Dallas Police Department
Owner City of Dallas
Location Downtown
Status Operational, recruiting
Hours of Operation 24/7

The lobby of the Dallas Police Department is primarily made up of white-washed brick and old, battered hardwood. Double glass doors lead into the building, a dark blue carpet spanning the length of the room to the Duty Desk. Painted on the wall behind the desk is the silver and blue seal of the department.

Off to the left of the lobby is a roped off section where people can stand in line to make requests or file minor statements and complaints. To the right is a low wall that blocks most of the offices and cubicles from public view, but still shows a certain amount of accessibility. Down that same hall are the holding cells and interrogation rooms, with the actual jail in the rooms below the building.


Employee Position Notes
Leigh Officer Recent transfer. Exemplary officer.
Max Officer Recent transfer.
Rachel FBI Consultant.
Young Officer Deceased.
Penny Detective Transferred.

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