Close Encounter of the Third Kind

White Rock Lake

PA reservoir, White Rock Lake covers 1,254 acres and was once used for a portion of Dallas' drinking water supply. Now that it's use as a water source has been supplanted, the area has become one of the favored recreational locations in the city. The forested shoreline is dotted with numerous small cabins, fishing piers, and sailboat docks.

The lake is surrounded by White Rock Lake Park, which is home to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Running through the park is a 9 mile trail designed for hiking, running or cycling.

Though swimming was banned here back in the '50's, it is still a popular location for area teens who generally enjoy the more deserted areas, using the beautiful backdrop as a makeout spot.

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With darkness setting over the city many people have already wandered home from
the park, especially with everything that has been going on lately. Abbey isn't
like other people, and perhaps that is why she stays. A half burned through
cigrette rests between her lips, pale gaze resting on the water as she sits
upon one of the docks. A faint cool breeze blows across the water and into the
trees behind her, the ash colored smoke from her cigrette curling into the wind
and drifting off. Her eyes close while she lifts her head faintly taking in the
different scents that cling to the air. Clothing wise she has on a tanktop,
jeans and a pair of black work boots, a button up ash gray colored shirt rests
folded across her lap. In all she looks rather relaxed.

To all the scents, the fresh, oxygen filled air, the slight smell of
algae mixes something weird, something… dead. The moonlight reflecting almost
metallic on his pale skin, giving it an even whiter — and therefore more
/ /dead// — look, Tucker sits on a small hill offside the lake, leaning his back
against a tree. He wears a suit, light blue shirt, nothing too special. In his
hands he holds a picture of his wife and his ten year old daughter. He is not
crying nor are his eyes filled with tears but there is this feeling of deep,
pestering sorrow and sadness around him that you can almost grasp with your
You would probably not see him if you are human but a supernatural
creature can surely see this lonely snowflake in the night. He does not look
like he is going to bother anyone any time soon. For now…

Abbey is quiet in her spot, her pale gaze drifting over the area until she
catches the scent of vampire in the air. A faint snort escapes her while she
shifts and lifting her head to peer one way and then another. It takes a few
moments before she catches sight of Tucker some distance away. A drag is taken
from her cigarette while she just watches him a few moments. Well if it is all
the way over there then she won't have a problem with it really.

Surprised by the snort Tucker lifts his head, looking down to the lake to make
out the source. As he sees Abbey down there he puts the photograph away in one
of his inside pockets. His body gets tense all over as he stands up, obviously
unhappy with being watched in a more than less private and weak moment. He
tilts his head and stares back at the woman, trying to look mysterious and
threatening, maybe a bit too much of it, giving him one of these comicesque
Batman-glances. He just stands there, waiting for a reaction from the woman,
not moving at all.

Abbey lifts a brow as she peers towards the vampire, she just watches him
seeming rather unimpressed. Her gaze turns back towards the water. Seems she
doesn't find him scarey, or even worried about him. His all the way over there
after all.

The combined indifference of Abbey seeing a vampire and his senses tell Liam
that the person down there is not just any human. He takes a deep breath, one
of his residual human habits that looks a bit strange on a vampire. Then he
uses his vampire speed trick and darts down to the lake, turning into a shadowy
human outline for a moment, moving unbelievably fast. Liam stops right at the
waterside but leaves enough room to not alert the woman all too much. Then he
stays there, again, not moving but with creepy eyes, staring at Abbey

Abbey tilts her head as she hears the movement, her cigarette is flicked towards
the water and she shifts slightly. Her pale gaze turns back towrads Tucker and
she watches him a fewmoments hile her arms rest losely across her knees. "Take
a picture.. it lasts longer."
She offers, a slight Irish accent picked up as
she speaks.

Frowning at the woman's words Tucker thinks for a few seconds what to
answer to that. "You…", he begins, still not really sure what he wants to
say, "You don't look afraid." His frown loosens and a shadow seems to fly over
his face, making room for a less threatening look, his eyes interested and his
tone more neutral than before. "Most humans are." He takes some steps, drawing

Abbey shrugs slightly as she hears him while taking in a faint breath. She pulls
out a pack of cigarettes and peers inside it a moment. Empty, well why not. She
puts the pack back into her pocket and looks back towards the water. "I don't
have much of a reason to be afraid of ye of all things."
Its just one vampire
after all, if there was more then one she would be more worried about it.

Tucker stops as Abbey does not give him and his whole kind much credit for being
wicked enough. He eyes the woman very thoroughly, counting the visible scars,
obviously comparing her dangerousness with his. Staying at a safe distance he
hunkers down, eyes still fixed on her. "You think you don't have to be afraid
of vampires?"
His question seems to be honest, curiousness is in his tone. "I
don't… understand that."

