Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
Owner Isobel Symon
Location Northwest Dallas
Status Open for Business
Hours of Operation for the General Public WED-FRI 7:30PM, SAT-SUN 4:00PM & 7:30PM
Hours of Operation for Vampiric Public WED-SAT 10:30PM - 4:00AM
Rates ADULT: $56.95
CHILD: $34.95
VAMPIRE: Free after 10:30PM

Before even entering the building, one can leave the city behind.

Ivy-covered towers of the Dallas Castle give the locale some majesty. Along with the ivy covered walls is a large moat filled with schools of live Koi.

Once past the doors, the lobby, and the ticket booths, one can get their picture taken with a member of the King's court. Just beyond this is a small shopping area, accompanied with a bar, and a viewing area to see the livestock before the show.

Immense oak-wooden doors that sit on cast iron hinges open to a cavernous entryway, decorated with pennants, pinions and standards that hang upon the wall. Large bronze sconces are attached to the stonework walls, their fires lighting the path to the main dining area.

The dining area is decorated much the same, though tapestries sit on the walls rather than the heraldric pennons. Large rough oaken tables are set around the room, all ringing a large sand arena. Bronze candelabras sit on each table with beeswax candles set and lit when the restaurant is open for business.

The arena is covered with dark tan sand; something that will keep moisture for the proper footing of both horses at the joust and for soldiers at the sword. At either side of the arena are large iron gates that lead into the deeper recesses of the restaurant where the horses are housed and holding rooms are located. Only those with clearance may access those areas.

Establishment Rules/Information

  • Garlic Bread
  • Tomato Bisque Soup
  • Spit-Roasted Chicken
  • Spare Rib
  • Herbed Potato
  • Apple or Raspberry pastry
  • Select beverages, inlcuding True Blood
  • Human's are requested to wear their own 21st century clothing. Garb is meant only for those that work for the restaurant.
  • Vampire's may dress in whatever they desire, and those attending the vampire events are encouraged to dress in period garb.
  • The exception to these two rules are if the Establishment is booked for a special event, which must be cleared by either the owner (Isobel Symon), or the 'steward' (Elliott Hartigan).

NOTE: Please bear in mind that this is a family-oriented establishment, and as it is owned by a vampire, it has an abundance of security measures. As a public establishment, it is covered by the same laws as any other. Don't forget, if you break a law, you will not only be dealing with the police, but an irate vampire. You have been forewarned.


Employee Position Notes
Isobel Symon Owner Owns, and helps run the establishment. Keeps an eye on things at all times.
Elliott Hartigan 'Steward' Takes care of the establishment when Isobel cannot.

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