Dallas Dispatch
Owner John Thorton
Location Downtown Dallas
Status Open
Hours of Operation 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. M-F

The main room of the Dallas Dispatch never seems to be as organized as it could be. Desks are scattered around the office in no particular order, though they look as if its been attempted to arrange them at least somewhat neatly. Three doors lead out of the main room, the first on the far side of the area leads to the Publishers office. The door along the right wall of the room leads to where the printing machines are kept, and finally the door right beside that one leads to a sort of back room; as well as the bathrooms.

Cork-boards along one wall have articles, some used and some not, tacked up in no particular order. Trash cans are a must, most overflowing with useless paper. More often then not the room is in busy constant motion, the low murmur of conversation the only other sound aside from the occasionally buzz of a radio.


Employee Position Notes
John Publisher/Owner Has the final say over everyone. Owns the Dallas Dispatch; hires and fires.

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