Abbey watches the water a fewmoments as she shifts, stretching slowly and then
picks the other shirt up and pulls it on. "Not much scares me anymore.. An one
vampire an't going to do it."
She offers with a simple tone, feeling it more
then she should even be saying to him. She is a wolf after all, perhaps a lone
wolf but still..

While his hands play with the sand Liam's glance finally drifts away from her
after another long, final look. He scans the surroundings carefully and slowly
to be sure not to miss a thing.
"It does not really seem normal for a human to be around here in the
middle of the night. Especially with the things happening the last few days"
he states, eyes still moving around. Somehow he has to dig deeper, not able to
stop asking questions. Typical PI syndrome.

Abbey slowly stands, she brushes off her jeans as she goes. "Perhaps." Is
offered with a soft tone. There are no cars parked in the lot, unless Tucker
drove that is. As for Abs? She walked to the park from the garage. "Never said
I was normal though."
Her Irish accent still picked up as she speaks. Bold
black letter rests across the back of the shirt she pulled on that reads
'Bunker's Garage'.

"Of course no one would call herself normal if she relaxes at a lake at night."
Tucker stops for a second as he thinks. "Still not very clever", he adds,
immediatley biting his lower lip, unsure if he would provoke the woman. His
eyes are now back on her but he stays on his haunches, his right hand still
playing with the sand.

Abbey is quiet as she listens to him. "Suppose not." Is said with a soft tone
while she merely watches him a few moments. "Never said I was very clever
either." A faint smirk is seen. "Yer not a normal vampire.."

A grin appears on Liam's face as she states that fact. "Perhaps."
He tilts his head as he brings out his teeth with fangs retracted. He
looks up to her with a bold look on his face. "Never said I was normal though."

Abbey watches him a few moments. "True.." Is offered with a soft tone. Her gaze
drifts up to the sky a few moments, another passing breeze causes her to sniff
at it slightly. She's a bit more relaxed as she doesn't pick up any other
vampires in the area. "Ye don't know what I am do ye?"

Her words make Liam stand up. What she is? He frowns and seems to think a
few moments about the meaning of this. Deciding not to answer that directly he
says: "Is this going to be all Sigmund Freud now? Because I have to admit, I'm
not really a fan."
Not completely able to hide his agitation he runs his left
hand through his hair. The muscles in his body going tense again, his eyes
narrow, though he tries not to look frightened.

Abbey looks amused for a moment, she has never caused a vampire to be scared and
right now it actually makes her feel good.. For a few moments at least. Her
hand slide into the pockets of her jeans while she starts to merely making her
way down the dock, moving along the sidewalk. "Guess that means no." Is all she
offers to his question.

Anxious not to show his upcoming fear Liam just stands there, following each
step of the woman with his eyes, head turning to the side with her movement.
Ready to move at any moment he bends his knees a bit. "Guess what you want,
he hisses, "the only one that should be afraid here are you."
Probably. But he did not say that.

Abbey tilts her head and glances back towards him, watching him a moment, her
eyes narrowing slightly at the hiss. A faint rumbling growl like sound actually
escapes her for a moment. She is so not a human.. A faint shake of her head is
given as she moves forward once more. "I've been rather civil towards ye. Don't
go an ruin it now."

"You got to be kid—" Tucker stumbles a few steps back in the sand as the woman
starts to growl. "What in god's name are you?" he gasps at her, fear now as
present in his eyes as the desire to get in safe distance from her… it…
"Stay away from me!" Liam shouts, his voice shivering, his stance
defensive. As Abbey comes forward he backs off, rather two steps than one.

Abbey watches him a moment, a brow lifting as she is about to say something
before a faint sigh escapes her. "Look.. I'm just trying to walk home.." She
wasn't even anywhere near him. With a faint shake of her head she turns and
instead of heading towards the parking lot she heads towards the forest, not
bothering to look back towardsthe rather freaked out vampire as she goes.

His mouth still open Liam stays there right at the lake, staring at the woman in
horror. As she turns and walks away he waits until the she vanishes in the
trees, not moving or saying anything at all. His body seems frozen like an ice
pick, his eyes wide open. One or two times he attempts to say or shout
something but no words leave his mouth. His hands are shaking and his face even
seems to have gotten a bit more pale than normal.
When the woman is long gone Tucker still stands there. When his hands stop
shaking he finally gets control over his body back. Still freaked out he starts
walking to the parking lot to get back to the street. After a few steps he
starts running and shortly after that he switches to vampire speed, only a
slight draft filling the air right there where he stood…

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