Muea Tseena Pack

The Muea Tseena Pack, or ‘Moon Dog’ pack in the native language of Comanche, is the resident pack of the territory of Dallas, Texas. Founded ages ago, before the discovery of the New World, the pack had been established as an early form of divine protection for the neighboring tribes that surrounded the area. Comprised of the best warriors of the land, as well as the ‘chosen ones’ (shifters), early variations of the pack included humans as well as supernaturals.

As the pack aged and new leaders took the reins, policies began changing. The human components began dying out and were never replaced, eventually leaving a clan of elite werewolves, battle-hardened and ready to serve. But the times were changing as well, and these elite warriors were nearly wiped out by the European expansionists with their modern weapons. Their name, their legacy was over. They became folklore, a native story that was fanciful, but not factual.

Today, the pack is small, exclusive, and still struggling to rebuild itself. It is distrusting of outsiders, due to its near extermination, but accepting of those few select werewolves dedicated to serving ‘The People’ and willing to pass through the Warriors Trial. Charged with the protection of all living things at all costs, these furry fighters are not a force to be taken lightly.

The current Alpha of the Muea Tseena is Eli Donato.

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