Dallas Public Library

The library is a rather large building that extends two levels. Security gates at the entrance lead past a long rectangular circulation desk where patrons may check out or return books. Across from the circulation desk is large, archaic looking card catalogue beside which is a computer that is set up to locate books. Following the typical Dewey Decimal Classification System, the rows of shelves are laid out systematically, with large signs overhead so that patrons can find precisely what they are looking for. Study carols and tables line the walls, and one corner of the library is set aside for two separate lecture rooms that can booked for meetings.

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OO, Library on a saturday night! Definitely not all that thrilling. A few college kids actually trying to prep and that's about it. One of the slower times of the week, it does seem. That's why Kate has come, rather deliciously enjoying the silence. It's not Ron's snoring, or the mess of the on call room at the clinic. It's just peace, peace and quiet. She had originally intended on a book, and it's resting below her, open and neglected, but she's given into the need to nap. Like a high school student during study hall, Kate's got her arms folded over her book and her head on her arms, getting the best sleep she's had in weeks. Beautiful, lovely silence all around otherwise.

There are some things Tucker just does not get. He wondered when chocolate suddenly became healthy if Kellogs put cerial in it and he thought it was strange that yoghurt needed L-Casei cultures (not R-Casei, of course). But there is something that was on his mind the last days and he could not sort it out by himself. There were vampires, yes, and, as hard as it still was for him, he finally started to cope with his situation, being brought over involuntarily.
But then, the other night, there was this other… thing that crossed his path. He knew there was something strange with it but he could not quite put his finger on it. But when it started to growl at him in a more than inhuman way he realized that there could be another world of cruel and terrifying creatures out there.
And he needed to know more about that. So Liam went to the library, determined to find something, a myth, a story or religion, that could explain what he experienced. Carrying a big old brown book with the title "Indian Mythology" he scampers through the corridors, scanning the shelves for books.

Still sleeping, Kate is a mop headed blonde slumped over at her semi-private table in the back corner. No one seems to have wanted to bother her so far, so she's been allowed to sleep. She's now resting so deeply that her head lulls a bit to the side and a low, quiet snore echoes from her now nose and lips, not really resting in the positon most condusive to sleep. Perhaps it's the snore that will get his attention, but now that he knows strange things to look for, there is also a tingle in the air around her. He's not the only different one around, it seems.

When a human gets turned to a vampire it takes some time for him to adjust to a whole new perception of sound. While Tucker manages that pretty well himself he still gets surprised by the clumsiness of others. Especially in a place like a library, when everything is quiet, where he could hear heartbeats of humans like drums and skin on a paper page like the appendant snares, a snore sounds like a handgrenade exploding right next to his ear.
Liam turns away from the shelf, his eyes scanning the room for the unconscious troublemaker. When he notices Kate at the end of the hall he cannot suppress a snort at the first moment. But right after that his face darkens, his eyes narrow and the smile on his lips vanishes, making room for a concerned and slightly anxious look. He approaches her, silently. If she does not wake up in time he just bashes his big 2500-page-tome right in front of her on the desk, leaning down and staring at her.

Indeed, she's dead asleep, even through his approach. Kate doesn't have the sharp ears he does, and his scent isn't remarkable enough that it's going to wake her up in this body. So, it's not until the tome has been slammed down on the table infront of her — drawing eyes other than her own probably — does Kate rouse. And, oh boy, rouse she does. Jerking up, nearly toppling over backwards in her chair, she gives a sound that is almost like a yelp when one would step on a dog's tail. Her pulse goes from a calm, slowly rested beat to triple timing shock for a few moments as she stares up at him, gasping through her nose. She doesn't speak a few moments, but her expression says it all: What. The. Fuck.

Abbey is in a library, yes she does know how to read after all. An unlit cigarette rests tucked behind her ear as she wanders along down through the stacks of books. A few books are tucked under her arm, about cars no less. A slight yawn escapes her as she pauses and peers at a few books and tilts her head to look over a few books within on a self.

