Dont Fear the Leaper

White Rock Lake

A reservoir, White Rock Lake covers 1,254 acres and was once used for a portion of Dallas' drinking water supply. Now that it's use as a water source has been supplanted, the area has become one of the favored recreational locations in the city. The forested shoreline is dotted with numerous small cabins, fishing piers, and sailboat docks.

The lake is surrounded by White Rock Lake Park, which is home to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Running through the park is a 9 mile trail designed for hiking, running or cycling.

Though swimming was banned here back in the '50's, it is still a popular location for area teens who generally enjoy the more deserted areas, using the beautiful backdrop as a makeout spot.

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Inky and overcast, the night has worn on a little. Doctor Bethany Brooks finds herself out of doors again though this evening she is not seated down by the lake, nor is she spending time with a wonderful old book. This evening finds her seated in the Arboretum and Botanical Garden, enjoying the last vestiges of the summer foliage before the fall starts to cause the plant life to wilt.

Her attire is a very simple pair of black yoga pants, a fitted tee-shirt, and a matching yoga jacket. Prepared for running, or long distance walking.


Bones watches the familiar woman make her way through the gardens from his rather untraditional vantage point atop a particularly tall tree. A man of impulse, he had simply decided to give climbing it a try, and enjoyed the view enough to stick around. Now, there was something new for his impulses to draw him towards, and with a smile to himself, he takes an impressive leap from the branch he had made his home, covering the majority of distance towards the seated woman in one fell swoop, hitting the earth with a heavy thwumping sound.

"Yo!" He says with a smile and a wave, already approaching her. "Check it out!" He points to the arm that he had chosen to wave with, it being the one she had wrapped in duct tape in their previous encounter. Wearing his faded old motorhead T-shirt, the fact that it was fully healed is plain to see. "I think I forgot to thank you proper last time."


Tonight, dark and almost promising of a storm in the distance, Kate's gotten off shift to once again find herself unwishing to return to her motel room. Exhausted bodily, her mind still races with the mix of misery and sheer humanity that each day of disaster relief work is presenting. So, she walks, a long cigarette in hand, her eyes slightly down, she hasn't even changed out of her work gear. The paramedic is still wearing her blue cargo uniform pants and the overtop shirt, though she has it unbutton and the sleeves rolled up, revealing the white tank top beneath, mottled with sweat from a long, hot
day. Her ID still rests pinned to her belt and the stethoscope around her neck, clearly -fresh- off shift. To anyone with heightened senses, she smells like it too, antiseptic, sweat and mixed pain.

The sound of voices on the horizon, rather close to where she is walking, draws the woman's blue eyed attention. She raises her gaze, free hand moving up to tuck a few errant blonde locks behind her ears so she can see clearly without the sweat dampened hair in her face. She doesn't quite intrude yet, but she does study, thoughtfully.


Most people would give start at the sudden sound of someone leaping from a tree. Bethany is not most people. She glances upward from the flower she was examining and cocks her head to the side. It takes a moment for the voice and the visage to register in her mind but when it does she offers a gentle, calming smile.

"I see that it has healed fully. I do hope you had it checked out and did not just wander around with duct tape on your arm for the interim." Since the night is fairly silent it is not difficult for Bethany to hear the footsteps. Her eyes drift toward the sound of another approaching. The uniform is noted though the smell has yet to register. A friendly nod is offered to the stranger.


Bones dosn't quite notice Kate yet, unwittingly showcasing his rather less than supernatural senses simply due to Bethany picking her out first. He smiles big at Bethany, and to showcase his complete healing, he does a quick and very amateurish cartwheel, his wallet chain and keys jangling loudly at the action. "Nope, no hospital. Dontcha know that duct tape fixes everything?"

He gives a chuckle as he makes his way over to her, remaining on his feet for the time being but putting his hands in the pockets of his faded jeans. His smile drops for a second, and he snaps his fingers as something comes to his memory. "Aww fudge, I meant to hold on to that scarf thing you gave me in case I ran into you again, it's back at my place. Ah well, I'll have plenty of time to get it back to you I bet."


