Killer Condom. Such a helpful lady.

Turning the box over, Hugo scans the credits but in the end shakes his head. "Bruce Campbell is too high class for this movie…" he notes wryly. Which is a fairly terrifying comment in and of itself, considering the sorts of movies Mr. Campbell tends to be in. But that does get Hugo wondering. "Hmmmmm, I wonder if she's seen Evil Dead 2 or not …. she must have…" Turning the Joaquim, Hugo waves a hand and notes pragmatically, "They can't be real … in the film that is. There's that whole "No animals were hurting during the making of this film" clause that all movies, no matter how crude, have to abide by." The comment is meant to be reassuring, but of course doesn't stop the amateur's from doing what they will. Hugo grins as Makea pariases his choice and offers another. "It's like the perfect double feature!" he crows with a laugh, plucking the movie from her fingers with a wicked grin. "I dunno though, Paige might draw the line at deadly prophylactics…"

"Bubba Ho-Tep - best movie /evah/." Joao bounds the couple steps to wedge himself between Hugo and Makea in an attempt to glean the title of the movie she offers out. "There's one I haven't seen." Already bouncing off to a spot down the isle, the kid proclaims, "I got one for you. It'll help you revisit that patented childhood fear." When he arrives back to the pair the cover that is presented closely matches the bright convoluted colors of his attire. It reads: Killer Clowns from Outer Space, and the one on the cover gives a good indication of how bad the movie really is. "Sick sick movie, but hilariously so."

"If she ain't willin' to agree to masticatin' rubbers, she's not The One." Makea's drawl is far more apparent as she laughs, not even bothering to try and cover that wide grin. Her own choice is something a little less gory, but none the less old school. "They gotta carry the rest of th' Creepshow movies, right? I can only seem to find the first one." She probably should be asking a clerk, but the fellahs are just so friendly. The woman takes a half step back to make room for Joao as he decides to squeeze his little self between them. Nevermind that he's the tallest. His film is looked over, before she chuckles, "Aw, you can't tell me that I'm the only one who liked clowns as a child?" But the boy did say it was sick. "Still…" Makea nabs that prize for herself with a quick wink.

"Ehhhhhh, it's okay. Ossie Davis really steals the movie. It's got it's moments, but it doesn't quite keep it together." But at Makea's comment, Hugo tilts back his head and laughs. "Lady, I think I like you." Offering her his hand, which is no easy feat with all the boxes in his arms, he introduces himself. "I'm Hugo. Nice to meet a fellow cult movie buff." He lets her have the Killer Klowns, since he's already seen it and has his arms full as it is. Scanning the shelves Hugo sighs softly, kvetching, "I wish Tucker & Dale Vs. EVIL would hurry up and get a release. Saw it in New York at the film festival. Frikken' brillant. I've never laughed so hard in my life. Basically in the style of Shaun of the Dead, but twisting the 'college kids go camp in the forest and get hacked up by hicks' trope. Genius." Sighing regretfully, Hugo considers the movies that he has in his hands and puts back the Brain in the MST3K section. At Makea's dilemma Hugo points out, "Ah! This is just the employees pick section. Creepshow has it's own section over the the TV horror stuff - the movies and the TV episodes are right over there," he notes, waving a DVD box in the right direction.

Joao happily gives up the movie to the woman and whilst pausing, she's given a complete once, twice, thrice over, ratcheting up that perma-grin. Tone chock full of awe, a thought is boldly vocalized, "Wow, you're kinda hot." Falling back on his heels, the boy's skinny rump bumps into the stack behind only to ricochet back before it's toppled. "Whoops." Lickity split the near disaster is forgotten as Hugo is brought into the blatant expression of admiration, "You too actually," though none of this is said in a flirty fashion, but rather leaked matter-of-fact.

Makea is rather proud at getting such a reaction out of Hugo, taking a moment to preen by pushing a lock of hair behind her ear. Movies are placed casually on her hip by one hand as she slips a firm but still soft grip into his palm. "Makea. Dunno if you'd call me a buff, but as long as there are cheesy effects, I'll likely enjoy 'em." Following the movement of Hugo's all knowing DVD box, she gives a huff. "Bad enough everythin' comes out as a DVD, now they're hidin' from me." Joao is not to be ignored, especially after his bold statement. Eyebrow quirking in amusement, Makea isn't one to turn away from a compliment. "Why thank you, Sug. You're kinda… young." She goes as far as to buck up his chin with a knuckle, even if she has to reach up to do so. And then disaster strikes, as that is likely the name of Joao's posterior. Smooth but still obviously retreating from the mess, Makea nabs an armful of Creepshow. What? No, she's over here. What toppled stack?

