Owner Rocky Greyson
Location North Dallas
Status Open for business
Hours of Operation SunThur. 12PM - 11PM
Fri-Sat. 12PM - 2AM

Glass doors and windows decorated with neon decals detailing the different bowling groups that frequent Rock'n'Bowl greet you as you enter the lobby. A black runner rug runs the length of the room - the only place where outdoor footwear is allowed in the building. A long mahogany counter rests along one wall, shelf upon shelf of bowling shoes and other paraphernalia behind it. A small computerized cash register monitors the lanes, to keep track of how many games are started so that people can be charged the appropriate amount. If for some reason that fails, the clerk always has a clear view of the lanes, thanks to the open concept design of the building.

A cafe isn't too far from this, offering various food and refreshments for those that would rather observe than partake in the use of the lanes.


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