Placations and Pleasings

Oak Cliff Psychological Practice

An historic home from the late 1800's has been renovated to become a warm, welcoming, and comforting Psychological Practice.

The lobby area is actually an old solarium which is lit by the natural light from large windows, as well as refurbished 'antique' lighting. The walls are a soft blue, accented with cream colored moulding, the floor is an original light oak hardwood.

A receptionists desk is situated in an unimposing manner in one corner of the room, and rather than the regular "waiting room" chairs, there are comfortable wicker chairs set around small glass tables.

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More books.

And even more books.

Is there no end to the tomes that lie within this room, in this practice? Each time Marius visits, though, there's always that brief consideration of pulling one of the volumes from a shelf, pick one up from a table, and look inside— if only to see. For curiosity's sake.

One, therefore, is in hand.. and opening it to a center page, Marius looks at it… and closes it once again.

Aaaah.. no.


Hearing noises down below in the practice catches Bethany's attention. She doesn't burst forth into the practice from her apartment. She waits at the stairs, door cracked open just enough to peek through. An umbrella acts as her weapon.

Her heart flutters. It beats rapidly. There is a definite fear in her before she realizes who it is that is going through her books.


His head is canted downwards, still facing the reading material on the tables, though he tilts it to the side to look at the brave warrior with her sword of choice to fend off the creatures of the night. That, and he takes that long moment to savour the sound of the thrill of fear as beating out in her heart. He can smell it, too.. as it wafts in the air. "An interesting choice of weapons, lammschen.

"We are getting closer to discovering who it is that is attacking us, so you will have little to worry from the other breathers."


The umbrella is set aside on the stair, and she takes a deep breath exhaling it slowly. "It was on hand," she replies calming, exhaling once more in order to calm herself fully.

"It would have been adequate over a human thief, or a patient breaking in to try and steal their file." Bethany has dealt with such people in the past and they can generally be scared off easily enough.

"I am pleased that you are becoming closer to that knowledge. Abaddon misses you."


Straightening himself as the umbrella is replaced, Marius remains where he is, placing his hands into his pockets. He must be in a 'chatty' mood in that he's almost.. almost charming. Almost human. All but for the eyes. They never echo the voice.. or the attempted emotion. Cold, blue orbs— true windows of the soul, or lack thereof.

"I think I may have found that.. Freud.. you were referring to earlier. On your table." Not that he read it, mind. But he found it, which is something of a victory. For him.

"We do not wish anymore of our vessels injured, nor our buildings burned down. We are within a day.." And the sniper certainly is tasty.. "…of having all the information we require."

At the mention of Abaddon, there is a touch of a scowl permitted. "He misses nothing. Oats, hay.. and a stall in which to remain dry."


"Freud?" Bethany glances toward the table, and laughs quietly. "Ah, yes. That is where I left that volume. I should have replaced it on the shelf." Chances are she had it out to explain to one of the other doctors something that they were asking about.

"A day? That is extraordinarily fast."

Opening the door a little more she steps out into the practice. It's difficult to see in the dim lighting, but she manages to make her way to the table without tripping over anything.

"He misses his master. He misses the training he was being offered. He misses having a rider upon his back."


Marius looks down at the table to look at the letterings on the books and picks up the one he believes to be the one in question. When she's closer, he hands it to her. "One day. Last evening, the one whom you envy repaid a boon given, and drew one of their cowards to us. He is now in the care of those who know best how to procede." And she is in critical condition in ICU…

"As for that damnable beast, he is not receiving the training that you are requesting from the groom? Was that not what you wished?"


"The one whom I en— ah." Bethany takes the book, nodding slowly. "This is indeed Freud. Thank you." Tucking the book under her arm, she eyes him curiously. "Old one, did you have her do that to placate me?"

It is simple curiosity on her part.

"He is receiving the proper training. But he is not being ridden. I would offer to ride him but I know you wish him to be unspoiled. Perhaps once you leave you can bring him an apple and let him know you have not forgotten him."


"It was not something for which you were suited." His Own is not expendable. "She did as she was bid willingly, and now her aid is no longer required. Her life has been spared due to a physicker, though it was unnecessary." Expendable.

With the book passed off, the free hand is replaced into his pocket. "Placating you?" Marius feigns some thoughtfulness before he shakes his head slowly, "I do not think so. Perhaps the thought might have come.. and went again. She had her use, and now it is done."

Back to his horse, however, and he cants his head in feigned askance. "I will ride him when my time allows. When these upstarts cease attacking our properties with imagined impunity, I will return. Until then, I will rely upon you and your hand to give him the apples you believe are due him."


Bethany's brow raises slightly, but she holds back her words. He receives a simple nod. "It was her fate." This is something she can readily accept as being truth, even if she doesn't necessarily like what it may mean.

"I will stop by the stables in the morning with apples for Abaddon then. I will leave a note for Mr. Atwood to give him one if his training is going well." She may slip the horse an apple herself, just to give him a bit of caring attention.


