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Kidd Spring Park

The remnants of the dense forestry are located in here, as paths lead from the woods to the more entertaining features of the park. A jungle gym, complete with a small clubhouse and slides make up a play area designated for children, as do a few sandboxes. A community rec center can also be found in the park.

Separating the trees from the busier points of the park is small lake. During the summer months, a life guard can be found on duty so swimming is allowed, and there is also a small dock from which paddle boats and kayaks are available for rent.

Afternoon in Dallas in the fall. There isn't much in the wall of fall folliage in that it really isn't getting cold enough to force the changes, so as a result, the effect of Autumn isn't quite so remarkable as it could be, or is in the north. Sunday in the park is a day where people will come out for the day, even under cloudy skies.

Dr. David Trudeau has a bit of the wanderlust, or perhaps more like office fever, having been stuck at work with overtime that isn't overtime dealing with potentials with the diaspora of refugees. Most of them are resettled, some are gone home, but that doesn't mean for a moment that David isn't running his tests and potentials…

Now, however, he walks with hands in his pockets outside the entrance of the Heritage Village, looking at the write-ups.


Coming from the Heritage Village, where a 'show' of sorts was going on is a woman wearing a long broom skirt, her hair pinned up atop her head. Something she gets asked to do every six months or so, in regards to her work with past life regression. Were it not for the fact that it was to promote a charity, Bethany wouldn't even really bother with attending the event.

The walk between the village and her office isn't really all that far and so she opted for that rather than taking the vehicle the few blocks.

She is about to pass right by the man who stands at the entrance, when she stops. She eyes him quizzically for a moment and then offers a courteous nod.


Checking the boards for the different activies, David presses his lips together in a tight lined, disappointed smile. With the filing out of some visitors, he exhales softly, pulling a hand out to push up on the wire-framed glasses that always seem to slip down his nose.

The passing of the woman beside him, and her pausing brings his attention around, and a polite smile is given as he points to the village, "I just missed something, didn't I." More a statement than a question, really.


"Nothing important," Bethany replies, stopping her walk to turn and look at the man once more. Where has she seen the face?

"Regression therapy," she offers. See? Nothing important at all. "The remainder of the fall festivities are still taking place. There is an apple bobbing booth set up outside the Apothecary and the blacksmith is in the midst of crafting horse shoes."


"I'd lose my glasses in the apple-bobbing," David quips, though he is more than aware that glasses would be removed. "Though blacksmithing would be kinda interesting." Still, he doesn't make any move to head in to check it out yet. Instead, his attention is taken with that other bit. "Regression therapy? Hypnosis, and.." Nodding in her direction, obviously including her in the gesture, "Did you have it done, or.."


"The blacksmith is very good at what he does, though I suppose that really is not part of the fall festivities. He generally works every weekend until they close the village for the winter."

Bethany shakes her head slowly. "I perform them, actually." Her hand dips toward her bag so that she can extract a business card and offer it out to him. "Though I dare say, people who wish to have them done while in public are far braver than I could ever hope to be."

Though it is daylight out, she can't help but glance over her shoulder. As though she is being watched by something in the non-existent darkness.


David ducks his head slightly, blue eyes looking over his glasses, his expression one of askance. "Okay.. in public?" He whistles softly as he takes the proffered card. Glancing at it, he nods, "Dr. Brooks."

Extending his hand, David doesn't pull a card from his wallet just yet. "Dr. David Trudeau. MD and researcher for the CDC in town."

Glancing around when Bethany gives the furtive looks around, his brows rise. "Is everything okay?" He knows how patients can be..


"Ah, that is where I recognized your face from," Bethany offers with a gentle smile. "You have been in the news lately for all of your charity works. I did volunteer at one of the events though I was far from being in the front of the scenes."

A tinge of color creeps into her cheeks and she forces herself to nod once. "Just a little nervous tendency of late. Stress." Not untruthful. The regression on the old one and the reactions there after have been creating a great deal of stress for herself.