Saturday's are busy days for Jed, what with people having the weekend off for the most part. Back to back clients most days so at night all he really wants to do is kick back and relax. But he's got a project, a job, that requires some research. Paige showed him how to use one of those newfangled computer gadget thingies, but in truth, he much prefers the cool and quiet library stacks. Which is funny, really, considering he never even finished high school. If Mrs. Grady could just see him now. Turning the corner, however, he starts to feel a burning sensation over his heart that makes him stop dead and blink. Cautiously Jed looks about himself, a stack of books resting in his left arm which is shaking dreadfully under the strain. Scowling he emerges from the stacks just as Tucker drops his book down with a huge thud in front of Kate. The hackles on thie back of his neck rise in an instant as he starts to make his way quickly toward the woman he only just met, eyes searching for a weapon. Damn newfangled libraries, everything chrome and steel and laminate. What he wouldn't give for a good old-fashioned wooden chair. He drops his books on the farther end of the table, more because his left arm has given out than he meant to make an entrance. Blue-grey eyes flicker between Kate and the vampire as Jed greets in a voice that is not quite it's usual friendly self, "Katie, darlin'. We gots to stop meetin' like this. Whut will people say?"

After waiting one or two seconds for Kate to wake up completely, Liam still gives her a very keen look. He opens the book on a certain page and pointing to a picture on the right page, showing a Native American and the head of a wolf on his chest. The text talks about wolf spirits in men and how they live in symbiosis.
His face is still able to get more angry as he whispers in a library-friendly volume: "What the hell are you?" His eyes wander over to the picture, then back to Kate. Not waiting for a response he continues: "Fuck, I told you stuff about me. Really, really private stuff. Yes, you felt strange, different. But that?" Not planning on giving her a chance to defend herself he shakes his head. "You know, I really tr—"
But then his words get interrupted when Jed approaches. He straightens up and looks at the man. Frowning he takes a step back, eyeing him very thorougly, the expression on his face changing again to a disgusted look.

Kate might be physically awake, but it definitely takes a few minutes to get her mentally there, so she really hasn't fully caught up with it as he's showing her the picture of the native man, the wolf head. She just looks confused — she's not a werewolf! Why would he think that? She hasn't even managed to get a word out in that confusion when Jed is swooping into her rescue. Swallowing her jolted pulse back down her throat, remembering how to breathe calmly, she looks between the protective Jed and the seemingly angered Tucker. This was so not the place to be doing this.
Instinctively, she stands. It's easier to run if she's already on her feet. She takes a step or two closer to Jed, so they can present a unified force to the seemingly pissed off vampire. But she doesn't run, nor does she turn away. "Liam…I…I don't know what you're talking about…" She whispers, very softly, the words just meant for their little trio. "You can still trust me… I seriously just wanted to help. You're the one who turned away from that. I…I'm not one of those…" She motions to the 'werewolf' picture, "I promise."

His tattoo is practically burning, part of the spell really. Early detection warning. Forewarned is forearmed, after all. And it seems that like one of those brightly color poison dart frogs or other things in nature that have signs and symbols about them that warn, 'Do not touch!', that Tucker is feeling the affects of the spell as well. It's all Jed can do not to scratch at the ink over his heart, well hidden beneath his shirt. He slowly massages his left hand as he shifts away from the end of the table, walking closer to Kate, his eyes never leaving Tucker. But a quick glance at Kate proves one thing. This is not one of the vampires she's afraid of, even if she doesn't seem exactly happy and reassured to see him. Cursing his useless arm silently, he asks with deceptive mildness, "Everythin' alright, darlin'? This…. fella… ain't botherin' y'none, is he?"

