Savoy & Savoy, Attorneys at Law
Owner Savoy and Savoy, Attorneys at Law
Managing Director Mignonette Savoy, JD
Location Uptown
Status Open, Accepting New Clients
Hours of Operation M-F 9 A.M. - 4:30 P.M

Offices of Savoy and Savoy, Attorneys at Law

The law offices of Savoy & Savoy are the epitome of taste and class in a refined business atmosphere. Shades of white and silver and eggshell are accented by modern works of glass and sculptural art. A creme-coloured marble-topped reception desk leads out into a comfortable, spacious reception area, the furniture clean, modern and elegant. A large set of double doors set directly behind the reception area leads into the managing partner's office, and a hallway that runs parallel to the business front leads off to a series of other offices as well as to the private law library housed within.

In-Game OOC Employment Ad

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Mignonette Savoy, Managing Director of the newest office of Savoy & Savoy, Attorneys at Law. And we're looking for a few good men and women!

Currently, we have three PC employees, myself, Alexandre, and Andra but I would love to have more!

We also have a variety of in house positions available, including but not limited to Lawyers, Paralegals, Couriers, Private Investigators and Security Team Members. Please keep in mind for these positions that you will need to be law-abiding…mostly, and be both trustworthy and respectable in society, while still willing to get your hands dirty. S & S is a family business, so family members would be welcome, just talk to me beforehand, but you certainly don't need to be related to work for us.

Out of office positions that would not directly be employed by S & S, but would work with us include independent PIs, informants, contracted couriers, illicit drug dealers, criminal contacts, etc.

One caveat…we prefer non-living impaired personages. Humans, Two-Natured, Witches, Psychics…come on down! If you're a vampire, I can certainly try to work something out, but you'd likely be one of our many 'off the books' employees.

If you're interested, @mail me in game, or page me if I'm online.


Employee Position Notes
Mignonette Savoy, JD Full Partner Mignonette directs the Dallas office and handles initial contact with all clients.
Sean Miller, JD(NPC) Attorney A very talented up and coming lawyer recently hired on. Sean is an non-playable NPC. Please do not use him in any RP.
Andra Smith Courier Another recent hire, Andra is an exemplary employee.
Alexandre Benoit Head of Security In addition to protecting the company's assets, Alexandre also serves as Mignonette's personal protection.
Desiree Michelsen (NPC) Executive Assistant / Paralegal Desiree is the first person that anyone coming into the office meets. She screens all potential clients before passing them on to Mignonette.
Leslie Overstreet (NPC) Paralegal Leslie is one of a pool of paralegals that are shared by the lawyers in the firm, but she handles the majority of Sean's case load.

Major IC Events

Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Absolute Beginnings March 5, 2010 March 5, 2005 Facing a deadline, Mignonette holds back, and Young gets to see the fallout.
Welcome to the Family March 9,2010 March 9, 2005 Mignonette interviews Sean for a position at Savoy & Savoy.
Back to Business April 1, 2010 April 1, 2005 Mignonette is back at work. Oliver Marcos comes in to consult with his lawyer about an upcoming business venture.
The Marker April 17, 2010 April 17, 2005 Michael comes in for an evening consultation with Mignonette. The Dallas office picks up its first vampiric client.
Woodwork April 19, 2010 April 19, 2005 Dietrich meets with Mignonette to discuss a retainer for Savoy & Savoy for financial and legal representation.

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