"They ask me to host public regressions twice a year at the village. Once in the spring when they first open for the season, and once in the fall for the Halloween effect. They do it to raise money for restoration of the village as well as show off the Millermore Manor."


David nods, a touch of a self-conscious smile. "That's me." His brows rise again as he works out the faces of the people who have volunteered, and comes up a blank, if only for the moment. He covers it, however, with a nod and a genuine smile, "Well, thank you for your help, doctor."

He acknowledges the entire idea of 'stress', and exhaling softly, he has to agree. His tones take something of a gentler sound, "Well, okay. Doctor to doctor. You need to take care of that.. and yourself. Okay?" Thus endeth the chiding, if only for the moment.

Shifting over to the idea of public regressions, he looks intrigued. "What sort of responses did you get on the past life regression? Disappointment that they're not indian princesses or knights in shining armour?"


It seems to be of very little concern to Bethany that she's not noticed. In fact, she did say that she was one of the more behind the scenes types.

Her brow does raise at the chiding. "Yes, yes of course. You must know how it is, working with someone or something that just leaves the stress lingering for a while. It is hardly anything a relaxing bath or a bottle of wine will not cure." Provided of course, that she doesn't receive any additional late night visits.

She is about to respond further when she realize he said the word knight. It sticks out due to recent discoveries. "It is not quite so simple as that," she offers quietly. "Often, they are unable to be regressed or have such violent memories that they lash out. Sometimes things are very simple and pleasant but, no. Not everyone can have been nobility in the past."


"I know how it is, though," David's tones take something of an amused tone, "relaxing baths aren't my style. Shower, sure. But, a bottle of wine is something I could agree with. Red wine, with the tannins." And antioxidants.

"Yeah.. I didn't think it was that easy. And I could probably imagine that some disappointment that they weren't anyone very important in the grand scheme of things. I can't tell you how many times I've heard 'My such-and-such was an Indian princess' or whatnot. Me, I could probably imagine myself as some 17th century fur trader. Not much for the whole nobility. Call me practical?"


"On the contrary. Just because someone was not titled nobility in the past does not make their past any less important in the grand scheme of things." Touching her index finger to her cheek, Bethany smiles. "It is something similar to the ripple effect. Even the smallest item dropped into the pond can cause a ripple that expands outward exponentially."

There is a curious gleam in her eyes and she nods. "That is a possibility, though I believe you say that due to your heritage rather than anything else." She's positive there was a writeup that said he was Canadian. "If you are curious, we can attempt to find out for you."


"Well, you know what I mean.." David stands corrected, and he clears his throat softly. "People like to believe in their importance, if not in this life, then maybe in another? That 'dreaming of a better life because this one isn't so great' thing."

He pushes his glasses up once more before he drops his hands into his pockets, straight-arming a moment, which gives his shoulders a hint of a rise before releaxing once more. "I'd say that, sure." His accent is certainly not from 'around here', but then again, neither is Dr. Brooks'. "As for curious, there certainly is a professional curiosity. I mean, from what I've read, it's out of the side-show category and used pretty reliably." He grins lopsidedly, humour in his tones, "As for my being a trapper, I'm almost afraid that I'll end up having been an Indian princess."


"Fair enough," Bethany concedes. "Though we truly use it to help psychological issues that crop up in the current life that may have been brought on by something that occurred in the past. For instance, I once treated a woman who was terrified of water. Which stemmed from the fact that she was accidentally drowned when they were testing to see if she was a witch."

Is the good doctor serious as she says this?

"There is always that possibility," she offers, her soft smile returning. "A soul cares not about gender. It simply exists throughout multiple lifetimes, attempting to correct wrongs or reach a new level of understanding." She sets her eyes upon him briefly, then glances away. "It is possible that it is simply to meet with another from the past and choose the correct path for their lives. Often we continue to run into those souls who have been a part of our lives before."


