Lonestar Blood Services
Owner Non-profit, not affiliated with American Red Cross
Location Deep Ellum
Status In need of donations
Hours of Operation Mon-Fri. 8AM-8PM

Looking fairly similar to a doctor's office, Lonestar Blood Services offers a waiting area with extremely comfortable looking chairs. The receptionist station is behind a plexiglass window, and people are requested to take numbers.

Several rooms beyond the waiting area have been set up with specialized chairs that elevate lower body and legs, allowing donators to be in the proper position for blood donation. Various bags, needles, tourniquets and other medical equipment is set on small trays not far from the chairs.

Beyond the donation rooms is a small lab where blood is tested, and then stored before it is shipped to the hospital.


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Promotional Poster

Lonestar Blood Services has teamed up with the American Vampire League to make the public aware of it's needs.


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