No hospital and duct-tape? Well, that's certainly enough to draw a trained paramedic's attention. Not close enough to yet realize that the man might be a bit more durable than he seems, Kate just sees a tough biker probably too proud to admit injury and the concerned woman who tried to help him once upon a time, so she begins heading clearly in their direction, the conversation having caught her notice enough she's not turning back own. Quiet, tired concern is painted across her features as she nears Bones, though the lady gets her eyes thoughtfully.

"You helped… treat him before, without a hospital? What was the nature of the injury?" Her voice is all clinical, for the time being. Her uniform probably explains why. At least she's not some random sicko just interested in the wounded. She finally looks back to the man, full mouth pulling into a smirk. "Duct tape does -not- fix everything, especially not on the human body."


"I would not think that duct tape is able to fix a broken psyche," Bethany replies. Her head is given a small shake at the cartwheel, and she rises from her bench. The movement is calm and very graceful.

"The scarf is really not important," she offers to the man whose name she still does not know. Although mention of the scarf causes her to bring her right hand up to her throat to ensure that the jacket is covering her neck fully. There is a slow exhalation of air as she realizes that it is.

It also reminds her that she did not tell Marius about loaning the scarf to the man.

"It has been a while since I did my medical rotation, but it was a fractured arm." With no X-Ray Dr. Brooks was unable to tell exactly how badly broken. "Though truly I do not think it would matter with this man. It would have healed within a matter of days, I am sure."


Bones couldn't help but roll his eyes just a little bit at her mention of shattered minds, but he didn't comment about it out loud out of respect for her field of expertise. "Nah, I gotta give it back. Thing looks too expensive to just toss out."

He just grins big at the newcomer, and chuckles a bit under his breath as she mentions the human body. He lets Bethany begin the explanation before he decides to finish it.. in his own way.

"Yeah, you're right doc. Quick, you better take my pulse, I might just be in shock!" He thrusts a tatooed arm in Kate's direction, wrist upwards. If the chuckle wasn't hint enough, then the grin on his face might be."


The comment about it being a fractured arm with a lack of hospital just makes Kate's eyes go wide, not fully catching on yet to the condition of the man. It all seems to hit her at once, however. That tell-tale sort of tingle across the back of her neck, sudden brush of a shiver through her whole body, slight quickening of her pulse. And finally Bethany's words confirming her suspicions. All concern is gone from her sunburnt, tired looking features. "Oh." One simple word is as cold as the chill on the back of her neck. Kate's stopped her approach now, remaining a safe, fair distance from Bones.

Then he's shoving that tattooed arm in her face and Kate jumps back like he's pulled a gun on her, heart triple timing, a mix of anger and hate in her features as she stares at the dead man. "Not. Funny." She hisses at him between clenched teeth, a sound in the back of her husky voice throat that is almost like a growl. She's definitely backing up a few steps now, her eyes flickering back to Bethany. "Careful when you get the scarf back… probably best do it in a public place, honey." Kate's northern accented voice warns the woman, her dialect probably New York from the touch of roundness to the words.


A growing fear in Dallas is something that Bethany has been noticing. She watches Kate quietly, making an assessment. "You suffer sanguivoriphobia?"

Turning back to Bones with that eerie calm expression she gently says, "Do not taunt the woman. It is uncouth. Likely one of those things that they wish for you to change." Per their previous conversation, though it may seem out of place to be offered so suddenly.

"Thank you for the concern," she says to Kate in a rather warm tone. "Though I may be unconcerned, it is a wise philosophy to live by when meeting anyone."


Bones looks at Bethany with an arched eyebrow. "What? It's not like I'm threatening to eat her children or nothin', just havin' fun." He turns back to Kate, his eyebrow still arched, apparently a little confused by her behavior. "What's with the backin' up.. are you…" It was only then that Bethany's words clicked in his brain, and he couldn't help but start to laugh.

