Brief Flyby

Kidd Spring Park

The remnants of the dense forestry are located in here, as paths lead from the woods to the more entertaining features of the park. A jungle gym, complete with a small clubhouse and slides make up a play area designated for children, as do a few sandboxes. A community rec center can also be found in the park.
Separating the trees from the busier points of the park is small lake. During the summer months, a life guard can be found on duty so swimming is allowed, and there is also a small dock from which paddle boats and kayaks are available for rent.

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Autumn has fallen upon Dallas, eating at the fringes of leaves to corrupt their lush color, while wilting blooms as moisture is sucked out of petals by the leaching atmospheric dryness that comes with the onset of the darker months of the year. The air is crisp as the sun sags on the horizon, bending it's sleepy head towards the pillowy landscape. A tug of the moontides pulls at trees with persistent gusts, rattling branches until they prematurely give up their bounty, which rains down all around a tall young man that walks hunched against the weather with his fingers stuffed into jean pockets. A grey sweater with burgundy stripes sags on Joaquim's lean body, while tattered runners top his toes.

Kate is breaking in a new pair of sandals from Wal-mart, so they're not the best of things, but at least she has them, and a fresh pack of cigarettes, and a stroll through the park. So she continues on her way, in her off duty clothing, a pair of daisy dukes with a few holes in them and an oversized tank top that almost hides the end of the shorts. They make her look a bit taller than she normall would otherwise. She does shiver a bit, now that night has fallen. She didn't expect it to get this cold in texas!

The air crackles with the wind generated electricity as it whips and whirls, churning as it sweeps through the forest carrying wilting vegetation and various small scraps of garbage. Nature's very own vacuum. Eventually all of this will pile up against a wall somewhere to be shrouded in shadow and forgotten. The pull of the full moon that is making its way into existence causes Joaquim twitch and shudder, casting a glance about for evidence of invasive presences. That's when he spots a somewhat familiar face and comes to a full halt, trying to place it with the convulsion of memories.

Kate doesn't quite recognize Joaquim yet, her mind distracted by the thoughts that she should have brought a warmer jacket, warmer clothing… and if she should go back to her hotel or finish her cigarette. Apparently, the cigarette wins, even if she huddles down deeper into herself, trying to keep warm, crossing Joaquim's path very close now.

Then the right memory flips over in Joaquim's mind and a grin slowly bleeds onto quirky lips. His youthful voice lifts above the din of the wind, "Fancy meeting you here in a forest on the brink of a full moon." No need to play games this time, so he jumps right to the point. Feet carry him straight for the woman, though at a casual unthreatening pace.

That comment draws Kate's eyes, her expression going only a hint confused, though there is a certain scent on the air, a warm power she wouldn't normally feel — a quiet realization. "I was taking a walk after shift… wanted a cigarette and to break in my new shoes… And yes, I guess things are…" She looks up, a shiver crossing through her body…"Shit. should find somewhere to put these things… didn't realize the time." She really doesn't want to lose her clothes!

Joao squirms in his skin, stretching the fibers of his neck as muscles tense. A finger directs Kate towards a small alcove of rocks under a pile of boulders, "I usually put them there when I'm in this park." The Change always sets off itchy triggers that makes him fiend for cigarettes and a quick pocket patting check for his pack reminds him he smoked the last. "Crap, I gotta go to the store real quick. Stash em there, I won't be around to steal anything." This is said in such a way to connote a joke, as well as a blatant truth. Already he's walking away, but backwards as he waits to see what she'll do.

Kate really couldn't let the boys back at the hotel realize what she was, and she had no privacy otherwise. there was, literally, no where else to do this. So she nods, quick and thankfully to him, dashing in the direction of that alcove…"Thank you, hun… really… thank you. I owe you, if my clothes stay safe and easy… You be safe tonight." She gives him a small salute then continues in that direction. Her skin is getting very uncomfortable.

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