Dallas City Hall
Owner Municipal Government
Location Downtown
Status Open
Hours of Operation Mon-Fri. 7AM-6PM

The structure of this building is essentially an upside-down pyramid built at a 34-degree angle. Each of the seven floors in the building are approximately 9 feet wider than the one below it.

The ground floor entrance area is only 126 feet wide, and holds the main reception lobby where people visiting the offices upstairs can gain direction. The majority of the public-related services can be found on the first two floors.

The second floor has an uninterrupted view to the vaulted ceiling on the top floor. Anything above the second floor requires security access, or guests to sign in before heading up to the five floors that are actually responsible for running the city.


Employee Position Notes
Ernest McNaab Mayor NPC
Ivan Fontane Political Image Consultant Works as the PR/Image consultant person for McNaab.
Chloe Cornett Mayor's Aide Chloe is working short-term for the remainder of the current campaign, trying to 'help' the mayor.

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