Dinner Date of Doom

Mama Makea's

The house is tiny, but efficient and decked out in copious amounts of wood, stains long since faded with a dulling sheen of gray that gives it that lived in luster that one will not see in all those fancy "renovated" versions that can be found in trendier parts of town. It's a Craftsman bungalow just like those, but one that's still quite authentic to era it was created. Dated furniture is brought to life with deep, soothing colors and wildly patterned pillows. The decor is a blend of matching chaos, thick with dark purples, blues and greens while the accents are brighter hues of gold, splashes of red, and browns. The designs range from animal print to nonsensical swirls, as well as those clearly under Turkish influence.
There are a few knickknacks one would expect to find in an older woman's home, but several trinkets are notably unusual. African animal figurines and candy bowls made of carnival glass adds to the clashing colors. Goblets, bleached bones, as well as candles of every shape and color are strategically placed around a sizable collection of books. Most can be found in their proper place, but some are strewn about, either settled under another object, or open to a particularly fascinating page. Despite the clutter, everything is kept relatively dust free. The cleanliness of the place is belied by the scents that give hint to just how many generations of love have passed through this house. A set of stairs heads up to an even smaller second level that promises to reveal just as many homey stories as the first.

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The first step inside would produce a wave of scents, all hinting at what kind of homecooked goodness Mama Makea's been whipping up. It just might be enough to distract from the other sensation, a wave of warm protection that washes over those who enter. Heightened senses have a better chance of picking this up. The hostess with the mostess exits her warm kitchen, fanning herself as she deposits a cooling pecan pie on the table. It's been dragged from the too-small dining room into the living area. The front door is open, screen propped up so that anyone can just waltz right in. Hopefully she's about done cooking, considering there's barely any room left on the table. Ribs, freshly baked rolls, three different kinds of pies, cornbread, collard greens, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. Of course.

Steve might've left home young, but he was still raised right. Either that, or somebody taught him some manners in Hollywood. At any rate, he doesn't arrive empty-handed. He knocks a little at the screen door before he enters. "Uh. Am I early?" he asks, holding a brown paper bag against his chest with one arm. "I /was/ invited, right? Joaquim told me…"

As autumn sets in the air attains a crisp note to dazzle the senses, creating a tickling sting for the nose, especially more sensitive ones. This is what Joaquim is dealing with as he comes down the walk, nose twitching rather manically to get the mucus flowing to soothe the not-unpleasant burn. Up the steps he wanders carrying a box that is left on the porch and pushed out of the path of feet. Upon stepping over the threshold the impressively long nose twitches for a completely different purpose, and the other senses practically sing with the bombardment of sensations. "Fall's here and so am I!" A beat later he backs up Steve, "Yep, I told him."

Todd trots along at Joaquim's heel like an overgrown puppy. And overgrown puppy wearing a ridiculously bright-colored wizard hat. He has not lost it in the days since Joaquim gave it to him, which is amazing in itself. As he smells the food, he glances to Joaquim, then twitches his nose, too. "What about me? Am I invited?" He gives Steve a sidelong glance as he says this. Steve is probably used to that look of 'Don't I know you?' though probably not so much from people he's already met twice.

Makea is fully prepared to entertain visitors, so she's banished that housecoat of hers. Even if it is cozy. Instead the woman is dressed in a comfortable sundress, leopard spots marking the material. It's not cool enough for her to bundle up just yet. "Sug! Of course you're invited." Steve will find her hands pressed to his shoulders, all but pulling him further into her home. The greeting is completed with smooches on each cheek. Joao is next, doubly smooched only to have her lick a thumb and rub at possibly imaginary dirt that marks his cheek. "I want you t'wash up before you start puttin' your hands on everything." Todd gets the biggest hug of all, all wrapped up and likely suffocating for those moments. "Everyone's invited. Especially you, darlin'. Now in. Everyone in!" Though Steve's bag will be eyed curiously.

Steve lived in Hollywood, so he's hardly to be put off by uninvited touching and cheek smooches. He leans in politely for them and then passes Makea the bag, which contains a bottle of dessert wine and a bottle of top-shelf tequila. He limps his way further into the house, giving a look around. "This is a really nice place."

