Camerons Cult Classics
Owner Cameron Chase
Location Northwest Dallas
Status Open
Hours of Operation 10am to 9pm, daily

A large video store specializing in foreign, independent, horror, and rare films. They carry new mainstream releases, but not very many.

Things to Know

A few things you should know about Cameron's Cult Classics if you intend to play there:

  • Feel free to contact Bailey if you'd like a scene there and feel the need for a cashier.
  • There are only two employees at Cameron's. It's not a chain store, and it's not a large store by any means. The only other employee besides Bailey (at the moment) is Cameron, the owner. He is stoic, he is silent. He points to whatever customers want and generally doesn't speak. He's just that easy to NPC.
  • That being said, if there's a major conflict going on at the store (loud verbal altercation, hands being thrown) please, PUH-lease contact Bailey provided she's there. If she's not, @mail pleeeease.
  • The year is 2005 in game. Make sure that you're renting appropriately dated films. They're probably not going to have Spiderman 3 in stock.


Employee Position Notes
Bailey Clerk She's been with the shop for about a year and a half now and is fairly well-recognized by the regulars.

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