Serious or not, the doctor's words are given the 'gravity' as if they were. It makes sense to David.. unspoken fears of water has to have some basis, and if it's not found 'in this lifetime', why not something that would explain it from another time? He's not so bold or conceited to claim to know all the inner workings of the human mind. "I could see that. Easily. It'd be something of a shock. Probably not much of an accident, though."

Canting his head slightly, David's expression takes something of a quizzical look. "Coming back to help someone else?" He shakes his head. "Like some guide?" A shake of his head comes, and after, a hand comes out of his pocket to push his glasses back up yet again. "Not a twist I've considered, though I admit to not really being well read in the philosophy. I'm more.. physical than psychiatric."


Accident or no, the witch drownings are not something that Bethany can say she looks at fondly, though she's never experienced it herself. Being tied and dunked, or thrown into a river with rocks tied to ones feet to see if they will float or not is a horrendous way to die.

"A guide, perhaps. A lover. A friend who gave poor advice in a past life and feels the need to rectify it in this one. Sometimes just a passing acquaintance. There are quite a few theories out there, not even including those with religious precedence."

A gentle chuckle issues forth. "Yes, I have read on your works. I cannot say that I am well versed in the subject matter."


"A different meaning to 'we're here for a purpose', huh?" David can't help but be curious in this, the delving into the human consciousness, and has to ask, "What has been the most interesting regression that you've seen?" Not necessarily done, mind.. "And I'd love to know if there has been any research to see if some of these people left a mark in history.. whether in the history books or at least in the city or churches, or ship manifests..?"


Bethany opens her mouth to reply, then shuts it firmly. The most interesting would have been the one that happened recently on the old one, yet she made a promise to not discuss it.

"Historically, the most interesting that I have seen," with much emphasis on that word, "Would have to be the man who was purportedly Captain Edward John Smith of the RMS Titanic." She moves to the side to allow others from the village to make their way out of the gate. "I say this was the more interesting of all of them due to the fact that there were still people alive who knew the man and could verify minute intricacies while the regression was happening."

"I generally do verify such things after a regression. Most of the European and United Kingdom churches have records that go back centuries to at least verify names and dates if nothing else. Ship manifests that are available are checked as well. The difficulties lie in those that claim to be figures of important history. There is, after all, quite a bit of information available on Kings and Queens that is at everyone's fingertips these days."


David reaches out to touch the other doctor on the arm as she moves, moving aside with her to allow the trickled flow of traffic. He smiles ever so slightly and shakes his head, "Bet he hates ice skating? And doesn't like ice cubes in his drinks?" He can't help himself… and he apologizes quickly, "Sorry. Couldn't resist."

Still, the idea of verification puts a more scientifically provable slant on it all. His hand pushes up his glasses once again, and not for the last time, nodding. "That's one of the hazards. There could be a great deal of fraud; particularly if they're into geneology as well. Never know what they've researched and what they haven't. Then, there are those who are harder to put into a state of suggestion."

Twisting around, he gestures towards the park proper, and the parking lot beyond. "Walk you to your car? I can't imagine you have time to stand and chat in the middle of the entrance to the park. I'm just marking the hours.." David checks his watch briefly and smiles wanly, "… hour before dinner. Then, early night for a day's work tomorrow."


A gentle laugh bubbles forth, though the doctor shakes her head. "Actually, the poor man wanted to take his wife on a cruise for their anniversary and wound up not being able to set foot upon the ship. It was interesting to see the professor perform that regression."

Nodding, she frowns. "There have been some who are outright frauds as well. Those who have the knowledge, but slip up. It is why we are quite careful when we verify things. Even so, it is not yet an exact science though there are some who are working with newer techniques that can easily prevent such falsehoods."

Glancing to the sky, Bethany figures she has at least two hours before full nightfall. "Actually, I walked over. My office is just down that way," she says, gesturing to the other side of the park.