"You too, buddy! You're the guest of honor!" Now that Joaquim's hands are empty he immediately puts one to work affectionately patting Todd's back. "That's why you're wearing your party hat." One might think Makea's mothering, especially the thumb-licking cleaning would put the young man off, but he actually leans into it. Had she used her actual tongue to work away the smudge, he'd likely have gone in for that too. Before the door can shut he shoots outside to molest the box left on the porch, liberating some items, while leaving others. Then just as quick he darts back in and clandestinely slaps the autographed notebook and pen into Steve's midsection while whispering, "You can give them to him."

Todd smiles, a little winded by the time that Makea is done with him. But hey, if she's /that/ affectionate, he must be something special! "Oh? Neat!" He grins a little, and takes the hat off his head to admire it for a moment before putting it back into place. He glances back to Steve, then to Makea, as his grin falters a little. He starts patting his pockets, then finally concludes, "I didn't bring anything. Was I supposed to bring something?" A moment later, he brightens as he finds the pen in his shirt pocket. "I have a pen! Would you like a pen?"

Peeking into the bag, she makes a pleased sound in her throat at the treats Steve's brought. "Thanks. It ain't much, but I love it all the same." Makea smiles, cradling the bag as she doesn't want to leave to chill that wine just yet. Todd will get a finger gently placed on his nose, "Y'didn't have to bring a thing but yourself. And you've done that." Admiring his hat, she leans in with a sly grin, "So. You wanted to meet Captain Sunshine, right?" She'll tantalize him with that thought, turning to slip back into the kitchen. "Help yourselves if you're hungry. And I hope you boys are!" A pause, "Joao-honey, you better wash your hands first!" Because she can just see him already making grabby hands at all the spread.

Steve grunts a little as he takes the objects from Joaquim, frowning a little. "I thought they were from you," he objects quietly, then looks at Todd with some embarrassment. Giving people presents to their faces is awkward, at least for Steve. "Uh. Todd. Here," he says, and holds out the Captain Sunshine notebook, with his cartoon image on the front, a Captain Sunshine pen clipped to its spiral binding by the cap. "I heard you lost your notebook."

Joao's head swivels to peer at Todd, high beams on full as he supportively grins, "You brought your Awesome, buddy! That's enough." Seeing the forgetful man well supported, the sporadic youth starts peering around while wandering the living room, emitting a quietly high pitched whistle at random points. There's even a glance under the coffee table. Pausing in his search, he pops up to peer over at the present giving. "See? Told you it was your birthday! Presents!" A quick glance around is made to see if Makea heard the lie before she disappeared into the kitchen.

Todd nods a little, and seems cheered. "Oh, okay!" He glances over at Steve as he approaches, and blinks. He accepts the notebook, and looks it over for a moment. He traces a finger over the picture, then looks up suddenly. "You're Captain Sunshine! Hey! You're /awesome/!" he glances to Joao with a grin, then back to Steve. "Hey, how'd you get Captain Sunshine at my birthday party?"

Makea might not hear that little lie of Joao's, but even if she does it's harmless. Poor thing probably doesn't even remember when his real birthday is. By the time she returns, she's got something behind her back. Before she's able to speak, those whistles summon slumbering creatures from the depths of the woman's house. Well, more like her back yard. Toenails clack against the hard floor, two dogs thundering towards the guests. "You two- I thought I sent you home?" Surprised, she forgets to hide the wrapped box, fists settled on her hips. The canines are busy jumping on Steve and Joao, barking and jumping up. The pitbull on Captain Sunshine might have a better chance, since the Pomeranian yapping at Joao has a bit more of a reach. A soft, amused sigh, and Makea dodges her way through the chaos to Todd. "Here you go, Sug." A wink as she produces a box, wrapped up with a bow and able to fit in his palm.

"I met you before a couple times," Steve tells Todd, looking embarrassed to point it out. "At the gym and the pancake house. So, uh, yeah, we're friends." The weight the large dog puts on his leg by jumping up makes Steve grimace and step back, turning a little to the side to deflect the dog.

