Kidd Spring Rec Center

The rec center is a large building, comprised of two gymnasiums which can be separated by a folding wall. Each gym is equipped for basketball, or can be used for floor hockey, dances, or any number of other recreational activities.
Outside the rec center is a fenced in basketball court, as well as two tennis courts, offering area children something to occupy their time with.

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With the changing of the season, it brings lower temperatures to the city. Slowly but surely, the weather is a'changin'. This results in more evening activities offered by the city even as the horrific news reports seem to encourage people to remain indoors.
Within the Recreation Center, there is a group of people busily hanging fall-related decorations upon the wall, setting tables with pumpkins, hay bales and the like before the signs that lay in a pile near the entrance are to be put on. Upon the signs are emblazoned, 'Refugee services of Texas' and below that, 'Catholic Charities'.
With jacket off, but shirtsleeves still down and buttoned, Remy White is at work with some of the older ladies, flashing genuine smiles their way as they ask him to move one thing, shift another.. until a table has been moved at least five times. Clapping gloved hands together once, he announces, "I think we've got it. It really looks good, and from the way things are shaping up, there'll be a good turnout."

Chloe is not at all overly fond of crowded locations, but as Ivan is now gone, and McNaab needs a face person, she's been promoted to attend events that his aides can't make. Especially with the one aide having disappeared not too long ago.

She's still dressed for work too, not having had time to stop at the apartment and change. High heels have been slipped off and a more comfortable pair of runners are worn with the business skirt and jacket. Briefcase in one hand, business card in the other, she glances around.

A bunch of old women.

One man.

« Must be him. » Comes the thought as she gives him the once over.

"I'm looking for Mr. White."

At the thought, Remy's head comes up and his body twists around until he catches sight of she who projected something more.. coherent than the clucking of old hens.
"He's over there, doll."
"Can't miss him.."
Straightening, a smile comes to his face and reaches the eyes as he begins the cross of the room, his gloved hand out in greeting.
« You found him. » The thought is placed gently in her mind; an almost soft caress of a disembodied 'voice' that is for her 'ears' only. Intimate while not being intimate.
Knowing full well that the others in the room expect something to escape his lips, he 'adds', "What can I do for you?"

The voice in her mind is enough to put her on edge. Chloe's guard immediately goes up. If one were to characterize it, it would resemble a barbed wire fence with a large 'KEEP OUT' sign posted dead center.

"Thank you," she says to the women, with a brilliantly undetectable faux smile, and a tip of her head.

Moving forward to take his hand, she first slips the business card into the suit jacket pocket. Her own hand is offered out, a quick businesslike handshake given before she draws back. He's wearing a glove, but if he's anything like Will? Better to be safe than sorry.

"Mayor McNaab wants to send some employees from City Hall down to help, and was curious as to how many would be needed and for what positions." Why the man couldn't just have his secretary call, Chloe will never understand.

Remy's head tilts slightly as he keeps his gaze on the pretty woman before him, quickly studying her and coming up…
"I see.." The handshake isn't held, though his words are slightly encouraging, "… Miss…" Remy doesn't pause for long, knowing that the information will come, one way or the other, and he moves on to the topic at hand.
"That's nice of him. If you would let him know the next time you see him that we could use some oversight. Or rather, some.. liason-ing. Part of the collection will be earmarked as gifts to the different public agencies— Health and Human Services and the like." He chuckles softly and puts a hand into his pocket, affecting a casual stance, "I could call his office, but I get the feeling that he's a difficult man to reach lately. What with the election heating up, and the different… challenges it's bringing."

"Cornett. Chloe Cornett." A more genuine smile is offered along with a chuckle. "He would gladly take the calls and these meetings himself had he the time to do so." Unfortunately McNaab's platform means that he needs to be out promoting how good the vampiric presence in the city can be, no matter how plagued a purpose this is.

"I can set something up with you, or with your group if you'd like. There are a few people in the offices that I could recommend." A brief glance is given to the old ladies and the decorations.

"Do you normally work so hands on in your work?"

« I could swear that table is a bit crooked… »

"Ah.. a pleasure, Chloe Cornette."
Taking a step back now, the other hand drops into his suit pants, and Remy looks around the room and how it's beginning to shape up. "I think I'd like that a lot. You setting something up with me… well, and my group."
« Dinner would undoubtedly be out of the question. » This is planted, once again, gently, with something of bemusement behind it. "I like being hands-on, honestly. Lets me meet new people, learn different ways of doing things. And, in turn, allows me to reach those in need."
« And it's not crooked. » The thought is something of a humoured petulance.

Were Chloe more inclined to be a pain in the ass this evening, she would draw out a measuring tape and show how crooked it was, even if she had to bump the table herself. For a moment it does look as though she may do so, but then she recalls that she's actually here on business.

"Why, Mr. White… are you trying to garner a dinner invitation from me?" Winking at him, she does actually move past him toward the table. It isn't bumped, but she does set her briefcase atop it and opens it up. Taking out her agenda book, she flips through and glances at the pages. "Tomorrow would be best if you need people to aid with this event. If you'd prefer the offer for another event or venue, you can always…" She slips out a business card with her contact information at City Hall, and offers it out to him. "… call and set up an appointment."

"The thought had occurred to me," is given, following Chloe over to the table. Remy pulls out a hand to lean on the tabletop a moment, his attention focused. "Tomorrow would be… ah.. yes.. people to aid." Twisting around, he calls out, "Linda.. tomorrow night. Will you be available?"
"Ah.. I need to watch the grandson in the morning, but in the afternoon, sure. When you y'all want me here?"
Remy turns back around, his brows raised in seconding the question, "Time?" It's with a quick glance that he checks the agenda book to immediately identify blocks of free time.
Reaching to take the card, his head tilts slightly to the side again, « An appointment. » He chuckles, his 'tone' still light. « I may do that. »

"Oh, I definitely wouldn't want to take you away from your grandson," Chloe says in a very polite manner. Her own eyes shift down to the agenda book and she tilts it upward to hide her extremely 'busy' schedule from view. It being only 'busy' when it's something to do with work.