"Bwahahaha! Yer scared of me? Oh shit that's hilarious!" With a big grin he puts his hands back in his pockets. "Trust me lady, I ain't interested in eating either of you. So cool your jets eh? Just thankin' my buddy here for patchin' up my arm."


Those sharp, bloodshot blue eyes turn quickly back towards Bethany as the woman asks what she suffers from. Kate blinks a bit, clearly not immediately knowing what that word means, but she can make an educated guess. The paramedic responds quietly, forcing her voice to remain calm, "It's not a phobia if the things are genuinely dangerous. Anyone would be sane to be nervous about serial killers." Her eyes trail back to Bones as she says that last word, slightly accusing even if she's trying to reign back her nerves. She keeps back from him, at least five or six feet between them if she can help it.

Even as he speaks, there is doubt in her fact. She's doing her best not to let any actual fear show on her face, but her pulse gallops in her throat and there's a sheen of sweat on her skin that probably isn't from the Dallas late summer. His final comment just makes her smirk, shaking her head slowly, "When one is hungry, one will always be interested in food. It's nature. Survival instinct."


"How can you be so certain that this…" Bethany may have used the word gentleman in any other circumstance. In Bones' case this is just not applicable. "… man is a serial killer? Even if he were, being nervous about his existence could just be the thing that causes him to target you in the first place."

There is no fear within Bethany. Life is what it is, it will end when it ends, and there is no point in worrying about death. Not when you believe in reincarnation and past lives.

"That is a fact, however." Hunger needs to be sated. "Though I have found that with most it is safe enough to take them at their word."


Bones stares at Kate as she speaks, her very unsubtle accusations just amusing him, smile growing bigger as if he took a bit of pride in her fear. He picks up on Bethany's pause as well, and can't help but chuckle as she tries to find a way to defend him in all of his grotesqueness.

"Look lady, I ain't gonna sit here and debate you about vampires or nothin', but seriously, take a deep breath or two. You're startin' to sweat, just lookin at your breathin your heart's gotta be poundin' out your chest there. Chillax for a second or yer gonna pass out. I don't wanna hafta' drag your ass to a hospital."


Kate's first response is to Bethany's last words, "Well then, you've been very lucky, ma'am. I hope you continue to get lucky. I've seen many not nearly so blessed." The woman's voice is sharp and a hint doubtful, feeling a bit surrounded by the pair of near-friends, one vampire and one alive. She reaches into her pocket then, pulling out a pack of menthol cigarettes and tapping one free. It's a calming gesture, if nothing else.

Bones' next words would fully ruffle her feathers, if she had any, and touch of resentment flashing through her pale eyes. "I'm not going to pass out, trust me. I know the signs. It's fine." Pride tarnished, she actually does dare take a step closer to him, almost to prove that she's capable of not running away in complete fear, at least holding a decent conversation. "So, no need for you to worry."


Near-friends is not something Bethany would call it, as she's met the man all of once.

"I have been exceedingly lucky, yes. Though I also do not see the point in being afraid of dying as I am well aware that should any vampire wish my death it would be a very easy thing for them to do. I have neither the speed nor the strength to fend one off." This is all said with a very quiet, very calm voice.

"She is quite right, she is not hyperventilating. Rather just attempting to calm herself I believe. It is a technique that is used to calm nerves."

Sensing the woman's absolute unease though, Bethany walks down the path toward her. "Doctor Bethany Brooks," she offers to the uniformed woman. "I apologize if the conversation is causing you undue stress. Perhaps you will not mind someone walking with you until you reach your destination. Safety in numbers," she suggests gently.


Bones rubs the back of his neck as he listens to Bethany rather calmly speak of her own demise by vampire, and he looks to Kate to wonder why there was such an impressive discrepancy between the two women's stances on forced exsanguination.

"Oh, uhh. I'm Bones." He says as he realized introductions are coming into play. "And uhh, yeah, sorry if I scared ya I guess." His apology doesn't precisely seem genuine, but that could just be due to the awkward delivery of it. "Oh shit. Sorry doc, just realized I never told you my name either, guess I shoulda done that last time, hehe."


