Strangers in the Night

North Dallas

North Dallas is where the majority of the suburbs and unincorporated "cities" lie. Sprawling neighborhoods with wonderfully cared for homes and yards. White picket fences, large garages and a general feel of safety reigns the area. It's no wonder that the Fellowship of the Sun has chosen the quiet suburban streets as it's home.

The moon is high, but the night is still young. It's the weekend after all, and many people are up later than they should be. It's cool out, with the moon almost suffocating behind the darkened skies. It wouldn't be a bad guess to say that Dallas can expect a bit of rain within the next few days, and considering the location, it could very well be the last bit of rain for the month. But, it's perfect weather for the things that go 'bump' in the night to crawl out and explore. Or maybe that's just the rambunctious teenagers. A house party at the end of the otherwise calm street breaks the eerie silence, with lights flashing and music blaring.
Speaking of bow wows, London's out and about as well. Too late for human-London to be awake, but not for wolf-London. The shadow of a predator is cast on to the damp sidewalk as she stands at the edge of the bushes, ears folded down against her white and auburn fur. Smoldering amber eyes peer out over the road, and she ducks down low to avoid being sighted by a passing car.

Dindin? Yeah, Wit is here. Rather than being out at a club somewhere getting absolutely smashed, he's taking a leisurely walk this evening. He zigzags down the sidewalk in order to keep his walk lively — although his arms are busy feeding his face. In one hand is a box of Cheez-Its, his other hand plunging wildly down into the box and to his mouth rapidly. The young man is muttering a series of things underneath his breath, mostly unintelligible. What one can make it goes something like this, "…bitch… trans fat… eat what I want… not a gentleman? HA." After the bitter 'HA!' he goes directly back to stuffing his face with Cheez-Its, until a large belch sounds from his mouth. It actually makes the slightest of echoes in the nearby area. He giggles with delight at such an inappropriate thing, murmuring, "Oi I'd love to hear her scream if she were hear." Then it's back to chomping down on artificial cheese crackers.

Passing car… That sounds like fun. Ever since the automobile made its first appearance in 1769 — in all of its steam-powered splendor, Sipho had an sneaky suspicion that he would derive from them a great deal of pleasure as time went by. Over the years the vehicles only grew faster, and as a result their drivers even more fun to harrass…
A sudden screech and the Mercedes Benz would perform a feat generally feared by motorists that didn't wear skin-tight outfits lined with stars and stripes moments after a blur of black and white would whizz from one side of the road to the other. If the driver had been just a bit more distracted by the passenger whose head had popped up from below the dashboard like a Jack In The Box on its fiftieth Red Bull there's no telling how many pieces the modern marvel of transportation technology would have survived the impact intact. Lucky for the motorist…it just wasn't that good, and the vehicle teetered back onto all four of its wheels.
"Sorry, I didn't see you there," Sipho offered to the driver as he all but appeared beside the door of the benz. Another loud screech, and the vehicle was vast moving on its way leaving a trail of smoke and some nasty tire skids in its wake. "Humans…"

A big fluffy ear is perked to the side when London hears a familiar voice. Her super-sensitive hearing picks up a lot of that muttering, and instantly an offended expression crosses the wolf's face. A deep gurgle rises in her throat that is only stifled once she realizes that she's not supposed to be seen. Instead of approaching Wit and biting his nuts off like she wants to, London chooses to sink back into the bushes, her red dapples on white-silver fur blending well. Picking up the last comment from Wit, the wolf purposely slams her forehead against the thick base of the bush. She can't walk out and flip her wig on the boy - it must be killing her inside, so she's got to compensate somehow. The commotion from the road makes her jump in her skin, the heckles rising as her sharp fangs grit together. Silently smelling the air, London lurks in the shadows, an ear swiveled towards Sipho and the car.