David grins at the response, though it's obviously not good form to smile at another's phobias. "Did he eventually go on that cruise, or did they opt for visiting the Grand Canyon instead?" Nothing like vacations that are seated firmly on terra firma.

"Newer techniques?" The concept is interesting, and he frowns in consideration. "I'll have to check the journals. I'd be interested in simply reading up on it all." The epidemiologist nods slowly, "I'd almost argue that all of medicine isn't truly an exact science. One system works with another which works with another.. and by the time you work out what is actually wrong, it's far different than what is presented."

Following Bethany's gesture, David nods and clears his throat, "Then.. I'll walk you back.. if that's where you're headed? I don't mind, and it isn't out of my way." Even if his car is in the lot just a short distance away.


"I have no idea, to be honest. I never did any follow-up as he was not my patient." Bethany makes a mental note to discover that information before the evening is through though. Surely she has the poor man's name written in one of her notebooks somewhere.

"Feel free to stop by the office any time. I likely have the best library on the subject in the city." There is no boasting, it is simple fact. There aren't that many that specialize in past life regression in Dallas.

"Yes, thank you." Though she has no issue walking on her own, having the company will keep her from jumping at anything that goes bump.


Gesturing with a sweep of his hand, David follows it up with the seemingly perpetual push on the wire-framed glasses. "Ah.. shame. Would be interesting if it's helped him in his life afterwards." Follow-up studies.

"What sort of results did you get today in the Village?" Beginning to walk in that direction, his tones remain easy and conversational. "And more importantly, were your subjects pleased with the responses?" The doctor smiles easily, and blue eyes face forward on their path out of the park. "You said you do this somewhat often at the Village, so I would imagine there is something of a popular following for it."


Following the gestured sweep, Bethany begins to lead the way though not so far ahead that they cannot continue conversation until he falls into step beside her.

"One priest from approximately a hundred years ago, a cattle rancher from a little further north, and some distant relation of the Rockefeller's." She lets out a little sigh. "Pity that we did not wind up with anyone that had actually been part of the village. That is what they are trying for." Pressing her lips together Bethany shakes her head. "Popular enough, I suppose. It is more or less just a sideshow for them, much like when they hire the psychic at the fair."


"Well, just be glad they don't have the psychic walks on the same night as your regressions?" David's voice sounds a quiet tease. "Though, I could see why they'd be looking for something like that. But, cattlerancher and priest?" The doctor whistles softly, "Wonder what he did.." After all, it's to right wrongs, yes?

He's in step quickly, but obviously not in any real rush, and he looks around the area that lies before them as they walk. "If I settled into the area, this is the spot I'd probably come. Quiet enough, out of the way.. but for the moment, apartment living is probably best for me. Makes it easier to excuse the lack of cooking skills."


"Likely," Bethany says, voice filled with mirth, "he became a priest in the first place."

Glancing around the area, the doctor dips her head in a nod. "It is one of the quieter areas of the city. The houses are a little older, but most have been renovated with care or are in need of just a little work." She should know as she lives above the office. "I could likely teach you some cooking skills but I warn I have never attempted Canadian cuisine. I still have yet to get the hang of cooking a steak to Texan perfection either."


The Historic Village has their trickle of patrons exiting from the park, some of the activities having finished just a short while ago. (One of those announced activities was public, past-life regression.) The afternoon is marching forward, and there are still a couple of hours left of sunlight. The weather is nice, pleasant even, even if it is slightly overcast. The leaves on the trees haven't yet begun their autumnal changes, thanks to the fact that the temperature still resides in the lower 80s.

Walking side by side, Doctors Brooks and Trudeau are on the edge of the park, their path looking as if they're heading towards Oak Cliffe proper. They're talking casually; all body language says it's easy and comfortably.

David laughs at the comment, "So, was it a priest you regressed?" He waves his hand gently in the air, "You don't have to tell me, even if it was a public venue.. there is some measure of patient/doctor confidentiality.."