It's not absolute unease, or at least not simply that. It's hate, distaste, and fear all mixed into one, layered with the embarrassment of feeling those things about a man she's never met before and yet, part of her, being so certain of them, wrong or not. Kate just pulls out her lighter instead, taking a few moments to allow the flame to flicker across the end of her menthol as she breathes in deep of the mint and tobacco, letting it calm her quickened pulse and worried head. "I'm -fine-, to both of you, seriously." Her pride is beyond ruffled now, making her mood just a touch worse. She's used to caring for and protecting other people, not that feeling being turned upon her.

After names are offered, she chimes in with her own. "Kathryn… Kathryn Clarke. Kate is fine…" She tries to be kind with those words, offered in honest, even giving her proper nick name to both of them, not staying a total stiff bitch to the vampire. "And I needn't be walked home, I'm not a child. Thank you, though, doctor."


"No one said that you were a child, Ms. Clarke." It amuses Bethany how defensive people are when one attempts to be nice and kind to them, though she is schooled enough not to show it. "Though should you wish the company, the offer stands until I need to depart from the gardens."

Twisting her head to glance over her shoulder, she nods at the vampire. "That is a very interesting name. Is it safe to presume that it is not your actual given name?" It would be more believable to her were it a nickname.

Adjusting the neck of the yoga jacket she peers quietly into the distance.


Bones smiles big back at Beth. "It's my name now." He says in a sideways confirmation of her suspicions. "Perks of bein born before birth certificates. Your name is whatever the fuck you want it to be, hehe." He puts his hands in his pockets as a gesture of good faith for the more frightened of the two humans, and takes a step towards them.

"And hey, the doc was just tryin' to be nice to ya with the offer of a walk home y'know. She's surly, but good people, don't gotta get all snappy Cuz she hurt your pride. Hey, lookit me, I'm immortal and I still let her wrap up my arm when I needed the extra hand."


The paramedic is dead quiet for a few moments, evaluating both of the other conversation participates for that time. Her eyes drop to the hands in Bones' pockets, accepting the gesture for what it's worth and not retreating even as he's moved closer, and then she looks towards the woman, eyes narrowing just a bit to study her adjustment of that jacket's neck. What was she hiding? Kate doesn't dare come out and ask, but she is looking closer, searching for any hint of scarring or something that might be pulling at the skin. She breathes in menthol once more. "Before birth certificates? Impressive… no less nerve wracking, but impressive." Her voice does it's best to be casual now.

Another flicker of a look back to the woman and Kate sighs, "I really didn't mean to snap. More double shifts than I care to count and far too little sleep, it turns anyone into a bitch. I really am sorry." The apology seems utterly genuine, if nothing else, tinged with quiet, husky voiced shame.


"It is fine, Ms. Clarke, I can understand the tension with the type of work you carry out." Bethany continues staring off into the distance. No footfalls can be heard, though there is a very definite canine noise some distance away.

"Thank you," she says to Bones, for his defense of her, "Though I believe that it is unnecessary. I quite likely came off as a tad pushy myself." For reasons that are her own. Mainly that she is "protected" from the majority of vampires, and that would keep the nervous woman safe so long as they were together.

Zipping up the jacket when she notices that she is being watched more closely she adds, "Feeling a bit of a chill from the breeze."


Bones smiles big as a number of apologies and explanations are offered, everybody seeming to make nice. "Nah, you didn't come off as Pushy. You came of as uhh…" he openly struggles with finding the right word, his meager vocabulary being strained. "… motherly?" He shrugs his shoulders, hoping that wasn't somehow worse for the two of them.

"Look I totally get it" he begins as his eyes turn to Kate. "You probably had some bad experiences with some nasty vamps, or you know somebody who did, or you know somebody who knows somebody. It happens, there are some fuckin' mean ass suckheads out there."