Abbey is rather busy looking over a new car book when the vampire whispery pissy voice comes through and she is able to hear it. She blinks and lifts a brow before she casts her gaze through the tops of the books and catches sight of Tucker's head speaking to someone at a table. The books she has hold of are set down and she slowly move her way out of the row of books and lifts her head, pale nearly feral blue gaze moving towards Kate. She smirks catching the 'I'm not one of those comments. Abs might not be with the pack, but she is still a wolf. A very faint chuff like sound half escapes her as she suddenly shifts forward towards the trio, her gaze settled upon Tucker and she watches him a moment. "If.. yer that eager to be mad at someone, then ye might as well be mad at me." While the lone wolf doesn't felt like she wronged the vampire in anyway she was the one that came off rather cold towards him the other day after all. A slight glance is offered towards Jed, whom she offers a nod towards. Its been a while since she ran into him.

Trying to ignore Jed as good as possible Tucker turns back to Kate. "Of course you don't know. How the fuck could you?" He chuckles, but not in a friendly way. As he raises his hands one could think he is going to start a prayer. "Little innocent Kate knows nothing, sees nothing, hears nothing." He points back at the book. "But guess what: I've seen another one of your… kind, breed, tribe or whatever you call yourselves." Pointing at her he raises his voice, speaking clearly now so everyone in the room can hear it: "She is not human!"

Kate looks back over to Jed, now just a few feet away from him. She shakes her head gently to the older man, trying to reassure him it's alright. "Fine, Jed…just fine. We're just going to step outside so this fella doesn't bother anyone else…rig-" And then she looks back to Tucker at his accusations, his full voiced speech. The fact he just outted her to an entire room. Her eyes go suddenly wide, and holding Jed back from Tucker completely leaves her mind. Any bit of colour that was in her face drains, shock taking over for a heartbeat or two, before she laughs out a bit of a nervous sound, shaking her head to both Tucker and the room. "Mr. Liam…now, now…I know you're off your meds, but you shouldn't be disturbing these fine people." She looks back to the few patrons who are staring, shaking her head and rolling her eyes with a bit of a laugh — the clear motion meaning that Tucker is CRAZY. Once she goes through those reassuring motions, she nods to the door. "Let's step outside and call your family to come and get you, alright?" Calming, gentle, trying to be as clinically warm as a paramedic knows how.

At the moment Jed is rather too distracted to give Abbey his usual warm welcome, even if he does know the young woman well and like her awfully. Hell, some of that lovely tattoo work on her body is his handiwork after all! Eyes flicker toward her for a moment, but he knows the girl can hold her own in a fight, before they return to Tucker, and sharp bark of a laugh escaping him. "Yeah? Guess what, boy. You ain't 'zactly human either, so lay off the girl iffin' y'know whut's good fer yeh and I suggests that you apologize t'the lady right 'ere and now." What he's got to bring to bear isn't much, but it's enough to at least take the vampire off-guard, the older man crowding slightly in front of Kate such that if Tucker wants a piece of her, he'll have to go through Jed first.

Abbey lifts a brow as she hears Tucker and she shifts forward suddenly, fingers gripping hold of the back of a chair tightly. "I suggest you bite yer tongue leech.. Unless you want to be fully dead that is.." She says with a thin tone, just loud enough for the vampire to hear. Her eyes are narrowed, and if she was in wolf form her fur would be standing on end and she would be growling for sure. By the type people are looking over she looks rather calm and relaxed though, doing her best to keep herself calm. A worried look is resting across her face while she just peers at Tucker as if indeed he was crazy. If Tucker thinks about doing anything physical she will give him a piece of her mind in more ways then just one, namely she will be taking the chair and beating him with it if given the chance.. Yes Abs is an can be rather violent at times, but such is the breed so to speak.

While focusing on being angry at Kate and getting it all out Liam did not even notice Abbey at the other end of the table. As he recognizes her his finger changes his target. "That's her!" he hisses, still looking at Kate.
Then, when Jed plays the hero, he eyes the man. He frowns again, his expression showing clearly that it makes him feel sick just looking at the guy. "Ugh! I'd say you step aside when I talk to the woman, old man. If you know what's good for you, that is." He replies.