Joaquim can't help but guygiggle just a little. It's so fun to play with Todd, especially when it makes the older man happy. His response is a smirking, "I'm just /that/ good!" Just that full of shit, that is. Then there are dogs! Immediately he drops to the floor, giving the nutty pom full access to the nutty lad. "How high can you jump?! How high?!" he taunts it with a treat that had been lurking in an inside pocket of his jacket. Yep, he came prepared for Makea's constant flux of canines. Then Joao sees Steve's issue and sends out a loudish whistle to distract the lummox, waving another dog cookie with the other hand. "Come and get it, Brutis!"

Todd beams at Steve, brows lifting. "Really? Awesome! I must be your sidekick with this awesome hat. I wonder what my superhero sidekick name is…" Before he can bother Steve too much with that, the dogs appear, causing Todd to stumble back out of the way a little. He's still a little shocked looking as Makea approaches him, but blinks a few times at the box. "For me?" He takes it, looks up to Makea, then gives a slow grin and finally starts to open it. "It's just like Christmas!"

Makea gives a sharp whistle, adding to Joao's own which causes the pitbull to focus his attention on the boy with the TREAT. Her brows smooth, and she tugs that wizard's hat a bit tighter down Todd's head. Once the wrapping and ribbon are done away with, the contents will be revealed as an intricately worked ornament. Pink and red roses are nestled within a bed of carved green leaves, thorns creating a protective border at the edges. Manicured nail reaches in to pluck it from the soft cotton, revealing a sharp pin at the back, a brooch of sorts. "It's nothin' much, but I thought… Well, let's just hope it'll keep you safe, huh?" Makea does seem like the sentimental sort to say such a thing. She'll pin it on him if he lets her, standing up to give the other two a firm look. "…And just /why/ aren't ya'll diggin' in already? D'you really expect me to eat all of this myself?" A sharp brow is quirked, warning any jokes that may come to mind.

Steve watches Todd open his gift in peace now that the dog's been called off him. Not that he seems to mind the dog. He even goes over to pet it, though he doesn't bend to pet the Pom.

Joaquim corrects Todd with a tone that is insistent, dragging out the words as if the longer they stay in the man's ears, the better chance they have of actually making purchase in his tricky mind, "Nooooooo, it's yourrrrr biirrrthdaaaaay!" Just then the pom jumps high enough to reach his face, attaching himself to that ample protrusion called a nose for half a second. "Oh, ow! I am not a cookie face!" The treat is shoved into the yapper's maw when it opens. When the big dog makes it across the room another treat is shoved at him and then Joao pushes off the ground to wander towards the table while messing with his nose to inspect it for damage.

Todd would probably find Joaquim's nose biting to be extremely hilarious if it weren't for the fact that he's too busy looking at his gift. He stares at it for a long time with an unreadable expression. When Makea finally reaches to pick it up, he snaps out of it, and immediately takes it to pin on his shirt. Meekly, he responds, "Thank you." And he waits until she's busy harrassing the others about eating food to wipe at his eyes a little and then head for the table. Food!

Makea moves to the side to let Todd approach the table, catching sight of the less energetic guest in her house. "Oh, Sunshine…" A possible perminant nickname if he's not careful, as she loops her arm into Steve's. "Why so quiet? It's a party." He'll be gently, though firmly lead closer to the generous helping of food. "And you still haven't made an appointment t'model for my class. Cold feet?" A soft laugh, though she'll pat his arm, "But, let's not talk about business, hmm?" Even if she was the one doing most of the talking. Attention spread wide once more, she'll release Steve's arm to pick up a plate and begin serving herself. "The only rule in my house is, you gotta try everything at least once. If you don't like it, well then don't eat it!"

"Huh?" Steve asks, scratching his cheek a little. "Oh, I don't know," he says, approaching the food with her. He shakes his head. "No, we should schedule it," he says. "I need the m—" But then she says not to talk about business and he nods. "Okay. The food looks great. Thanks." He's still obviously awkward, and he pauses to decide how to handle his cane and buffet-style serving.

Hands covered in not only dog drool, but probably half of Dallas as well, reach for the pecan pie. Who needs anything else? But then Makea's reminder of the date for nakedness preempts the actual touch as he straightens, spinning to spy the pair, sly grin spreading out to inflict catastrophic dimples on Joao's copper toned face. "I've decided I'm going to go to college to become an artist."

