Golden Theater
Owner The Brand Organization
Location Deep Ellum
Status Open for business
Hours of Operation Shows M-F: 8PM
Sat. 9PM

A large, elegant atrium opens the entrance area of the Golden Theater. The atrium is designed to be large enough to accommodate those choosing to partake in the finer arts that the Theater offers. The color scheme is primarily monochromatic, with black marble floors and matching support pillars. The rest of the decor is simple, but no less elegant. Busts in black marble look out from small, golden alcoves. Gold rose-vines have been engraved upon the pillars, as though entwining them.

Toward the opposite end of the entrance, there is a series of seven steps which lead up to a pair of doors. The doors lead into the theater proper, and when they are opened they reveal that the floor beyond is covered with lush black and gold carpeting.


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