"Outside. Liam. Now. Seriously." Kate hisses out between her gritted teeth, a touch of anger now crossing the pacifist's protective, often motherly features. She's a medic, a healer, not a fighter, but she's also not putting all of them at risk of being outted or starting a massive fight in a library. At least two patrons have sensed 'Oh shit', one pulling out their cell phone, so it's enough of a tense moment that she nods for the door. Her eyes flicker over to Abbey and Jed, looking for back up here. A heartbeat later she just turns on the ball of her foot and stalks towards outside. Apparently, she's leaving no debate!

"Yer damn rude boy, y'should learn to hold yer tongue and mind yer elders… and I ain't that old," Jed growls angrily. Yeah, he does have a little pride. Ugly, yes, old? Not yet. "I think it better be you that steps outside and leaves her alone. Permamently." And with that Jed's right arm shoots forward and grabs Tucker's, fingers gripping tightly as Kate moves to leave. To anyone else it would look like an older man trying to dissuade a younger one from hassling a lovely young lady. But to Tucker, it feels like a band of silver just wrapped itself around his arm, the burning sensation pain and likely shocking as there is no obvious silver upon the man's fingers or wrist.

Abbey lifts a brow as Tucker points a finger at her and she just smirks. "Right.." Is all she offers before glancing after Kate. A faint jerk of her head is offered towards the door for Jed to follow it seems. She'll wait for Jed to turn and leave before she does.. Though as Jed doesn't move towards the entrance and instead moves forward towards Tucker she tenses up unsure what the vampire might do.. Though if he tries to lay a hand on Jed this won't be a pretty sight that's for sure.. "Jed.." Is said with a soft faint tone towards her most favorite and only tattoo guy around. "Come on.." Its not like she can go wolf in here after all if it gets nasty, and she isn't that sure what the vampire might actually do..

Tucker was prepared to follow Kate or evade Abbey throwing a chair at him. But he had never guessed the old man doing… well, what he does. As the excruciating pain shoots through his arm his eyes widen and Liam emits an afflicted groan, sinking down on his knees. As he opens his mouth and growls in a guttural fashion you can see his fangs, though he does not seem to bother trying to sink them into the man's arm.
This caught him really by surprise as he did not expect to get hurt like that. Before he really knows what he is doing his free hand grabs Jeds forearm, trying to push it away. But as soon as he touches Jed's skin Liam screams again in agony. So he just gives up trying to push the man away, irregular twichtes at his arm showing a weak attempt to free himself from the Jed's grasp.

Kate really just wanted to leave, to pull this scene out of the very well lit, fairly obvious library, but none of the others seem content with that. And hearing Tucker's groan of pain jerks her eyes back. She doesn't know what Jed is doing, but it sends a brush of panic across her freckled features. She swears beneath her breath, dashing back, confusion painted all across her face. She shakes her head to Abbey, really having no clue why this is happening, "Help me get them out of here…" She breathlessly begs the woman before she steps straight up to Jed and reaches over. She just tries to pull him back, off of the vampire, freeing Tucker from that pain. "Stop it, Jed, please!…He…He's not hurting anyone…Come on…just come outside with me, we'll go…Please…" Her voice is protective, concerned. Even for a vampire.

He didn't expect this. He thought that the vampire would jerk away from him, shake him off, be shaken, not stirred. But when Liam reaches out and foolishly grabs Jed's arm, thus increasing the contact Jed's fingers release him as he steps back just as Kate tugs on him, pulling him away. "He was threatenin' yeh," replies the tattooed man darkly, but with a hint of uncertainty. "He's a vampire and he was threatenin' yeh. I jest wanted him to back off…. that's all…" He does let go and step away from Tucker, though he remains in front of Kate, an arm ready to stop her should her tender sensibilities cause her to act foolishly. "He'll be alright," Jed replies gruffly. "He ain't hurt bad…" And it's true. Though touching Jed caused the vampire pain, there are no lasting effects. There are no burns upon his flesh, no wounds to be healed. As soon as the contact is broken, the pain is gone.

