Platinum Club
Owner Carrielyn Hughes
Location Northwest Dallas
Status Open
Hours of Operation Tues-Thurs 6PM-1AM Fri & Sat 5PM-2AM

Black and silver is the main theme here at the Platinum. Walls, floor, and ceiling is all lined with a black tile with silver inserts that glitter in the dim light. The bar’s counter is the same tile, the bar stretching almost the entire length of one wall. One dark silver pole stretches from bar to ceiling at either end. The barstools in front of it are likewise black, with a silver metal trim on the bottom. The shelves behind are lit, showing off varieties of liquor and beer. Neon signs for Budweiser, Coors, Sam Adams, and other popular beers are above, along with an advertisement for TruBlood. In the center of the shelving, two well-lit signs read: “Drunken and disorderly customers will be removed from the premises.” and “Live feeding not allowed on premises.”

Small tables are scattered on the floor, no more than two chairs per table. The tables are a matte black, but the chairs have a silver sheen to them, the backs padded for comfort. There is a raised catwalk stretching from the back to the center of the room, wide enough that a dancer on it can escape patrons sitting on the barstools next to it. The end is rounded with a dancer’s pole in the center, the entire catwalk lined with lights that also give off a silvery glow.

On the opposite end from the bar, four closed doors lead to private dancing rooms. A hidden DJ alternately plays music and announces the next dancer to the patrons. Waitresses and bartenders are also dressed in the black and silver theme. It's not unusual to find the dancers mingling with the crowd between dances.

Platinum Club is a gentleman's club that is not open to anyone under the age of 21.


Employee Position Notes
Carrielyn Hughes Owner <additional info>

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