Nan's Plans and Irritation

East Dallas

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Inky clouds cast shadows upon the well light streets of East Dallas, making the otherwise safe area look a little more dangerous than the norm.
From the location where the American Vampire League once stood, comes the sound of gritting teeth — at least it can be heard if one is a vampire.
"I assure you, Nan, this was not by design. It is under control."
A long silence draws out and footsteps can be heard upon the pavement. Heels clacking down the center of the street, causing what little traffic there is at this time of the early morning to swerve around the young woman who is approaching.
"Should you believe it a necessary course of action, it will be the one we take." Though generally lacking emotion, the Sheriff of Area 9 rolls her eyes a little toward the inky clouds. "You would choose the safer course of action. As you wish then."

A dark figure moves around the side of the building, stepping lightly. Pale eyes study the wreckage that is the AVL building, searching for a clue that the breathers could have missed. Not that he's a detective, mind..
He's not.
Marius drops his hands into his pockets and dips his head as he turns to the familiar sounds upon the pavement, the voice of a woman whose presence is etched into his being. A step is taken, then again as he makes his way from the shadows and into the lamplit illumination of the street. He waits, catching the final statement. If he chose to mimic his food, he'd scowl. As it is, there is simply .. nothing to read from his face.
"Lady," is offered softly in greeting. "I can see nothing."

The early hour used to signal the end of Desiree's shift in the PR Department of the AVL, but with the building destroyed, there's no real reason for her to be where she is. Such a pity it was destroyed; it wasn't the most beautiful structure in East Dallas, but it was striking. Now it's a crime scene, cordoned off with that yellow and black tape.
A pause on the sidewalk has Desiree looking up at dark clouds. It's been overcast for the past week, and the lack of sun, moon or stars is taking its on Dallas residents. Desiree doesn't mind the stormy clouds herself, nor the darkness of the area. There are street lamps fashioned after gaslights of a different era, not nearly as bright as modern lighting systems. Frankly, the sullen clouds create a somber mood for the older neighborhood, one which suits Desiree just fine.
It would appear Desiree is alone … no, there is someone else. A young woman walks down the street. A familiar figure which Desiree recognizes: Isobel Symon. Desiree watches her stride down the center of the street, then catches movement from the corner of her eye. Another familiar figure.
No mistaking the dark-clad man. Even as he approaches Isobel, Desiree quells a touch of fear. If she remains, it's likely she'll be noticed by the two powerful vampires. Best she continue back to her car. With luck, they'll ignore her.

Isobel locks her face into an icy facade. "Mm. They were either thorough, or they were involved." That would mean she'll have to contact Donato, but as he is currently missing and she has promised to keep her vampires out of Pack business, that would prove to be problematic. "I will have Gregory look into it once the dawn breaks." It is hardly the same, but he is wonderful at obtaining the information she desires.
Without moving, Isobel's nose twitches. "Is that not the one that I told you and James to take care of? She plays a foolish game wandering the streets this late, considering how the blood supply to the city has quite literally evaporated."
After another brief pause, the cellular phone is closed.

"I believe our guest was correct," only everyone seems to be demanding this 'proof' before Marius goes in to discuss a few things with the 'alleged' perpetrators. "I will speak to James and have him visit the police again."
Marius doesn't turn towards the sound of the little lamb sharing the sidewalk, even if he does raise his head ever so slightly to take in the smell of fear. It's in the heartbeat, the blood rushing through the veins at a slightly elevated rate…
"That is the one. James has granted her a boon, and will be seeking to collect." Now, however, there comes a hint of a smile from the Whip, "Remember, Lady.. she believes herself invincible." Raising his voice, it comes as something of a germanic lilt, "Should we send her to the blood bank so she can donate? Stores are low. She can be the next appetizer at Dahlias, or perhaps grace our table?"

The cup of latte Desiree carries is obviously from the Bean Scene, so it's not like she's wandering the streets aimlessly. It's just that the former AVL headquarters if between the cafe and her vehicle. Which means she needs to walk past the site, and the vampires. Her posture is erect, confident, but her eyes betray nervousness, flickering to Isobel and Marius as she closes the distance between them.
It's not impossible for Desiree to catch that faint smile on Marius' lips, or for her to hear his comment. Obviously, she was meant to hear it, otherwise, he'd not have raised his voice. Her lips compress into a thin line as Desiree debates a response.
"Actually, I'm already a blood donor," she says, turning to face Marius. There's a nod of her head for both vampires, respectful and polite. "Good evening, m'am, sir. A shame about the AVL." Desiree's voice betrays none of the nervousness she feels inside, but her heartbeat is elevated, and her eyes are wary.
And, why not? Marius' comment might not be a jest.

