Extreme(ly Elegant) Events
Owner E(E)E Unlimited
Location Uptown
Status Open for Business
Hours of Operation Mon.-Fri. 7AM-12AM
Sat. 10AM-2AM
special events

Extreme(ly Elegant) Events is a large building comprised of glass and stone. Light floods the room from the entrance, showing walls made entirely of translucent glass. It looks quite bland, and clean, but at night when the majority of their business seems to take place the room takes on an entirely different atmosphere. Golden lamps and crystalline chandeliers light up the room, giving it the feel of a Victorian mansion. Polished marble floor tiles reflect the light creating a soft glow all over the place. Rather than offering elevators, the building has two curved stairways on either side of the entrance, which lead up to the meeting rooms where people go to plan out the intricate details of their events.

Beyond the lobby is a hive of glass cubicles. There seems to be someone stationed at them at all hours, no matter how late or how early. The mode of dress of the employees generally lends toward one extreme or the other; the majority dressing like Ivy League executives, while other employees wear nothing more than a dressy t-shirt and slacks.


Employee Position Notes
Isobel Freelance Photographer Works for the Special Events department, specializing in supernatural ceremonies, weddings, and more — when her other duties permit.

Major IC Events

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