Baker's Dozen
Owner Mindy Baker
Location Downtown
Status Open for Business
Hours of Operation 24/7

The Baker's Dozen is almost a play on words, seeing as the original owner Evan Baker, was the old Chief of police back in the day. A large blown up picture of him is behind the counter, all around it images of his twelve best officers. Above these images is a black chalkboard with a white chalk body outline on it before the items available and costs are listed.

The rest of the walls are white with a black stripe running along the middle of the wall, the trim and baseboards done in a faux gold-leaf foil. Several black tables with white chairs have been set about the shop, napkin holders and sugar dishes set in the center of them.

Decorated in an odd style, the images on the walls all look like old crime scene photos. Newspaper clippings in cheap frames are hung up amongst mounted cuffs, evidence bags and fake-forensics reports. None of the items are real, but they do lend a certain atmosphere to the shop.


Employee Position Notes
Mindy Baker Owner Daughter of the original owner.

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