Todd soon forgets to be touched by the gift, since the food is rather distracting. By the time Joaquim decides to strike off on his new career as an artist, Todd has already made it to the table and grabbed a plate. He loads it up mostly with fruit-based foods, but he does take a nice blob of mashed potatoes to go with it. "Oh, do you know how to draw?" he wonders, glancing over at Joaquim, suddenly curious. "That's awesome!"

On top of everything, Makea offered an overfull plate to Steve. Perking up and glancing at Joao, she arches a brow. "If you try n' sneak into my class, boy, I'mma tan your hide." There are plenty of chairs to pull up, though since there's a lack of space on the table in which to eat, it's best to just find somewhere comfortable to settle. Todd encouraging the scamp only has another patient, though gusty sigh leaving her. "Everyone can draw." She corrects Todd, gently, "Stick figures are still drawings." Swooping quick enough for that dress to rustle around legs, Joao will find claws holding the lobe of his ear. "What'd I say? Go and wash those hands. Then you can have dessert for dinner." Not too much of a tyrant, now is she?

Steve gives Joaquim a somewhat suspicious look, but then remembers to smile. Ha, jokes! They are funny. He takes the plate from Makea and finds a seat where he can ease himself down.

The wickedness reaches out to hook Todd, "You should too! We can take classes together. Makea teaches art, so we'll take /her/ class first, okay? We'll both be famous artists." Joaquim pauses for a heartbeat only to start up again when a memory serves to trigger s'more. "I've seen your sculpting abilities. You're really quite… " you can almost hear the crashing sounds as he flings words far and wide while frantically digging about in his head for the right one, "…. " Joao looks to Makea and puts her on the spot, "What's the word?" The sudden tugging on his ear elicits a string of, "Ow, ow, ow, okay, ow… " and then he's cleverly pulling, increasing the pain, until the lobe springs free, allowing him to dart into the bathroom.

Todd blinks a little. "But no one goes to college to draw stick figures," he points out, logically. "And most people don't want to see drawings of stick figures, right?" He takes his plate, and wanders over to settle next to Steve, with a friendly smile. He looks over to Joaquim with a puzzled smile. "That doesn't sound right," he comments, thoughtfully, as he picks up a grape to eat. Then Makea is grabbing Joaquim's ear, and Todd just sort of looks on with wide eyes.

As Joao finally decides to listen, he'll get a firm slap to his bony behind to send him off. Watching him, she settles back down and begins to fill another plate, this one with two slices of pecan pie and some greens sneaked on as well. That'll be for when the teen returns with hopefully clean hands. "Oh, I dunno…" Makea finally turns to look at both Steven and Todd, "For a good portion of my class, all we draw are 'stick figures'. S'kinda hard to get every detail down in five minutes." A playful wink as the woman finally helps herself to the food. "But you should try takin' a class, something freeing like sculpture or paintin'. Both of you." Even if Steve is likely to be the subject of such, as soon as she can get his bare butt into the studio.

Steve watches Makea drag Joaquim off, then looks over at Todd. "Hey," he greets with a little smile. "How's it been going? Or…" Faux-pas! "I mean…how's it going right now? Having a fun time?" He looks over at Makea as she speaks, but doesn't comment, eating some of her delicious cuisine instead.

It doesn't take long before Jaoquim is back, which might trigger questions as to how well he actually washed. Even so, his hands are still dewy, so they were at the very least quickly run under water. Then he's dropping down to bookend Steve with Todd, reaching out to snag the pecan pie and pull it closer for easy quick access. "Is there alcohol?" That's when he notices the readymade plate with the suspiciously green content. He squints at it, then picks up a fork and starts poking it to the very edge of the plate and away from the pie. Do not infect my pie with vegetables! An ear is lent to the birth of conversation.

Todd smiles thoughtfully, and shrugs a shoulder. "Sculpture could be fun," he agrees. "Or painting." He glances over at Steve, brows shooting up as he gives a slightly awkward little grin. "Oh! Well…yeah. Of course. I mean…you're here and everything." Which makes it awesome, right? "Are you having a good time?" he wonders in return, quite polite.

