Dallas Heritage Village
Maintainer Dallas County Heritage Society
Location Oak Cliff
Status Open
Hours of Operation Tue - Sat. 10AM - 4PM
Sun. Noon to 4PM
Mon. Closed to the public
Closed on Holidays
Closed in Jan. and Aug.

Dallas Heritage Village is a living museum boasting thirty-eight buildings. The entrance road, Main Street, leads into the Village proper; left behind are the electric lights of the park and upon entering the world of the mid to late 1800s, gaslights line the street.

Along the causeway, the small town takes form. The Blum Brothers' General Store and the Main Street Saloon sit side by side, their sides in clapboard. Along the side roads and alleyways, the various other services such as the post, the physician's office, schoolhouse and the church can be found. Further in and up against the edges of the village are the two story, pre-Civil War residences of the solid, upstanding citizens of the day including the Millers and the Sullivans.


Employee Position Notes
Skylar Blacksmith The Blacksmith Shop at the Farm is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and any day there is a scheduled group event interested in lessons. Currently, there is no other smith besides Skylar.

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