"Think you that I want Isonzo's leftovers?" Isobel scoffs at the thought. "Besides which, dirty dancer is hardly my preferable meal. Pity that Fontane is no longer in the city. He would be quite delectable. There are so few that have such power within them…"
Icy blue eyes lock on to the interloper before she turns to Marius with a smile. "I am certain Chef Michiels would love having another lamb for her feeding trough."
This is the woman who is running the American Vampire League in Dallas for Nan Flannigan?
"Indeed," she offers to Desiree, somewhat coolly. "Ms. Flannigan wishes me to let you know that your services are, as of this moment, no longer needed. Until the city restores its balance, there is no need to unnecessarily put human lives in the way of a battle that is not their own. Please inform your human coworkers as hastily as possible."

There is the barest of pauses when Marius dips his head ever so slightly in acknowledgment before he turns to address the lamb that has wandered into their midst. "Are you acquainted with Chef Michiels, lamb?" He allows his expression to mimic a living, breathing persons, but the cold, blue eyes remain ever dead— devoid of anything vaguely resembling life. "Fresh ingredients are getting harder to come by, thanks to the work of some misguided breathers."
That fear is well placed at the moment. Tensions are running a bit high, as far as humans and vampires are concerned. Seems everyone has an opinion, solicited or un- regarding the current state of the relationship. And, not one can see eye to eye with another.

As good at maintaining a mask of civility even in the most adverse, uncomfortable moments in life, Desiree isn't good enough an actress to keep the shock and sheer amazement from her expression. She recovers quickly, yes, but not before her mouth drops open at Isobel's comments. The gasped, "Excuse me…?" is further testament to Desiree's surprise.
And then Desiree manages to rein in her emotions and the mask slips back into place. "No, I'm afraid I've not met Chef Michaels, though Dahlia's is right down the street from my dance academy." Her voice is cultured and calm, though stiff and somewhat cool. "Indeed. This … unrest is most unfortunate. I'm hopeful those who perpetrate the violence will soon be caught and suitably punished."
Desiree turns to Isobel, her face expressionless. "I'm afraid that will be difficult, m'am. I only know a few of my co-workers, and of them, have contact info for only one. As far as I know, all the employee lists were destroyed with the building." Desiree's reply is simple and to the point. "It might be best to set up an interview with a reporter so the information will reach the largest amount of people." A pause. "Unless, of course, you have such a list? If so, I'd be happy to contact the human workers and make the announcement."

"Is she daft?" This asked of Marius before she turns toward Desiree. Speaking much more slowly, as though speaking to a small child, the Sheriff repeats, "You are undesirable to my palate. You are a woman of loose morals, beyond which I do not feed from those whom my compatriots are feeding. It would be entirely uncouth, and I am far from interested in eating leftovers."
It is said with her usual cool, icy tone, though it is not said at all meanly. Simply truthfully.
"Then play…" What is that asinine game that Nan mentioned in the past? "… round robin. Contact those that you know, allow them to contact others, and so on and so forth." Reporters are far from Isobel's favorite people, as they tend to twist words to be what they wish them to be. "It is not something that the general public is to be informed of."

Once again, it is the barest of inclinations of his head that is given in response to Isobel's question directed towards him. He feels much the same regarding feeding from a vessel that had already had a ladel dipped into its waters, so to speak.
Instead, Marius takes to a warning growl even as Isobel begins to speak. He falls silent until after she is finished. "If you have been asked to do something, do not give reasons as to why it cannot be done. Has not Michael," Marius uses the Christian name rather than the surname, "taught you as much? It is your place to say 'Yes, ma'am' and then show her how clever you are in pleasing her and doing as she wishes."