"I'd more put it that I've never had a -good- experience with a vampire, Mr. Bones. They all show their true colours eventually. Maybe you'd be the one to prove me wrong." But Kate doesn't sound convinced about that. In fact, she seems like she's more suspecting to see pigs fly. Still, she's not moved away or snapped at him again. It's definitely progress. Apparently, a cigarette truly does soothe the savage beast, at least with the short blonde standing between them.

Kate's eyes trail down Bethany's neck again for a moment, a hint of doubt on her face but she doesn't voice it aloud. She just exhales smoke slowly through her nose, letting it drift drowsily between them all. "As long as you are well…" Kate states flatly, concerned, yes, but not pushing it. She isn't the motherly type, not tonight, at least.


The sound of two dogs approaching the gardens keeps Bethany peering into the darkness until she spots two large wolfhounds approaching. She does not hurry toward them, rather watches the vampire and the EMT.

"Perhaps a little food for thought," she says quietly, "You will never have a good experience with a vampire if you keep assuming the worst of every one that you meet." She will not argue the point about them showing their true colors. Everyone will show their true colors eventually.

"I think, if neither of you needs for me to remain, nor wants my company, that I shall continue my walk." She will want to find the owner of the two wolfhounds soon. Their presence means that he is near and there may be a message for her as such.


Bones turns to Beth, probably pondering her words more than Kate might have chosen to. Not that he specifically had issue with other vampires, he merely wondered if his demeanor would be much differant if Kate had been nothing but friendly from the start. "Yeah, but that dosn't mean she shouldn't be careful. Not to uhh, reinforce stereotypes or nothing."

He turns back to Kate, and grins big. "No worries though K.C, like I said, you're not on the menu." He chuckles and keeps his hands in his pockets as Bethany begins to to make her exit known. "S'ok Doc, you got important minds to fix, I get it."


The sight of the wolfhounds is the first thing to pull a genuine smile from Kate this entire evening. It's not a literal wagging tail, but it's close. She inhales deeply, instinctively want to move closer to the canines, having to physically restrain herself from going over for a deep whiff and perhaps a bit of running about. Neither the time nor place, but something distinctively changes in her body language with the arrival of Bethany's apparent summons. Kate shakes her head quietly to the woman, "I think we'll be just fine. Be well, Doctor." She reassures the woman, words awful calm for the repressed energy through her toned frame.

And then there were two. Kate is left alone, or soon will be, with the enemy of her nightmares. She is doing her very, very best to stay cool headed and calm, never letting her internal nerves be betrayed on her features. She sinks down slowly onto a bench, feet sore from the day, ankles swollen, happy to be off her legs for just a moment and it gives her another reason to not escape immediately.


"I will not be far," Bethany offers to Kate. Her supposition is that the owner of the dogs is quite nearby thus unless she is to be taken off somewhere, she will be merely feet away. Not close enough to run should the woman need help, but close enough to call for assistance should it be the case.

The difference in the mood and demeanor of the woman is noted, but she holds in her words on it deciding instead to pat one of the wolfhounds atop the head as she walks off with one on either side of her as though she is at least acquainted with them and they are not random strays. "Be well yourselves. I trust that you will not harm her," she says to Bones as she departs down the path.


Bones blinks a few times at Bethany's departing words. "I trust that you will not harm her? If she trusts me so much, why's she gotta say it like that I wonder eh?" He turns to Kate and grins, evidently oblivious to the fact that maybe she wouldn't quite find the humor in the situation.

"So just judgin by the clothes, Imma guess yer an EMT and not just headed to a costume party, hehe. Seems like yer pretty burnt out, lotta busted up breathers tonight?"


Hell might freeze over, Kate actually seems to agree with the vampire about the woman's warning words…"Yeah…" She mutters in parting, but Beth seems out of the way already, for good, and the paramedic allows herself — no, forces herself — to look up to the vampire now standing above her. She takes in another breath of that cigarette, evaluating him through the
drifting smoke, nearly finished with her current menthol but not ready to kill it yet.

