Magnolia Boutique
Owner Maggie Reinhart
Location Uptown
Status Open for business
Hours of Operation Tue-Fri. 9AM-7PM
Sat. 11AM-5PM

Magnolia Boutique is best known as a fashionable clothing shop for women, children and pets. Though deceptively small from outside, there are rows upon rows of clothing on beautifully designed wooden racks and shelves. At the center of the shop is a large, fake magnolia tree in full pink blossom. Attached to the trunk are signs that point the way to the different sections of the shop. Half of the main floor is open to the second floor ceiling, with the other half beneath the overhanging second floor balcony. Skylights help keep the store looking airy and bright during the day, but fluorescent lighting keeps the store looking bright well into the darkness of night.

Toward the back of the shop are the dressing rooms, and a flight of stairs which leads up to the second floor. A lift service is also available for customers that are disabled, or have a stroller with them.

A small coffee stand sits at the front of the store, offering a variety of coffees and teas for the customers. Oft times, shoppers can be found nearby, sipping coffee and chatting.


Employee Position Notes
Megan Manager/Buyer Has been working at Magnolia Boutique for the last five years. Recently promoted to manager and retail buyer.

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