Shaking his head, he puts a hand on his stomach. "That's fine.. but I wouldn't want to take your time. And mine is just.. well.. government fiscal year's just passed, and we're cleaning up the last remnants of making sure everything is allocated in the budget.."


"Actually, he was one of those annoying oil magnates. I suppose that means he learned nothing of the past." With the exception of how to be greedy, perhaps.

"It would take no time at all to teach you a few basics. Although tonight, dinner will already be about done." Bethany glances toward the office again. "Bread pudding in the slow cooker. It is not as good as making it in the oven, but had to be done as I was busy today."


"Ah.. no, probably not then." David doesn't have much of a high opinion of those oil magnates, apparently?

He doesn't look a bit like he's going to be inviting himself over for dinner. If anything, he is probably going to do the courteous thing and walk her to her door, when they arrive, and depart for that fine apartment dining called 'take out'. "Bread pudding.. in a slow cooker. See, now that requires some advanced planning." While he's got professional ability, he's a bachelor. Food is when food comes, as it were. "I will leave you to your bread pudding, however.. but.." As they walk, David pulls out his wallet from the back pocket to take out one of his cards. "My cell is on there as well. If you ever come across something, or have a regression you want to share." His eyes gleam, "Consultation, of course.." Curiosity, certainly.


"A slow cooker is a life line," Bethany offers, as she takes the card. "You do your food preparation either the night before, or in the morning before work. Then it is simply a matter of plugging it in, setting the timer. By the time you return from work your food will be warm and ready." Granted it does require forethought, but not so much as coming home after a long day and needing to worry about making food.

Tucking the card into her purse, she tilts her head at him curiously. "Yes, of course. Should you want those books just drop by sometime. I will leave your name with our receptionist so that she will know to be expecting you."


David nods, "Right. Slow cooker. I may look at that next time I go shopping. I have a blender, so that's a start." He won't go so far as to get married to get all the other appliances, like toasters. "Toss a bunch into the pot, then leave. I'd only be worried that night I had to work overtime."

Watching her put the card into her purse, David nods. "That would be great. I think I'll be 'round within a couple of days. Do some quick background work, see what's out there, and then prep for the information." He doesn't like to do much of anything without that background work. "I'll call before I drop by."


"The newer models turn themselves off and go into warming mode." Like Bethany said before. A slow cooker is a life line. Get the right one and they make everything extremely easy.

"Whichever works best for you. Either way I will see to it that Holly has your name so that when you call, she will be alright with you coming to pick up anything you wish."

Stopping in front of the office finally, she nods. "This is where we are located. We are open every day with the exception of Sunday."


"Holly. Okay. Got it." There is that touch of disappointment that settles behind his eyes, but it's fleeting. David is nothing if not a gentleman. "Thank you, Dr. Brooks, for an enjoyable walk. Very interesting, and something I certainly am interested in hearing more of.. and learning more about."

Stopping in front of the door of the practice, David nods. "Every day but Sunday. Got it." Nodding again, the doctor begins to take his leave. "Good evening, and enjoy your dinner."


Noting the disappointment as she sets the key in the lock, she glances back at him. There is a look of confusion, and she starts to ask a question. This is paused, then she begins again. "Holly is the name of the receptionist. That is who you are meaning to call, is it not?"

Offering her hand out before she opens the door to slip inside, she goes to give his a friendly gentle shake. "It was a pleasure Dr. Trudeau. Thank you for seeing me to my door."


"Ah.. no. Was going to call you, actually, before I came by." A halting confession, but one all the same. The smile still wears, though it's a touch on the lopsided side once again. He extends his hand, "The pleasure is mine, Dr. Brooks. And you're very welcome."

Turning now, David looks both ways before he heads back out and across the street, hands thrust back into his pockets after the glasses are pushed up; his path taking him towards the parking lot of the park.. and eventually back home.

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