"Paramedic, actually… but yes. This is most certainly not a costume." Too much sweat and too many faded stains for it to be a costume, or perhaps too few for the zombie look. She's also got pockets that are full of the proper little doo dads no costumer ever thinks about — pen lights, note pad, antiseptic wipes, etc. She definitely puts the cargo in cargo pants. "Lots of Katrina refugees. Down here with a bunch of volunteers… not workin' local, so far, at least."


"Man, that sounds like a seriously shitty gig." He says as he sits in the bench next to her, once again not really taking her aversion to his species into account. At least he kept to his side of the bench, no risk of any physical contact. "But hey, somebody's gotta do it I suppose. Course it's a little Ironic that you're a doc and puffin away eh? I heard a rumor that those things are bad for yah. Hehehe."

He drapes his arms over the back of the bench, leaning back and looking around the park. "So why do you hate vamps eh? What's the story there?"


Kate shrugs casually at the comment about it being a shitty job. She rubs her free palm across her face, just trying to push herself to wake up just a bit more. It's strange being a nervous wreck and exhausted all at the same moment. "You do what you love… get to help people, save a few lives… though, mainly… it's just about bearing witness. I'm not a doctor… just a paramedic. And yes, someone has to do it." Her response to the comment about the cigarettes is a good, full lipped smirk and Kate reaching for her pack of menthols, tapping out another and slipping the filter between her lips before using her old one to light it up.

"Seen a lot of dead because of your sort… a lot messed up, dying… sick… 'specially since you all became legal, feel like you're gods… Seen more kids messed up on vamps than heroine, crack… anything like that. And more that never wanted to be messed up… just ended up dead." If he has any sense of truth, Kate's being utterly honest there.


Bones just sat and listened to the first part, her talk of helping people and saving lives understandably not precisely something he could identify with for a variety of reasons. Though at the conversation shifting to vampires, he suddenly found himself with stuff to talk about.

"Hey, I ain't lookin to change anybody's mind about vamps or nothing. Leave that shit to the AVL, I fuckin hate all that political talking head bullshit. I'll say this though, you can't blame us for kids bein hooked on blood. That's like getting pissed off at Poppy plants for heroin addicts. The other shit though, y'know with humans gettin drained? Sure, fine, guilty." He sits up a little more in his seat. "But cmon now, yer seein patterns where they ain't necessary. Only reason vamps are so much scarier is because we're faster'n stronger. You sayin no human ever sliced open somebody's throat? Why's a vamp differant, because it's easier for us? Lemme put it this way. Nazis, you heard about them didn'tcha? You fuckin mad at every German you meet now? Every time you meet somebody named Ackerman or Klein, you start drippin in a cold sweat?"


As he doesn't respond much about her job, Kate doesn't go on about it. She's not really a braggart, more practical and simply earnest, speaking when spoken to, not pushing anything otherwise. She doesn't seem to be a wordy woman, over all. Preferring to sit back, listen, learn and smoke her cigarette. She does listen to his defense of vampires, though, her head tilting a touch to the side. Once he's all the way through, she shakes her head slowly.

"Yes, but you don't put a bunch of Germans in a house as roommates and watch them turn into a pack of rabid bloodsuckers. I have seen that happen to vampires. Almost consistantly. Nests prey and prey on people, just getting worse and more cocky the longer they survive. The instinct is in all of you to be like that… Because you think you're higher on the food chain. Fuck, maybe you are… Doesn't mean I have to sit back and like it while my people are treated like cattle and slaughtered for a nightly meal."


Bones shrugs his shoulders, knowing he wasn't about to win any debate any time soon, especially with freshly torn open throats on her mind. Still, he had a few more words to say. "Don't see how what yer sayin is any differant than any other gang, or how any particular bad vamp is worse than your average Jeffrey Dahmer. Only differance to me seems that when a vamp does it, you humans just say it's in his nature. When a human does it, y'all sit back and wonder what went wrong in his upbringin to make him so bad."