Abbey takes in a faint breath as she hears Kate and clears her throat while lifting a hand to try and take hold of Jed's arm. "Jed.. Come on.." She murmurs out to her friend once more. Once Jed lets go of the vampire she lowers her head, a faint glance is flicked around to see what everyone it doing perhaps. "We should really leave guys.." This offered with a soft tone.

As Tucker is freed again he draws back from Jed, his eyes still wide open, looking at the man in horror. Gasping he jumps away from the group until he reaches the wall. Leaning against it, still sitting on the ground, Liam looks at his hand. Indeed there are no burns, his skin is pale, the pain is gone. Did he just imagine that?
His eyes focus the man again, the dark look on his face making him whimper faintly. He gazes at Kate, then at Abbey and back to Jed, ready to get up and run away as soon as he gets the chance.

Kate is too damn protective for her own good. Not just of humans, but of all victims. Sadly, somehow, Tucker still has 'victim' status in her head. She tries not to hover over him too much, but the worry is clear in her pale features as she gazes Tucker up and down a few heartbeats. Once she's confirmed he's not burnt, she looks back towards Abbey and Jed, nodding in agreement with the woman. "Yes…yes we should. We all should." She begins to lead the way outside again, following fast along with Jed and Abbey, though her blue eyes trail back to Tucker. "Come on, Liam…you'll be in trouble if you stay…" She whispers firmly, giving him one last chance before she is indeed straight out the door.

Jed has been many things in his day but someone to be feared? That is not one of them. He's torn. Honestly torn. His chest is burning, boiling, he's going to pay for this one, but he can't just leave. Not like this. Crouching down, but not approaching, he looks Liam in the eyes and says something he never thought he would say to one of his kind. "I'm sorry, boy. Katie darlin' is a friend o'mine, and I pertect whut's mine. Iffin' you gots things to say t'her, y'say 'em polite and yeh gives her the chance to answer. No threats, no demands. Now, I ain't gonna touch yeh no more if yeh promises yeh ain't gonna be a bastard no more. We gots a deal?" His buggy eyes lift up, heck, he would make a great monster in a horror movie, or maybe an Igor if he added on a hump. "She's right," he rumbles, aware now of how the floor has cleared and it's likely only minutes before the cops show up. Damnit, he's gonna have to use a different branch library for awhile now. "Let's go and iffin' you have sumthin to say, well, we'll go someplace and 'ave ourselves a nice orderly type discussion."

Abbey watches the vampire a moment and takes in a faint breath before her gaze turns to Jed and she points towards the entrance. "Come on.." Is offered with a soft murmur, a hand offered out to Jed to give him a hand backup from the crouched position he took. Once that is done she gives Jed a soft friendly push forward. "Come on Kate.. get yer little friend and move unless ye want to answer bunchs of questions." She says whie she starts to move away from the vampire and shifter.

Tucker shivers all over as Jed starts talking to him. He barely manages a implied nod to Jed's question, anything to make him go away right now. As he starts thinking for a moment Liam realizes that his life is turning into a single big freakshow since he got brought over and that just makes him cry. There goes all the feeling safe and secure, leaving an open field of horror after horror, unspeakable and dangerous. And he really does not want all that. At all.
As soon as Jed turns around Liam jumps back on his feet, watching the patrons slowly closing in again, looking at him. After he found an easy way to the door that is not blocked by anyone (and is in safe distance from Jed) he leaves the room with vampire speed, for the normal eye just an blurred outline darting through the room, leaving a draft along his path, lifting some papers from tables and turning pages on open books.