Flipping to the last few pages of the book, she pulls out three passes for the Dallas Aquarium. "Here, enjoy your morning with him." She wanders over to Linda to give her the tickets before she starts back for the table.

"How does somewhere between four and six work for both of you? I can rearrange some things to work around your schedules. After all, I'm the one springing this on you so suddenly."

"Oh, you're too kind.." Still, Linda won't say no to passes to the aquarium. "He'll absolutely adore it. Thank you."
Remy's brows rise in amused askance, but he'll keep anything to himself. One thing that the telepath prides himself on is the fact that he has very, very little bleed, if any. The walls are up, and he is his own man, as it were.
"That'd be great." It's Remy's turn to respond. "I'll bring the pizza and beer."
With the offering of food and beverage, the other women laugh, "Woo hoo.. we'll be there.."
"Couldn't keep us away. In fact, it may bring the husbands out too.."
A laugh escapes and he nods, "Sounds like it's now written in stone. Between 4 and 6 sounds perfect. And, I look forward to seeing you then."

« We keep free passes to various places in the city with us. It generally appeases angry constituents. »

And it promotes good public relations for the mayor's office.

"You're welcome," she says to Linda with a smile.

Then she's left staring at Remy. "I had been thinking more along the lines of… no, that will be fine. At the office then? I can open one of the conference rooms, or if you'd prefer it to be here…"

« I couldn't possibly imagine how angry constituents could be with you. »
Still, Remy shrugs ever so slightly, all the world appearing as if he's getting ready to answer the 'other' topic. "I think the ladies' husbands would prefer here, but I can have the pizza delivered to the office. I don't think it'd take too long. Just.. making sure the accounting practices are the same so we don't have any misunderstandings or miscommunications. The beer, then, we can have afterwards." « Or if you prefer, wine? »

« You aren't flirting with me, are you? »

Chloe's brow raises in an amused manner, and she grins. "Here will work just fine. In fact, I will even go so far as to bring enough dessert for everyone." She can quickly recover from the flustering due to the surprise venue, even though she wasn't planning on setting up the proposal with so many present. Still, McNaab will be happy with the 'change of plans' so to speak.

"That will give me enough time to get all the t's crossed and the i's dotted on the paperwork before I bring it over."

« White. »

Remy laughs out loud, looking all the world as it is simply over the fact that once again, the venue is changed back to the rec center, and Chloe has added dessert to her list. "That would be fine."
« I'm crushed… that you can't recognize it right off the bat. I think I may have to try harder next time. » The telepath's 'voice' in her head is direct; nothing sloppy, and it appears.. genuine. No lying when it comes to telepathy.
"That would be fine. T's and I's are very important."

« To be perfectly frank, I have very rarely been flirted with. »

There is no lie, no reason to. People avoided her until recently, and even then she has only been truly flirted with by a vampire.

"I would hate for everyone to feel uncomfortable trekking to city hall. Besides, having it here would give me an excuse to dress more comfortably." Glancing down at her runners, she lifts the foot and wiggles it around. Then it's back to business. The book is dropped back into the briefcase and the case is closed.

"They are at that. Especially when it comes to accounting."

There is a shadow that flickers on Remy's face, but it passes and quickly. « I see. » In the couple of words, the weight given them means that even if he doesn't understand Chloe's particular 'case', he's attributing it to something, and that something is the fact that the woman is obviously a telepath. And as such, someone to be cared for, nurtured.. brought in and made to feel as if she is not only whole, but more.
In that blink of an eye, the affable smile returns and he nods his agreement. "Especially. Though I have to say that it'll be the most pleasant meeting I'll attend for quite some time."

The brow raises with the weight of the words, but it would seem that Chloe is quite done talking on both the subject, and in that specific manner. For her, it is enough to be having quite the normal, cheerful conversation with another telepath, instead of dealing with some sort of request, favor, or manipulation.

"Now, I know that flattery is not at all for me, but the lovely ladies that you're working with. I'm sure it will be a wonderful evening."

Linda chimes in, "Oh, honey.. don't worry. We're not offended. Young man like that?"
They look cute together..
Remy shakes his head ever so slightly, the smile turning to bemusement. It's one thing for him to catch announcements, but for the object to catch the same? A little embarrassing, but not insurmountable.
"I look forward to it. I'll be sure everyone is on their best behavior." That earns him some thin-lipped amused smiles, and even a gentle touch on the arm from one of the other ladies.
"Now, now.. don't make promises you can't keep."

Chloe has gotten quite good at not blushing these days, but even so she sets her eyes on the briefcase and keeps them lowered as she swings it back to her side. When she is certain she won't look like a tomato, she lifts her head and smiles.

"There's no need for people to be acting any differently than they'd normally act. Let's keep it completely casual and stress-free." Really, pizza and beer coupled with best behavior? It just doesn't mesh in Chloe's mind.

"I've taken up enough of your time this evening though. Thank you, Mr. White. Ladies." Dipping her head down, she starts her turn to make her way out. She just so happens to bump the table crooked with the briefcase as she does so.

« Told you it was crooked. »

"Agreed. Completely casual and stress-free."
« And it wasn't. » That has a decided laugh behind it, though he does give the table a look just.. well, to see that it looks right. Having lost that battle, for now, Remy exhales in that 'put upon' way and watches Chloe's departure. "Good night, Miss Cornett."
They won't be far behind as most of the work planned for the evening has actually been completed.

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