Sitting Sentry

Medieval Times

Before even entering the building, one can leave the city behind.

Ivy-covered towers of the Dallas Castle give the locale some majesty. Along with the ivy covered walls is a large moat filled with schools of live Koi.

Once past the doors, the lobby, and the ticket booths, one can get their picture taken with a member of the King's court. Just beyond this is a small shopping area, accompanied with a bar, and a viewing area to see the livestock before the show.

Immense oak-wooden doors that sit on cast iron hinges open to a cavernous entryway, decorated with pennants, pinions and standards that hang upon the wall. Large bronze sconces are attached to the stonework walls, their fires lighting the path to the main dining area.

The dining area is decorated much the same, though tapestries sit on the walls rather than the heraldric pennons. Large rough oaken tables are set around the room, all ringing a large sand arena. Bronze candelabras sit on each table with beeswax candles set and lit when the restaurant is open for business.

The arena is covered with dark tan sand; something that will keep moisture for the proper footing of both horses at the joust and for soldiers at the sword. At either side of the arena are large iron gates that lead into the deeper recesses of the restaurant where the horses are housed and holding rooms are located. Only those with clearance may access those areas.

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Hauntingly wispy clouds drift through the night sky, covering both stars and the moon. Every so often a glimpse of a star can be seen through a small break in the wispy clouds but for the most part the night is, once again, dark.

With an increase in the attacks on vampire holdings, Bethany has taken it upon herself to camp out in front of a well established building in Dallas.

A blanket covers her lap. Atop it is a leatherbound tome which she has open and is quietly reading with the aide of a small book light.

Should any come to attack the building or the animals within she will do her utmost to protect them by dialing the authorities. It is not as though Bethany is at all versed in fighting. Nor does she have the strength to hold anyone back physically.


It is an almost perfect night for those creatures that go *bump* in the night, and moreso for those who make no sound to mark their passing. With only the street lamps to illumine the paths of those who walk the streets, it is a dimmer night; one that could set the stage for almost any sort of mischief.

If there is to be mischief against any vampire or establishment this evening, however, the City's Whip will be there to do what he can to prevent it. Granted, the Lady's missive did state quite unequivocally that deadly force was not to be used, but…

Marius is on the prowl.

He takes the streets in absolute silence, moving along past groups with vampiric preternatural speed, using his given abilities to his best advantage. It is as he comes upon the area of Medieval Times that he pauses, his entire body still and completely unmoving in the shadows of the sidewalks and overhangs. He watches the one now so familiar to him; book in hand, a small flame to guide her reading as her attention and focus lie now within the pages of the tome. She is outside. With a blanket and book.

Attending someone, perhaps?


Dropping his hands in his pockets, Marius schools his expression for a bit of fun. There is a hint of humanity that lies upon his visage, a facade for the emptiness that lies beneath. Using his vampire-given speed, and just a little bit of flight, Marius lands behind the building, and moves his way around silently behind her before he speaks, his voice in a whisper, his tones oddly lilting in his german accented words, "Pray.. upon what or whom do you attend?"


People come and go from the building, but the figure with the blanket stays put.

There is no surprise on her features as someone suddenly sneaks up on her. She simply turns her head and blinks at her stalker. "Why, pray tell, do you always automatically think that I am waiting upon another?"

It is a very serious question to be sure. Were she here with anyone she would likely be inside the building, not waiting outside of it with a blanket, book, and a bag filled with a thermos and small items of food to keep her going throughout the night.

"Though before you get your ire up over the situation, I have decided to watch the building. I am quite fond of that horse and should anything happen to the building I will be here to contact someone that can help."

Folding the book closed over the little lamp, she smiles calmly. "I have cleared my schedule so that I could remain past the dawn since that appears to be when the attacks are happening."


Marius crouches down, his hands out of his pockets now and resting on his knees as he balances. He's puzzled, to be sure. The first part of that is easily answered, but before he does, he listens to the rest of the explanation for her presence outside the building… her reasons and what she hopes she will accomplish.. and barks a laugh.

"You are.. standing guard." The laughter ceases, though he allows himself some animation to his expression. A rare occasion indeed. "You." His words are both statements and questions. "Because of the damnable beast."