Kate does actually move outside, even if she's worried about Tucker, things are going to get WAY worse for all of them if they stick around. So, onto the Dallas street and deep into the night. She half jogs across the street, to a darkened overhang far off from the library, just incase the cops do still show up. She doesn't feel like a night at the precinct. She's pulling out a pack of cigarettes already as she moves, desperately wanting something to simply relax, though her blue eyes flicker a worried glance back towards the library. "I…I don't know what's gotten into him… he's new… He… He's a victim too, you know…He didn't want to be like this… The fuckers fucked up his life without even asking the poor guy…" She explains to Abbey and Jed now that they've made their escape.

Jed pauses as Tucker runs the other way, his mouth opening before he shakes his head and follows after Kate and Abbey, stuffing his hands into his pockets and moving away from the scene of the crime, as it were. Pausing beneath a tree, eyeing Kate quietly, Jed rumbles, "He was goin' on, spoutin' nonsense about you not bein' human, like you betrayed him or sumthin. Now, I don't truck with vampires no whut how, but I guess I gots to ask. Did you do sumthin to him that would upset him like that? Make him feel be-trayed an all?" jed looks for all the world like he just ait something nasty and bitter, his features creased with pain and displeasure. If what Kate says is true, he just terrorized a human victim, not a vampire. He mutters something under his breath, turning around and kicking at the dirt beneath his feet angrily.

While the others group outside Tucker has no intentions of joining them. If the old man is able to paralyze him by just touching him, what would these monster wolf creatures do if they touch him with their unique abilities? Tear him up to a thousand pieces in under a second?
Liam is not going to push his luck any further tonight, so he just runs outside and stays somewhere very, very dark for the moment, in safe distance of the group but not too far for his vampire ears to still hear what they are talking. Hunkering down he takes some time to collect his thoughts while listening to their discussion.

Kate sniffs, inhaling deeply for a few heartbeats, scenting the air around them to see if Tucker might be anywhere near. She seems to relax at whatever she gets off of the air, but she doesn't go hunting yet. She just looks back towards the other pair, sighing quietly, "…It…it's done… He's.. a bit… out of sorts, Abbey, I suspect. And fuck… he outted me. He fucking outted me… I don't think anyone took it seriously but… Fuck.." Kate breathes out, trying not to actually panic at the thought of anyone listening inside. Surely they didn't think. She gazes slowly back to Jed, reaching one hand up, grasping his shoulder if he permits, "You didn't know… he's still a vampire. He…he's just not… not as lost as most of them are. He probably will be someday… I just wish we could help him from getting worse, that's all. Probably me being a stupid naieve fool."

Nodding to Abbey, Jed shakes his head and replies, "I ain't never felt bad when it came to vampires. But I ain't never met one whut was newly made, let alone 'gainst his will." His eyes look gray and angry in the dim light as he lifts his head. "Young pup was rude, and fer that alone he deserved t'have his ears boxed. But I'd be lyin' iffin I said I was proud of m'self right abouts now. Iffin he's new and unfairly turned, he deserves more compassion than I showed." His right hand is absently rubbing his chest, as if he had a bad case of heartburn or something, his lips still twisted in an unhappy line. "Whut he did weren't right. Only wish we knew whut made him do it in the first place." Turning to Kate, Jed rumbles, "Sorry, darlin'. Messed that up right awful fer yeh."

The sound of sirens in the background catches Kate's notice more than scents or anything else. She swears lightly, shaking her head. "It…it's probably my fault. Guy is probably pissed I keep explainin' to people he's the victim, not the monster… but it's the truth. Don't worry about it, Jed…it's over now. But we're all gonna have a hell of a lot more to explain to the cops if we stick here much long… I… I'll see you both about. Probably best to go different ways." And then lights are visible, and Kate gives them a fast wave, starign a quick dash down the alleyway while they all go to separate, safe areas…

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