Kegan Kinnel
Presumed deceased.
Portrayed by JOSH HOLLOWAY
Fullname Kegan Kinnel
Birthday Unknown
Species Vampire
Age 1832 (32)
Height 5'11"
Weight 170 lbs.
Eyes Blue-Grey
Hair Dirty Blond
Occupation King of Dallas

Claim to Fame

Very little is known about the man going by the name Kegan Kinnel, except that he is currently the King of Dallas.

Character Details

Being over 1800 years old, there are very few skills that Kegan does not possess, or languages that he does not speak. Above and beyond these, he also has:

Controllable Thirst
Well before the advent of synthetic bloods, he was able to survive on a mere ounce of blood each night. Seeing blood or smelling it on the air do not cause his fangs to appear.
Resistance to Magic
A powerful warlock in his own time, he has become adept at sensing the magic of other witches, to the point of being resistant to their spells if wrought against him.
A rare and powerful magic in his own time allowed him to take various forms - much like like Stoker wrote about. Via his magic, he is able to shape himself into a bat, a wolf, or fog.

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