Shaking his head slowly, there is still a ghost of smile where one had been only heartbeats before. "I would like to know what possessed you to conceive of such an idea."


"You are laughing at me," Bethany remarks quietly. Her words come out not at all upset, but rather speculative as to why he would think it is funny that she is sitting outside the building with her cellular phone as a weapon.

"If that is what you wish to call it… then yes. I am standing guard. I am keeping an eye out so that I can rescue Abaddon if need be."

Pulling the blanket up toward her shoulders as she begins to shiver she laughs gently. "It was nothing more than the thought that should I see anything that seemed out of the ordinary I could contact the authorities and have it put to rights before the building was harmed."


"Do you think, mein lammschen, that anyone who would attack this building would hesitate at your words? I would dare say that you would be killed." Which, Marius is reminded, his Own doesn't necessarily fear. "And then I would have to retaliate." If the fear of death isn't something that would dissuade Beth, the idea of his retaliation upon those who did her harm might be? "I would be quite cross."

Still, the vampire doesn't move from his crouch. "All over a beast." One of the few things that Marius can call 'his'. "Why?"


"I know that they would not hesitate at anything that I would have to say," Bethany confirms. "I have no doubt that they would injure, or kill me, or worse, though I am not concerned with that. I have the number for the authorities right here," she says as she slides her hand from over the phone she is holding.

"If you feel the need to retaliate over something like that, then I would assume that those you retaliate against are most deserving of your special brand of retaliation." Bethany does not necessarily condone that type of retaliation though she does believe that people who harm others to make themselves feel important and strong should be dealt with a bit harshly.

"As I have stated, I happen to like the creature."


A cell phone.

As a weapon?

"Lammschen, go inside or go home. There are many of our kind that keep watch over this building, and others within the city. We are not without ability. Or knowledge." Marius reaches out to touch Bethany's jaw to be sure she's looking at him, though there is no attempt at a glamour. It's simply for her full attention. "This is our fight. If you wish, take Abaddon to another stable. I will have him brought out to you, but do not concern yourself with those who would do us harm. I would not have you injured."


"Your kind cannot keep watch over the building once the sun rises," Bethany points out, her eyes locking onto his with no fear.

"Though if you wish for me to go, I will." Taking the horse to another stable would be the best idea, though it occurs to her that there are many more than just his animals in attendance. "What of the others? I can make arrangements come the dawn though I believe that would mean that the show could not go on."


"I have no control over the others, nor do I have sway over this building and those within other than that beast." Not entirely true; there is that kestrel that the Lady cares for that lives within, and there are times when the Lady herself takes her sleep within. "It is only my animal that you will have and none other."

Marius remains crouched beside his Own, his hand pulls back so that both arms are once again resting upon his knees, his hands relaxed; he looks very human-like. "When the sun rises, we have those who will aid us. There are more than a few lambs that beg to do our will. Did the story you spoke of, Dracula by Stoker, have a breather upon whom he called?"

Marius begins to rise slowly, and gestures that Bethany should do the same. "I will have the damnable beast brought to you, and I will give you one who will aid you in finding a stall for him for the night."


Bethany considers this, slowly nodding her head. "If you wish me to secure other lodgings for Abaddon for the time being I would gladly do so." She has a friend on the outskirts of the city that owns a ranch she can board the horse at for a while without many questions being asked.

"If you are certain that the building will be alright then I will not linger the entire night." She will stay until she decides she wishes to return to her home above the practice though. "He did, in fact. His name was Renfield. Though I believe it was a little different than the humans that flock to your kind these days."

Shifting the blanket from her shoulders she tucks her book and the light carefully into her bag. Only then does she rise, lifting the blanket to sit about her shoulders like a cloak.

"A horse trailer would be nice, and someone with the ability to drive it to a specified location. I will make the call immediately then."


If Marius was human, or any other vampire, he would aid Bethany to her feet; but he is not, and he does not. "Renfield. English?"

That thought passes, however, as he considers that which lies before him. "I will have him brought to you, and will find a vehicle that is suitable to transport him." A horse trailer? The vampire departs to go within the building, and is there for several long moments, leaving Bethany to her own thoughts and devices without, unless she chooses to enter the entry-way and wait within.