Innnnnnteresting. Joaquim doesn't obviously smell of pot and his eyes don't appear to be dilated, but if Hugo didn't know better, he would say that the kid is high. High on life, perhaps? Chuckling at his assessment of Makea, Hugo glances toward her and nods, concurring, "She is." And when the same compliment volleyed at Hugo, the artist grins and simple returns politely, "Why thank you. You're pretty hot yourself." In the lean skinny youth sort of way. He chuckles softly as Makea flees the scene of the almost crime, but the shelf wobbles and holds, a sigh of relief breathed. Espying a film upon the shelf, Hugo challenges, "Alright, my fellow movie man and maven, riddle me this. What movie is showing on the TV in the Oracle's house when Neo comes in The Matrix to meet with her for the first time?" He carefully does not look at the movie box up on the shelf.

"Joao," is lobbed out, just in case anyone was interested, or even if they weren't. A shiny case sticking out of a line of DVDs catches his keen eyes and immediately the teen is all over it. "Ooooh, what's this? Anything in a glam package like this should be really horribly terrible-good." The compliment elicits a bright widening of the grin, "Thanks," but is quickly skipped over to lovingly gaze at the surface of the blaring cellophaned packaging. The empty is plucked and then a question brings the gazing to a stall as focus leaps back to Hugo. "Hmmm. The Sound of Music?" is snatched out of nowhere like a blind man in a movie archive.

Crisis averted? Why, that's the perfect time for Makea to return, arms full with what will no doubt be hours of entertainment over a bowl of fruity pebbles. Makea manages to balance them in one arm, if only to place her splayed fingertips on her chest like a good southern belle. "Now now, don't go inflatin' my ego, boys." Joao earns a smile that clearly reads just how darling she thinks he is. Even if he is hopped up on diet coke and jollie ranchers. Something like that, probably. While she's no longer on the hunt for movies, the woman lingers to take a crack at answering Hugo's triva question. "Mmmmm. It's a Wonderful Life? Isn't that the one all other movies use?" She offers, waiting on Hugo to say if she's right or wrong. "Ooh!" Her wait is interrupted as she all but shoves herself up into Joao's bubble, free hand grabbing his arm, "The Sound of Music. I used to love that movie when I was a lil' girl!"

Shaking his head, Hugo reaches up for an old black & white film announcing, "You're both wrong. It's The Night of The Lepus. And yes, lepus as in bunny rabbits. Sweet wittle fluffy giant killer bunny wabbits. And it stars Bones from Star Trek. It's quite possibly one of the most ineffective and ridiculous horror movies ever made." He takes a step back though as Makea and Joao, whose name Hugo did register when it was offered, have their bonding moment over Julie Andrews and the Swiss Alps. With his arms full of movies, Hugo shifts the stack and studies it carefully before nodding. "I think this will do me. I got something old, something new, and a few classics and favorites." He glances over curiously at the shiny package that Joao has claimed before realizing that if he doesn't stop soon he'll have more movies than can be humanly watched.

Startled, Joao emits a squeak, hackles popping out like spines on a wide-eyed porcupine, only to settle again seconds later as he realizes the offense isn't offensive. "Oh, yea, my grandma watches it every week. It makes me crazy. I want to reach in the TV and backhand the characters and shout, 'You just took a dump, don't have to sing about it!" The kid's mind catches on a track that Hugo presents and diligently follows it. "Killer bunnies! Monty Python and the Holy Grail!" As for the shiny DVD, you'd need a crowbar to pry it from Joao's hands. It's being white-knuckle clutched at the moment, with Makea so near. Mine!

Makea makes mistakes, but she recovers from them beautifully. Her opinion, of course. She now understands that Joao was taking a guess, and hasn't found her favorite childhood movie. The squeak only causes her to squeeze the boy just a tad more, before letting him go with a laugh. "Got a mouth on you…" Just a passing comment, far from a reprimand. Hugo's trivia causes Makea to smack a hand on her thigh in recollection, "Yes! Ah, I don't know why I didn't remember that… Watched it back in college. So you'll forgive me for not rememberin' it." A wink to Hugo as she finally releases Joao from her clutches, "Now, what you got there, Sug?" Maybe backing off will get him to share?

Maybe he has ADHD. Highly distractable with that HEY LOOK SHINEY! mentality going on. Hrmmmmmm! Hugo moses the various possibilities as he watches Makea and Joao un-bond over gaggles of children singing insipid songs. So much for commonality. Nodding to his jump from Lepus to the Grail, Hugo nods somberly and replies, "Bite your head off." Cause that's what vorpal and giant bunnies do. Glancing over, Hugo eyes Makea's stash before noting, "Looks like we have similar plans for the weekend. I hear it's going to be a hot one, so I figured stay inside with the air conditioning on and lots of snacks."

