American Vampire League
Owner Non-Profit Organization
Location East Dallas
Status Accepting Members
Hours of Operation Mon-Thu 8AM-12AM
Fri-Sat 6PM-6AM


The once beautiful lobby of the American Vampire League is now a mess of wilted and melted chrome, broken glass, and the charred remains of office furniture. The greeting desk that once resided across from the doors is nothing more than a pile of ash and warped aluminum, with the remains of the painted AVL logo having bled down the wall.

The shells of the elevators are still intact, though as the second floor no longer exists they obviously are not running. The only area not entirely damaged by the fire are the basement and sub-basement where records of volunteers are kept in neat and tidy filing cabinets.

Remnants of telephones, computers, and cubicle walls can be seen amid the rubble that has been pushed aside to provide a pathway to the stairs that lead down to the basement.


The lobby of the American Vampire League is not what one would probably expect. Comprised of entirely windows on the outer walls, and chrome on the inner ones, the building is designed to let exorbitant amounts of sunlight filter in during daylight hours. A greeting desk is set immediately across from the doors, with a massive AVL logo painted on the wall behind it. Several arrangements of red and blue leather furniture can be found scattered around the lobby, allowing visitors who are waiting to be as comfortable as possible. As well, there are a host of flat screen televisions, constantly showing AVL promotional materials, as well as news-casts where prominent AVL figures have taken part.

Elevators lead the way up to a second floor, where cubicles have been set up for volunteers and employees alike. Each cubicle is made of chrome and glass, and each has a telephone which volunteers use to happily answer questions that the general public might have.


Employee Position Notes
Isobel Temporary Head Honcho Isobel has taken over for Nan Flannigan for an indisclosed period of time. There is no word if this is permanent or not.
Braeden Public Relations
Susan Public Relations Susan is a PR assistant and hostess. Forced into doing the job by the Magister.
Jeremiah Paralegal The brooding boy in the corner.
Desiree Volunteer Volunteer for the PR department.
Ella Volunteer
Wit Volunteer

Major IC Events

September 7, 2005
Building was destroyed by fire, thanks to an arsonist attack.

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