"I have considered your request." Marius' words, now that the other 'pleasantries' have been touched upon, come to the heart of the matter, as far as he is concerned. "And have given it no little thought, and consulted with others of my kind. I do not believe you understand exactly what it is you ask of me."


"Should you truly believe that, perhaps you will explain it to me." Bethany shifts away from the old one, moving toward the shelf so that she can replace the book into its proper alphabetical location in the dark. She cannot see very well, but she does know where each of her books belongs.

"It is no more than I ask of any of my patients."


"It is, as far as I am concerned, against nature. But," Marius takes a step around the table, a slow pace beginning, "beyond that obvious, what you seek to do is very dangerous. To take control of a vampire's mind.. a hunter, and seek to look within at its secrets is not something to be done lightly. That which drives me, compels me to action is mine alone, and if you push my mind and it reacts under your touch…" Control is lost.

"Should this thing be done, it will be done in a house where one of my kind may pay heed."


"Old one, I care not to see into your mind or your life. I care to see beyond that. What you were far before the man you were when you were given the…" Bethany needs to choose her words carefully here. "… gifts you now possess." That is about as careful as she can be.

"I would never seek to handle such a thing lightly. I…" Eyeing him, she tilts her head. "If that is what you wish, old one."


"I know only my life in the fields before battles honed my skills, lammschen. Toiling for hours without end. Nothing more." Marius' voice is low. "Rest came at sundown, but never for long."

He picks up his head, straightening himself, and he pauses in his slow pace. "What is learned of me, how to gain the information, must never be spoken of."


"You know only what you recall. Your past life is not something that you would know of off hand, old one. It is something that is in your very being. A regression, if possible, will allow us to find out what that was."

There is a touch of a protest on her lips, but she nods once more. "None will know of it without your explicit permission." Even though if possible it would make a wonderful paper for the journal of Psychology.


"There was nothing, but if it pleases you.. I will agree." Should he deem it necessary, he will take from her the knowledge of how it was done to the vampire, rather than the information gained. Marius nods his approval, a single gesture, "None shall know of it. It will be you and one other that I trust with my existance."


"You have your beliefs, old one, I have mine." Bethany moves toward him in the darkness, bowing her head once she stops near the table. "You have my word, old one. None shall know. Your secrets will be well kept." Unless someone were to glamour the information out of her of course.

Glancing up at him slowly, she smiles. "You are doing it because it pleases me?"


Marius shifts slightly, his head quirking sideways to see her at her profile, his voice low. "Do you believe I would allow such witchcraft upon my person because it pleases me, lammschen?" Pulling a hand from his pocket, he reaches out to stroke her jaw, his fingers slightly splayed.. the touch cool and gentle. "I am not curious and have no need to understand what it is that drew me to take of your lifeblood. It is enough that I did, and that you are my Own.. protected until such time you are released. It is your desire to understand, even for your words that echo mine 'it is enough'."


"You are doing it because it pleases me," she repeats, smiling softly. The smile carries to Bethany's eyes and she glances away. "I appreciate this, old one. Thank you for allowing me to sate my curiosity in regards to such things. It means a great deal to me what you would allow such."


"Have you done your reading as you said you would? What have you learned?" Marius is interested in that which passed, though still not the least bit curious as to whether or not he could have played a part in it in a past life. "I could not imagine you not looking for answers before such a drastic action is taken."


"As you are aware there is very little information on those who were maidservants or grooms." Bethany frowns a little. "There were warriors, or some such, that were meant to help protect the castle against invasion from the British, though I cannot get any further information without a jaunt over the pond." That is to say, she could likely find more information back in England or Wales.

"I have found nothing on my past, therefore I am uncertain where to look for names that would be linked."


Marius drops his hand and pulls his head back slightly. "All names will be listed in the rolls of the churches. It is very likely that the church where I was baptized still contains my name… and perhaps a marker in its field when I did not return from war." He'd never gone home again, instead knowing that his absence would likely mean he'd perished. "The priests were thorough." Not that he knows if seeing a name would help in any way.

"I must depart for the evening, however, lammshen. I simply stopped to deliver my decision." Cell phone? Him? Never.


Bethany nods, glancing at him curiously. "Old one, please realize, it is not your living life before you were turned that I am interested in. It would be the life, or lives before that." There is a frown. "Though I will see what I can do about seeking the information on your former humanity should you wish it. It may mean my needing to leave for at least four days to take care of it, however."


"I mention it because peasants, servants and lords all are on the rolls." Even one such as himself. Marius inclines his head in a subtle nod. "I am aware. I can recall my life before I was given the gift, so there is no question. You were not a part of it." Of that, he is (obviously) certain, or at least as certain as the literal part of his mind can be.

"Should you depart, leave word and I will be sure your passage is unremarked and you pass unhindered." However, "I need depart. May you find comfort in your repose.. and wake refreshed on the morrow."

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