Makea can tone down her mothering mode for a bit now that everyone has a plate and is settled. Rather than add to those surrounding Steve, she rests her frame against a wall and picks at her own nibblies. "There might be a lil' somethin' to drink, since Sunshine's the generous type." Whether Joao is going to get some isn't addressed. A soft smile is given as she looks over 'her' boys, all lined up nice and being fed. Straightening up, her brown eyes light up as an idea comes to her, her plate set down for the moment. "You three. Stay /just/ like that." With a dash, she's moving further into the house, likely closer to her bedroom. There's thumping, rustling, various searching noises before she returns. In her hand is an old Polaroid camera, "We can take two. One for me, and one for Todd's new book!" She's nearly bouncing in place with excitement.

Steve looks up from his plate and bobs his head at Todd. "Yeah," he says. "I'm having a nice time. I don't have a lot of friends in town so it's kinda nice to get out of the house." He glances at Joaquim, then back to Todd. "Listen, I didn't come as a favor or anything. I already wanted to come." He looks uncertainly over at the camera.

Todd's question has Joaquim leaning over his plate and peering around to spy Steve directly on as he awaits the answer, really quite interested. "I have some stuff for you too, to take home," which must be what is left in the box /outside/ the front door. Makea did say that he cannot bring hot goods /into/ her house. Again he finds himself backing up Steve, "Yea, he wanted to come. He said he likes you. Who doesn't?" The glowing gaze had flicked to Todd before speaking, and now it jumps to the camera, and sure enough the goofy teen is attempting to hook an arm over Steve's shoulders while flashing a bizarrely wide grin, and affecting a ludicrous pose.

Todd brightens a little. "Oh! Well, if you want a friend, I can add you to my book. Then you'll have at least one friend, right?" he offers, already reaching for the brand new notebook tucked in his pocket. It's quite a feat, while juggling his plate. He glances up as Makea produces a camera and smiles. "Oh! Good idea! We'll put a picture in, and write your names! It'll be perfect." Then Joaquim has to talk about Steve /liking/ him, and Todd glances over with a suddenly bashful little grin, then away again. Now he's blushing! "Well…I like him too." After a long pause, he adds, "He's cute."

Makea takes a moment to adjust the camera, and find a suitable surface for it to sit on. Hey, she wants to be in Todd's book too! "Well you're welcome at my place anytime. All of you." She'll give Steve one more option when leaving the house, one that doesn't have a happy hour. …Wait, knowing her, Makea's house likely does. Once the camera is set up, she'll swiftly move behind them, hovering near Todd and Steve's shoulders while placing a hand on Joao's head in an affectionate tussel. "Once the light starts blinkin', smile." The words are murmured towards Todd, "I think ruggedly handsome works a bit more than cute, Sug." Oh look, by the time the camera goes off, her smile has turned innocent.

Steve frowns a little at Joaquim, but he doesn't let the expression last too long. He looks at the camera, seeming at a loss as to what expression he should wear. He doesn't object to the arm around his shoulders or anything, but he doesn't reciprocate. But Makea says to smile on the cue, so he can do that. And does.

Joaquin senses something a little deeper than mere casual liking within Todd's response and his gaze shifts back and forth between them, trying to sweep them into a pile that he'll label 'a couple', mentally trying on the fit. A shrug later he's forking a chunk of pie, but before shoveling it into his mouth there's an offer made to Steve, "You can call me a friend too. I call you one," to anyone who will listen. The food is mashed up quickly and swallowed so he can add an afterthought, "I'm your best friend, Todd, don't forget to write that in there." Forget? Then FLASH, he's blinded and is left blinking and silent while trying to see again. Meanwhile that arm drops. There was no flirting involved, it was just picture posing!

Todd focuses on the blinking light. That's going to be one interesting picture, with Todd looking all red cheeked and embarrassed. Once the picture is taken, he looks down at his food, and focuses on eating some strawberries. Because you know Joaquim made sure strawberries were on the table, somewhere. "Mmhm," he replies to Joaquim, half distracted by glancing with a timid little grin at Steve.

As soon as the picture is taken, each of them will receive an affectionate kiss on the head. She's unable to linger, quick to snatch up the photo that slips from the camera. She won't make them settle for another just yet, pinching the corner of the white square and letting it develop and dry. "So, I added extra pecans this time, Joao-honey. What d'you think?" Might as well keep the boy talking as she searches for a gluestick within the chaos that is her home. Finally, she'll offer both photo and adhesive to Todd, "Go ahead n' put us in your book." Steve will get a little smirk as she teases the both of them, "Y'can even put a lil' heart next to Sunshine's name."