Desiree blinks, her temper bristling. "I fear your information is incorrect, madam. Michael Isonzo is no longer a part of my life, and no one feeds from me. Frankly, I prefer it that way." she says, her words calm despite her anger. Taking a deep breath, Desiree manages to calm herself, but the cup of coffee splashes as her hand trembles.
Her eyes dart to Marius as Isobel suggests a round robin. "As you wish, madam," she replies to the suggestion, nodding her head. "I will tell everyone to be discreet in what they make public."
And then Marius is talking. Desiree's full attention goes to the vampire, but her anger still seethes just below the surface. It's likely fear which keeps her from speaking her mind. "I will do as I was asked," she says through gritted teeth. There's a lot more she would love to say, but she's not stupid. It will remain unsaid.

In less than the time it takes a human to blink, Isobel flashes forward. Her hand at Desiree's throat, fangs bared. The strength in the otherwise petite woman is obvious as she hefts the breather up off the ground. Icy eyes narrow on the woman's, the weave of a strong glamour pushing through. "You will not use that tone with me, breather. Your kind is the reason the city is in such disrepair. Your attitude is much like those of the Fellowship, and should you wish to live you will not show anger around me again."
The coffee cup is allowed to drop, but Isobel does not let Desiree down just yet. The glamour remains.
"You will find as many as your human coworkers as you can. You will relay the information from Nan Flannigan. And you will never lie to me again."
Though Desiree is looking to Marius, Isobel is quite certain that he will not pull her back just yet. "Other than what you have just been told, you will recall none of the conversation that you interrupted."
Finally, the woman is set back upon her feet. "Oh, and Miss DeVilliers? That will be your one and only warning. Should you cross me again, I will not be so pleasant."
Brushing a hand down over her immaculate business jacket she spins toward Marius. "Next time I suggest doing away with someone, please do so. The whelp does not amuse me in the least."

Pull Isobel back? Never in a thousand years would Marius consider pulling the Lady from her.. tete a tetes with a breather.
The anger that rises in Desiree is a storm, the blood rushing through her veins as her heart works in syncopated time. *thump*thump* As far as Marius is concerned, business has been completed, and warning given. There is the agreement that the lamb will do as she is so instructed and willingly, and the reminder that proper respect should be accorded her betters.
Not for the first time this evening does Marius incline his head in deference, the barest hint of a nod while in public. His gaze lowers ever so briefly, and his lips barely move in response, but she does receive one. "As you wish."

There isn't much a human can do when a vampire grabs them and hoists them in the air. To struggle would cause more damage than do any good; likely break her neck or paralyze her someway. So, other than drop the cup of coffee to the gutter, Desiree does nothing more than feebly grasp at Isobel's wrist with both hands.
Not that it does any good.
Fear is palpable, now. Breathing is labored, coming in short, sharp gasps. Her heart pounds in her chest, pulsing throughout her body. Eyes are wide. Not since her attack has Desiree felt such helplessness in the face of horror.
The glamour works, of course. Desiree remembers nothing of the conversation prior to when she walked by. Of course, it goes without saying she heard nothing until Marius raised his voice, anyway. Brows knit. There was a conversation before she spoke to Marius?
"Of course, m'am. I can do that for you," Desiree replies softly, fear replacing anger. A hand goes to her neck; there will be a bruise to remind her should she forget. Eyes dart to Marius, and then down to the ground. "My apologies, m'am, sir. If you'll excuse me…?"
Without waiting for anything further, Desiree is moving down the sidewalk, empty coffee cup left forgotten in the gutter.

The Sheriff waits patiently for the woman to wander off. Her body is still, though the anger upon her face would definitely be apparent to Marius.
"I need to eat before I break the neck of the next breather that annoys me." Reaching up, Isobel brushes a strand of her hair back behind her ear to perfect the look once more. "I really have no idea why you find this woman amusing. She is insubordinate, and does not know her place."
That having been said, she begins down the street, trying to get out of the vicinity before she decides to follow the dancer and make a meal of her despite her previous statements.

"Delusions of grandeur, my Lady. A child that struts and frets in front of a mirror, pretending she is grown and in our world." And Marius is amused… to a point.
Still, there is now one thing to be done, and falling in line with the Sheriff, he offers, "Koreatown, my Lady. There is an upstairs apartment with willing vessels. I will speak to the property manager and you will take your fill."
Dropping his hands back into his pockets once more, his stride easily matches Isobel's own. There is the momentary consideration to bed advice from his Lady regarding the actions of his Own, but ultimately, the whip remains silent on the matter. Any hint of impropriety on the part of his Own would undoubtedly be met with a cluck and a shake of the female vampire's head. That is assuming he isn't mocked, gently or otherwise, first…

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