He grew tired of sitting, standing up and twirling the fingers on one of his hands, to judge how well the newly healed bones were working. "Meh, still stings a bit…" he said under his breath, not really meant for her to hear, but not precisely a secret either. He turned to look at her, and gave a big grin. "But I aint gonna be like the pretty AVL vampire ladies on the news and tell you some sob story about how vampires are just tryin to fit in. S'probably true for some, sure, but her paintin every single one of us as a victim of circumstance is a pile of horse shit. There are bad vamps out there, so yer right to watch yer neck."


Bones lets her take his hand, but can't help but arch an eyebrow yet again at the peculiar behavior. "Man, what's with you doctor types. Somebody says they got a sore tooth and suddenly your fingers are diggin in their mouth." He dosn't pull it away, but certantly seems a bit confused as to what it is she thinks she can do for him. "S'far as I can tell, they always set perfectly. They just.. know to move back in the right spot. I dunno if that's a vampire thing, or if I've just been lucky, hehe."

A thought crosses his mind, and he can't help but suddenly grin. "How do you know I'm not usin my crazy vampire mind magic to make you suddenly worry about my hand eh?" His other hand leaves his pocket, and he twirls his fingers like a magician casting a spell. "Kaltu verada nicto. There, yer now my human slave. How do you like them apples?" If she had been prodding his hand thoroughly enough, she'd find that the bones have in fact set themselves properly, they were just still weak.


Kate just lofts a slow, skeptical brow towards him, looking upwards and giving him that smirking gaze. She's clearly not buying it. "Don't push your luck, buddy." She mutters beneath her breath before gazing back down to his hand, trained fingertips very lightly running along those perfectly aligned bones. It's the sort of touch that almost makes one think she could be very, very talented in bed, or utterly terrifying. She finally shakes her head, letting his palm go. "It's fine. Probably still just knitting a bit, but you're right… they set perfectly. Lucky bastard." SHe shrugs and pulls back, crossing her legs again, with drawing just a it more to her side of the bench.


Bones grinned and took his hand back, shoving it into his pocket. "Yer such a poseur." He said in sudden accusation. "Actin all tough and proud with your sweatstains and your cigs, but then I mention that I got a stingin hand and suddenly yer all delicate. Hehehehe." Okay, so he wasn't precisely a master of social skills, but his good natured grin softened his words a little bit.

"You need some sleep lady. Makes sense for the Doc to treat me on account of her bein so sure she's got the next life to look forward to, but you should have more sense than to let me this near you. Less o'course yer actually startin to beleive vamps ain't as bad as you think, hehe."


Kate's eyes roll and she actually stands up, toughening up just a bit with his words. "Just because I don't trust you as far as I can throw you doesn't mean I want to see you in pain. I do my job, hate the patient or not. Trust me, there's a shit load of fool drunks and druggies I'd like to leave on the side of the road to die, but I don't abandon them either. You ain't any better…" Ahh, he's been elevated to the level of fool drunk! Never the less, she's been ruffled out of sitting and now stares down at him, taking a few steps back.

"No, I'm fairly certain they are. But that doctor is still somewhere near, and I can take care of myself better than you might imagine. I survived to get down here… I'll survive to tomorrow, I'm fairly certain. Doesn't mean I'm jumping into bed or friendship with one of you blood suckers. So… just… be on your way and I'll be on mine. 'Night, Bones." And with that stiff farewell, she does begin to turn..


Bones put his hands back in his pockets and let her go on her defensive rant, for some reason taking a bit of sly satisfaction in her riled feathers. The longer her rants were, the more telling the subtle clues in her speech turned out to be, and he was left with alot of fun insights into her character. "So I'll just be on my way then eh?"

He let her turn around and begin walking off in her own direction, chuckling quietly to himself when she was out of earshot. "Get some sleep K.C!" He yelled to her, repeating the new nickname he had chosen for her before turning to head in his own direction, back to the junkyard.

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