Joao hadn't actually looked at the title of the movie yet and so as he's let go, the cover is lifted so Makea can see, but she might take notice on the absence of blood in his long boney fingers. Mineminemine! Then matter-of-fact he responds to her, "Good thing too, or I'd be awfully hungry. Those feeding tubes suck. Way too much trouble." His mind drifts, "My great aunt had one and you have to syringe a really nasty paste into it," yes, he's tried it, "and it gets infected and she was miserable every time good smellin' food was around." This he tested as well. In summary, "So havin' a mouth is a good thing." If he's being sarcastic, it's hard to tell as all of that is delivered deadpan. Then *click* his mind snaps to Hugo. "Air conditioning? Want company? We have a really old swamp cooler that always breaks when it gets really hot. You can stand in the kitchen and it'll drip all over you, which is the only plus, but the water stinks." Apparently once he feels comfortable, the boy will babble on until harnessed.

"Mmhm." Makea agrees with Hugo, "Had a student mention they just saw Creepshow for th' first time. Reminded me it's been ages, so…" Obvious conclusion. "You'll thank me for that Killer Condom movie. Once a gal sees that, everything else is tame by comparison." The dirty older woman gives him a little bump with her hip, "Think about it. Along with that bed flick, you'll need t'get creative." If Joao is old enough to watch the violation of furry animals, he's old enough to listen to her. However, she doesn't seem too keen on his little tale. In fact, she places a hand on his shoulder, "Sorry to hear about your Great Aunt." She's genuine, face softening for a moment. "Sounds like you got a self-invited guest, Hugo." Makea teases gently, still feeling awful for poor Joao's family member.

"Sorry Joao, I already got company," Hugo replies, truthfully a bit relieved that he has so easy, and honest, an excuse. Which is of course silly, considering he's only just met the odd younger man and has no reason to invite him over after so short an acquaintance. Still, an excuse is nicer than an outright, 'Are you insane?'. He gives Makea a sassy look as she bumps his hip, noting, "Well, as you say, this will be the test to see if she's up to snuff or not!" with regards to condoms with the urge to kill. "Happy movie hunting," he offers in farewell before carrying his rental choices up to the counter to check out.

Makea's response startles Joao in a different way and he scrambles to counter the sorrow, "Oh, that was a long time ago. She went quietly and with a smile on her face. I suspect she was dreaming about cheesecake." Doesn't everyone? The hand on his shoulder is sniffed. "Oh, nice. I love the way some women smell," and a little more sniffing commences, "I can also smell your last meal beneath your fingernails." This does not sound like a problem for him. Hugo acts as a distraction, "Ah, oh well. Next time!" The man's obvious act of disengaging brings about a nose twitch, but he calls out, "Enjoy your movies!" and then turns his head to peer at Makea, "You got air conditioning?" Tag, you're it!

Makea brightens just a bit as Joao expands on the subject, and she gives a soft nod, "I'm glad she went peacefully then." Hugo's retreat has a hand waving, fingers wiggling and fluttering about at a hummingbird's pace. "Bye. Enjoy yourself, now." The teen isn't to be forgotten, especially since he constantly drags her attention back with the oddest little phrases. "Mm?" And she's sniffed. Blinking in mild concern that she's offensive, the woman brushes her long nails beneath her own nose. Nothing. Hmmmmm. "You're a peculiar boy, aint'cha?" Her eyes narrow faintly, a wry smile settling on her lips. At his question, Makea laughs again. "I'd be crazy not to." Before he can continue on that note, she squashes his nose with a finger. "You're welcome to come over for a slice of cobbler and a movie. But I'll be shooin' you out once the streetlights come on." His grandparents may not give him a curfew, but it seems Makea will.

If Joaquim had heard the bit about a curfew and his grandparents, much rowdy laughter would ensue, but since he didn't, he simply brightens with surprise. It's always a surprise when a stranger actually takes him up on his persistent attempts to take him home with them. It doesn't happen too often. "Creepshow? Cobbler? Can I smoke in your house?" It doesn't really matter what the answer is, he knows how to smoke on the porch, and he's bound and determined to become a fixture, at least for a day, in Makea's home. Already on his way to the counter, the babbling commences once again, "You know who Captain Sunshine is? I met him! He lives right here in Dallas now! I'm going to his house too," maybe. "I wonder what he'd feed me?" One might, or might not note that the shiny empty DVD case is no longer in view.

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