Owner Chef Vivienne Michiels
Location Deep Ellum
Status Open
Hours of Operation 30 minutes after Sunset to 30 minutes before Sunrise


If a place could be modern, hip, cutting edge and elegant all at the same time, this would be the place. The decor of the interior is both completely avant guard, with tiered and sculpted curved seating, the lighting an effortlessly shifting array of blues and whites and grays and comfortable enough that it would appeal to guests of both the older vampiric generations and the younger. The restaurant is not large, and is obviously exclusive, but there's an energy emanating from the building that is both exciting and inviting. A bar sits against the back wall of the restaurant, the shelves filled with an array of both home-made and imported wines, liqueurs and aperitifs. Opposite the bar is the kitchen, which is kept open to the public, at least through a soundproofed glass wall panel, the science and space-aged feel of the machinery and techniques used in the creation of the meals as much a part of the attraction of the restaurant as the meals themselves. A hostess station sits at the front of the restaurant, always manned by a maitre d'.


Please keep in mind that Dahlia is a vampire-only restaurant, as far as its culinary clientele are concerned. While humans and other living beings are not strictly turned away, in order to cater to those vampiric clients who have living beings in their entourage, there is no food fit for human/living consumption on the menu or off of it. There are no exceptions. The only item available to living beings that would suit their tastes is water. Please keep this in mind when you come to RP here. Dahlia serves blood. Perhaps in dozens, if not hundreds of different forms and varieties, depending on Chef's whims, but it's still blood.

Additionally, please be aware that ALL of Dahlia's front end staff, from the maître d', to the waitstaff and the bartenders are all vampires. The only living staff are kept well-secured behind the sound proof glass that leads into the kitchen and are considered completely off-limits, to everyone. Dahlia has a full compliment of security guards, two at the front door, the others moving through the building, to quell any potential problems. No tours of the kitchen are available unless conducted by Chef (Vivienne) herself.


Employee Position Notes
Vivienne Michiels Chef de Cuisine Vivienne is a pioneer in the art of vampiric molecular gastronomy. Having spent most of her unlife serving as private chef to royalty and the rich and notable members of Europe and the Old World's vampiric communities, she's gained herself quite a reputation. Dahlia is her first commercial venture.
Emre Yildirim (Adoptable) Head Maître d' Emre is the crown jewel of Vivienne's staff. Turkish by extraction, he's refined, cultured and imminently sophisticated in all professional endeavours. He's been with Vivienne for decades and his loyalty is unquestionable.

Samples de Cuisine

Major IC Events

Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Merry Meet June 29, 2010 June 29, 2005 Dahlia is open, Chef is on duty, and Darcy comes into visit an old friend.
Morsels June 30, 2010 June 30, 2005 Dahlia is playing host to the Whip. Chef receives an application, of sorts, from a very unusual source.
Indulgence July 22, 2010 July 22, 2005 A simple phone call starts off a night that begins with Darcy visiting Vivienne at Dahlia, much to Emre's displeasure, and ends with a chase south of the border. WARNING: Log is rated R for adult situations and violence.

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