Brook Hollow Country Club
Manager Dale Miller
Location Northwest Dallas
Status Private club, membership required
Hours of Operation Daily 8AM - 11PM

Polished hardwood floors gleam in the light that filters in from the large windows which overlook a private patio. Expensive Persian rugs rest beneath each grouping of furniture. Two large fireplaces can be found on opposite walls, giving the club a generally warm atmosphere. To the back of this large, open room, is a bar that is continually manned by an employee.

Billiards and card tables can be found in a smaller room down the hall, as well as a separate room for shuffleboard, and another for quiet games of chess. Outdoors features a series of private tennis courts, each equipped with a trainer to help those members who have never attempted the sport before.

The most important piece of the club takes up a large portion of the outdoor acreage. A complete 18 hole golf course, featuring both water and sand traps, as well as small decorative lakes always has at least one group of club members on it.


Employee Position Notes
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Major IC Events

Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Black Ties for Charity May 26, 2005 May 26, 2010 Bright Futures hosts a black-tie dinner at the country club. David presses palms. Ivan stands in the for Mayor. Chloe stands in for Faith. Wit stands out. Mignonette plays 'the good wife'. Sebastian, Trevor and Bubbles make three. Steve is fashionably late…and Todd might be Canadian. All in the name of charity.

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