Northwest Dallas

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Clouds of a deep grey float across the sky, their spotted arrival and departure casting a starry glow down upon the city streets.
Directly in front of the Medieval Times building is a large blackened spot on the lawn. The area has been marked off with yellow police tape, but despite this a lone figure is within the tape, staring at the atrocity before her.
Isobel has sent all her vassals away. All her security. The business is closed for the day so she need not send guests away from it.
But there she stands, cleaning supplies off to the side of the tape. Her body rigid as she just continually stares and attempts to get her anger under control.

While it may not outwardly show, Marius' ingrained beliefs in The Church gives rise to his own anger. It seethes within, which is the more dangerous of moods for him as he picks up the remnants of charred wood, uncaring about police lines and getting in the way of official investigation. Picking up a piece of burnt wood, the Whip studies it as he holds it before putting it into a secondary pile. The pile he's got set aside will be used to stake the one who'd done this to them, whether or not the perpetrator of the act is vampire.
Secondarily, but not any less important, is the anger that the Lady's establishment was targeted…

Having been standing, staring at the charred mess since night fell, Isobel is not unaware of her surroundings. Her hearing is excellent, her sense of smell even better. She knows the Whip has been periodically moving pieces of the wood, but she has not stopped staring.
Another moment or two of silence has the Sheriff wiping at her eyes as swiftly as possible in order that he not catch on to what she was doing.
"I have had enough," she says quietly, whether for herself or to him. "I have been pleasant enough about this mockery they are making."

Marius straightens, another chip of wood in hand, and whether the Lady addresses him directly or not, he responds regardless, his own tones inaudible to any but another of their kind. "Allow me, Lady." The rest needs not to be filled in. If the Whip is given leave, there will be bloodshed.. and the first will be the mayor's office where Chloe's first lead comes from. He can either have them disappear, or he can leave them to be found; it makes no difference to him.

Isobel silences herself again. Carefully weighing the options. Attempting to go for the outcome that will suit the King's purposes and not just her own needs.
"Discreetly," she says quietly. "Discreetly and bring them to a specified location. I wish to be there when you gather your information." That is the only 'order' that she issues.
Wiping the last of the blood from her eyes, she frowns. "I could tolerate it when it was just the blood. Willing donors are easy enough to find. I could forgive the paint and the broken windows, as I have seen much persecution in my time. But I cannot and will not forgive such blasphemy to the church." Icy blue eyes flit toward the charred remains once more before she finally makes her way to the 'cleaning supplies' consisting of an axe, a shovel and a wheel barrow.

The medieval mind is one that is steeped in the mystery and the all encompassing Church of centuries long passed. Marius is a product of his time, even though he lives in 'the modern world'. Technology, existing in the world does not erase that which saw him grow to manhood, and all that included the constant presence and reminders of The Church. While not pious, or devout, it is still simply… who and what he is, and it is an easy reconciliation.
As a result, the picking through the ashes and burnt wood is done with some care and concern.. and it is also why it's chosen to be his weapon of choice for vengeance.
"It will be as you ask."
His hand thus released, the freedom to act is granted; gone is the edict that there will be no response…
"I will have him before you before this week is out."

"See that you do."
Orders aside, Isobel grips the axe tightly in her hands. Then she swings it toward the last remaining height of the charred cross and allows her anger to come out in small doses. Each strike allows more of the anger to wash away until she is left with only irritation.
"Send someone to New Mexico for blood. Have them take the limo so that it is not targeted. The population in the city has increased recently but someone may still notice if my preferred meal happens to go missing."
When done with the axe it is merely tossed aside. Her hand dips into the pocket of her track suit and whisks out her phone. A quick dial has her leaving a message for one of her usual guards. "You will send someone to guard Mary's, the hotel, and Dahlia's. The next someone plants an attack, we will be prepared. Capture them and bring them to me at the location."
The phone snaps shut, and that too is tossed toward the wheelbarrow.
"I do not like losing my patience," she says to her Whip, "but the time for niceties are over."

New Mexico.
"I can have new blood brought up from the border." Human trafficking at its best. "I am certain the stalls in our arena can hold them."
Still, he will get a line of transport of blood beginning from New Mexico. "I will send someone to New Mexico." As if it needs to be said?
"Lady, with your permission, I will begin my duties as you have commanded and take my leave." He has that one boon, however, "I do ask that the wood in this pile be saved for my handiwork. If you wish, have someone bless it so their paths are true when they are called to be the instrument of atonement." There's a euphomism. Seeking purity out of desecration?
"I have leads that I may check, and the first will lead me to the mayor's office." Just as a warning…

"Just the blood, Marius. Not those to whom it belongs. We will face enough difficulties in the coming weeks without being persecuted for immigration violation," Isobel points out as gently as possible.
"Yes, of course. I will have one of the men carry it in to the arena to leave in your area. I can handle the rest of the cleanup on my own." Which of course will involve more anger and more 'tears', but that is to be expected considering her long history with the church.
"Take your care within the mayor's office. Fontane is no longer working there so far as I know, but the King's pet is." With that, the dismissal is done and she turns back to her work. A call to Elliott will be next, so that he can find someone to bless the blasphemous wood before it is again used.

To look upon the face of the Whip, does he even particularly care what problems he causes for the breathers? The lack of expression in the presence of Isobel should say it all as far as his reaction. Still, it is what she desires, and her will is his own. "I have never cared for their petty rules, my Lady, but it will be as you command." Marius inclines his head in the beginnings of a bow, and shifts around to take his leave. "It is the King's pet that gave me the information. If there is something amiss, I would expect that she remember her duty and her place."
Once the permission is granted for his leave, Marius takes it and begins to make his way to set up everything that he has been tasked to do.. the importation of blood, and the discovery of answers.

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