Portrayed by NICOLE KIDMAN
Fullname Tanwen Ab Hoel
Birthday Unknown
Species Vampire
Age Unknown
Height 5'11"
Weight 120 lbs.
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Occupation Queen of Iowa

Skills and Weaknesses

As old as she is, there's not much Tanwen can't do. However, she is mostly known for people skills, for political compromise and making peace.

True Seer
The very reason she is a vampire, Tanwen possesses an incredibly rare ability to see the future in vision. She divines using ancient pagan magics, providing dreams for those who request their future revealed.
Tanwen is an incredibly potent witch, specialising in the element of air, and weather control.
Unto death as unto life
Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse, Tanwen is completely affected by a full range of emotion. She has not lost any of herself over the centuries.

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