Whatever the Hell that car just did gets… amazingly largely unnoticed by Wit. He's so busy brooding over a certain uptight prep that he only looks up when he hears the skidding of tires and that insane screech. He's so shocked that he stops eating momentarily, jaw going lax. But alas, such vehicular feats don't make much of a dent in Wit's night. Until he notices Sipho. There's a man out in the middle of the road where someone just peeled serious rubber. It doesn't quite add up to Wit, and this is painfully obviously written all over his face. He takes a few more handfuls of Cheez-Its and shoves them down his greedy throat before calling out to Sipho. "Oi! Did you see that?" Pause. "Good thing there aren't bloody kids out in the middle of the road this time of night. Arms and legs everywhere!"

Watching the departure of the vehicle with mild amusement accompanied by a hint of disdain, Sipho couldn't help but laugh at it all as an unfamiliar voice infiltrated his senses. "Right you are about that brother…" Sipho agrees as he turns, casting a scrunched gaze toward Wit as an aloof smile began to form. Eyeing the CHEEZ-ITS, Sipho's eyebrows arched and his expression only grew more amused. "Yum yum yum… Looks like somebody's got the munchies somethin' fierce. You on your way to that party?" Always a great place to pick up a snack, and maybe some sexual healing. Who knows, maybe Chester Cheetah here was his ticket in?

After London's finished bludgeoning herself with the stump of the bush, she brings her head up again to glance out along the sidewalk. Her thick, wolfish brows pull together as she regards the two of them, her nose pinning Sipho for what he is the second she gets a good breath inwards. With a low, possibly too-loud grumble, she stalks further along, moving languidly closer and closer towards Wit and Sipho. Eventually, she manages to pass them entirely, heading in the direction of the house party at the end of the street in front of the two teenage boys. Her small size lets her slink along without much noise and fit into tighter spaces that some of her bigger packmates would have no chance of getting into. Sipho mentioning the party makes London pause, and she recklessly decides to act as a road block between them and the noisy house by stepping out on to the street. Her intelligent eyes stare at them harshly, and one can just tell that stepping towards the party would bring about a growl of disapproval. Wit might find it familiar.

"Party?" Wit asks, looking faintly like someone has just said 'SpongeBob' to a five-year-old. Back, forth, back, forth. Should I stay or should I go now? With a resigned sigh, Wit shakes his head. "Naw, mate. This new girl has her claws into me…" His sentence is cut off when he notices that there's now a motherfreaking wolf in the street. The box of Cheez-Its hits the sidewalk, scattering a few of the orange squares along the pavement. "Nice dog…" Wit says, though he doesn't take any steps closer to it, nor does he back away. For the most part, he seems rather paralyzed by the sudden appearance of a wolf — nonetheless one who seems to be growling at /him/ familiarly. "Oh God. They said it would be my sinuses to go first but I think it's my brain." His fingers go to the front of his pants, dusting the orange residue from the crackers off on his jeans. "What do we do? Do we throw a stick?"

Sniff. Sniff-sniiff-sniff. Oh that wasn't good… Sipho's aware of the wolf only a moment before London makes her way into the street, creating an organic roadblock between him and the party that he'd oh so longed to crash. Still, first things first… "Claws? So, does she have any friends?" The freaky chicks are almost always up for a little bloodletting in his experience. Squinting, Sipho's brow furrows as his words seem to matter much less to the other fellow now that he's preoccupied with the possibility of being eaten alive by a canid. "Hey… Guy… Duder, it's cool. It's just an animal. They're all about dominance and all that, so if you don't show fear—" the dark-skinned 'youth' turns and stares at the wolf; eyes narrowing as he hunches forward and bares his fangs with an audible 'thwick'. "…And they'll back down… If they're smart…"