"I'm not gay," Steve replies flatly to Makea's remark, looking at his plate. He stabs his fork through some greenbeans, and eats the mouthful, eyeing his plate in search of what he'll eat next. He definitely doesn't look at Todd.

Everything has a fuzzy white spot right smack in the middle of it, including Makea as Joaquim cranes around to peer at her with a hard blink to try and flush it away and correct the pretty picture of her. "Pie's awesome, as usual." Speaking of, the fork is reloaded and driven straight into the toothy cave where it disappears forever, or at least until later that evening. This time he notices how fabulously nutty it really is and makes corrupt noises that sound more fitting for a whore house than the table. "So so soooo good." Makea's comment to Todd about the heart nearly makes him choke on the next bite, but Steve's response finishes him off and soon he sounds like he's trying to hack up a hairball.

Todd takes the picture, and gives Makea a kind of embarrassed little grin. He's already opening the glue stick when Steve makes his littel revelation. Speaking of embarrassed… He glances over, with a startled expression. For a moment, he just stares at Steve, awkwardly, and then frowns a little. "Oh." Flustered, he glances to the picture, not quite sure what to do wtih it. Eventually the whole business just gets shoved into his pocket, glue stick and all. "Oh… I'm so sorry. I'm…I'm really sorry." He fumbles a little with his fork, then a thought occurs to him. "Oh…Yeah. I…Hang on, I'll write that down. I'm sorry…" He reaches back into his pocket to try and separate his notebook and pen from the picture and glue stick.

Makea can't help but tussle and toy with Todd's hair, though Steve's comment has her giving a jerk of surprise. Rude. And when that rudeness results in a fumbling, embarrassed Todd? Makea straightens up to reach over and slap Joao in the back, nice and firm to help him either swallow or dislodge what he's having trouble with. "Aw, Sug… Here. You didn't do a damn thing wrong. Some people just can't take a lil' teasin'." She attempts to help the man seperate and take what he needs, before slowly rising. Steve will be set with a long, hard look. It's not really a glare, but her usually plump lips are pinched into a thin line. There's no mistaking the sense of doom that settles around the woman. "I don't think Todd's the one that should be apologizin'." AHEM.

/Now/ Steve finally turns red. "Look, sorry," he says, glancing over at Todd. "Don't… I mean, still put the picture in there and everything. You don't have to write… It's not a big deal. Just…I didn't want you to write something down that…" He glances toward the door. Only then does he realize Makea is staring at him. He looks back at her a moment, then his eyebrows pull down. He does not seem to accept her censure.

Oh yea, woo, the room needs a distraction and Joaquim always has one close at hand. "Oh yea, I got a bit of permanent art yesterday." The legs of the chair scrape on the ground as he pushes it back to stand, fingers working deftly with the bonds of his trousers. They're dropped to reveal electric blue underwear, with a freshly inked Rocky the flying squirrel soaring out of the shorts. "I just got it yesterday." The Vaseline glossed tattoo is still surrounded by angry red flesh in the irregular circle of shaved hair.

Todd actually looks a little alarmed with Makea's sudden ire. "No, I…I don't want…I mean, I /want/ to know…" He glances to Steve, then finally just ducks his head to start scribbling furiously in the notebook. "You should have said something sooner. I'm so sorry…" he murmurs, obviously embarrassed by the whole thing. The last comment from Makea drives him to his feet, his mouth open to respond. Of course in all the excitement he's forgotten that he had a plate of food in his lap and it goes crashing to the floor. "/Damn/ it. I just…I need…I'm sorry, I should go home…I…I…I'll buy you a new plate. And…anything else…" Joaquim's distraction is not very successful, apparently.

Makea is all for having a stare-off with Captain Sunshine, hands moving at a measured pace to her hips, locking there firmly. The two other guests are what pull the woman from her overprotective mind frame. She first stares as Joao begins to undress, only to have her head whip the opposite way to find a stuttering Todd and a broken plate. The tension is officially broken, at least in her opinion. Weighty exhale, she can only offer a soft smile, "No no, it's alright. I'll clean it, and you don't gotta give me a dime. Just relax, sweetheart." But that distraction of Joao's can only be ignored for so long. "Boy, what in the name of all things good have you done to yourself?" Despite the words, her tone is highly amused as brows arch up, staring at Rocky and his red-aura. The grin is weak, but there it is.