"I believe so. He was also an inmate at a lunatic asylum and suffered from delusions which compelled him to eat living creatures." Bethany huddles under her blanket. Though the evening is not all that chilly, since the incident at the lake she has found that it takes more to keep her warm. Obviously the blood has not fully been replenished in her body as of yet.

"That would be wonderful thank you."

Sliding the strap of her bag over her shoulder she wanders toward the door. She adjusts her blanket to look more like a large shawl and steps through the entrance way. She remains absolutely silent and does not pester any of the employees.


Marius disappears within the building, fading from sight almost immediately. It's a few long minutes that Bethany is left waiting before a young woman, mid-20s, blond, dressed casually rather than done up in the medieval theme approaches with a smile. "Bethany? Marius said you'd be waiting. If you go out to the side of the building, we'll have a truck pulled up and a driver.. and someone to help load the horse on. He doesn't trailer well, so you'll need a hand there." From the sound of it, he doesn't do much 'well', though he's got a rather interesting… personality. "Marius asked me," okay, told her, "to not ask where you were taking him.. and that you not say a word to anyone but the driver as to your destination. He also asked that you remain with the horse for a day or so." There can be no doubt the girl is paraphrasing…

She pauses a moment and chuckles, leaning forward slightly, conspiratorially, "I wish I could do more to keep him safe."


For all her calm, the garbed woman is the one who manages to catch her off guard. Since Bethany was just hanging up the cellular phone, she nods. "Did he happen to mention which side of the building?" They have had this conversation before, and as there are three other sides of the building she wants to ensure she reaches the right one the first time.

"He asked me to remain with the horse?" A perplexed look is upon her face as she equates asked with ordered. "If he will not be outside, I wonder if it would be possible for me to relay a message through you back to him?" She waits a tick then says, "Please let him know that I will do my utmost though I cannot guarantee that it will be more than a full day." She will have patients to get back to.

She waits for a response, though as she does she eyes the woman curiously. "To keep whom safe? The horse or the man?"


"It's.. down that way," the girl points over to her right, dipping her hand as she does so to indicate 'down' and 'down'. "The truck wil be there. You'll see it."

Exhaling in something like a sigh, the blonde regains her smile, though it seems a little wistful. "Him.. the man. And I will tell him, though he did say a day or so.." She smiles tightly, "I just don't want to see him killed, you know? Of all the vampires I've met, he's just.." Another sigh escapes, " not noticing me. Even for a meal." Which she'd offer in a heartbeat, no pun intended. "This stuff going on is pretty serious business," her voice cants low. "He may not even see it coming, which is why I'm concerned. So, if I could, I would so sneak him home.." Renfield.. and slightly creepy in her own way?


"I… see." Bethany's response covers many things. The location, what the woman is blathering on about. Her smile is slightly tight lipped as she notes the exact location of where to meet the horse and trailer.

"You may also, if you would be so kind, tell him that should he wish it to be longer than a day he will have to come and…" She grins a little at the thought of what she is about to say. "… ask me himself."

Jealousy does not appear to be Bethany's demeanor, even if that is what the woman before her is going for. Turning to head off in the noted direction she pauses momentarily. "Between you and I, I do not think that it would be wise for him to be dipping into the company pool so to speak. There are likely rules to that effect as this is both a vampire and a human establishment." At least it would make sense to her to not have the vampires snacking on the employees in public sight.

"Thank you very much for conveying the messages. I appreciate it." With a friendly wave she begins again toward the location of the trailer so that she can get the horse to new lodgings for the time being.


There's a momentary pout as she considers Bethany's words about 'dipping into the company pool', and "He's the one who helped get me this job" is offered to her back, late of course. Why is it witty comebacks (and not so witty) only happen long after they're needed?

While the former law student might want to live a little further on the edge, she's not stupid, or blind. Telling the vampire to do something for himself, in this case, ask the other woman, is almost a death sentence. Marius is all vampire.. and she has no idea how he'd react given almost any situation.

She'll pass.

"Have a good night.." is offered, and with another sigh, turns around and heads back into the restaurant proper— back to work!

Meanwhile, below, a groom is working to bring Abaddon out of his stall, give him a quick brushing, grab his tack.. and lead him those yards down to the door where he will be trailered and transported out.

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