One of the side effects of being a wolf is the primal urge. In some situations, it's a blessing, but in others, it's rather embarrassing. Seeing Wit makes her excited; she's genuinely happy to see him, as much as she'd deny it if she were in human form. As a result of this, London's tail wags. She may be sporting a rather fierce expression, teeth-bared and all, but her tail's wagging. Could make or break that facade of intimidation she needs. Her bright eyes land on the Cheez-Its, and another one of her animalistic instincts surfaces; the compulsion to eat things. Her head lifts, and her ears flicker up. CHEEEZ-IIIITS.
Except now Sipho's acting up, and it's not time to eat. The threat from the vampire makes her tense, lips curling back over massive incisors as a deep growl rips through her chest. Then, the slender female leans her head forward and down, then brings it up again with her nose to the air. A deafening wolf cry breaks the silence in the air as London communicates with her packmates, like a much more obnoxious version of a cellphone. There's strength in numbers, after all. Though, it's difficult to tell exactly why she's howling. Just as she stops, the lights from the other houses around the area begin flickering on.

Wit blinks for a moment. Duder? No, no. That is SO not the point right now. Especially now that there is a) a wolf, and b) a vampire. Wit notices the dog's tail wagging and he furrows his brow, reaching up to scritch at his own head for a moment. "That's curious." He mutters before the howling of 2004 starts. Wit starts to back away, oh yes he does. The Cheez-Its are left in silent offering to appease whatever unholy dog gods are making all of this insanity happen — and perhaps the vampire. At this point running seems somehow unwise, and so Wit's pace is controlled and easy. Nothing to see here, just resuming the nice stroll through the neighborhood. "Well, it was nice chatting with you. Hope you find that party and everything…" Wit tries to say it non-chalantly, but the words are strung together. When the lights in the neighborhood start to flicker on, he seems vaguely relieved. Just in case — he takes his cell phone from pocket.

Oiiieee. This is why he hates dogs… Other than the fact that they smell, they're also obnoxiously loud. Sipho grits his teeth, tightly clenching his jaw as the piercing howl cuts through the midnight air prompting him to retaliate. "Howwwwllllll!" Maybe if he's loud enough the mut will realize just how annoying the whole howling bit really is and stowe it? Wit's actions go largely unnoticed, or at least deemed less important than the lights that flicker on within the neighborhood as he battles with the wolf for supremacy of sound. "How-ow-owwwwoooooolll-okay! That's really annoying. I'm gonna go and check out dis here party…" Sipho notes as he begins to walk toward the home and London. "Toldja they're usually harmless. Wolves almost never attack human beings, let alone vampires."

All the damn noise rattles the other neighbors in the area. It's one thing to have a party, but the whole wolf-howling is just too much. Many of the residents trying to get some sleep at this late hour have been woken up by now, some flock to their windows, staring straight over at the party house. With London's ear quirked to the side, she picks up the conversations being had on telephones with the police as they complain about the commotion. As Sipho joins in, it only furthers London's plan to get the police to the house and break things up. When the vampire nears her, London wisely decides to keep her teeth to herself - as a Beta she can't afford to break up diplomatic ties between her pack and the vampires, and we can't have anyone taddle on her, either. For a few drawn-out moments, the wolf just stares at Wit. Suddenly, with lightning speed London bolts down the street, heading away from the house and towards Wit. She's swift, even for a wolf. Though she may look like she's itching to headbutt the boy, she instead plays a mean trick, and swerves at the last moment. Her figure grows smaller and smaller as she runs down the lane, then scampers into the bushes as a cop car rounds the corner.

"Oi!" Wit cries out as he tries to dodge the oncoming wolf. "Are you— are you fuckin' with me?" He asks, as though in genuine disbelief. The whole situation /has/ been pretty surreal. First bizarre car antics, then random wolfery, then surprise vampire? Wit stares at the bushes and shakes his head, giving a one handed wave to Sipho as the other man moves towards the party house — perhaps unsuccessfully at this point. "Bloody wanking… Oh god I don't even…" he reaches up to rub at the bridge of his nose in some exasperation as he starts back home. Perhaps there is nothing better than a quiet night at home with a cup of warm tea and the telly after all.

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