"Todd, you don't have to go," Steve says, looking guilty as hell. Poor Rocky the Flying Squirrel gets ignored, along with Joaquim's blue underwear. "I didn't want to say that in front of everybody, I just…" He puts his hand on top of his cane and stands up, looking at Todd. "It's a party for you, man. I didn't mean to make it…" He blinks a few times. "You're not in the wrong, you know?" he tries to put a hand on Todd's shoulder and suggest with a little pressure there that Todd sit again. "I should probably go, but you should stay. We'll hang out soon. Bowling or pancakes or whatever. You can write that down." Steve's plate gets set aside on the couch.

Joaquim is standing there, trousers around his ankles and stunned to silence. How did it get to this? He reminds, "It's a party." Then in a desperate attempt, whilst awkwardly grabbing his pants and pulling them back up, having to keep hold of them while moving towards Todd, he starts throwing things out, "Don't forget the roses Todd. Pretty rose bushes and pine trees. Lots and lots of pine trees that smell so crisp and fresh all year round. Your safe place. Remember it?" A bright look of hope is plied to the forgetful man in hopes that he will indeed remember and snap into another space and time. The youth's eyes grow round and sad as Steve mentions leaving. "No one has to go."

Todd shakes his head at Makea's words, but flinches away slightly to go back to writing in his notebook. "Bowling and pancakes," he echoes, letting Steve know that he was heard as he keeps scribbling on the nice clean paper. He glances up at Joaquim, almost looking pained. "Stop it. I'm trying to remember, and this is important, so…Just…Let me write, okay?" Quickly distracted again by the need to finish his notes, he goes back to writing and settles back onto the couch.

Makea keeps quiet, bending to pick up plate pieces and pile them carefully onto her hand. She decides not to put in her own two cents, as they seem to make things worse between Steve and Todd. Once the mind-frazzled man settles back onto the couch to scribble, she decides it's safe then to leave and throw away what pieces she's managed to gather. Perhaps things will sort themselves out.

Steve looks over at Joaquim and shakes his head. "No, I…I wore out my welcome," he says with a glance at Makea, face relatively blank but lips slack. At least he's turned back to his regular color. He looks at Todd. "Can I take that for a sec and write my phone number?" he asks. When Todd hands over the book, he jots down his cell number and hands it back. Steve heads for the door, but stops a foot or so early and turns to look at Joaquim, and in the direction Makea departed in. "It's just not right to trick somebody," he says, shrugging, and then turns back and steps outside.

Joaquim sighs, shoulders sagging as he nods to Todd. The next moment is filled with a glance down to rework the fasteners on his pants. The canines busy themselves cleaning up the mess, happily devouring the amnesiac man's meal, tails wagging a mile an hour. Joao's nose triggers the memory of the pie, a sweet salve to an ailed evening, and so he's drawn back to it like a bee to a flower, but this time he sits on the floor, sporadically pawning the vegetables off to the dog's who repeatedly greedily take the offered food, only to chomp and smack with distaste, tongues flashing out as they protest the flavor. The boy listens and hears Steve, but if it sinks in at all, it's hard to tell when he calls out, "Grab the box on the way out! It's yours!"

Todd continues writing, until Steve requests the notebook. He smiles, nervously, but allows it to be taken. He watches, anxiously as Steve writes in it, then accepts it back. "I'm sorry," he repeats, quietly, and goes back to writing. He waits for Steve to be gone before he adds, quietly, "I guess I won't remember, so it doesn't matter." He looks a little troubled, but adds another note to his notepad.

Makea returns, still keeping quiet. Other than a dustpan to clean up the smaller, sharper bits of plate, she also carries a roll of tin foil. A plate is piled with food, as well as a generous slice of pie. Foil is wrapped until the platter looks something like a mini-UFO. "Here. For the road." Her words are neither cold no harsh, in fact quite gentle as she offers it to Steve, since he's set on leaving. "Thanks for comin'." She'll let the dogs clean up more of the food-y mess, but leaving Joao to his pie and Todd to his scribbles, the woman will bend down and push in the daintier bits of broken porcelain.

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